Sunday, May 25, 2008

Angels, Spirits, Demons and Djinns

Do you think humans invent anything? The angels talk to them all the time~ my daughter Gebbriel, age 8.

Muslim mystics believe that one can summon demons and djinns by reciting a certain passage of the Quran one hundred thousand times; and that Angels are spiritual beings of light who exist only to serve God, while demons and djinns are supernatural beings with freedom of choice. Satan was a djinn who therefore was able to rebel against God and was cast out of Heaven to Earth for that reason. He leads legions of demons and has dominion over Earth and Hell.

Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley wrote down a system for communicating with Angels and Spirits called Enochian Magic. They claimed that it had been dictated to them by Angels; latter-day writers on either side of the rational-spiritual divide argue whether they were con men or Elizabethan spies, or they truly had the occultic gifts long sought by European philosophers.

Religion teaches that Angels speak to and guide humanity, and New Agers believe we have Spirit guides and Angels even intervene in human affairs.

That's a good question. Do human beings ever have an original thought, or are we just mouthpieces for celestial forces? I ask this because of my own experience, and asking the questions of our freedom of choice, the nature of God; whether Angels, Spirits, Demons and Djinns do exist. Do they control us, or are they figments we create to satisfy a deep psycho-spiritual need, and if they do exist, are they like us, (hopefully) independent self-realised beings, with ultimate freedom of choice and responsibility?

Children can, I feel, tell us more because they are more closely connected to the world of spirit. I also saw that we are surrounded by these beings, but each has their own purpose, and how we communicate with them is bound by certain rules, not to be taken lightly.

As we come to the beginning of a New World, the question of whether Angels and other beings are talking to us becomes more and more crucial. And how, how, do we get to communicate with them?

In short, I believe that they do exist, and that they all have certain roles, functions and rules that they are bound by, just as we are. They exist in the multiple dimensions; they (as my daughter reminds us) speak to and guide us all the time, and do they ever have attitude!

Angels are beings of light created by God. They exist to carry out God's will, but in that context, still have freedom of action and choice. (Of course, if they disobeyed, they'd be cast off, but what's freedom of choice without consequences?) They cannot be summoned by anyone except God, and fight from within the spiritual plane. But when they do come to Earth, they do so for a reason, and it is up to people to choose what they will do with the blessing given to them. Some women that I knew; one, a nurse who died in a horrific car accident. She saw her spirit rise above her body, then a being of light walked into the room, and she returned. Another, hit by a car, felt an angel's enveloping wings around her. Two who felt that presence while waiting in a rehab clinic. Whether they learned from it was up to them.

Angels have an infinite curiousity about the human species. They like to joke about us too, with all the pretensions and belief systems we create in order to understand our existence. They, as creatures of spirit without the karma of humans, laugh about those who claim to command them. Angels aren't gentle beings. They have attitude, and say their purpose is to 'kick human ass'.

Spirits of those who have departed try not to hang around too much, but sometimes are held back by their own emotions or that of the people they left behind. But they long for the peace of letting go, and moving into the white light when they dissolve into oneness with God.

They comfort us and provide guidance. We are surrounded by the spirits of those who are waiting to be born, those who have passed away, and even, the spirits of the living. I was visited by the spirits of those I had loved and yet to love, and they guided me to study palmistry, and write, and that I would need to leave Pakistan. They can't tell us the future, for that would take away our freedom of choice, and they long for the physical touch of being held by loved ones.

Demons are aspects of ourselves from the recesses of our soul. None of us are free from them, but as free beings learning about the full extent of our freedom of choice, we need to separate ourselves from what we think God wants of us. Yes there are consequences to our actions, and there is karma, the lessons to be learned, the actions (choices) we must make. Demons tempt us, with ego, and lust, and wanting. That may separate us from that oneness we crave, but we have to learn, and seek knowledge. And the journey, when completed, is that more fulfilling than blindly following a set of man-made rules handed down to us by mystics writing for a particular time, place, and people.

