Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to all

And Peace on Earth too

Here we are, and as another year passes by, I want to wish you all the best in the year ahead.

What is the message of Christmas? Nothing to do with Christianity. Everything to do with God's love for all of Creation.

Because God loves you, you have been given the gift of free choice. And the only thing asked of you is that you love one another.

If you remember that, you will have peace, and there will be no starvation, or injustice, or war.

So, what is the message of Christmas? You all choose, you all are born with, a purpose; and you are all given a sign as to what that purpose is. So, follow that sign to wherever it leads you.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Where goes Bulgaria? Europe?

I just got back from Bulgaria. Invited to visit and help a family with a boy with Autism, I found myself asking if there was more to my trip than this. And, as it turned out, yes, there was.

It's true that Autism is a very karmic illness, and helping others and my own family with this has been quite a journey.

And, it was very gratifying to see changes, in that child and many others I saw there. It would take time and effort, but, I saw them getting better, and that was enough for me.

But, the fact remains that wherever I go there will be change. Do I initiate the change, or, do I go where people are ready (or not?) Yes, there are places where just a little push in terms of energy is enough to shift whole societies, or, help people who already are receptive. Sometimes, even when I don't go somewhere, there is change, anyway. And, always, it helps me on the next stage of my journey.

I give a healing to a lady in Bulgaria. She asks if this is similar to what Djuna Davitashvili used to do. No, but there lies a story. Djuna Davitashvili was a faith healer who is claimed to have been the personal healer of Russian presidents Leonid Brezhnev and Boris Yeltsin. I meet her at an alternative medicine conference in Spain in 1991. I am invited to another conference in Moscow, in August of that year. I decline, and it is a good thing because there's a coup attempt around that time, and Russia descends into anarchy.

Everywhere I go, there is change. Iran, the U.K., USA.

So, what of Bulgaria? Well, ten years ago I met a Bulgarian gentleman over the Internet. He tells me about his Autistic son and I help so that, at the age of 6, he is recovering speech and getting better. Sadly, I lose touch and can't find his address before I leave this time around. But, I meet another person, a woman with er, political inclinations. I know I can help her, but, sadly, she is used to holding herself back, and the reaction to my being there is just, a little too, um, strong.

Bulgarian society is based on the Thracians, a warlike Indo-European people very like the Celts, all of whom proved very difficult for the Roman Empire to subjugate. They also had a matriarchal underpinning, and, like many of our kind, saw death as just another place along the continuum.

The Slavs and the Bulgars, a Turkic tribe, come later, so Bulgaria is where the movement of peoples and mixture of many cultures becomes so very strong.

I am also amazed to see how strong the earth energy is there. Because wherever I go, I heal the earth as well. The land is especially fertile. Even the food is especially nourishing, unlike our overproduced North American diet. And yes, there is weather change.

That part of Bulgaria usually gets large amounts of snow dumped on it this time of the year. When I arrive, the sun is out and it's 20 degrees Celsius. It stays around 15 degrees throughout my stay, and only goes down when I leave. Staying overnight In Vienna on my way back, everything is clear until, sitting in my plane on the tarmac at Vienna Airport, the storm finally arrives. Three weeks later, Europe is still under unusual Arctic conditions, but the part of Bulgaria where I was? Still, hardly any snow. (Not good, because farmers do need snow to provide water for next year's crops)

I go down to the Black Sea, and of course, coming all that way, I will have a dip. Brr! That's cold, of course, but it's OK.

There's the cape of Kaliakra, where, centuries ago, an invading army of Turks is about to defeat the native people. 40 maidens tie their hair together, and leap into the sea in an act of suicide rather than be taken prisoner. There is a statue there to commemorate their resistance, and they are national heroines.

