Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pakistani Eagles

High Flight
Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth
And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;
Sunward I've climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth
Of sun-split clouds - and done a hundred things
You have not dreamed of - wheeled and soared and swung
High in the sunlit silence. Hov'ring there
I've chased the shouting wind along, and flung
My eager craft through footless halls of air.
Up, up the long delirious, burning blue,
I've topped the windswept heights with easy grace
Where never lark, or even eagle flew -
And, while with silent lifting mind I've trod
The high unsurpassed sanctity of space,
Put out my hand and touched the face of God.
Pilot Officer John Gillespie Magee 1941

For a brief, shining period of time, I was in the Pakistan Air Force.

Pakistan's psyche had been greatly influenced by the circumstances of its break up with India: one million people died on both sides in 1947. The issue of Muslim majority Kashmir being oppressed by Hindu majority India still resonates with every Pakistani, and has caused four major wars to be fought since that time, and each time, Pakistan has held its own against the much larger armed forces of India. It is for that reason the Armed Forces are much respected, and of all the forces, the Air Force is regarded the highest of all, even more than the Army. They are called Shaheen, which means Eagle, but also, Spirit. They are also considered by military specialists to be one of the best trained and professional air forces in the world, even by the Israelis and Americans. Gen. Chuck Yeager said, "these guys breathed and lived flying-I was damn impressed"

The training of the Pakistani pilot begins at age 12, when he is inducted into the Air Force College in Sargodha. Every year thousands of Pakistani students apply for entry, and they must pass rigorous academic, psychological and medical tests before being admitted, no more than 50 or 60 a year. Those who graduate from college must then pass further exams before being accepted into flight school at Risalpur, and then a few go on to advanced jet training in Malir, whose graduates are deemed to be of a higher caliber than the US Navy's Top Gun School.

That's the way it is; they see themselves as the best of the best, and even more rare, the one Pakistani institution that isn't corrupt.

My geography teacher told me about the exams. My parents had mixed feelings, but I knew this was my path. And, placing 11th out of thousands, I was accepted into PAF Sargodha. So, at the early age of 11, I went to Sargodha, 600 miles from home, and did not return until I was 16.

At school, I had an insight: this would be my journey, for who knew how many years, but I would learn what I was supposed to. My uncles were the early pioneers of the Air Force, my cousins would become Army Generals, and my friends went on to reach the highest awards and positions in the Armed Forces; one of them, psst, Chief of ISI, the Intelligence Directorate. I didn't love War, but I would defend my home, and my views can be seen here: http://manfromatlan.blogspot.com/2008/03/nature-of-spiritual-warrior.html but still, I wanted to fly.

It was during this time, away from the distractions of home, that I learned more about my spirituality. I learned a bit about defending myself; since I was obviously different got picked upon, with a nickname meaning 'not pure', which in retrospect is funny because Pak means 'pure'. But the greatest lesson was the rigorous military life that allowed me to not only explore my spirituality but also, develop it. Flying requires keen eyesight, and discipline. So, too, does Spirituality.

One of the reasons why our pilot training is so effective is because of the number of hours spent in the plane, and extensive low level flying. Many drop out or fail because of the intensity, and those who pass are the best. (It was this intimate knowledge that showed me how the official 9/11 story was full of it) Once, a low flying F-104 clipped just over the school roof and crashed just beyond. The engine, weighing well over a ton, flew back at the school and landed right where I'd been standing by myself a few minutes before. I felt fortunate, as though I still had things to do.

When I graduated from college I had to compete again with people from all over Pakistan and also graduates of the other academy, near Murree. I sailed through all the tests, including vertigo and high altitude testing, and then at the very last moment, someone noticed my knock knees. wtf? That was enough to disqualify me.

I appealed of course, made a passionate speech to the board about how I wanted to serve my country. No go. Turned out later they found out my parents were Ahmadi Muslims, which even then had a lot of prejudice directed at it, and so that was it. If I'd said I was Christian or renounced Ahmadis it would have been fine, but that wasn't what I was supposed to do.

Yes, I was disappointed. But University beckoned, I had more to learn, and I moved on. Many of my friends went on to fly fighter jets. An uncle was shot down and killed in the 1965 war. A friend posthumously received Pakistan's highest award, when he deliberately crashed a plane into the desert to prevent it from being flown to India in 1971. He was 21 years old then.

Another friend died in a low flying training exercise. He was 18 years old. Many served as volunteers under Arab flags during the 1965 and 1973 Arab-Israeli wars, and their training showed as they shot down several Israeli jets, with few losses on their own; not one Pakistani pilot was killed by the Israelis.

The reason why this is so little known may be explained by the observation of a Pakistani when he shot down an Israeli plane: "it was if I was seeing a myth (about Israeli superiority) being blown up". This is not to denigrate the heroism of the Pakistani Army, but really, they are politicians as well. The Air Force made tremendous sacrifices, they made a difference, they won even when the Army lost in 1971. (Read "Yeager, an autobiography" to get a fighter jock's opinion)

This article isn't about what might have been for me. I don't miss that when I know my path brought me to Canada where I was meant to do so much more for the world. At this particular time, some fantasists of the Indian and American variety need a reminder, if they think they can get away with a war with Pakistan. For all their problems, Pakistanis have something unique: their character, and the Pakistan Air Force is the exemplar of that character. I am happy to once have served.

But whenever a plane flies overhead, I confess a part of me still wishes I was there...

~Naseer Ahmad

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Terror in Mumbai

There was a terrorist attack in Mumbai on November 26. Around 12 shooters, armed with AK 47's, grenades and bombs, came ashore and killed over 170 and wounded over 300 people in three days of horror. The attackers held off two thousand troops, and in the end, only one of them, shown here, was captured alive. He says he was trained in Pakistan by a terrorist organisation, and now both countries are trading accusations back and forth.

Killing civilians for a cause, however justified it may seem, is condemnable in every way. But so is lying, and the Indian government is lying through its teeth, and that is worse, because lies have a far greater capacity for harm, as can be seen in what happened with Afghanistan and Iraq: millions killed for the most clearly observable set of lies.

Here's an analysis: http://www.counterpunch.org/khan12022008.html
and another: http://www.daily.pk/world/asia/8485-the-mumbai-attacks-the-real-perpetrators-and-their-goals.html but I leave it up to you to decide.

When I was in Los Angeles in 1993 I met an nuclear arms inspector with the IAEA who told me "the pity is the Indians can't trust the Pakistanis and the Pakistanis can't trust the Indians".

Pity indeed. The Indians have a painful history of being conquered by the Muslims and Pakistanis have the painful history associated with the partition of India and forceful annexation of Kashmir. And you have dishonest corrupt politicians on both sides who would rather point fingers at each other than solve their own country's problems, and India and Pakistan have fought four wars so far, and the only who benefited from that were those who didn't want a South Asia bloc to prosper.

