Thursday, March 31, 2011

Psychism And The Occult Wars

The brain we do not use

I've written a lot about the Psychic without really explaining what it meant, or, how to develop it in one's self. And, how important it is for our understanding of what is, regardless of prejudices against what is called the Occult, or, the hidden, the unknown.

How did I come by this knowledge? Well, I believe we all are gifted with so many abilities, but don't know how to use even a portion of them. We use a small portion of our brains; we act only in small ways. We pursue the spiritual without understanding what that is, because we limit ourselves in another very important part of our being, the psychic. And, when we seek knowledge, we get answers, and spend the rest of our lives developing and proving our er, theories :)

We all have three different energies that are expressed through the chakras, which are energy centers and doorways into our experiences, but also, other dimensions. These energies flow through the chakras by way of the meridians. They might be analogous to Chi or Prana, but I see this as belonging to a more original method than that of India or China's.

There are Physical chakras, or material manifestations like health and wealth; the Psychic, which is the higher expression of our emotions; and lastly, the Spiritual, which balances them all together in the whole but can manifest in ways that are themselves balanced and peaceful, or, unbalanced. Where they are blocked or strong shows in many ways.

Psychism is also a gift connected with what I call the super-brain; the part we rarely use except in times of deepest stress or exercises designed to reach another space.

My research into the brain and how it works came into being by many ways. My growing awareness of my own abilities, written about in these pages at great length. My interest in mental health; and my observations of our extended families; we are a gifted but er, rather sensitive family, and I had the opportunity to observe them at great length.

Another word for Psychism might be emotional sensitivity, but on a deeper scale than the term implies. And yes, I do believe that the key to healing is to begin to understand how illness always has an emotional foundation.

Yes, Psychism may be manifested in the ability to see the future (though I avoid the fortune-telling aspect) I also think it gives the ability to understand people, because the empathetic quality necessary to be a Psychic, a Healer, a Physician, all lies within this area.

And, another thing that interests me: what's the difference between psychism and prophecy? None whatsoever, the source is the same. Though what the prophets did can of course be marvelous in many ways.

Then we get to Psychology: and yes, we have the giants like Freud, Jung and Adler, and I can see where their ideas could have, if developed further, really helped the human condition. But, without developing and seeing its connection to Psychism, I submit to you it is neither science nor art, but, in my opinion, good for labeling behaviors while not being able to effect any cure for the human condition beyond what the body can do to heal itself.

First, my definitions: human beings have 12 chakras, not 7 as defined by the different Indian system.

The 3 Physical Chakras start from the feet, black, red, and orange. The 5 Psychic chakras start with the solar plexus, yellow, then green, pink, sky blue, and indigo. The last 4 start with and go above the head, and they are the Spiritual chakras. Starting with the crown, violet, we proceed to green/gold, cobalt blue, and white.

Before we develop these centers, first we must understand them.

Yellow is the seat of the soul, the ego. A storehouse of all emotional memories which help us define who we are and what validates us.

Green is the energy of the heart, healing and creativity, which is where we give to others. This is the energy coming into this planet, and into, us.

Pink is the energy of our dharma, our purpose in life. By finding it, we alleviate the pain of karma.

Sky Blue is the intellect, speech, communication. If overstimulated it leads to fear and over analysis. The last three centuries have been the era of rational thinking, media, Internet. This also is the energy that most blocks us from the psychic understanding of further horizons.

Indigo, the last chakra, is the center of our intuitive power. We can tap into, or fog it, by the use of alcohol and drugs.

Understanding helps us to develop these powers, but first we must heal our hidden emotional vulnerabilities, forgive the past, and heal our karma. After that it merely is a matter of practice and observational exercises.

I had a difficult girl friend once :) who couldn't stand to sit beside me. She said she felt I was reading her mind. Let me tell you, I spent all my life learning to tune people out, not in. To not take other's energies into myself. Plus, there are certain ethical principles that apply: misuse these gifts and they go into some deep and dark spaces.

When I first came to Toronto 40 years ago sure, I did some psychic work, and met many Psychics, Healers, and Spiritual Groups. Toronto was quite a happening place then. But what I saw was they couldn't protect themselves from these forces they worked with, and lost many good friends to suicide, cancer, and even, murder. So, I learned to tap into those forces, without harm.