Yes, I am very taken by the country, and the people. I can almost learn the language, and there seems no barrier between us. Bulgaria is a part of the European Union, but sadly that Union is not doing well for the Bulgarians. Farmers there get less subsidies than Hungarian farmers, and Bulgaria is an agricultural country. They were a lot better off under the Russian sphere of influence, and when all their produce was shipped to the Asiatic countries. Now, they are aligned with Europe, their traditions dying, and young people buy clothing made in Italy instead of their own country. The average salary is about 100 dollars a month, while serious faced European bureaucrats show up on TV to lecture them about using wood to heat their homes (pollution is bad, you know) Sorry, but natural gas at European prices is just a little too much beyond their means. And there still is a great deal of corruption.

So, where goes Bulgaria? Where goes Europe? Tonight, there is a Lunar eclipse that will affect North America. In two weeks time there will be a solar eclipse that will definitely affect Europe. The weather changes are just one sign of global change that is occurring everywhere, and even, in our selves. I mean, snow storms in Australia, in their summer? The signs are there.

So yes, there will be change in Bulgaria and Europe. Even, political change. I planted the seeds of spiritual change. Maybe I will go back, to teach. Maybe, I will go elsewhere. But I stood amongst the dancers I pictured here, and the love I felt for them and my thanks for the kindness they showed, will always be there.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Ergon, Redux

Bye Bye Huffington Post

This is my last comment on Huffington Post (on my own blog, no less :)

It's been a blast, but I'm done. After 12,157 posts as Ergon (my avatar graces this page) in two years, it's time to do..other things. I'd like to thank the 560+ fans who signed their appreciation of my work; the regard is reciprocated.

1999 was an interesting year for me. I went to England to view an eclipse, and my visions followed the path of the eclipse: from New York to over Turkey and ending in India, major shifts and earthquakes taking place in those countries within two years.

I knew I had to communicate via the Internet, and my first website came up, to be followed by this blog. I also used chat rooms to communicate with other, like minded individuals on politics and social reform.

In 2000-2001, there were 1000+ posts on Shamir Readers, a group run by dissident Israeli journalist Israel Shamir, 2002-2004, 3000+ on Reporters Notebook, an (ahem) anti-semite site run by a Jewish gentleman :) - I got interesting psychological insights into the mindests involved. Then there were 2000+ posts on an anti-Islamic site run by a Muslim, and then I came across Xymphora, and cool, I made 3000+ comments from 2005-2008. The intellectual stimulation was quite enervating and the quality of the writing of the people who wrote there was something I never have seen since. But he tinkered with his format too often, lost all his comments, and his fans moved away. Pity.

So it now was time for me to move to the social commentary and news aggregate site Huffington Post. In two years, I wrote 14,000 posts, some of which unfortunately, er, "disappeared", but hey, I got to write on politics, science, American policy pertaining to Palestine, Tibet, Iran, Africa and South America; Autism, and even, Entertainment and Fashion. Whew! Here's where they can be found: and there's a lot, once you go back a bit before I got er, burned out.

In the end, I see it as a way of manipulating political discourse: to give people the false impression of meaningful contribution to what are really intractable problems of the day. In the end, I believe that meaningful change will come from the spiritual and not political or social, as I have written many times before.

Sites like HP serve only to engender psychological feelings of helplessness as they on the one hand drive our adrenaline up with stories about injustice combined with distractions from the cult of celebrity, they also shape public opinion by creating handy lists of enemies that always conveniently follow the American political line. It acts liberal, but only in a way that reinforces and controls both sides of the political debate. Social engineering in the worst possible way, but if they could do it, I would...reply.

I could go on, but, I won't. They gave me a forum, and I made many friends, for which I thank them.

But I was clear back in January 2008: "The Revolution Begins Now"

"But the Revolution I speak of will take place not in blogs or protest marches or occult practices. It will take place first within you, and then, through taking responsibility for the state of the world"

So here I am, and I will do my best to: effect change in the time ahead.

Ps: I'm having a little difficulty in letting go :) - see comment

Monday, November 01, 2010

A Sufi State of Mind

To experience God

Just to make it clear: Sufism, while it has profoundly influenced Islam, is NOT Islam. Islam is a strict monotheistic religion that hasn't reconciled the split between Shia and Sunni, how then can it admit a third, very different version?