That would ultimately be the choice of the people of India and Pakistan. You look at the joint karma of two countries born 24 hours away from each other and it is apparent how much healing each country needs (see national horoscopes above, and the trend to violence in both countries) but I will say this one more time:

Those who believe that Pakistan will be broken up or eventually be conquered or reabsorbed by India are sadly mistaken. Pakistan, for all its problems, is lucky and blessed, and it will survive, because it has great forces on its side. (It still needs to change though)

Both countries have supremacist religions. Both countries are corrupt in their political and religious leadership, and both have a heavy karma. I pray for both, to see the light of what might be.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Atlan Healing Centres

Atlan Healing Centres isn't a chain of clinics or temples. 
It's a group of people around the world~
Many years ago, I wrote:
"You have been on a healing journey since the beginning of Time.
You seek completion, balance and peace.
You ask for help in letting go of karma and realizing your purpose in life.
Thousands of years ago the Teacher of Atlan came to Earth to help incarnate the energies that would heal this planet.
Naseer Ahmad is a physician, healer and spiritual teacher.
He has taught many people to become healers, teachers and magicians. Will you join him?"
Within six months, America may be at war. I hope not. The economy will have to recover. I hope so. The years 2009-2012 will bring great events into play, and the things that have to happen, will.
I'd like to talk about the many wonderful people I've come in contact with, and the difference they'll make in the time to come. My goal has always been to inspire people to reach their highest potential, and I have helped, in many ways. The fact is, we are blocked from learning to connect with others, and ourselves.
Using the healing I've written about here, I have taught thousands of people the technique (actually it's an energy) called Spiritual Healing in The Way of Atlan. Using healing, I have influenced many more, all around the world. Some people have found my lessons too hard to bear, but the love I have will always be there for them.
I made a prophecy many years ago:
Things would get much worse; (difficult for humans who're hard-wired to be optimistic) and, there would be a great need for healers.
So I went to the United States.
Travelled through Europe and Asia.
Where ever I went there was great upheaval, but also, great healing.
Teaching the Way of Atlan to thousands, and ultimately through them and my website, many more (It really was popular)
No, it isn't new age. It's the old ways, forgotten and returning now to Earth.
A combination of shamanism and sky/sun god monotheism/polytheism but from before the new religions arrived.
A flowing into the river of energy that flows through the heavens.
The people who, connected with each other, brought and will bring great change into the world. If I said president-elect Obama was one of them, would you believe me? He's an Atlanian, even if he doesn't remember, but I have hope for him to do the right things; but it must come from his free will.
But yes there is much resistance to change. But I have planted the seeds, and unknown healers walk among you, all connected to each other by a grid of energy, and don't expect them to solve all the problems of the world, but if a stranger says to you: follow me, then do so.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yearning For Connection

The yearning for connection exists inside us all

I know this inventor, a very logical person. He makes geological devices that can locate oil and gold, his ancient Jaguar gets 30 miles to the gallon.

He asked me what my 'religion' was. I said, "it's about finding our connection with God". He understood immediately.

Yes, we search for connection, not only with God, but also through lovers, children, family, friends, groups. In these eventful times, learning how to connect with others will help us all.

Finding God is easy. He always existed, inside and outside ourselves, and once you find that person, that force, you will never be alone. Just don't demand miracles, or proof.

We yearn for completion with and through our loved ones, but also, that connection with another being to share our lives with. Much healing has to take place first and afterwards, but it's possible to truly find love, and to experience the joy of being connected with that person, in all the ups and downs, forever.

Some people are dog persons or cat persons. I am a child person. Because I see that sheer joy and unsullied hope, optimism for the future, their fearlessness, in them, the potential: I love them very much. And, I try to be like them.

We first learn about connections through family, and hopefully, in what we provide as a learning space about relationships, for siblings, for parents, and between each other, we can create strong future families, that amazing unit of inter-connectedness. Regardless of whatever our own families were like.

Our friends are a reflection of us yet also separate beings, and the intellectual, emotional, and physical comradeship, interaction and support is also, about connection. They come and they go, and as long as we don't cross certain boundaries, then we won't be disappointed or hurt.

You have to learn how to connect with yourself. Your connection with your physical emotional and spiritual bodies are so tattered that it is no wonder you may have issues with health, relationships or God. Healing that helps you to integrate with yourself, and then and only then can you love yourself, by feeling connected instead of disconnected. Do you ever feel, gee, I LOVE myself?

And lastly, there is this amazing group of healers all over the planet, who I will introduce in a subsequent post.

Monday, November 10, 2008

UFO's, Aliens, and Psychic Technologies

The people of Atlan and Aergon are with us still~

There were the earlier people who flew through the stars to come here. There were those who died in the war and incarnated here on Earth. And there are those who went into a deep sleep as the Dimensional Shift took place, and woke up again here on Earth. These last voyagers, 250,000 or so who'd survived the War between Atlan and Aergon, are the ones who now feel most out of place~

I understand that many people may find the whole body of ideas proposed here in these pages to be just a little.. way out there. I propose they read what I have to say as fiction, and for a writer like me, that will be enough, that people read. Maybe they'll change some of their ideas, maybe not. I'm reaching the one person to whom this will mean the world, maybe I'll reach the whole world, one person at a time. I dunno.

In my practice I've always been intrigued by the hidden memories that lead to illness, the archetypes of Astrology and Numbers that help us understand our human strengths, foibles, and personality, the psychic sense that is disguised as emotional sensitivity, the past life experiences we repeat over and over again.

I have met many exceptional people in my life. You are all exceptional, in God's eyes, but some of you are also, aliens, exceptional in what you do and the difference you have made or will make in people's lives. You are incomplete, waiting to be reborn. You may belong to distinct psychological mental types based on whether you are an Atlanian, Aergonian, Atlantean or Lemurian. Or just contain the gene stock. A way of thinking. Being called to greatness. A psychological dislocation.
Atlanians from the planet Atlan are usually tall, thin, with great spirit, charisma and presence.
Aergonians from Aergon are usually shorter, but muscular and possessing great powers within themselves.
Atlanteans are the descendants of the Atlanians, come from Atlantis, love machinery and science. Cerebral. Their empire was in the Atlantic, then central Asia.

Lemurians are referred to in the Vedas as the darker skinned native peoples of the empires the Aryans came into conflict with. Based in the Pacific, they were the shamans who carved and shaped energy.
Their lives form our myths, legends and history. Bach, Michelangelo, Paramahansa Yogananda, Muhammad, Joan of Arc, Jesus, Einstein, Mary the mother and Mary the wife of Jesus, Che Guevara, Deganawida, Thoth, Athena, Pythagoras, Genghis Khan, all were these beings who came amongst us to change our direction.

Here is their message:
We walk amongst you every day. We, the people who came to Earth eons ago and are born again and again. Our technology is buried deep within our memories, our philosophy governs our very lives, our actions follow the imperatives of our forgotten past.

A light goes off in your head, and you discover the cure for cancer. You see a loved one you had loved centuries ago in the smile of a child. You remember who you were, and your path in life. A piece of music reminds you of a voyage amongst the stars. A voice speaks to you from within a darkened cave.

Yet the pain of knowing, but not knowing: you may have done good, or evil. You do not belong on this plane. You come from somewhere far away, and this is not your home.

My early childhood memories were of flying through the Void in a spaceship, and we are visited by them still, but not in the manner you see in movies, flying saucers and little green aliens inserting probes up our orifices. They fly to us not through space but the space between spaces. They speak to us from within our minds.

So you may or may not be an alien. What is really important is that you know who you are, and what your karma is from previous lives, and what you must learn now. Your memories may take you back to Atlantis or Lemuria, or you carry a void within yourself as you spend your life trying to discover the great mysteries. Earlier, I described the great library where all the knowledge of the world was stored. Let me tell you this: the solutions to all the problems of the world lie within us. The environment, poverty, and health can be resolved. It has been done before, it can be done again. We can live fuller lives. We, and not space aliens, can do all this.

But "aliens" do exist. They do come over sometimes, but not like the fake sightings we see in the papers. (Secret government technology) Nor in the 'messages' of peace and love generated by our own wishful thinking, not realising that promises of the imminent breaking out of peace and love everywhere only serve to distract us from the real problems and imminent danger we face right now. And our greatest danger is not from 'outsiders' of whatever' shape, it comes from our own hopelessness and sheer time-wasting dramas.

It really is time to wake up. The people all over the world who will discover they are mages, musicians, and poets, inventors and leaders. Once, you were aliens. Now, this is your planet, and whatever you do to help change it will be as once was your path, and is again. You had the knowledge, you can receive it again. You lead, or followed once. You can do so again.

Joan of Arc heard a voice and the power to lead a whole nation came from within her. A nurse who went back to Afghanistan; a teacher who makes a difference to a child. Each of you has greatness within you. Find who you are.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

And Now What?

