Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Quality Of Mercy

The Gentle Snow

I've been focused so much over the last many years about justice, about karma. I warned people about what the future might bring, they didn't listen, and, things happened. Never mind. Disasters kept happening and that still might or might not make a difference, nor personal calamity nor illness and even death, that might not  be enough to change you, just, the endless cycle of birth and rebirth that is everyone's lot. Even as I tried to help so many people who were close to me, I realized that I could not make them believe, if they were not ready. 

But over the holidays, I came to stop trying so hard, for no matter how much I know this, it still is my nature to try and help. Yet, when I decided to let go, this is what came to me. The day after Christmas,  gentle snow began to fall, and I was reminded of the following  lines:

The quality of mercy is not strained.
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath. It is twice blessed:
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.
'Tis mightiest in the mightiest. It becomes
The thron├Ęd monarch better than his crown.
His scepter shows the force of temporal power,
The attribute to awe and majesty
Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings,
But mercy is above this sceptered sway.
It is enthron├Ęd in the hearts of kings.
It is an attribute to God himself.

The Merchant of Venice
William Shakespeare
Act 4, Scene 1

Know this: all you have to do is ask, and someone will hear your prayers. To all the people I have helped, and will continue to help, the quality of mercy, is not strained.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012


We're still around

An old calendar ends, a new one begins. And we're still around. It has been a most powerful year, and I have found these levels of fierceness way beyond the peacefulness I usually inhabit..

Now lets's see how the rest of the year goes, till 1.13.13. December 21 began with a mousecalypse, for an unfortunate mouse in our kitchen. It ended with a gorgeous Coopers Hawk landing in our back yard. Two choices, timid victimhood, or, magnificent spirituality? 

But what I have seen is all sorts of breakdown take place. And that, my friends, is A Good Thing. The Year of the Dragon required that we not think, but act; and become, rather than be forced to do so.

I will not predict natural disasters or war. I will just say this, that the next few days are going to bring some significant changes for many, in their lives.

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Art Of Invisibility

My daughter tried that

I teach that we all have certain powers, long suppressed. I believe that people can learn what they have forgotten. All you have to do, is go back to that feeling you had as a child.

My daughter has been trying to become invisible. Every weekend she tries to sneak down by my office, where I'm usually glued to my computer instead of sleeping like everybody else. And each time, I say "hi dear", which annoys her greatly because she's being especially quiet, trying to test me as a way of developing her own gifts.

So I explained to her that what I felt was her energy, which was like a volcano going by :) So next time, she tuned down the volcanic activity, and I still said "hi, dear".

So I told her I could hear her thoughts, and showed her how to turn it off. And the next time, I said "hi, dear", once again.

Now she's getting really mad, and trying harder. So I told her the secret: "you're trying to become invisible". Don't try. Don't even think about it. Just become still, and  it will happen, because then you'll activate the green and gold chakra, and don't even think about that.

The next morning she stands behind her mom and stares at her, then asks did you feel me? And Chloe says no, she didn't, sorta (she's quite perceptive, actually)

The morning after that she goes up behind her and Chloe didn't feel her at all, then when she turns around, there's G, 1 cm behind her and she's been there several minutes. Now she's learning to be absolutely still, which is when things happen for you.

G tells me "one day I'm going to be more psychic than you, daddy".

So I start teaching her about magic.

I am so proud of all my children.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why Rome?

It was a lovely meditation

This year's Christmas meditation was poignant for me. I found myself reminiscing about the year that is about to come to an end, and helping people with the journey we are all beginning. It will above all be a journey of spirit.

Many people have passed away, or are about to. I now find myself where I planned on being, that at long last, after a journey of struggle, I should now be able to stop and reflect, and let things be.

So I look forward to a life of contemplation, and working on my projects, and spending time with my family. Yes, I will always be there to help friends, but also, remind them there is much they can do themselves.

I talked a bit about the nature of evil, and how I had come across many examples of it in the last while. Whatever we call mental illness, sociopathy, psychopathy, yes, their actions occur because they have been taken over by evil, enabled perhaps by their own choices in drugs or alcohol, or past abuse. I can't judge, nor do I react, but I do feel compassion for them even as I call for justice. And trust me, their karma will be a bigger prison for them than any punishment that justice brings.

But why am I drawn to Rome? I've written extensively about Italy, and Europe, here, but that never had anything to do with famous murder cases or corruption or political change. There always was a spiritual reason behind this, and it now finally is coming to a close. I may or may not be in Rome this March. Physical dimensions are simple restrictions that any one can overcome, so I will be there in spirit.

Yes, I predicted great change in Italy and thought of the Pope, in 2011. Turned out that shortly after that a plot to assassinate the current pontiff was revealed, and Italy may be heading for a new election in February. But I do not really care, and let go. There's a great darkness in the city, and hopefully there will one day be light. But I can't intervene as I've done so many times in the past. It reminds me so much about why I went to Tehran, but that, was six years ago. Much has changed since then. I, have changed.

So in the end, I really did not have much to say. There will be more in the year to come, but for now, all that was left, this final meditation of 2012, was a man, sitting in a room and sharing a meal with his friends. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukkah, Salaam, and joy to the new year.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wake Up!