Still, here are two websites that explain the differences quite well:

The fact is that Sufism retains at its core, the neo-platonic influences that came into being after the time of the Umayyad Caliphs of Baghdad. It is a form of Gnosis, `the apprehension of divine realities'. Some say, the word Sufi comes from 'soof' the woolen coat they wear on initiation to the order. Some say it comes from 'soph' or Sophia, the Greek word meaning 'knowledge'. Regardless, the fact remains that Sufism in its many forms exists across the entire Islamic world, has expanded into the West as an alternative philosophy that attracts those of of a mystical intellectual bent, and even influences national resistance movements that extend from the Caucasus to Northern Pakistan.

I don't wish to denigrate any religion or spiritual practice. As I have said before, my own family has a very strong Sufi background. But in searching for a way to help other people, these are the questions I came across.

For what is the core of religion? Of spirituality? Of mysticism? Each time, it is to experience, to know, 'the divine realities' and our relationship to those realities?

The answer, very simple, is this. We can all, one day, experience and know that reality which is God because it exists within us. We can experience it in several ways, as meditation, as ecstasy, as dance, as the movement of healing energies within ourselves. Every person has their own unique experience and way to that ultimate reality, and indeed for some, the experience of Sufi practice may be just right for many.

But this is what I offer. The real knowing of God lies, not within the 'mystical' experience, not the awe that comes from viewing a magnificent church, the simplicity of meditation, or the ecstasy of music and dance.

It comes from the absolute stillness that fills, when we touch, however briefly, the void within, us.

And the knowing comes from the peace, left behind.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Body, Heals Itself

The Buddha Wondered

He saw a man who was ill

And he saw one who was dying

And he asked what was the cause of human suffering

But here we are, still asking that question, and we ask that question not only for ourselves, but for humanity.

The answer is this: The cause of our suffering is our karma, and the choices we all have made, in this and other lives. It comes from ego and fear of letting go. It comes from the emotions and memories we have in this and other lifetimes. And I can't tell you how to heal that, without first saying: The Body, Heals Itself.

You look at this battered, polluted war ridden earth, and ask how can we help the planet get better? And I answer, the earth heals itself.

And the battered state of our relationships with ourselves and others? We can heal those relationships, and bring harmony into our lives.

The lack of connection with spirit and nature, and inner peace? God gave us a gift, and, we can know God.

So I don't teach spirituality and healing, but, that we heal ourselves.

Alone? A person walks into our lives.

Lost in a desert? A rain storm comes up that revives you, and you are found.

Bleeding to death on an empty highway? Suffered a stroke? Healing comes from thousands of miles away.

So we exist not just on this plane but across all the dimensions, and you may not be aware of it. Yet healing comes, unexpectedly, from others, but also, from your self.

If this were the last two years of your life, how would you spend that? Are you going to moon over the past, or will you do the things you always wanted to do? Don't say you can't, because. The Body, Heals Itself.

This is the last two years for this planet. How it ends will be up in the air. We may end up in another dimension. We may die, and even that death will be a healing journey. We may just continue to plod along, but nothing will be the same, even if the suffering goes on. I know that I will do what I always wanted to do, and bring peace and healing and knowledge to people (I'm off on another trip soon) and I hope that you, too, will do what you were always supposed to do.

But don't say you can't. This was my first discovery, as I saw spirit passing through the dimensions and discovering gifts within myself, and, others.

The Body, Heals Itself

Monday, September 20, 2010

Direction Changes

Which way?

The guidance counselors at school are asking my daughters what they'd like to do, career wise. They're 10 and 13 years old, respectively, and in typical teen fashion, said "I dunno", when they do know. Soriah wants to be a healer, and Gebbriel wants to run a restaurant. Still, that's a good question we need to ask ourselves. What would we like to be, and how do we get there?