This is a time for greatness

In a historic moment for the world, Barack Husein Obama II has won the Presidential election of the United States. I am pleased for many reasons, but as I stated in my article of March 08:

"Barack's the one"

"there's one reason above all I'm talking about Barack today. One, that he's a good man, and two, he has the potential to be the greatest President that ever lived" and I am so pleased for the people of the U.S., and for the rest of the world.

I had a vision a full year ago, and, when every one thought Hillary Clinton would win, knew he would be the Democratic candidate. I said as much, on a political website. Astrology helped confirm that to me, and also that it would not be the day for John McCain (bad time for Virgos) but didn't want to raise hopes. Whatever I might believe, I would say that it would depend on the effort of people. It simply is unfair to put all our expectations on one person when in the end we all had to make the effort, not just him.

And in the years ahead, and they will not be easy, he must do his share, as we must do ours. But if he inspires us to be better people, then that will be enough. Yes, he has to end the wars abroad. He can cure the economy, if he allows compassion to take over from greed. He has to bring peace to the Middle East. He has to help heal America, and the World. But that isn't his job alone, it's ours.

It is so karmic, a racially mixed black man born of a Muslim father, to come to this place at this time in History. At a time of such division, this is a good sign. The future is so fraught with danger I will only say this: unless you make peace with the Muslim world, there will only continue to be war. And there is a lot more I can say, and I will later, but this is his day, so I am going to just give you a story about his essential humanity:

Old friends recall Obama's college years

"Obama spent the six years between 1979 and 1985 in Los Angeles at Occidental College and then in New York at Columbia University and in the workplace. His memoir, "Dreams From My Father," talks about this time but not in great detail; Siddiqi, for example, is identified only as "Sadik" — "a short, well-built Pakistani" who smoked marijuana, snorted cocaine and liked to party.

Obama's campaign wouldn't identify "Sadik," but The Associated Press located him in Seattle, where he raises money for a community theater. Together, the recollections of Siddiqi and other friends and acquaintances from Obama's college years paint a portrait of the candidate as a young man. They remember a good student with a sharp mind and unshakable integrity, a young man who already had a passion for the underprivileged.

Some described the young Obama's personality as confident to the point of arrogance, a criticism that would emerge decades later, during the campaign. Not everyone who knew Obama in those years is eager to talk. Some explained that they feared inadvertently hurting Obama's campaign.

Among his friends were Siddiqi and two other Pakistanis, all of them from Karachi; several of those interviewed said the Pakistanis were reluctant to talk for fear of stoking rumors that Obama is a Muslim.

"Obama, in the eyes of some right-wingers, is basically Muslim until proved innocent," says Margot Mifflin, a friend from Occidental who is now a journalism professor at New York's Lehman College. "It's partly the Muslim factor by association and partly the fear of something being twisted."

And when his friend was in the process of recovery from drug addiction, Obama gave him a job reference.

"Obama attended Occidental College (September 1979 - June 1981) a small liberal arts college in Los Angeles, California where he continued his cocaine use and played basketball. (He had stopped by the time he got to Columbia) Most of his close friends and roommates were Pakistani Muslims.

At Occidental, Obama became involved in the anti-apartheid movement and divestment in white South Africa. He transferred to Columbia University in his junior year, August 1981.

In 1981 between Occidental and Columbia, Obama and his Pakistani roommate traveled to Asia. They first visited Obama’s mother and sister in Indonesia. From there Obama and his companion traveled to Karachi, Pakistan and stayed with a friend’s family for three weeks."

My cousin was one of his Pakistani friends, and roomed beside him in college. They kept in touch through all the years, and it is through his recollections that I am able to share this story with you.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Cats we have loved

I love dogs too :) but cats have always had a special place in my heart; Lions are ok but Tigers, Jaguars and other wild cats are magnificent. But this is about the cats we have had in our lives.

I have helped heal cats in my practice: I think I mentioned a year old cat named Rain who had a tumour, unbeknownst to the vet who wanted to put him down. Rain hadn't walked in two weeks, and after a treatment, was up and running about. I found the tumour, another treatment and it was gone, and last I knew, he was still around, quite old by now.

There was the cat I came across in Devon, written about in Miracles

A healer I knew had two of her cats commit feline suicide by jumping off a high tower balcony; again, cats are sensitive to and absorb too much of the psychic energy of others. Cats are healers too.

When I was a child in Japan I stole a black and white cat from up the road, or rather, it followed me home and stayed with us for a while till my father took him back.

The same cat showed up again 20 years later in London, a black and white we called Little Bugger who we loved very dearly till we left to go back to Canada, but our landlady looked after him, he was a magnificent mouser.

Then Lucky the Cat showed up. Our neighbour Robin had a cat that came to her in a forest at a difficult time in her life a long time ago and helped her heal. It was run over by a car and I was the one who found him. It wasn't my place to help him this time, but, a few days later Lucky showed up. It seemed right to tell Robin to look after him, but really, Lucky was more often over at our place. And he was really really sensitive to energy. Whenever I had a meditation in the garden, he'd come over and sit within our circle, still and serene (That's him playing in the midst of a blizzard with my children)

When the time came for us to move my kids wanted to steal him but that seemed wrong; yet, after we moved he did disappear. I promised my family: a place in the country, a dog, a cat.

Now we wait for the next cat to show up in our lives.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Dragon and the Phoenix

The Chinese legend speaks of the eternal battle between the Dragon and the Phoenix; Earth and Sky, Yin and Yang. But the story begins, as always, on Atlan.
From "The Children of Atlan", the sequel to "Man From Atlan".
The great war between the planets Aergon and Atlan has just ended. A boy is born into the Ameides family of Atlan. He is the reincarnation of the great teacher Gabriel Hatonn, who mysteriously disappeared just before the war he prophesied. However, this isn’t his story alone, but about his family, and the Children of Atlan who came to Earth many years ago.

Gabriel Hatonn, many years before:

It is an Atlanian morning. By the public fountain in the main square of the city of Atlan, a man is sitting deep in meditation. He is very old, even by Atlanian standards where the life span runs to 900 years or so. But he looks a youthful 40. A traveler’s rucksack lies on the ground besides him. It isn’t the power residing within him that attracts attention though. There are many powerful healers and magicians in Atlan, the joke being that they could knock out an ox at 30 paces with just a glance. No, it is the peace that resides within him, the nothingness void one sees behind his eyes, that draws you.

First there is a child, a little girl that sits besides him. Then her mother, then as the energy spreads, there are thousands in the square, all at peace, all one. He is there every morning, sitting silently until the day he starts to speak.

“How are you?” he asks the child. Eflan has told me this a thousand times, a common place question that sounds like a bell within her forever.

“I am fine, Master”.

“I’m not your master, Eflan”. (How did he know her name?) “I’m a teacher. Would you like to be my student?”

Silently, she nods.

There is a tale every child of Atlan knows, but somehow when he tells the story, it is heard again, as if for the first time. He speaks softly, for the child’s ears only, yet every one in the square hears it, then all Atlan.

The Dragon and the Phoenix

“The Dragon is the symbol of Aergon, the green planet. It resides within Nature. Its essence is Male, even though the Aergonians worship the Female principle through the colour Black.

The Phoenix is the symbol of Atlan, the blue planet. It resides within the Spirit, its essence is Female, even though the Atlanians worship through the Male principle and the colour White.

The Dragon seeks to conquer the Phoenix, the Phoenix resists. The war between the female and male energies of God has continued for millennia, a reflection of the imbalance within our selves”.

“I am from Aergon”.

This statement is as if Gabriel has sprouted horns, tail and hooves. Every Atlanian knows that Aergonians are warlike, aggressive and drink the blood of babies. Yet since all sense the peace and good within him, they listen intently.

