Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Life of Purpose

Chloe, Arune and Raven in the Lake District, 2007

Why are we here? Discovering our purpose requires self-examination, including, of course, the illusions we live by that hold us back. Do what we can to help others, care about the world we leave for our children. Do not fear death. Do not regret anything.

I was sad not to make it to Flight School. That led to Canada.

I spent the first half of my working life not doing what I really wanted to do in medicine, but then got the chance to practice my spirituality.

While there was struggle in some areas of my life I ended up with three great loves and five lovely children, so, I am blessed.

To have children with autism was a challenge, but what I discovered with my research was enough to help hundreds of children, so again, it was an honour to have served.

To remember past lives and the gifts that came with it, not enough unless I could share with others.

We have the ability to heal ourselves.

Knowledge should be free.

You help because it comes from your heart, not for self aggrandizement.

Speak up against injustice. Make a difference.

To find your life's purpose, then first, you must discover your self.

From "astrology for beginners" by Joann Hampar:

Sagittarius ascendant: Outgoing personality and candor that throws people off guard. Your optimism inspires others; you help those who cannot help themselves. Fair-minded, you believe in equality for all. You live life to the fullest.

Capricorn Sun: Leadership qualities, honest and dependable. Your resolve is unmatched.

Scorpio Moon: Your passion for life helps give great success. You can motivate others and effect change. At your best when you channel your strong emotions to help others.

Aquarius Mercury: Processing information at warp speed, but conveying it more difficult. (Sigh, so true) Keen intuition and assessment help avoid problems before they happen.

Aquarius Venus: Humanitarian at heart, you prefer to be part of a bigger plan, group or organization with a purpose. Stir people up in a way that can educate them.

Aquarius Jupiter: Open-minded attitude about religion and spirituality, you embrace all faiths. Talent for innovation opens doors in scientific research. Get along with every one.

Libra Mars: Fair, nothing motivates like injustice. Generally easygoing, quite the warrior once cornered. Will fight to preserve freedom of choice. Relationships require balance between self-interest and self-sacrifice.

Libra Neptune: An idealist. Believes in love and peace. Idealizes those they love, sacrifices to maintain harmony.

Virgo Saturn: Detailed research or scientific study. Work is part of your nature. You tend to worry needlessly. (Who, me? :) Hard to relax.

Leo Pluto: The generation that challenged authority, and because they wanted change, they accomplished it.

Cancer Uranus:  You may have unique insight into the subconscious mind, your instinctive ability to understand emotional complexity enables you to counsel others.

Find who YOU are, and what moulds you, then you will discover your purpose.