When asked at age 8, I said I'd like to be an engineer and build things, but that was before. Then at 11 my brother passed on and my teacher got me the scholarship forms to go to military school, and I really, really, wanted to be a pilot. Flying, eagle, spirit, I get it. Yet even though my heart was set on it and I came so close to my dream, I was already communicating with spirit and was gently, but firmly, led away from there.

I'd asked for a direction, and got the chance to go to school. I asked again, and was brought to Canada within the space of a few months. I got a good job. My brother was studying to be an electrical engineer but didn't like it. He asked if I could get him a job in my firm. I said no, it was a dead end. Instead of which he went to Canada's largest stockbrokers and eventually a president there and became quite well off.

I decided to write, that became the direction.

New York or London?

Marriage and children.

Job and career,

Sitting on a beach, and thinking. Quit my job and became a full time healer, teacher and writer.

Travel as part of my spiritual work.

Trying to find balance.

Each time, the goal was the same as it always had been. To find the God in me. To help others. The directions taken, the people and events that crossed my path, the setbacks, were all absorbed and I plodded along. Things I had set in motion were already taking place and it was time to once again, change direction.

And now, as we come to a spiritual crossroads in our life, here is the choice that faces you. You must decide which path you will take, and in which direction, and if your choice will be based on your spiritual or material needs. This time, you cannot have both, and this, will be the final direction taken.

So, choose well.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Paths That Cross Ours

We live in interesting times

Indeed, we do. And it is the paths that cross ours that make it the more interesting.

The paths that cross ours can be a planet, or a comet. It can be an event, or, a person. The question still is, and always will be, what do we learn from this?

Someone I loved met someone. The attraction was sudden. It coincided with planetary change. They married, sorta :) It lasted 2 months, and now they're done. The "I told you so's" are unremarkable. The coincidences, are remarkable. A child who was abused, married someone who was abusive, and who herself was the child of abuse. The parents involved all had holes in their heart chakras and in need of healing, but were unaware.

We lay in a field north of Toronto and the sky was filled with the flash of meteor shower; hundreds of streaks of light passing by, and then it was time to go on A Spiritual Journey to the U.S.

We saw the earth's shadow cross across the moon in L.A. and two months later there was the earthquake, and many more changes after I saw the shadow of the moon turn day into night on the Dartmoor hills. These paths crossed ours, and we changed because we accepted that we must.

And there were the countless people who were dying, or in coma, or a deep spiritual crisis, and they prayed and asked for help. They, the ones who needed me the most, met me, saw me, felt my healing touch. And they changed.

And so, when someone's path crosses yours, you change, because you must.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Food That Nourishes Us

Food for the soul

I got some sad news recently, and things have been especially tumultuous for everyone in the last few months, and I find myself writing more and more trying to help people make sense of things. We are all in need of nourishment, and perhaps, right now, the best nourishment would be a good soup or something equivalent. Bet you thought I was going to say something spiritual, right? :)

Well, we do need a good soup, and know, how to nourish ourselves. And food is the best nourishment, because until we give to our physical body, without that strong foundation, how can we build our emotional or spiritual selves?

So I did write Mastering The Art Of French Cooking to give an idea where I was coming from and I do recommend Food Is Your Best Medicine by Henry G. Bieler, M.D. but, the real nourishment is not in the recipe, but, the source of the food, and the environment you cook it in, and, whether you prepare it with love or not.

You can read Like Water For Chocolate (movie's great too) and if there's one book you MUST read it's The Hundred-Foot Journey by Richard C. Morais, sort of The Slumdog Millionaire becomes a three star chef in France, to see the sheer joy and love of cooking I am talking about.

I used to cook for my family and friends, simple food prepared with love, and everyone felt the energy and nourishment within that food. Now I am so preoccupied with things I rarely have the chance to cook, but Chloe does the cooking in the same spirit, and I suspect people love her desserts even more :) Yes, it's the joy of cooking for others, and what we put in it is love.