“For too long you have warred with each other. I was exiled from Aergon for saying this, that the Dragon and the Phoenix must reconcile, but it is the nature of the human to resist change”.

“This is the Way I bring to you: We can only evolve through change, and change is inevitable, whether you like it or not”.

“The Way is not The Way of Spirit or of Nature, but of Balance. That there is the male and female energy of God and within you is known, but there is a third energy, which is found through Balance, and is the Energy of the Child, and its colour is Green. It is in the nature of the child to seek balance, which is why the third energy of God is Balance, or the Child”.

“So, just as the child seeks to bring balance between the male and female, so too does the male and female seek balance. You are the Children of God”.

“When you become one, you know peace”.

Peace. That was it, they knew. Till he sat there amongst them they had never known peace. It was in that moment of realization that the Way of Atlan was born.

He would appear somewhere and teach; one person at first, then many. He made it clear that he wasn’t there to create a religion like the ones of the past, which were coercive and fearful, born of the imbalance between female and male energy, sky god and mother earth. No, this was a way of life which every person was free to choose in whatever way they wished.

Soon the Way of Atlan spread all over, and many of his followers, fleeing from Aergon, came to join him as well. There is a chapter in The Way of Atlan in which he warns “War will come to sweep you away” and this is when he taught his students to become spiritual warriors, wielders of magic.

One of his earliest students, Eflan, soon came to be his favourite. For her, he made an extraordinary prophecy: She would be the one to instigate the war, but it was necessary for the spiritual evolution of the planet. There were other students, two brothers, Andron and Septros of Atlan, their sister Aphrodite, Rahwin, a warrior who followed him from Aergon, and many more.

And there was another prophecy: “You will carry the Way of Atlan past the farthest stars”. And: “I am he the world has waited for. Whenever the Universe is in imbalance, I incarnate to restore order”.

War in Heaven: Gabriel Hatonn Ameides

You choose the parents to be born to. You choose your path. The teacher had to leave; the child had to be born.

It was a time of war. Even in the womb, I knew this. My mother Eflan was a driven woman, quiet on the surface, yet I can attest to the torrents of rage, sadness, guilt and fierce protective love that washed over me.

The warriors sat in council at the round kitchen table at the Ameides family compound. Andron the war leader, Rahwin, Septros, Aphrodite, and Eflan.

Septros: “The Aergonians will outnumber us in ships, soldiers and weapons”.

Andron: “Our weapons are magic and spirit, but that might not be enough”.

Eflan: “Gabriel taught us how to meld forces of earth, air, fire, water and spirit to create new forces which will be our last line of defense”.

Aphrodite: “But they are too horrible to contemplate”.

Rahwin: “This is the Aergonian way. We become the weapon, one with it, and do not stop or hesitate until we win”.

Aphrodite: “This would be barbaric. You’re talking about raising demons to cause ultimate destruction!”

Rahwin: “Would you prefer that Atlan be destroyed? This will be our last choice”.

The Atlanians offered peace, but the Aergonians rejected that and attacked with overwhelming force. Slowly they drove our people back planet by planet till finally they arrived in their ships over Atlan, and rained so much destruction that the sky turned red from all the dust blown up into the atmosphere.

The warriors gathered around the table again. Once the shield around our city was breached, the Aergonians would begin the final assault, and not stop until every last Atlanian was killed.

The five joined hands. I, in spirit, was the sixth. Energy swirling around, a kaleidoscope of colours, the room filled with the light of a thousand suns. Then, with one thought, the energy focused into a torrent of fire that shot into space, destroying the Aergonian fleet then continuing in a brilliant beam all the way to Aergon, the beautiful green planet vanishing in a flash that turned into a million glowing motes set against the blackness of space. Weep for Aergon, for Aergon is no more.

We recovered. The remaining few hundred thousand survivors gathered in our shining city and started over. And now that the war was over, it was safe for children to be born.
Eflan said she couldn’t have made it without me. I reminded her it was the way of the warrior to fight for a cause, for one’s homes and families. How could she blame herself when it was I that told her the Dragon and the Phoenix must be joined so humanity could evolve? That it was foretold that the people of the Phoenix would be reborn from the flames? In the end, she drew upon the strength of impending motherhood to come back into her own strength, and welcomed me one fine morning.

This war has continued here on Earth, between the civilisations of Atlantis and Lemuria. It is a war between competing ideas on spirituality, religions of shamanic vs etheric energies, male vs female, a war that has released demons into this world. And until the Dragon and the Phoenix join, there will not be Peace. That force will be the child, the incarnation of God.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Writer's Blog

There is a place where all the knowledge of the Universe is stored
To get to the Akashic Records
Zoom past Physical Discords
Release surly Psychic Bonds
You becoming one with Gods

Soaring into Deepest Darkest
Space, you see ahead of you,

A Castle of Light, beckoning
Gates opening, Spirit entering,
Welcoming hall, marble floor,
Stairway ascending to another door

And there before you
Is the knowledge of the world
And visions within unfold
Of past, present and future you
~Naseer Ahmad

I never had a problem writing; hence writer's block :) never was a problem. The words just came; I just wrote. Man From Atlan was written in 3 months, The Way of Atlan in 5-6 months. The first was written full time, the second, part time as I worked part time jobs here and there. Then a lull as I devoted myself full time to my work and family.

But you are drawn to your purpose in life, and mine was based on the root of my name, Nasr, which means 'the helper'. Not a problem when you already are a counselor, healer and doctor. But just, not enough, knowing that I was meant to teach, and not just offer palliative care and solutions. I had to teach.

So I became a gypsy and travelled the world, first with my family, then by myself, and wherever I went I helped people, and taught them, and still that wasn't enough, knowing how dire things would be. I'd have liked to write more books but that's a full-time job, and I have so many. Then I could write and publish to a website, and http://www.manfromatlan.com/ enjoyed a certain appeal from 1999-2005, but then, certain technical complications arose which I have to resolve before the site can come back on. There even was a screenplay and a movie that almost got made, but oh well never mind.

A writer has to keep writing, or he will die. So instead of books, I wrote thousands of little pieces in various websites and blogs and my purpose was to teach; and, just keep writing. For the way I changed things was through healing and energy, how then could I help those who I could not touch in person? Through my writing; every book, every little piece, has an energy to it. I reflect back to people their need for healing, and when they read, they change, in some way or the other. Many are inspired to present their own, unique voice to the world, regardless of how it might be received. Many had a renewal of faith and purpose. All had their own personal challenges to face, but my offer as always is to just ask for help when needed. And in the meantime, I will write.

The Way of Atlan Series and,


Monday, September 29, 2008

Battle in the Heavens

The Angels are fighting the Demons in Heaven. It ain't a pretty sight.

As above, so below
~Hermes (Thoth) Trismegistus

A wise person once told me that Heaven and Hell existed here on Earth; I agree. I also believe they exist on another plane, the Spiritual, which is two dimensions removed from the present material one (The Ego-soul is the one, once removed, from here)

Some say that concepts like God, the Devil, Angels, Heaven and Hell are psychological or religious constructs that enable us to make sense of Universe we inhabit. To the extent that we create certain realities, accompanied by all sorts of illnesses, psychological motivations and supernatural phenomena, that is true, and I really enjoy studying all that. But there is a world simply beyond human understanding, which humanity never will grasp until it lets go of the structures created by Man.

This is what I wrote on my original Man From Atlan website http://web.archive.org/web/20051125222000/http://manfromatlan.com/ in 1999:

"Our leaders are corrupted by the lure of power and wealth, and unseen forces enslave us all. The planet is dying. Our relationships are empty, and our illnesses are a symptom of the emotional pain we carry inside ourselves. Generations of our children have been lost.

We have the means and the ability to end war, disease and poverty but are only able to stay in a position of Fear and Survival and say the eternal lie, "there's nothing we can do." We could be one planet, one race of humanity, one universal religion of truth, we choose not to".

