Monday, August 28, 2017

American Karma

I hate to say it, but will anyways
You ain't seen anything yet. From a blog 6 years ago:
August 24, 2011
So, if astrology is a karmic map, I can say the U.S. is in for some interesting times!
This is what I wrote shortly after the events of September 2001: "And if Earth Changes are required to bring about harmony, let them take place"
And: "This applies to all the people of the United States. You, and all your generations, are trapped inside a spiritual, emotional and karmic place, and never will be free until you heal the harm that was done in your name" 
Hurricane Harvey hit Texas August 25-26, 2017. It has caused catastrophic flooding but thankfully, not as bad as Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

I'm really tired of this. As I said in A Natural Life during Hurricane Sandy:
October 30, 2012

This time around I kept asking myself, what difference does it make? As I said last year with the unprecedented tornadoes, as I said after Hurricane Katrina, Haiti earthquake, UK floods, the Gulf  oil spill, and the Fukushima disaster, that there would be more, and worse, until humanity changed. Surely, people could change? Yet all I have had this year was reminders about how difficult it was for people to change. I told them, but all that happened was that I actually lost people I was trying to help.
Oh, well. I had a premonition then, and just as Donald Trump announced increased war in Afghanistan and the solar eclipse hit the US last week, I saw another disaster about to happen, and saw the flooding. This is your karma, and it isn't your direct fault, but you allowed it to happen.

What can you do? Read everything I wrote in the 275+ articles here (there are thousands more elsewhere) The greatest imperative is to find a spiritual balance and heal the earth.