And, since my children also have these gifts, teach them from an early age. Every child is born with this, but, if not supported by parents, if directed only towards what they consider real, then that gift is lost. And psychosis can also set in, and then they go down the sad road of medication.

Psychism helps us with finding our direction in life. Call it an enhanced intuition, but if I had a choice between going to New York where I could set up a spiritual group and almost be guaranteed publishing of my book, then I would go to London instead for many years where I pursued my spiritual quest while putting aside the material. Because the voice told me I had to take a different road. And the more often you trust your voice, the more often you're right. And you take the road less travelled, and still, meet the person you are meant to meet.

Yes, we hear the voices of spirit friends, but we also hear our own voices. And one more voice we hear, is that which society broadcasts at us. As someone who's read Psychologist Edward Bernay's 1928 book Propaganda, (he was the nephew of Sigmund Freud) with prescriptions for how to manipulate public opinion in a free society, I understand how difficult it is to resist the daily manipulation of our mind through fear, terror, and regular doses of well, propaganda; all sky blue - throat chakra energy.

I also note the close cooperation between elements of intelligence service and the psychiatric field in experiments with mind control, and with various cults, new age movements and media :)

So yeah, crop circles and UFO's are interesting phenomena, but, they also are fake. With all due respect to those who er, believe in them :)

I also note the Occult Wars that are taking place in so many ways. One, where people use psychic means to control others. Uggh. Two, where they get into weird rituals and magickal endeavours (more on that later) Three, where the pursuit of power becomes an end in itself. Again, that is self-defeating and harmful. Whatever gains there are, are temporary. Whatever wars there are on the physical or emotional plane die off as we seek the spiritual.

Yet when people try to search for answers beyond the rational, they are set upon by well-funded 'rationalists' who lead jihads against anything they consider irrational, be it Astrology or Alternative Medicine. They even attack Universities like Duke that try to do research into parapsychology. Of course, if the CIA finds the Russians are conducting similar research, what do they do but fund similar programs? While denigrating everything that has to do with spirituality? There even are wars against religion, not to reform them, but to alter the good aspects of them. And I've already commented on various mind control mechanisms, without having to make protestations that no, I'm NOT paranoid or delusional. Time will tell:)

This really is a teaching for those who already are seekers. Without overcoming the barriers of the mind and replenishing the depleted energies of the soul, you're blocked from really becoming one with spirituality.

First, you need to let go of the negative aspects of the Psychic Chakras and the Occult Wars, which are, fear, anger, hatred, and delusion.

Then: you need to balance the analytical with the intuitive, and give flow to the energies of the heart,

you need to trust your deepest, inner being, and allow its free expression,

and you need to make the leap of faith that takes you know not where, but unquestioningly dive into the deep river that flows across the heavens.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

America, The Spiritual

First, acknowledge the wrongs

Yesterday, March 19, was the 8th anniversary of the war in Iraq. It also was the day of the supermoon, when the moon is closest to earth and coincides with a full moon. This rare event signifies great human change, and yes, it was interesting to see all that energy flow by. And yesterday, America went to war with Libya, another great historical wrong.

I have written a lot already about "This Stupid, Stupid, War" and earlier, about a prophecy I made in 1977, entitled "War" I've written many times about my hope for peace but recognizing that peace can only come from inside us. But this article is about the change that must take place in America.

I have always been drawn to and studied the spiritual destiny of America. It was destined for greatness but so far has only been rich and powerful, and never, great. Without acknowledging and changing the wrongs of its past, it will never be great.

  1. The Destruction of the Native Peoples.

  2. The Institution of Slavery

  3. Its dreams of Empire, and ruthless wars on anyone that resisted it.

So here we are; a place I had hoped would be like Atlan, a unifying force under the Way of Atlan but, becoming more like Atlantis, an empire that sank under the weight of its sins.

I have been drawn many times to America, in this life, and in past ones. But each time, I have had to leave, because it must first change.

When we left Japan in 1957 my father was scheduled to be posted to the Washington D.C. Embassy but, his friend the ambassador died. We could have gone to the U.S. in 1970 but came to Canada instead. I could have been a published author in New York in 1975; I chose to move to England, and that journey has been written about extensively in these pages. Others came to America to set up Ashrams and Sufi Centers and New Age groups; I, didn't.