And it has only become worse. Why can't we change? Be aware of this, that there is an internal battle, but also, an external one, and the two are reflected in each other. Understand this, and you will gain mastery over your emotions and self-destructive pain.

Religion states the battle as that between good and evil, darkness and light, and creates a lesser human-based version of God, Satan or Heaven and Hell to channel human energy, but also to contain it; and inevitably, to suppress too much free thinking. Ultimately, Religion is incomplete, but so, too, is Man, and the resulting imbalance leads to the taking over of this world by demonic forces.
This is not to say I see them as intrinsically evil. They serve God's purpose.
I also don't wish to meander with an encyclopedic delineation of Heavenly and Below hierarchies though it was interesting that recently this discussion emerged on another blog, with the nature of vampires, succubi and angels and their sexual characteristics (oh my!)
But: there is an imbalance, and it exists on this plane, and in the Heavens. It exists within you. It may manifest in your health, relationships or your fortune. When you see injustice and can't or won't do anything, then you're paying the price too.
And: every once in a while a whole new crop of Demons show up and Angels have to fight to restore balance. The battle in the heavens waxed and waned in the 80's and 90's then flared up again.
Recently someone mentioned that
  1. God was angry with the world
  2. Thoth had power to control these destructive forces
  3. Angels were fighting to create balance

and I need to say, that God isn't angry, but the world will be brought into balance, and certain forces have been unleashed, and angels, spirits, demons and djinns all fight to create balance. Both within, and outside of yourself.

And I laughed because I wrote about Thoth in my book Man From Atlan (Full text found here: http://web.archive.org/web/20050206190333/manfromatlan.com/atlanianpress.html ) and I am going to watch a movie called Gabriel, which says that in every age, when the world goes into imbalance, an angel will reincarnate to sort things through. You may want to read up on Thoth, Hermes Trismegistus and Hermeticism as well, and see where Angels, Demons, Spirits and Djinn exist within your own soul.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I am haunted by the dead still~
On this day
Seven years ago
19 magical Arabs
Hijacked 4 airplanes
Crashed 2 into
Tall WTC towers
Others, the Pentagon
And Pennsylvanian field
None were stopped
Jets didn't fly
Or flew elsewhere
The world watched
Firefighters and Policemen
Janitors Architects Chieftain,
Jews Muslims Christian
Flew unto heaven
As the politicians
Who'd planned this
Claimed that they'd
Higher moral ground
Revenge flew swiftly
Millions murdered bloodily
And parents cried
As children died
And Spirits fight,
As we must:
Till we die,
The Big Lie.

~ Naseer Ahmad

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Journeys with Spirit

I have long wondered about the journey a spirit makes when it leaves the body and moves on to the higher realm, and other dimensions. I also ask when and how we can reach the state of grace oft promised and written about by all the religions. The Divine Light, when seen or felt, by one person, or an entire people.

Recently a friend's mother passed away. He said "no one really knows what happens to us when we die". I wished I could show him the certainty that even my children have, that spirits pass on to another life, and the journey in between lives is as fascinating, and beautiful, as the one we go through in life.

I look at you, and see three bodies. The Physical, which exists in the material world. The Soul, which is the sum total of all your experiences in this, and all previous and potential future lives, and exists in the realm of emotion. The Spirit, our inner self which exists beyond all that and yet, bound to the other bodies. I see the energies and entities that attach to those bodies and prevent us from making that spiritual journey. And the greatest longing, whether recognised or not, is the Journey to God.

So I see how you all have spirits that long to go beyond to reach the Divine Light. That the spirits of the living, and those that have passed on, and those waiting to be born, all come for Healing..

I teach this: How to heal your selves, how to heal others. The chakras are a map of our spiritual journey from Creation to our return to God. From Nothingness to Nothingness, actually. Not the White Light or Blissful Eternal Joy, but, the nothingness of the Void. In aiming for bliss, we shortchange ourselves. We aim for spiritual enlightenment without understanding karma, when really, we must all go through the process of birth and rebirth.

When we meditate, the spirit leaves the body, but not far. When we have a 'spiritual' event, that quite often is a kundalini zap masquerading as such, with all due respect to what is after all a deeply personal experience. But, an event that changes your life, which always remains with you, where for a moment you are no longer in your body but truly out of it, that is a spiritual experience. That is the starting point of the journey, and not the end. The end is when we become one with God, and that is a journey that every soul, every spirit, every body makes. In the end, we all return to God, and I would like to show you the Way.

First, we need to ask where spirits dwell. When my brother died I suppressed my grief and it was only when I learned to contact his spirit that I could finally let go. First with a Ouija board, then, realising one didn't need them: the ability exists within all of us. Some, when they realise this gift, run into the brick wall of their own fear of letting go. Some are drawn by the seduction of these powers and drift into mania. I leaped into that swift river, which takes you know not where, and knew this was home.

So, when we die we pass on into spirit, and one only needs to learn how to communicate with them. I have had many spirit friends. They exist on another plane altogether and we need to understand their experience if we are to evolve ourselves. They come to a place where they see all their past lives, the choices and karma. They choose when to be born again, and to whom. They chose the circumstances of their new lives, they are born.. and then they forget all they have learned, and start over again.

The people of Atlan had the spiritual ability to remember past lives. It was a spiritual training that began in childhood, and went on for the rest of their life. I don't tell people who they were in a previous life, but if, in the process of learning about Spirit they remembered, that would be good. The ability must be learned again, yes, but first there must be many tests before you can safely make this journey, for the journey is the exact same journey we make when we die.

So I had many spirit friends, who came for healing, but in the process they taught me much. The occultist and magician "Cheiro" suggested I study Palmistry which led to Astrology which led to Psychism. So I first had a childhood where I saw spirits, before I developed my Psychism. This is the reverse of what usually happpens, since Psychism, which is a form of emotional sensitivity, usually develops first. There was Mary, the mother of Jesus. I knew her as Aeflan, a student of mine in one life, my mother and teacher in another.. The writers George Elliot and George Sand encouraged me to write. Andron of Atlan, and many more friends from other lives came to see me...

Spirits cannot tell you the future, because that would take away your own power, and free will. We can chose whther to listen or not. Yet how many times did I hear a dear friend tell me, wait a moment, take the road less travelled, make a leap of faith. And I would do that, and learn from whatever happened, and grow.

There are many obstacles to our journeys with spirit, but when we face our fears, they are gone. There are many stages to the journey. The first step is Knowledge, where we see the choices we have made and the choices we must make. The next step is to see how much we really are loved by God, and are surrounded by that love. And the last step is to surrender, and become one with God. These are steps taken, outside of religion which only emphasises punishment, into the peace which the true understanding of God brings to you. These are stages that occur whether the spiritual journey is taken when you die, or while you are alive. These are the stages that lead to grace within our selves.

The Divine Light exists within each of you.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Power of Poetry

We need to be reminded every once in a while, of the power of poetry to move our lives.

When I posted the poem "Palestine" on July 16 some people were kindly appreciative, and some (on another blog, were not :)

Yet few, outside the Arab World, noted the subsequent passing away on August 9, 2008, of Palestinian National Poet Mahmud Darwish, of whom it was said "In his work, Palestine became a metaphor for the loss of Eden, birth and resurrection, and the anguish of dispossession and exile. The poet Naomi Shihab Nye has commented about Darwish's work, "Darwish is the Essential Breath of the Palestinian people, the eloquent witness of exile and belonging...."

and I hope my poem in some way reflected that..

I want to let people know that without poetry ( a dance of words) or music (of sound) or art (of the senses) or healing (energy) we would not have a soul, because we could not even express, nor could we be moved to go beyond, ourselves. Each of you has a voice, and it deserves to be heard!