Demons can possess us, then, with greed for power. They can tempt us through ego and illusion. They can mislead us with philosophies to justify our every action. They can come through past lives. And yet, they still are creatures of God just as much as Angels, and fulfill their purpose. But make no mistake, the world's leaders, political, religious and financial, are demon-possessed, and nothing more than a good exorcism will cure them. Death and destruction follow them, but they are no better, and no worse, than what we are and the power we give them.

Djinns are of course not just a remnant of my own background though I'd call them 'energies' or entities here in the West. But for this article Id like to say Djinns. They are created by emotions and desires and unreleased pain, even, occultic practices. A house, a place, a people, may be possessed by these disparate energies just as much as a person might be. We can clear them from us through water, fire, spirit, earth and air, for they are beings of the aforementioned elements.

So there are so many of them. We could try to harness and then instead, be harnessed by them. Best to release these energies and send them back to God, instead of creating new entities with every inaction, act of cruelty, and feelings of desire unfulfilled.

Do Angels, Spirits, Demons and Djinns speak to us? Yes, and we must decide when to and when not to listen to them. And ask, that our choices always be wise ones. Above all, do not be afraid. You are all beings of God.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Toronto 18 and "The War on Terror"

In May of 2006, 18 (mostly young) Muslim men were arrested in Toronto on charges of plotting to storm Parliament, behead the Prime Minister(!) and purchase 3 tonnes of fertiliser to be used in Ammonium Nitrate bombs to destroy govt. buildings around Ontario.

The timing of these arrests was highly suspect. Parliament was debating Canada's involvement in the war in Afghanistan. The intelligence services were under fire for their collusion in handing over an innocent Syrian-Canadian engineer Maher Arar, for torture in a Syrian jail because of alleged "terrorism". The Supreme Court was about to rule on the constitutionality of the secret 'evidence' used to deport Muslim refugees to countries where they too, might be expected to be tortured. The RCMP, soon to be investigated for fraud, had just manipulated an election by revealing they were investigating a minister of the reigning Liberal govt. (No charges were filed) A government that wanted to keep troops in Afghanistan now had reason to celebrate: "We're fighting them there so we don't have to fight them here" (but we still have home-grown 'terrorists')

I knew that the case was full of holes; this view confirmed by the unravelling of the case as charges against 7 (including the alleged 'ringleader') have now been withdrawn, and govt. lawyers trying to defend the indefensible of subjecting innocent (and I say this without doubt) people to secret trials, indefinite detention, solitary confinement, and the abuse of their families for the sake of a war for the benefit for a few.

The entire case is now falling apart, not just because the unreliability of the government's star witnesses has now been exposed in the national media as druggies, failed businessmen demanding $15 million (!) for their 'testimony' and publicity hounds. I blame also the politicians who were so quick to declare them and an entire religion guilty and 'community' leaders who abandoned the families of the Toronto 18 because of fear of association with what is now OK to demonise: angry young Muslim males. Above all, I say that an unjust, corrupted, system of justice reflects badly on Canada, and what Canadian 'values' are supposed to be about. And I say, this "War on Terror" is a lie.

I've been involved in this case for two years now, first by speaking up on their behalf in various forums, then, learning more about the background, from a person called Salman Hossain. I met Salman at this website: . Xymphora is supposed to be a Canadian leftie with controversial views; I appreciate the cut and thrust of intelligent debate and humour there, even if the site seems to attract people who umm, Don't Like Jews. But that isn't what I'm writing about today.

OK, my background (see 'A Conspirological State of Mind' makes me more likely to believe the preposition that governments and the media lie; they're irredeemably corrupt anyway. But because I certainly don't want to become paranoid, I'd like to see something, maybe not proof, because conspiracies by their very nature provide scant 'proof' but let's say, inconsistencies, impossibilities, and improbabilities. Plus, the false evidence.

A group of young Muslims mouthing off on the Internet about Canada's involvement in the Afghan war. Giving a Muslim MP heck when he starts politicking in a mosque. Said MP, Wajid Khan, rats off the Muslim brothers as 'extremists' to CSIS, which sets out to entrap them. CSIS approaches Muslims to inform on the group. An Egyptian Muslim, in financial trouble from failed business dealings, promises to provide information about a bombing plot for $15 million in compensation. (He eventually gets $4 million) Another informer, a confessed drug user, takes the young men camping, then manufactures, in whole cloth, a story about 'Jihadi training camps', guns and plots to blow up Parliament. The first informant, an agricultural engineer, sets off to but does not actually buy the ingredients of the bomb, Ammonium Nitrate, which is regular garden fertiliser.