Yes, there are many different kinds of nourishment, and be it manna for Moses' people, the body of the Christ, and the slaughtered goats of Eid that Muslims are enjoined to give to the poor, yes there many ways we can give without all those er, other rules.

But I, will be dragging out the old barbeque for my family this week.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Age of Taurus

The beginning of a New Age

Those who remember the great awakening of 1962, when the Aquarian Age began, should read this:

Starting with a solar eclipse February 1962 in Aquarius, a grouping of planets in that sign called a stellium presaged the huge changes that were to follow: the assassinations, protests and riots, the space age leading to man on the moon, civil rights and anti-war movements, the Beatles landing in America, the Woodstock Generation, the glorious music and film, and, the global awareness of how we are all connected to each other, the theme of Aquarius, the water bearer.

And that influence is still there, yet here we are again, with another Age upon us. The Age of Taurus began with the great solar eclipse of August 1999, then a stellium of seven planets in Taurus, the bull, including Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in 2000 and these energies are once again, bringing about changes within us.

Astrologers don't like to predict what will happen, because so much depends on our acceptance of change and the actions we undertake.

But as a spiritual teacher, I have no problem saying what cycle of change we are in, and what we must do.

First read this:

"The Unknown Visitors: The ancient Roman poet, Ovid, informs us that once upon a time... the gods were quite concerned that they were being ignored. So Jupiter (the chief ruling god of thunder) and Mercury (the messenger god) visited Earth disguised as poor, beggarly travelers. All the many people who refused Jupiter and Mercury shelter were drowned in a great flood and thus repaid for their godlessness. Conversely, those who openly welcomed the unknown visitors into their home were then honored with the fulfillment of their greatest desires and hopes"

Saturn is the force that tells us where we must change, and Jupiter, the force that gives us the strength to make those changes, and the rewards that come with that.

Taurus is very closely connected with emotional foundations and financial resources. It is the sign of nature, so Taureans have a very strong connection with the earth. And it is a sign of power, which, if wrongly used, can turn upon itself. Taureans are the sweetest beings, but stubborn, and can be stuck in karmic patterns. And, they are the sign of the warrior, who has a choice between good and evil, and following one's path. Arjuna, the spiritual warrior who must choose between the material and the spiritual, is that archetype.

And it is amazing to me that so many who once used to be my closest friends and disciples are now back as coincidentally, Tauruses who must fight that battle between materialism and spirituality, and with so much karmic baggage, and at this crucial time in Earth's history.

But it is also the final battle we must all fight if we are to survive.

So many of us don't know who we are or how to accomplish our purpose in life. I was blessed in knowing, and have worked all my life in helping others do the same. I detailed in my first blog article "Who is this man?" (actually written from September 1999 on) and subsequent articles all the many events that have taken place and would take place.

The years from 2000 on continued with global warming, weather changes, financial disasters, war, earthquakes, floods and tsunamis, with incalculable human suffering. It pains me that I saw all these things happening, yet people missed what I tried to say to them since I wrote my second book in 1977. And now, once again, I say, there are great changes yet to come.

It saddens me to see the wars that never can be resolved, continue, the poverty side by side with the impervious rich, and the messages clearly stated, yet not listened to.

I was in Los Angeles for the 1994 earthquake, and New York prior to the events of 9/11, and each time I said: if people could not choose the spiritual path one day they would lose everything. I was in Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan and said the same thing, and disasters have taken place to this day. I was in the U.K. many times till finally, the great floods of 2007. I said the same to Muslims as I did to Jews, and now that prophecy is coming true.

The Age of Taurus is where we must determine where we got off our path, and work to find our way back to it.

Yes, these Ages are signs of the cycles we go through, and there are of course many Ages of varying length. But if you listen carefully to the ebb and flow of these cycles, you know that they are all connected to each other. And the Age of Taurus from 2000 is still connected to the Age of Aquarius from 1962. This is how:

The 1962 solar eclipse in Aquarius was exactly opposite to the 1999 solar eclipse in Leo which started the Age of Taurus. That stellium in Aquarius was square, or 90 degrees away from another stellium in Taurus then, and oppositions and squares signify stress in those areas.