Many people are moved by the sonnets of Shakespeare, or the savage verse of Ezra Pound. Some have now come to appreciate the Sufi poetry of Rumi and Hafez, and I would like to encourage you to discover the Persian poetry of Indian poets Allama Iqbal and Muhammad Ghalib. Above all, read Sappho, who distills worlds of longing into just one phrase.

But this post is a continuation of the previous, "Miracle in Toronto", and here I am literally warning you about the loss of soul.

These are the first poems I wrote, The Beginning, and The Man, from my book. Written in 1974, published 1990. I look at the rough, unpolished, writings of a young man and yet, it is what it is. The remembrance of lives past, and, seeing his future laid out for him...

The Beginning

There is a planet called Atlan. Thousands of years ago, people from the planet Atlan came to Earth. The story, however, begins at the beginning, where all beings are created. I was in God, in His peace and love. Then He told me that it was time to leave, to be born in a place called Atlan. I didn't really want to go, but He said it was the destiny of all his children to be born. To live and die, and to live again. For no man really dies, He said. There is a reason for your existing, and you cannot fulfill it in a mortal lifetime. Therefore, you are Immortal. Need you then fear anything? I'm afraid of being alone, I cried. You need not be afraid, He said, in his infinite kindness. There will always be Love....

Hurtling through space infinite
Countless stars flashing by
From the farthest galaxy
Thus came the spacemen

Man, infinitely small, alone
This was his god
Hunger of the flesh
We showed a way

Gods were we, priests,
This our purpose was
To come to mankind
And touch their souls

Atlantis, cradle of science
Time, space, mortality transcended
Forces controlled for man
One day destroyed Atlantis

Mu, birthplace of religion
In simple rustic life
Calm peaceful joyous meditation
God in our selves

Ah Crete! Beautiful jewel
In emerald undulating sea
Art, beauty, music, darkness
A flame was kindled

Nineveh looked at stars
From whence came men
And deep momentous knowledge
Of events to come

I remember my Egypt
I was a god
Who flew with eagles
Worshipped by all Egypt

The people adored us
Made offerings at altars
Our godhood condemned us
To lonely loveless existence

Yet Egypt was where
Love touched a god
For one fleeting instant
Made him man again

All through these lives
Have I searched for Egypt
Now I see pyramids
Sense your presence here

Do you remember when
We soared like eagles
Mystic moments of passion
Forbidden, unforgivable tragic love?

The Man
1974 A.D.

The day I met you
Magical moment in time
I saw many many
Lives of my past

In many of them
Were worlds of loneliness
With oases of calm
That I drank from

You, love, were there
Mystic everlasting woman
With eyes that shone
With warming soft flame

So was I lost
There were no defenses
Against a love ordained
Two halves together again

Long have I searched
For your soft caress
Love in your eyes
Ecstasy in our souls

What can I give
But mind, body, soul
If such is loving
Love me in turn

Your face haunts me
Would that I could
Capture it, even fleetingly
In painting, poem, song!

Wandering as we are
Through the desert of
Time, let us give
Shelter to each other

Love comes but rarely
Soul mates just once
Let me find her,
God, here and now!

We are all vulnerable
We live and die
When we are loved
Give me love again

Let me take you
Away on my carpet
And show you gods,
Kings, beautiful, wondrous things!

I see many things
And have countless gifts
This I know not
When will she appear

Mountains are lonely places
Yet we must climb
I take your hand
Will you take mine

I felt your body
Nestling, close to mine
And as we caressed
Our fears melted away

As we made love
Ancient magic, universal rhythm
We were whole again
We died innumerable times

I have eyes that
Mirror my soul
But I must know
What you see there

He looked into the night sky, remembering. This was how it had been from that time when they flew through the stars. So many memories coming back from the darkness, now a part of him. He looked into the sky again, beyond the darkness beyond the stars. To Atlan, where his life had begun. Now the years of searching were over, for he had found the Way. And it was this, above all, that had come back to him."I love you."

And I was the Man from Atlan...

And just one more, which was the only other poem I ever wrote before "Palestine".

I Dread the Morning

I dread the morning
that comes,
into my room of dreams

I miss the days
of my youth
that flew on wings
of possibilities and imaginings

Yet now,
in the twilight, I say:
Grim Reaper, I have defeated you,
Weeper, I have beaten you.

Naseer Ahmad

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Miracle in Toronto

For those who predicted a disaster in Toronto: I said, "not while I live here".

I'll offer this to the world; make of it what you will.

In the early morning hours this Sunday August 10th, a propane facility in Toronto blew up. The blast could be heard for miles, and the fireball lit up the city. Witnesses described it as a "nuclear blast". Miraculously, even though it was in the middle of a residential area, only two people were killed, and other damage was minimal. Still, 12,500 people in a 1.6 km radius were evacuated for safety reasons.

By an interesting coincidence, I was talking to my disciple Isis on Saturday about this very prediction I'd made more than 30 years ago. And my statement to her was that all I could ever promise was those close to me would be protected. The rest of the world would have to find its way back to God, and inner peace, on its own. This is said lovingly. There is only so much that I can do for people who knowingly go about their paths of delusion and self-destruction, and I have grown weary of warning death and destruction to people who would not listen. The blast next morning was very close to her home but she didn't have to evacuate, the perimeter was set just two streets away.

Every once in a while I hold a special meditation service with my inner group of disciples. They've been trained in the Way of Atlan and therefore have realised many of their gifts. They still need feedback, connection with the community and myself to continue learning; it's a life-long path. The last one was held on August 2, 2008 when I said: the solar eclipse of August 1, the day before, would herald great change. On August 7 Georgia attacked a breakaway province, and in response, Russia invaded it. Thousands have been killed. There may be other wars, elsewhere.. I have long said that those who make war are possessed by demons, but I really want to talk about individual people; my message today is for them.

The theme for the world is, What is our next step? You all have only one purpose in life, and that is to find God. How you do it, and how you conduct your life, is up to you, but without God, you will not know peace. We had family over recently. How could they move forward if they didn't understand or believe in God? So many of their close friends were dying of cancer, and they were asking why, but didn't like the answer. And until you find that, you will be reminded over and over again.

I also talked about the dilemma of healers. At what point do you stop trying to save a drowning person? If in doing so you will lose your own life? So, do the best you can, but if you can't help, move on.

I keep being asked, what does this or that dream mean? Well, dreams are shallow superficial things relating to some psychological itch or past life artifact.. But disasters, weather changes, earthquakes are attempts by the Universe to bring about balance, and also, to warn us: wake up!

Exactly 3 years ago, on August 2, 2005, Air France Flight 358 crashed on landing in Toronto, and burst into flames. All 309 people on board survived, without serious injury. This was the e-mail I sent then:
Miracle in Toronto
I'd mentioned to you many times before how I felt disasters happening in Toronto, and also that while I was here I would try to help prevent them, for as long as I could. I also felt that Toronto was a special place, as long as it was my home, and a lot of spiritual people have been drawn to Toronto for that very reason.
It's all about energy; when you create a space of energy then people are drawn to it, whether that is to you, or your living room, or your city. It hasn't been easy. I've struggled between the necessities of earning a living, wanting to finish my books, and helping people in need. And when you pick up on people in need, you drop everything to attend to that, which I myself have said isn't always the best thing to do.
I'll also mention my 2002 article "The end of the world" which is about not being afraid.
I'll mention how a week ago my wife Chloe found a 3 foot tall iron statue of a knight in armour in some one's recycling bin; it now sits in our back garden, and is a sign of fighting to protect the weak and defenceless.
I could mention how (my disciple) Eden and her husband Robbie left for England the day after. They could have been at the airport that day, or the crash could have taken place on Hwy 401, or a student's house, (her mother's under the flight path) but it didn't. 309 people walked out of the plane without major injury. Just as there were many close friends who escaped the London blasts this year.
A miracle happened in Toronto.
Look to the miracle in your own lives.
Naseer Ahmad 2005
I knew there would be a great need for healing in the United States, with earthquakes and other disasters. I also knew things would only get worse. I still wanted to help, so I went with Chloe and Arune, for the 1993 Malibu fires, the 1994 Los Angeles earthquake, then again in 2000, 2001, and 2002. I had a vision of an earthquake in San Francisco, and went there to perform the ceremony that prevented that. Yes I have the power, don't you see? But if I use it endlessly to prevent things, you will never grow up. Still, I sent a disciple to New York six days before 9/11 to help people there.
Yes, I was in London, before the tube blasts. Yes, I was in Glasgow after a bomb attack. The weather changed when I got there, but I only helped the individuals who came to see me. And now I grow weary of that too.
Toronto has been my base for the last 38 years. While I lived here it was safe.
A plane crashed in 1978 at exactly the same location at Toronto Airport as the Air France flight. People were killed. I was living in London at the time. When I returned in 1979 a train carrying chemicals derailed just outside of Toronto and the resulting fireball was seen a hundred miles away. Again, the miracle was that no one was killed. Due to the possibility of a chlorine cloud the entire city of Mississauga, 218,000 people, were evacuated. No further mishap occurred.
Coincidentally, Eden and Robbie flew out of Toronto again, the day before the latest explosion.
I do not know if I will be staying in Toronto any longer. That depends.
This is a message to the people of this planet.
You have a choice now.
Believe in me
Help me
Follow me
I wish you peace, love, and joy.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A poem