Look up the Oklahoma City Bombing. Explosive experts have concluded an Ammonium Nitrate Fertiliser Bomb couldn't have destroyed the building the way the government said it happened. Simply doesn't have the required explosive power. Never mind, we're supposed to automatically think about 'White Supremacists' and Oklahoma City. And now, we're supposed to automatically think 'Muslim terrorist'.

So I spoke up. Malcolm X once said, whenever one of the brothers started talking about killing Whitey they always knew it was a police informant talking. The same thing happened with these young men. So here we are on this blog, talking about it, when along comes Salman Hossain, a young student, giving the inside scoop, so to speak, of his friendship with Fahim Ahmed, one of the alleged plotters. See for an example of the numerous comments we made on the subject for a year and a half.

At first I thought he was an informant too, but it turned out he was genuine. I warned him a few times because of his inflammatory comments, that he might even be charged with treason, but, really, I also admired and defended his freedom of speech, even when others called for him to be expelled from the blog. I suppose if one of my friends was being held in solitary confinement and not allowed to defend himself I might be a little angry myself.

Then, he outdid himself by saying that if Canadian troops could go over to Afghanistan to kill Muslims, the Taliban could rightly come over and kill Canadian soldiers here. This opened an absolute shit storm of fury as most everyone sought to distance himself from Salman. I thought it was brilliantly subversive, and for an interesting period of time, we had a real debate about the limits of freedom of speech in Canada on those pages.

It came to an end of course, when the National Post, Canada's neo-con newspaper, pushed for an RCMP probe of his writings Coincidentally, this was at a time when a Jewish writer, Ezra Levant, was being prosecuted for his anti-Muslim writings. Of course the usual suspects called for Salman to be tried for treason, expelled from University, etc.

Salman called me for advice before the article came out. Should he speak to the Post reporter? Not unless he had a lawyer present, I said. He was expressing an opinion, not instigating violence, but the Post would twist everything. And if he needed to present his side, I'd connect him with my media friends. And, lie low, stop posting (I think his mother took away his computer :)

Individual terrorism, directed at civilians, is wrong. But when it is instigated by intelligence agencies I think we need to look at the inconsistencies. The RCMP has a long history of using informants to infiltrate communists, 'white nationalists' and now Muslims, then having their own informants commit crimes to discredit the larger group. In the 70's RCMP informants set off bombs in post boxes around Quebec to discredit the Quebec separatist movement. That a few immature hot heads can be trusted to make hot headed comments is always a given, but the fact that the various terrors of the 21st century were all conducted by various intelligence agencies are also, a given. One of the ways of proving that would be to look at the explosives used to commit those crimes. Sorry, the World Trade Towers were brought down by explosives. The official story is an impossible lie. The Tube bombings in London were conducted with military, not home-made explosives which simply could not have had the power required to do the damage they did. The chief 'planner' of that, Haroon Aswat, turned out to be an MI-6 asset. The Bali, Madrid and even Tel Aviv bombings all had similar inconsistencies.

But anyway, the Real Terror is not what might happen the next time some intelligence agency decides to frighten the population in order to defend unpopular policies and protect the war-based economies of the West. It is the terror visited upon the people of Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan by the mechanised slaughterhouses of the industrial world, the Genocide and Wars conducted on the resource rich poorer countries.

The "War on Terror" is a lie. The war against Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and the Muslim world is a lie. It serves the arms manufacturers and the rulers of the world. It serves the oil companies whose profits and values of their reserves go up. It helps the money lenders and promoters of war. It serves to transfer your money out of your pockets and into the hands of a few.

If you want to spend a Trillion dollars on an unwinnable 'war' that will go on forever, be my guest. But two years ago 18 young men were arrested on false charges and their and their families lives shattered forever. If that injustice doesn't anger you, then you deserve the world you get.

