Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Travels with Agnes


My wife and friend

A doctor went to India and in a dusty market place met a man who said let me read your hand.You will meet a woman and recognise her by the ring she wears. One day Agnes decided to wear a ring and that is how she met her boyfriend. I met a man who said let me read your hand. You will meet a woman who's with someone else and she will leave him for you. In that time I had helped a yoga teacher regain the use of her hips so she resumed her classes; she told her student, a doctor, who came to see me then took a brochure. She looked at my picture and recognised me from our lives together. And that's how I met Agnes.

The story of our lives can be measured in the places we have been, the people we have met, and the things we have done. All of this can be described as a journey, and my travels with Agnes and our children have been one of the most significant parts of my life.

Atlanians love the journey. She was born in Hungary but travelled with her parents all over Europe, and even was in London the year after I left, in 1980. Then she came to Toronto, Canada in 1985, and was reminded how she had always been searching for a way to express her purpose in life, to find God.

She knew, and told me the very first day, that she loved me. I loved her courage, and I saw the journey ahead of us. My first marriage had already ended; we couldn't go any further. But Agnes and I were meant to have children, and learn from them. We would travel to many places. With her, my work would be completed. She was my wife from the time of Jesus, and many times, together and apart, had a shared relationship going back to our lives in Atlan and Aergon. There was so much we felt regarding our purpose and duty as human beings, so many times we had vowed to help humanity...

I saw, and asked her if she was Jewish. It made so much sense to me in terms of prophecies unfolding. Yes, a family secret hidden because of World War II in Hungary. I saw the spirit of a child around us, almost from the very first day. Her name was Arune, and she loved to dance, and many people saw her spirit too, and spirits gathered around the night she was conceived.

This was the time my practice and classes were going very well in Toronto. But no, I was supposed to be in the U.S. Why did I want to give up so much, I was asked. Because we would be needed there, I said. And so we went, on A Spiritual Journey to the U.S. in 1993.
We'd been to New York before in 1992, and even then, I had a feeling not to go to the top of the World Trade Center, but the Empire State Building instead. We flew to California, took the train to Detroit, and then, drove down to California, and for two years, moved around the U.S., doing spiritual work. The journey was an exercise in faith for us. Living like gypsies, we travelled, and wherever we went, offered healing. Our hearts lie with the friends made, there, and the exceptional experiences we had and the differences we made.

The prophecy was that Kalki would return riding a white horse. Because it was a white Honda Civic, the connection wasn't always made, but we both made a difference wherever we went. Many people showed us kindness, and I was touched the many times people took us, strangers with a child, into their homes. But the person who showed me the greatest faith was Agnes, in the hardships we underwent, but were resolved, the dangers we faced, but were protected from, the struggle that could have destroyed any marriage, but made ours stronger.

Our son Raven was born after two years in the U.S., so Agnes took our children back to Canada. I would follow, but first I had to be away from them for several months. I thought she would be OK with her family, but she ended up having to fend for herself with our two children. Yet she never complained; told me not to worry, they would be fine.

The first step of my journey was Asia, so visited Pakistan and Sri Lanka in 1995. There was a medical conference of doctors from all around the world where I gave a talk about the growing epidemic of Autism. (At a previous conference like that in Spain in 1991, I presented a paper stating that the future of medicine lay in the balancing of the physical, emotional and spiritual energies)

I went to the grave of Mary, the mother of Jesus, in Northern Pakistan. I spoke to Muslims in a Muslim country about how it was time for them to reform, to recover their lost spirituality, to understand how prophecy could not be denied. They, knowing my Sufi background, and descent from the prophet Muhammad, listened respectfully, and no, I wasn't stoned to death. In the meantime Agnes was going through her own journey. I had a vision of a ring that I must give her. She moved in with a family, then found an apartment for us.

I returned to Canada in 1996. Knew it was time for the next step in our life. The Sacred Marriage is a joining together of male and female energies in a ritual designed to heal the earth. We married in early 1996, accompanied by so many of our friends, surrounded by spirits. And then the voice said, time to go to Europe.

How did I manage all this gallivanting around the world? Even when we were living on donations I saw so many people that our expenses were always covered. Perhaps our frugal life helped, but it never was easy. I am mindful of the sacrifices borne by my family, yet if I had to do it again, I would. I want a better world for them too. And I learned, and showed, how we could all manifest change.

Friends helped us, and we went to Europe in the summer of 1996. One month in Amsterdam, one month in Spain, one month in the South of England, one month in Hungary. Bought a car, a red 1982 BMW for $800. A manual shift, I learned to drive it, and with Agnes, Arune and Raven, drove 16,000 kms through 10 countries. Wherever we stopped, we did healing.

