Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Not Incurable- New research on Autism

My daughter Arune

When you learn to follow your inner voice, you don't always know why you did certain things, but, the answer always comes to you afterwards. Always.

I used to suffer from asthma, but this was cured through homeopathy, so I studied it. My brother died of cancer and I wanted to help people, so I studied medicine. My wife was ill, so I took courses in alternative medicine. A straightforward connection of the mind.

But one day in London I came across a new book "Mental and Elemental Nutrients", Carl C. Pfeiffer, Ph.D., M.D. Keats Publishing 1975. It was written to show how mental illness could be treated with supplements, a new field called ortho-molecular medicine pioneered by Dr's. Linus Pauling, Abraham Hoffer, Wilfrid Shute and Charlton Fredericks. I didn't find out until afterwards why I got the book.

My son Lee was born in London in 1979. The delivery was difficult, but he seemed to be all right after. We returned to Canada that year. There seemed to be something wrong with him. He cried inconsolably from an early age. His tummy seemed to be upset all the time, even though he was only breastfed. The only thing that helped was that we had to carry him for hours before he'd go to sleep. The doctors didn't know what was wrong, but by the age of 2, when he wasn't speaking, we started doing our own research. Allergy testing aside, we already were following a gluten-dairy free diet. Homeopathy helped somewhat. So did hours of reading and playing with him.

By the age of 4, he still wasn't speaking or toilet-trained. The diagnosis, finally, was Infantile Autism. The specialist said it was "an incurable illness" and at that moment I said to myself, "It's not an incurable illness". Of course it was devastating. He had brain damage and was retarded as well. When I asked what would happen when he got older we were told he'd have to be institutionalised. An unthinkable option for us.

We devised a whole range of therapies, using instinct to see what was working and what was not. Later on, when we read about Dr. Lovaas's behavioural therapy or the Options Institutes Son-Rise program, we found we already had been doing those, instinctively. We also put him on a very strict diet, with NO pop, sweets or pastry. He was never medicated, nor did he ever get a vaccine.

We tried the vitamins suggested in the Mental Elements book. They helped a lot. And we healed, without even knowing. Every night we placed our hands on his head and sent energy there. Healing is above all, the place you get to BEFORE you heal. With my meditation training, I was able to reach that stillness. It was harder for his mother, because she wanted so much to do everything she could that her feelings interfered sometimes, but together, we started to get through.

The breakthrough came when we discovered a new substance called Octacosanol (with DimethylGlycine) It was used to help brain dead children, and had amazing results. We tried it, and Lee started speaking, toilet training, and rode off down the road on his bicycle.

The doctors were amazed. His IQ went up from 47 to 104, and his psychologist said he was no longer autistic at age 6. At the age of 9 he went into normal grade school at his age level. He got a blue belt in karate, went on to finish high school, took a year of college then dropped out. When he was 17 he had an adverse reaction to a dental anaesthetic, then when he started acting strangely, was prescribed a psychiatric drug that made him psychotic. (I was outside of the country, and his mother and I had finally divorced) I had to take over and literally bring him back from the brink again. Today, he is almost completely normal, if emotionally fragile. He is 28 years old, and completely independent. He is not Autistic any more.

The late Dr. Rimland, who had been following his case, sent a 6 year old boy with his father to see me. That boy is now a 28 year old accountant in Toronto. He isn't Autistic any more.

Dr. Rimland took our protocol and had it tested with his patients in California. The phenomenal results were confirmed by clinical testing in Korea and Japan. He also took credit for it, what the hell, but then didn't publish the full protocol, which would have required he attribute it to me. A business decision, I believe. You'll see him listed as an advisor to the Oscar winning movie "The Rain Man" and he also administered the Sylvester Stallone Trust. WTF.

There were no school programs specifically for Autistic children in Toronto. I took a parent's group to the Board of Education in 1985 and we had them start classes for these children, with specific teams to assist teachers.

With all the results we were getting, not one physician approached me to see what I was doing. Educators were far more open, seeing a huge increase in handicapped children entering the school systems, but without the approval of the medical system, they were hamstrung, and the doctors, once they looked and saw I was using alternative methods, looked the other way.

The reporter for the Toronto Star's 17 year old son had Down syndrome. He got better, but the editor spiked the story. There was a huge prejudice against alternative medicine in the media.

I got my medical degree and published my findings at medical conferences abroad, since I was disgusted with the North American medicinal model. I could spend my time conducting double blind studies that would be ignored, or I could treat children.

I started a free clinic in the 80's, which eventually became a private clinic. My results were published in a Toronto alternative magazine. Calls came from around the world. Many children got better. I saw the huge increase in childhood cancers, diabetes, asthma, arthritis and life-threatening allergies and treated that too.

My practice was growing, so I met the (socialist) NDP minister of health in 1990. The Ministry would provide the funding to set up a free clinic. Then the NDP lost power, and I had to go back to my own practice. I was also combining that with my spiritual practice, but in the end, I realised that I'd be always fighting a losing battle with Autism since I was treating the illness, not the systemic causes. And it was time to close my successful clinic to follow my spiritual path, and move to the U.S.

Yet, since I returned to Canada, I found myself going back to treating Autism. I had remarried, and now two more of my children had Autism as well. Start all over again. With Lee, he had the undivided attention of two parents. With Arune and Raven, divided attention, as more children arrived, and me with my overwhelming knowledge of what I was supposed to do.

So I had to fight to find a balance between my family's needs, and my spiritual purpose. I could fight karma, or I could accept it. Yes, even I have karma. It is the action and the life you choose, and my children, whose karma it was to be born with autism, choose to be born to someone who knew what to do. They are better now, but it still is a ways to go. So I work out of home to be there for them, and see private patients here.