Then I did travel to the U.S., 11 extensive spiritual journeys from 1990 on, to help people: and then, when it became apparent that certain events would take place regardless, I left, but still, sent a disciple, Jennifer, to N.Y to help: and here:

But, that was it. My focus went world wide, and I travelled again and again to other places, and helped others, in person and spiritually. And I watched America from afar, with love for my friends, but also, seeing how difficult it would be.

Then I saw the nomination of Barack Obama and the excitement that swept the country "Barack's The One" and again, "And Now What" where I looked at the marvelous coincidence of my cousin rooming with him in college, and here again I had to temper my personal regard for him with the knowledge of the political and economic system that might prevent him from enacting real change, and reminding people they couldn't just depend on him alone, they had to change.

I had already written about the impending breakdown of government and financial structures in January 2008 and how religious structures had already broken down. And what I said came to pass. But even before that, in December 2007, I wrote the following:

"The answer is not going to come from politics. I warned in my previous newsletter that regardless of who won the U.S. election, the world would not be a better place. (Happened again)I personally knew that Bush would win because Kerry would lose, a significant distinction, and that people would be depressed afterwards.

Well, get over it.The solution will not come from Greenpeace or the Greens or anti-globalists or the left wing dinosaurs that put all their faith in band-aid 'left-wing' solutions or religious fanatics who are tools of the new global order. The solution will not come from the use of violence. That's their weapon.

Nor will it come from organised religion, which is decrepit and obsolete. I'm not talking about its ability to inspire people and raise their consciousness, but the structure, which is corrupt to its core.

The solution will not come from New Age self-absorption or the Internet or writing a book (I'm a writer myself) or praying to God, Mother Earth or Angels.The solution will come from you, but I'm not prescribing a truistic bromide.

There is one movement in the world now and that isn't the anti-war movement, noble as that is. (There just isn't the same energy left for a repeat of the anti-Vietnam War or anti-apartheid movement, and you have governments that are a lot more repressive now)

The movement in waiting is the passionate search for completion, and spirituality, of finding out who we are and our relationship to God, of becoming so strong that nothing they throw at us is going to defeat us.I am talking about a spiritual revolution, where no pain is felt that cannot be borne, and no happiness can be taken away from us because it already exists inside us. I am talking about magic, love, and the joy we take in every day without realising it.

Did you not pray, and ask for help?"

And if you ever need help, you can contact me from my profile page on the right. And if you want to help, ditto.

But again, I say this. It is time for a new American Spiritual Movement.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Prayer For The People of Japan

Sometimes, seeing the future can be a terrible thing

When the Taurean energy came to Earth in 2000 this is what I saw, once again:

The Age of Taurus would from 2000 on bring "global warming, weather changes, financial disasters, war, earthquakes, floods and tsunamis, with incalculable human suffering. It pains me that I saw all these things happening, yet people missed what I tried to say to them since I wrote my second book in 1977. And now, once again, I say, there are great changes yet to come".

On March 11, 2011, Japan was struck by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake. Over 10,000 people may have been killed in the tsunami that swept over the main island, and now, an even greater danger has arisen: four nuclear reactors are on fire and there may be a nuclear disaster about to happen. 180,000 people have been evacuated and we can only pray for the people of Japan, and, the rest of the world now.

Make no mistake; we are at a crucial time in our history. What happens now depends on the choices we make as individuals.

Please also understand that this karma is not about "punishment for our sins" as the Mayor of Tokyo is said to have said. I do consider that whatever mistakes we individuals make are because of ignorance of the laws that govern the Universe, but I do hold responsible our leaders, spiritual, religious, and temporal, who got stuck in the material, in war, corruption and greed.

Japan does have a history that is tied to the United States. From the time when the American fleet convinced the Japanese they needed to industrialise, and that led to their need to control a supply of raw materials for that economy, they have been expansionary in nature. The US financed the fleet that defeated the Russians in 1905, then, when Japan invaded China, applied sanctions that only led to the attack on Pearl Harbour. The war ended with the dropping of the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and then, the colonialization of Japan.

The Japanese choose nuclear energy to power its post war industrialization. What is not well known is that it resisted signing the Non-Proliferation Treaty, and started to stockpile Plutonium so that it now has the capacity to make tactical nuclear bombs and also, a missile capable of carrying multiple warheads.