Update, June 21, 2008:

At trial, the Crown now finds itself in the position of having to discredit their own witness, Mubin Sheikh, the cocaine addict who admits he's already spent most of the $370, 000 he's received so far from them on, umm, cocaine. He's already blown away their case against everyone else.

Transcripts from the first trial show the arrested youth was totally unaware of the so-called bomb plot, which only was introduced AFTER the two informants joined the group.

There were other characters, a bank fraud artist and a petty criminal, who first brought up fertiliser bombs. They were interviewed but not charged, nor were they called as witnesses, as they clearly were coerced into implicating the 18. Their criminal records would make them too ripe even for that court room.

For further details, see

Few remember that in 2000 23 Muslims were arrested in Toronto for 'acting strangely' and 20 more, in 2003. They were all found innocent and charges thrown out. Now that the current case is already in a shambles, new reports are coming out about 'reactivated Hezbollah cells' planning to attack the Israeli consulate with bombs. They must think people really are stupid.

I believe the Toronto 18 will eventually receive justice. I can hardly wait for the other government informant to show up in court; he's even more of a weak link than Mubin Sheikh. In the mean time, I pray for them and their families.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Crystal Skull of Doom

As the movie "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" comes to the theaters I want to mention my own experience with the Anna Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull and the lessons to be learned, from working with objects, or, the worship thereof.

I first encountered the Crystal Skull at a Psychic Fair in 1989, the story related in "Journey of a Healer"

Some people of a New Ageish disposition (including myself) have related the other-worldly experiences they had with it. Some of a more sceptical tendency have suggested, without proof, that the skull is man-made, of recent origin.

It seems that modern man needs to debunk anything suggesting the supernatural. The Turin Shroud, the Crystal Skull, Astrology; it seems that in their zeal to provide proof of fraud they need to commit fraud themselves. You need to wade through the recent Archaeology Magazine article to see what I mean. The writer, Jane Walsh, of the Smithsonian Institute, by placing the Crystal Skull alongside other skulls of recent origin, suggests that it is fairly modern too. Again, without proof.

The other side, which I find more credible, is represented here:
It suggests that while the story about how it was found may be a mystery, an examination by Hewlett-Packard Laboratories (the world's premier laboratory in quartz crystal technology) in 1970 shows that the skull could not have been made by any known modern means. This leaves either extra-terrestrial or other-worldly means.

When you hold an object in your hands, you can pick up the energy within but also that of the being that made it. For what it's worth, I felt the object cames from Atlantis, and was made by humans using specialised machines. There is a story of how a person who held the skull was cured of a brain tumour, and it so happens that right after I held the skull I helped a patient with a brain tumour. But I credit also the healer I met that night, Helen, from St.Catherines, Ont. who actually inspired me to do make the choice to commit myself unreservedly to my healing and teaching.

I also believe that "Mike" Mitchell-Hedges (on whom the character of Indiana Jones is clearly based) received the skull from a secret society associated with the Freemasons, which is why he obscured its origins.

Never mind. The Indiana Jones movies are all based on a quest for a supernatural object, be it the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, or Shiva's stone. And that is the biggest mistake of all, to worship an object, or place it above what you yourself are capable of achieving.

The Crystal Skull is a magnificent object. It is meant to be a repository of information about Atlantis's origins, its technology, and, a message for the future. But all that information already lies within you.

One of the exercises I teach my students is how to make a wand. You find a small branch, attach various stones to it, then charge it to do healing with. It's a tool, that's all. Or you can take a gemstone and fix it to a ring or pendant. The vibrational qualities of the diamond, yellow sapphire, emerald, ruby, kryptonite etc. are amplified by your own energies. Quartz Crystal has a unique quality of being neutral and therefore best able to retain energies. The better the quality of the stone and the person who made it, the more significant the results. One of my disciples, Eden, had the most amazing experience with a person she was doing healing with.

But my message to you is this: You can change your vibration to that of quartz crystal, and have unlimited power, not just that of an admitted artefact of Atlantis, be it the Holy Grail, Ark of the Covenant, or Crystal Skull.

Crystal Skull Photo copyright Gayle Press BBC 1996