When the findings were published on the Internet and some books, I got more calls, and my practice grew. To date I have seen over 400 children with Autism and associated disorders. My research has shown what I believe is the pathology of Autism, it's causes and effective treatment.

A 14 year old girl no longer has Asperger's Syndrome. A 6 year old girl who had Rhett's syndrome had her head's circumference increase by 1.5 centimetres, unknown in the profession. A 6 year old in Bulgaria now speaks and is more functional. An 8 year old girl with kidney failure was able to stop dialysis. Another 6 year old boy has just been told by the neurologist at Sick Kid's hospital he's no longer Autistic. They're scratching their heads at the original diagnosis.

How did I accomplish this?

I use a combination of healing, homeopathy, behaviour therapy and supplements. The proof of the healing, which is my own unique form, is that I was able to get violent adults off of medication just through touch, and autistic children's behaviour improved almost immediately, before I even administered any other treatments. In fact, 85% of all my patients get significantly better, a tremendous advance over all other treatments.

Autism is a lifelong, progressive, neurological disorder. It is accompanied as auto-immune illness, digestive disorder, and neurological damage. It isn't caused by mercury in the vaccines; my children were never vaccinated. Even though it runs in my family, they haven't been able to trace any genetic abnormality, and brain scans are normal ( autopsies have shown brain lesions undetectable by scans, and you'd have to connect patients to EEG machines full time to see spikes in electrical brain wave activity)

So what causes Autism? I believe it is vaccines that cause the illness, and I've seen this in my own and other children. If the MOTHERS were vaccinated then you're passing a toxic soup of still active viruses and bacteria into the unborn child. Plus mercury and aluminum of course, but that isn't the main cause. There may be environmental, immune genetic and other reasons, but if you want to eradicate Autism, you'll have to stop vaccinating children going through several generations. Please don't throw emotive 'scientific' arguments at me, I'm the messenger, and there are many other illnesses caused by vaccines which society won't be able to deal with in the future until it opens to the possibility of an alternative. When my son was diagnosed with Autism 25 years ago, 1 in 2000 children had Autism. The figure is now 1 in 200, and the true figure for Autism Spectrum Disorder, which includes, ADHD, ADD, PDD, Asperger's and Autism, is 1 in 10.

1 in 10 children have a learning disorder, so extrapolate that to future generations of dysfunctional, possibly sociopathic adults.

I'm sharing this with you because Autism is not only a physical, but also is a karmic and spiritual illness. I've seen it as a metaphor for helplessness; when the world tells you that something is hopeless, I tell you, the answers are out there.

Naseer Ahmad



moonkoon said...

You know, I have been reading your comments on Xymphora for some time and I never noticed that you had a blog.
All I can say for the moment is, wow.
I have just been reading a bit of your stuff on the wayback machine.
You have certainly walked through the valley of tears.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that was me,

Man From Atlan said...

Thanks, moonkoon. My spiritual tradition gives me strength.
I put up the blog this month to tide over and update the old website again.
I'll be leaving Xymphora and working on further articles here. You may find they're a little different than the website, since they're updated, but, glad you're checking the wayback machine also.
My e-mail is here in my profile, if you wish.

Tom V. said...

Dear Dr. Ahmad;

Your family's experience is highly touching to read. The historicaly recent growth of autism and other behavioural, psychological anomalies in children living in contemporary Western societies is nothing short of spectacular.
Dr. Gerry Null has a full length video on the subject posted on Google video, titled:

The drugging of our children.

In it he states, that the so called cure what psychiatrists are offering, is even worse than the illness itself, since -in the vast majority of the cases,- it ensures its progression. He also sees it as an illness of our age, just like you, although he limits himself to proscribe change of diet and lifestyle for steps toward restoring health.

Man From Atlan said...

Thanks, Tom.
I know of Dr. Null, and am in full agreement.
I am against Psychiatric Drugs for children, and highly recommend Dr. Peter Breggin's Saying No to Prozac, and Saying No to Ritalin.
I also recommend homoeopathic medicine to parents of such children.

sweetiepie said...

Well, I've been cut off from posting on the Perugia pages (as I requested) so I hope you're ergon, because I'm writing back to you here (and you won't know what I'm talking about if you aren't ergon).

I took the link you left for me to your article "An Overview Of Modern Thinking On The Criminal Mind" and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your thoughts and writing. I totally agree with you that it's all about the brain and the spirit.

Your success with altenative medicines is stunning. Wow! I also believe in homeopathic medicine. Most people don't realize that the massive state hospitals in the United States were originally homeopathic hospitals. Then it lost out to the psychotropic medication movement and we have what we have today.

If you'd like to watch a couple informative documentaries on psychopathy, here are the links.

The first one is too artsy and overdramatic in the beginning but stick with it as it settles down and they interview some of the best psychologists of our time, including Robert Hare. (I've never seen anything like this.) They have little bios about the docs you can read.

Go to http://www.FHmovie.com Select Where to See. Select Internet. This should get you to a page where you select high def or standard. (Select standard) Password is fhmovie.

The second one is very simply put and very well done. Don't let the beginning graphic put you off.


Thanks so much for sharing. It was an honor to meet you.

Man From Atlan said...

Hi sweetiepie, and welcome. Yes, I'm Ergon, which is the name I use for all chats outside this blog.

Thanks for the links. Have you read my "A Defense of Homoeopathy"?


Look forward to hearing from you again.

Naseer Ahmad