The ney is a 4000 year old Middle Eastern musical instrument; the oldest extant.

With apologies to Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem, Kubla Khan:


In Palestine did perfidious Zion
Descry two tribes of Abraham
Where Aleph the scarlet letter ran
Through convolutions unwitnessed by man
Down to a sunless land
So, thrice thousand miles of fertile ground
With walls and towers were encircled around
And there were gravestones filed in sinuous rills
Where once blossomed children in the country
Of olive trees ancient as the hills
Now enfolding dark leafless tracery

But oh! that deep chasm filled with cant
Down the barren hill with nary a flower
A savage place! as hatred was flaunted
As e’er thing under the sun was haunted
By demon helicopter which o’er field did hover!
And from this chasm, with endless murder seething
As if this torn earth were bleeding
A bomb fell amongst picnickers to burst
From whom it came are thrice accursed
Bullets fly from the encircling jail
A boy and his father torn apart by merciless hail
And ‘mid these sacred fields of forever
Flung up once again the bloody river
Five times five thousand miles meandered the clan
Then reached purgatory measured by Man
Dead floating souls in caverns endless
Overwhelm’d by hordes of infinite fiendishness
And from afar Abraham’s people heard
God’s message: Phoenix bird

The search for the eternal treasure
Stuck athwart a schoolgirl’s grave
And sighs of mingled pleasure
Emerged from sacred Bethlehem’s nave
It was a miracle that from the furnace’s fire
Could emerge such voices of freedom’s desire!

Young woman with a Ney
A vision without flaw
‘Twas a Palestinian fey
And on her fairie instrument she played
Singing of peace long delayed
Could I wish within me

With such magic she
To such heights delivered me

That with magic and song
I would deliver up the throng
To sunny throne! From caves of fire!
And all should cry, Beware! Beware!
Those burning eyes, her waving hair!
Close your eyes to the dead
For on the elixir of God had he fed
And drunk the promise of Paradise.

Naseer Ahmad 2008

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Morgentaler and me

In the summer of 1974 I made another of my leaps of faith: I would write "Man From Atlan" , the story of my past lives that had begun with 'Search for the Soul's Mate' http://manfromatlan.blogspot.com/2007/12/search-for-souls-mate-i-didnt-use-to.html
First, we had to find a new place, so I did, a flat on the 3rd floor of 85 Harbord Street, Toronto. The landlord, an Irish Canadian, was tickled I was writing a book there, and even threw in a chest of drawers for a bottle of Jim Beam.
So I threw myself into writing; getting up early to go jogging, then, fuelled by peanut butter and rolls from the local bakery, would write for 10-12 hours straight. The writing process is straightforward for me. Get in the space, write. Once you start, don't stop till you've finished. That took 3 months. The same happened when we moved to London, and, filled with the memories and spiritual experiences that flowed through, wrote my second book The Way of Atlan.
But for now, I'm writing about Dr. Henry Morgentaler, who's just received the Order of Canada, our highest civil honour. Dr. Morgentaler single-handedly assailed the legal system which made abortions in Canada illegal. Even though he was imprisoned in Quebec and then tried again in Ontario for performing abortions, in 1988 the Supreme Court ruled in his favour that abortions could not be denied by Canada's Health Care system. And this happened in the house where I wrote my book.
Around about the time I finished writing Man From Atlan in 1974, 85 Harbord St. was taken over by the mortgage holder, a lawyer called Morris Manning, who courteously allowed us to stay until we moved to England in 1975. He then leased the 2nd and 3rd floors to his client Dr. Morgentaler, who set up his first abortion clinic in Toronto. The previous owner, angry at this turn of events, then leased his next door property, 87 Harbord St. to a Christian Evangelist, Ken Campbell, who proceeded to harangue women coming to Morgentaler's clinic next door, which made it interesting because both properties shared the same entrance, and demonstrations and counter demonstrations roiled outside those doors for quite a while.
I believe that women have the right to have an abortion. I also know it is the killing of an unborn child, and that there is a karmic price to pay. Over and over in my healing I have seen the karmic consequences and pain carried by women and men by the decision to have a child or not, to be responsible for the love and welfare of a child or not. This is not to blame anyone, neither the woman nor the doctor who carries out the abortion. But in my long spiritual and healing practice I have seen many things concerning Birth and Abortion and have a duty to share what I learned with everyone who wants to know.
I have 5 children and from the time they were conceived, knowing their spirits, it never was an option for us to abort, even though we had to go through a lot of karma with that choice. I respect that many women make that choice out of necessity and it is never an easy one. But the fact is that they were not informed that it put at risk their chances of having subsequent children or might have problem pregnancies or children with a higher degree of cerebral palsy or other illnesses. That the hormonal disruption would increase the chances of cancer (Statisticians on both sides argue this point, but my own observations support this) And spiritually, subsequent children often turned out to have incredible karma with the mother. The karma was almost non-existent when there was a miscarriage, but extremely heavy when it was an abortion.
The Way of Atlan teaches the sacredness of birth, the life lived from the time of conception, and the karmic responsibility that entails. It also accepts that there might be a time when abortion is necessary, and that while there should not be any impediment to it, it could not be just a clinical procedure without any sense of the pain that was being caused, or felt. That I could place my hand on a woman's root chakra and ask if she had been pregnant before, or had an abortion, was a reflection of the energy loss I felt there. So, I could heal that pain, and release the woman and the spirit of the unborn child.
I could also not judge Henry Morgentaler. In an interview at http://www.theglobeandmail.com/series/morgentaler/ he revealed that his mother, who died at Auschwitz, was distant from him and he never felt that she had loved him at all or as she loved her other children. And I could only feel compassion, knowing that this is exactly the way that children of abortion feel when their spirits are torn from their bodies, and how much pain is being carried forward into the future.
I could also feel the irony; the home which was such an important part of my spiritual journey, was now an abortion clinic. The raccoon with whom I would share my peanut butter and rolls on the balcony, was probably being fed fetuses by Dr. Morgentaler, who after all said they were just 'clumps of tissue' (My savage sense of humour, sorry)
In 1984, The Toronto Women's book store was burned down. It was believed that the target was the clinic above it.
In 1992, the building was destroyed by an arsonist.
That was the year our daughter Arune was conceived, and I decided to move on to the next stage, our Spiritual Journey to the United States http://manfromatlan.blogspot.com/2007/12/spiritual-journey-to-u.html
We choose the direction of our lives, and the journey. And now, our journey moves on again.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Canada Place to Be.