The exhaust pipe fell off in Belgium. The BMW dealership would have charged $2000. Didn't have it, but a passerby took us to his garage and fixed it for $40. The gas tank cracked as we drove on a Hungarian country road in the middle of the night. I filled the tank half full each time for the rest of the trip so the gas wouldn't leak into the car. Drove across Spain to catch the ferry to Portsmouth. Drove through London to get to the ferry back to Europe. Ran out of money several times, but, something always happened. Stayed with friends, received enough donations to buy food and gas, often slept in the car. We never worried. We were always looked after. It was the most exciting time of our lives, and our children grew with us.

We met people who'd just take us in. I'd met this woman in Sri Lanka who invited us over. She had healing sessions with me and that always speeds up one's karma. When she arrived back in the U.K. Child Protection Services were waiting for her. Her children and many of the neighbourhood young ones had been molested by her partner. I helped them heal, and she is one of those who believe in me now, as she has witnessed miracles, as have many others who met us.

Fell in love with the moors in the south of England. If there was one place we'd move to outside of Canada, it would be there. A beach in Spain, and I'd be talking to a man in need, while the children frolicked in the surf. Stayed in villages in Hungary, and long lines of people would come from all over for healing with the stranger from far away. One day I saw over a hundred people come down into the little valley and I touched them, and I taught them healing, all in a day. In their kindness, they fed us endlessly with cheese, bread, home made wine and Palinka. Agnes was in her element, translating for me in my workshops, showing me all around her country, and our little red car took us to every corner of this unique land.

With the time I spent there, I could make myself understood in their language, and they could, in mine, and the friends I made will always be there. My son Lee came all the way to Hungary by himself and the pictures I have of him show him at his best, and in his element, free of his illness, free to be himself. (He is also half- Hungarian)

We stayed in Budapest where I taught more students. A magazine article was written about my work. Many years later someone came to me for healing, and said oh, they had something like this in Budapest. I said, yes, I know the person you're speaking of.

A billionaire telecommunications company owner came to see me at a farm, and he was a decent man. Another person took issue with my spiritual assertiveness :) and complained to Agnes, who defended me, and another person, who was humble and kind replied to the complainer:

"I don't know about who he claims to be, but when I was with him I've never felt as peaceful as I did then".

I help people heal themselves. I help them remember past lives. I help them to become mages and find their purpose in the best possible way, not by incantations and ceremony, but by raising their vibration to a point where they affect their environment. This is a journey I have helped many make, as I have helped Agnes. But she has helped me too. She carries all her lives within her and close to the surface. Mary Magdalene and the 12 Miriams

Just as I learned about soul mates through my first loves, so too did I learn about our common purpose through Agnes. And even, when with great gifts come great challenges, we have faced them with faith in our hearts.

Seeing the future, one becomes driven. I had to leave again, to go to the U.K. in 1999, 2000, 2002 and 2005, the U.S. in 2000, 2001 and 2002, and Tehran then the U.K again in 2007, before and after the events of 9/11, and war, and bombings, and weather changes and earthquakes, and each time I had to leave my family behind. And with all the things I did, my greatest joy was returning to them, to continue our journey. Each time I got back, something would have changed, spirits were gathering, they had grown, and so had I.

And Agnes had her own journey to make. Healing her past with her family. Dealing with our growing children, two with special needs. Seeing, opening before her own eyes, the lessons I had taught her. Arune used to cry herself to sleep. So we would carry her for long walks or go for drives in Los Angeles, Texas, New York, and I would be talking throughout, all the lessons and knowledge I wanted to share, as I had done for her and many others in all my lives.

It felt like she was my first pupil, and more. All the things I taught about karma, and spirit, and relationships. What it felt like within my own being. How to detach from others, how to have faith, how to see things as they were, had been, and would be.

1997, when Soriah was born, was the lowest point for us. Financially, emotionally, spiritually, the struggles built up. Yet we survived. Each time I said, enough, I would test this, if I must give up my path just in order to survive I would do so. But something always came, at the last moment, and the way would clear again.

2000, with the birth of Gebbriel all my spiritual paths opened up again. I would travel. I would warn, and if people weren't ready, they would have to face great tragedy, but that was their path too. I would gather my disciples, those who came and believed in me. War and destruction would come, but I could only help a few. Many visited my old web site Man From Atlan but few stayed, and again, that was all right. I could not change those who could not change themselves, much as I might feel compassion for the suffering I saw ahead for the planet. Get this straight: The evil might seem to be successful and happy and the innocent suffer beyond all imagining. Yet on a spiritual level the poor would be rich and the rich would be poor, in this and many more lifetimes, and justice would prevail.