From This

To This

With the tragic shooting of twenty children and eight adults yesterday in Newtown, Connecticut, yesterday was a day for mourning and sorrow, and not, words.

Today is the day I have my annual Christmas meditation. It is a day of healing, for those who need it, but also, those that ask. Every day, I hear from thousands, millions even, of people all over the planet, the prayers from those who ask for help. In "Man From Atlan", written 38 years ago, I wrote about the God Thoth, and the pain of hearing all those prayers, and being unable to help. I am perhaps stronger than I was then, but nevertheless, I say to people, Wake Up!

Yesterday the president of the United States spoke to the families of the children killed, and to the American people. His words were heartfelt, but ultimately shallow. Where do you stop to think of the children of Waziristan, killed by drone missiles under your orders? But then, he's merely a figment of history. The important people will be those that act as agents for healing, for change. 

It isn't time for the politicians to talk about 'gun control'. And while there is indeed evil, the evil lies in each of us that allows unspeakable horrors to be visited upon all the children of the world. Each life is precious, be it Jewish, Palestinian, Pakistani, or American.

Yes, it was the act of a mentally ill person, someone who has been described as having the characteristics of an autistic individual, a condition that hits very close to home for me. But what of it? As long as we continue down this path, there will be many more autistic and mentally ill children, and more tragedies to come.

The fault lies in us. The evil done, by individuals and by governments, are by people who are religious or not religious at all, and so religion is no help, except perhaps to console, till the next tragedy.

But to understand, to prevent future pain, to change, then you must have spirituality. I am so tired of people asking for help with their personal problems. This planet needs those who want to learn, to help others, to be agents for change, to make a difference.

As always, I will help those that ask, but the rest is up to you.

Friday, December 07, 2012

An Impending Storm

Not even a lull, any more

Just before the 1994 Northridge earthquake, there was a deep, unnatural hush in the Los Angeles canyon my family and I used to walk every night. Just before the 2004 Asian tsunami, many animals on the island of Sri Lanka were observed moving towards higher ground. I saw it happening, almost ten years prior, but sadly, most humans, lack the ability, to see.

Palestine, has finally won semi-nationhood status at the United Nations. A cause that I felt deeply about for the last 45 years has finally moved into its final stage. Now, it's up to the people of Palestine and the good people everywhere who support them.

A young man has to make a momentous decision.

A woman I know has to take charge of her life.

I was thinking we were in the midst of a lull after the momentous events of November, and then, almost instantly, it shifted, and now the storm is fast approaching. 

I warned someone this would be the most difficult two weeks and yet everything seemed OK but just an hour ago she found her sister has Stage 4 kidney disease and with only one kidney left needs a transplant. Yes, I will help, any one that asks. But, I demand faith, and trust, or I will step away from those who just cannot, will not, ever see.

Stop wasting time.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

A Spiritual Crisis

Something's brewing 

I keep being drawn back to Hawaii, and recent events have reminded me of the possibility of a volcanic eruption or tsunami there. But really, what I'll be writing now and next year is about the impending spiritual crisis, whose effects are now being felt by all.

My friend there described Hawaii as a "dark hole", where people were desperately poor, lying and stealing from each other, prey to drugs and alcohol. I would dearly love to go there one day, not to prevent whatever must be, but to help those who want to be helped. But, as I've said already, I'm not an easy teacher.

Scientists have discovered that 250-260 million years ago, a series of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and meteor strikes caused a major global change event:

ScienceDaily (Jan. 25, 2011) — "About 250 million years about 95 per cent of life was wiped out in the sea and 70 per cent on land. Researchers at the University of Calgary believe they have discovered evidence to support massive volcanic eruptions burnt significant volumes of coal, producing ash clouds that had broad impact on global oceans"

Many of these eruptions actually occurred underwater, thus increasing the effect on all life on the planet. This has great interest to me in terms of its symbolism, of things that are hidden, but must be brought forth for change, and new life, to begin. It is also, a symbol of inevitable death and destruction that comes, unexpectedly for those who are not prepared for it.

I have also been reminded, recently, of how much turmoil I bring into people's lives, which can of course be a good thing or a bad thing depending on their perspective I suppose. But in this I am strictly neutral, not caring or being uncaring. But I was born under the Chinese constellation of the chariot, also known as a ghost. It is a deep dark space that frightens them, but then, they are limited by perceptions of luck and good or bad fortune. How I do what I do is that I bring change, and that change comes from the Void, which is the essence of God.

Yes, I feel compassion for them, but they create their realities, as I say. This planet is not God's plaything, but neither is it humanity's. The more negativity there is, the more you give in to spiritual decline, the greater the upheaval. I can be very loving, but, when the time comes, then, I come as Kalki, the destroyer, and there can be many different kinds of death, and destruction..

I saw the fires that swept Malibu in the 90's. Yet, where there once was a blackened wasteland, new life has begun to grow.

Maybe this is what humanity needs. A cleansing, followed by new life.

But think about this from a different perspective. Not all change is preceded by the big stuff like earthquakes and tsunamis. Sometimes, it is the little things, like a tragedy or an illness. Sometimes, it is a spiritual crisis, and not even a physical event. But it is the choices we make that determine the future, which is always changeable. And it is the changes we make in ourselves, that also make the difference.

So, to my friends: there is a big wave coming at us. Do not be afraid, ride it into the future.