This is a love letter to Canada, and also, a note for the future.

I was finishing my studies in Pakistan. I'd not made it to flight school in the Air Force, and now University was almost over. I knew it was time to leave. Sitting on a mountain top in the foothills of the Himalayas, I meditated, and ask to know what my next step would be. Within a month, my father decided we would all move to Canada.

First he checked out the U.S. He could have been posted to the Washington Embassy earlier in 1958 but the Ambassador, a friend, just died. We applied to immigrate there, which would have required I be drafted for the Vietnam War. I didn't care one way or the other (still believed that all communists were bad) but then he called his friend in Toronto and decided to move here.

The prophecy said Maitreya would come down from the Himalayas, board a plane in Pakistan, and fly to London. I did, but went on to Toronto, because my karma was there.

First job: Street cleaner. Let go the first day, even though in typical immigrant manner, I'd knocked myself out doing a great job. Noticed the only other person let go was a black man (None of the 'pink folk' were let go :) but after that, I got great jobs, and never had to face that problem again.

That is the beauty of Canada.. It has welcomed people from a hundred different countries and become stronger as a result. People of different faiths get along. Gay people can get married if they want. Louise Arbour, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, is a national treasure. Kids for Khadr, an Ontario school group, protests the inhumane treatment given to Canadian child soldier Omar Khadr in Guantanamo Prison, while the government hides behind rhetoric.

You go to a place, and you know you've been there before.. and here I rediscovered my native, shamanistic past. Here I started meditation classes that combined Spirit and Earth energy, for Canada is strong in earth energy. Wherever the native people gather, it is strong in energy, even though the earth itself has sadly, been weakened over the years and Canada's treatment of its native peoples is a karmic shame.

Canadians see themselves as a force for good in the world. Even with the present government, there is a fundamental decency. We care and invest in social causes. Every one has health care. Education is pretty good. Yes, Canada is fighting an unjust war in Afghanistan. Yes it's got a corporate fascist government and political parties (but not as bad as the U.S. we say-they on the other hand call us 'socialists' as though that's a Bad Thing)

Why, then, do I love this country? Because it's a place of refuge. There will come a time when the world will need it, and that is why I cherish it. Its vastness. Arrive in Northern Quebec, and you see the Aurora Borealis shimmering in magical light.

Great things will happen here.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rule, Britannia

You go to a place,

and know every part of it.

You meet someone,

whom you have loved many times.

You say to yourself,

I have done this

in many many lifetimes,

and will do so again..

(I think Shelley said that)

We moved to England right after I was born. My father was in the Foreign Service so I grew up in London, my favourite city in the world. But it was that blessed isle that felt like home to me. Islands have a sacred energy which is like no other. I have lived in two of them, Britain and Japan, and hope to one day visit Hawaii, New Zealand, and Ireland.

But it was first the spirits who thronged around when I was there, the spirit of Atlantis so strong as carried forth from Lyonesse, the Old Atlanian flame, the time of King Arthur and the time of Jesus who visited it so many times. The people are magical, yet so many don't know this, and there are so many that do, but don't know how to integrate all that within themselves.

If there was a place I would live in besides Canada, it would be the British Isles, so strong is my connection there. It is a promise made in so many lives, that I would return when needed.

It is a love of place, and of a people, that makes me feel that way, and also, of the possible future out of many possible futures that I speak of.

Walk around Stonehenge, Avebury, the White Horse of Wiltshire, Wordsworth's daffodil field, a place called Bluebell Woods, Loch Ness and the Isle of Iona where the ancient Scottish Kings were buried, and you feel the stones and the sky and the spirits speak to you.

A bus driver in Devon says "welcome, brother" and you know what he means. There is a 15 year old young man discovering his power in the Yorkshire Downs who has as much raw Psychic Energy as my own children, and that's saying a lot.

Two million people march against war in 2003 and you know that there is a British spirit that will never change, and magic will always exist, there.

But: There is much done in its name and there is an imbalance that requires healing.

So I go to Britain, many times. There is a ceremony called the sacred marriage which combines Earth and Sky energy to heal the planet.

The first ceremony held in 1999, on a hilltop in Dartmoor, brings two swarms of bees and wasps who crawl all over our hands. No one is bitten, but I see that as the need for healing. Next year there are floods in the South of England, yet none of them reaches Heather's door.

I visit again in 2000, 2004, 2005 and twice in 2007, and every time I arrive, the weather changes. I offer healing, but also say, your future lies in the choices you make. I warn friends of specific outcomes which come about; I help a woman hold on to a pregnancy she was afraid would not last, I meet an assassin who shows me how much Britain also does in the field of dark magic.

I feel that 2007 will bring much change, so bring my family over for the summer. The week before we arrive, there is a bombing at our airport. The rains that have poured for 3 continuous months stop. We have a glorious two weeks in Scotland and the Lake District, that is, wherever we go the sun comes out while it rains in the rest of the country. Heading south into the greatest floods in a century, we pass through a landscape of flooded fields and towns. Arriving in Devon, the sun comes out again, and we have another two wonderful weeks in Devon and Cornwall.

Chloe and I renew our vows and we have another sacred marriage ceremony. The sun is hot, drying out the floods, but a woman at our wedding dies shortly afterwards because of a cancer she picked up in India. A reminder; we cannot help everyone.

I go back in October to set up another healing center, as I did in Iran. And then, I am done.

What will happen now? I have been there so many times, my spiritual awakening has so much connection here, but, time to move on. Now the people can follow the Way of Atlan, or accept whatever comes. Their gifts are great, but so too are their responsibilities.

Do not live ordinary lives.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Bird Came For Healing

In 2004 an American Bittern flew into my backyard during a rain storm and sat there all day in the pouring rain. It was obviously sick so I went out and did a healing on it, and it flew away. The American Bittern's natural habitat (in the spring, when this happened) is almost a thousand miles away. My wife Chloe's aunt passed away that night. A little while before that Chloe was out in the garden and saw a huge Merlin Falcon circling overhead. She and our neighbour both stared at it for a while. The neighbour's wife came out briefly to look then went back inside. She passed away from a sudden heart attack that night.

Two Canada Geese landed at my in-laws home and stayed for hours in their garden. The geese were followed by a hawk. It had striking red feathers on its front and sides, and leather tresses that indicated it had belonged to a falconer, but somehow it was either lost, or roaming at will. It came by every day and sat in a tree in her garden, and she sang to it. She identified it from National Geographics Book of Birds of North America as a Harris Hawk, which is found only in the South Western U.S. and South America. A long way from home. When it was caught they saw the owner's phone number. He was surprised to hear from her, for the Hawk had flown away 2 1/2 years ago from San Diego, California. 3000 miles away. He came up in a plane to take it home.

Margit, my mother in law, was about to throw out a tropical plant her other daughter had given to her 12 years ago. It had stubbornly refused to bloom, and she wanted to clean up. Within two hours of the birds showing up, there were buds all over, and now is in bloom. She recognises that was a miracle meant for her.Two songbirds showed up in our garden and sing all day long now. Our daughter Gebbriel started to sing to them, and her sounds are just like the birds', so they sing back to her.

We must look at the first message. Why are birds coming to us for healing? I believe, because of the imbalance of Earth's energy which has been so distorted by Man that Man himself is distorted. A reminder, then, to follow our own healing, which must go alongside with healing the Earth.

Then: We all have a passion for learning, and the freedom to follow our path. Those of you who've read my previous e-mails about birds know I see them as messengers from God, from spirit. Sometimes they signify a death (going into spirit) but really it's a letting go of your ego, which can be a death of the old you also. (Angels can appear for that reason too) The message is, follow your path, and do not let anger, fears or emotions hold you back. The message is about freedom, but know this: It is not others we need to be free of, but from ourselves that we need to free, and let go of all the things that hold us back. I wish you much love.