It was not as if there wasn't pleasure in our lives, or joy. Our children are, even with their own particular challenges, unique individuals. They surprise us every day with the depth of their observation and watchfulness, their very powerful spiritual gifts and sheer joy of life which I never want to change or make them into drones and future slaves, fodder for global joylessness.

Agnes grew in front of my eyes. She learned to heal and let go of the past, to accept her memories and choices. She says she never could have done it without me. I say that she helped me; I thought my journey was supposed to be a solitary one. She was my buffer, and when people couldn't quite 'get' me, she explained what I meant, where I was coming from. I'm told people are a little unsure around me :)

It wasn't all work. We went to Europe and it was a wonderful trip. After 5 years we rented a van, and all six of us went to Quebec for a whole month in 2002. Looked at the map, drove as far north into the Canadian shield as we could. When we arrived in Chibougamou, we saw the Northern Lights.. Stayed at little inns and chateaus. Many friends, the language wasn't a barrier.

Another 5 years, another vacation, another spiritual journey to England and Scotland in 2007. Agnes has dyslexia. So I said, you can drive us around, and we got this honking great transporter which fit all six of us again and off we went, and even though it had rained all over the U.K. for three months, wherever we went the sun shined for us, and we drove again, all over. That's her in the drivers seat, and she's happy, and enjoying every moment. The children still tell us they want to go back... I say, there's people we need to see in France..

Then after we got back home I returned to help a new disciple set up a healing and mediation centre in the Lake District of England, and met many wonderful people, young and old, and finally, I was back with my family.

We were told right away we had to move from our previous, rented home. This was a push, we found a much better place but even that may be temporary. My vision is to set up a healing centre and move to the country, let us see. My first and only priority now is my family.

Atlanians love the journey. That we came to Earth in a manner unlike aliens in spaceships, but actually, as spirits, does not make the journey any less physically enjoyable. That Agnes and I had to travel separately in so many lives and even in this one, does not make the connection any weaker. Yet I look to the past, and see us fleeing a sinking Atlantis and think of us all sailing across the ocean again, and I see the future, and wonder if ever we will go back to the U.S. (That depends on the people there)

But the greatest journey and travel of all is the one we make as spirits, and the choices we make, and the people we make them with, and Agnes and I await our next journey, yet to come.

~Naseer Ahmad

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I had a vision

"Morriseau~Astral World"

I had a vision, and in this vision I went to the beach with my family. Saw the waves were getting quite high so suggested we leave. A tidal wave came in and many drowned.

Prophets have visions, and in the course of things they change the world. I on the other hand have just known, and things came to pass. So I could go to Sri Lanka and see the tsunami that would devastate it years later, and on the same trip I went to the North of Pakistan and years later an earthquake devastated that part of the world too.

So I have known since birth what my role and purpose was, and followed that, and in the course of my life, saw many things.

I have said: Sometimes, seeing the future can be a terrible thing.

So I can choose to warn people, or not, since that may be the lesson they have to learn. Those were the choices they already had made.

Every year, I have a meditation just before Christmas. Many things happen around that time. A friend had an unexpected pregnancy, scheduled an abortion, then miscarried just before. At least it was natural, as opposed to the harmful (to mother and child) procedure. I called another friend, and thought to wish her grandmother a happy new year. She'd received healing from me, and was a lot better as a consequence. Just moved to a new home, and as I spoke to her grand daughter, clearly heard her spirit say to me, "Won't be long for the world now". She passed away that night. The Israeli onslaught on Gaza, on a defenseless population, began. I had another meditation in the new year. A young man came there and turned his Blackberry off out of courtesy. When he checked it in the morning, he saw several messages, his uncle had passed away that night, of a heart attack. The TV show "Ugly Betty" had the same story that week. She goes to a party and turns off her Blackberry, and next morning sees several messages: her father's had a heart attack. I was reminded once again how I bring many lives into being, help the living, but also, help the spirits of those who have passed on. And there will be many.

But this is not really what I do. I warn, and help people, but in the end life will depend on the choices they make. People exist in multiple dimensions without even being aware of it. I exist in all the dimensions, and am so very aware of all of them. My visions tell me that we are drowning, and yet are blind to all the dangers around us. And this is what I see: there are demons all around us, and they will follow those who are blind to the end of their lives and beyond.

But I also say this: I am God's love, and those who follow me will know peace.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Suffer the Children of Gaza

And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.

Mark 10:14

Update: "A photo of 4-year-old Kaukab Al Dayah, just her bloodied head sticking out from the rubble of her home, covered many front pages in the Arab world Wednesday. "This is Israel," read the headline in the Egyptian daily Al-Masry Al-Youm. The preschooler was killed early Tuesday when an F-16 attacked her family's four-story home in Gaza City. Four adults also died"