And this is where humanity has gone wrong. Rapid industrialization that goes towards developing weaponry instead of new, safer methods of energy production. Greed that leads to the collapse of economies. Even compromising on safety so as to maximise profits. To build nuclear power stations on fault lines without proper precautions (the Japanese Nuclear Industry has a bad safety record) The US even sold the Japanese a nuclear power generator that was so unsafe the GE scientists who were testing it resigned in protest, and it is these generators that are now failing, with a potential danger to the people of Japan, and to wherever the radioactive particles are carried by the wind. It may be a disaster that can surpass Chernobyl, and the question is what can we do to avert it, or, to protect ourselves?

There was a time when I would do every thing in my power to help others, and, I did. But, the truth is, we now are in a stage when what must be, will be. Those who were not prepared to change will, by going through the fire, be forced to change. There is no distinction between good and bad people here, because it isn't about punishment. It is about the lack of understanding, and our disconnection from God, that is to blame. And even then, when we understand, we will have still have to go through this difficult time, and become stronger as a result.

But, true story: when Chernobyl went in 1986, the radiation came all the way to my wife's city in Hungary, and women's hair turned grey overnight. But Chloe and her family had already left Hungary, and were thus protected.

And there was a woman in London who had difficulty in holding on to her pregnancies, yet after my healing gave birth to a healthy boy. She was there when a bomb blast went off in a nearby Tube station shortly after, but she was protected. Then she moved back to New Zealand, but not to Christchurch, where her parents lived. So that when the Sept. 2010 earthquake hit, she and her family were, once again, protected.

All you have to do is ask for help, and God will help you.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

To A Friend As He Prepares To Make His Last Journey

Death is just another journey, my friend

I have met death, so many times, and each time it was just a step in this journey we call Life.

In this universe there are many dimensions, and beyond it, even more.

I have helped so many people in this life, and, when it was time to let them go, I again gave the gift of kindness to help them pass over to the other side.

A very good friend of mine is about to make that transition. I met Vijay many years ago during my spiritual journey to the UK and will always be grateful for his hospitality and friendship. He took my family in and we stayed at his home in Lyme Regis, Dorset, and did many healings and workshops for so many others there. We lost touch but reconnected recently. He is now in the final stages of his battle with ALS.

Vijay had a wonderful mind filled with curiosity about the esoteric but also, a deep love for the environment, for music, and, his many friends. And, he played the piano beautifully. He was a genius too, but I never had a problem understanding him :)

So this is an eulogy for my friend, because why not say nice things about our friends when they're around, and not, after they're gone?

But this also is a meditation on what has driven me since I was a child. What happens to us after death? And what is the journey like?

Can it be painful? Yes, for those who are afraid or die suddenly or had a life of regrets. Yet, even then, we can let go, we can forgive others and ourselves, we can move on. And there always will be friends, waiting to help us move to the other side.

A friend who was in the final stages of cancer saw me in this white cloud waving to her and told others it was a very peaceful moment for her; there was no more pain and she left her body later that day.

The thousands of people missing or dead in the great earthquake in Japan two days ago; I feel their pain very deeply, as I felt the pain of the hundreds of thousands killed in Tokyo in WWII when I lived there after the war. And as I wrote about in my blog after the earthquake in Haiti, the pain which was yet to come.

And yesterday my aunt through whom my healing journey began many years ago told me her sister had stage 4 cancer and my uncle passed away recently and his wife, my favourite aunt (because she's a Taurus) also has cancer, and her son is in hospital with diabetes and stress related complications.

Religion can, and does, give comfort to those who ask these questions about life after death. It also makes absurd distinctions about who can and cannot enter heaven. Heaven is a peaceful place and a step on that journey, and everybody gets there, sooner or later, and that depends on us, and not, the rules we create when we try to make sense of the world.

"In my father's house there are many mansions" might describe it one way. I do not believe that only those who follow a particular religion or belief can get there, and my role as a healer is to help all spirits make that transition.

There are several stages beyond when the spirit leaves the body. All of them are wonderful, though there is a place where we do face up to all we have done, and the price we have paid in our lack of understanding and peace.

But then, as I say to my friend Vijay, we go into that white light, and dissolve into the universal embrace of that peace.

PS: Vijay passed away recently. I was thinking of him this last while and sending him on with our prayers. We like to believe he has met, once again, his wife whom he loved very much. And that he knows how much he was loved by his many friends. RIP.