And the 1962 Taurus stellium was exactly in the same position as this 2000 Age of Taurus. And finally, the new moon of August 10, 2010, is once again, back where it was on August 11, 1999.

This is the meaning of the Age. Because we have lost our way, changes are coming. Welcome those changes to your home, and you will be helped to accomplish your greatest desires and hopes. And just as I find that another child will be born in the sign of Aquarius to one dear to me, I have already chosen this picture to symbolize my message: A bull, led by a child, rising from a flood, and reaching for the stars.

Monday, August 09, 2010

The Cancer Lessons

The Cancer Microbe

Everyone has Cancer.

Some of the greatest lessons I've learned in my practice have been through my study of Cancer and patients who had it.

My first patients all had cancers and I was able to cure them, and many more. But I found myself asking, what's the lesson here? Sure, we can learn to prevent it, and in the process learn greater things about health, diet, and nutrition. But, there are greater lessons also. About how it not only is a physical illness, but, an emotional one.

This isn't an easy lesson to learn. Or easy for people to accept either. So I had to learn to accept the karma within cancer, and to help people let go of it.

Hulda Clark passed away recently. A naturopathic doctor and author of the unfortunately titled "The Cure For All Cancers" supposedly died of multiple myeloma. Many of the mean minded who oppose alternative medicine said, "see? She couldn't even cure herself!" But they were wrong, the cause of death as listed in the death certificate was anemia, with calcaremia as a contributory illness. Multiple myeloma was listed later, as an underlying illness, not even contributing to death.

How is this? Is it possible that many of us can have cancer as an underlying illness, and still live (as she did) to the age of 80?

Anyhow, here's what I know. We all have cancer. And, cancer has inner levels of emotional and spiritual cause, and the key is not to cure cancer, but, to understand it. This the true healing, that illness is the first step in a journey to understanding yourself.

So, why do people get cancer? Well, there are those who know that cancer is a fungal disease. Or blame a combination of viruses and bacteria. Or parasites. Is there inherited genetic damage or an acquired damage to cells?

The environmental factors are a key in themselves. Chemicals, hormone disrupters, pesticides and herbicides are all the byproducts of a consumer society. Radiation, nuclear waste, and electromagnetic pollution are all factors in why our children are being born with a predisposition to cancer.

And that is only the physical manifestation; cancer is an emotional illness. Those of us more emotionally sensitive, more likely to hold on to hurts, or open to external pain, are likely to develop cancer. The unrequited love and the unfulfilled dreams. I have known many healers who died, suddenly. One day they were fine, the next, diagnosed with liver cancer, and gone in 3 months.

But then, cancer is the most karmic illness of all, and it is no coincidence that 1 in 2 will have it in their lifetime.

But really, it is a cancer of the spirit that affects every one on this planet. People are stuck in this plane on a planet consumed by a war between the material and the spirit, and an environment that is already dying.

How, then, to 'cure' cancer? Well, just be free of the outcome, and not wedded to it. Do what you can, and in this respect I suggest you check out the following links for more research, albeit on the physical model:

Regarding the condition of the organism as a breeding ground of illness as opposed to the Germ Theory, you want to look up Antoine Bechamp, the French biologist who was the contemporary of Pasteur:

Bechamp is now widely ignored, but Pasteur, who falsified his own experiments, and plagiarized and misunderstood Bechamp's is widely credited by the medical profession, perhaps because if you have a bacteria or virus you can focus on magical bullets, while Bechamp would have you take responsibility for your own health and practice preventative, not just curative medicine. Bechamp's seminal book, THE BLOOD AND ITS THIRD ELEMENT ought be required reading in every medical school. If his theories had been carried into the mainstream, Medicine would be entirely different today.

Virginia Livingston, MD (1906-1990) was a medical genius who is credited with identifying the Cancer Microbe:

"In 1969 at a meeting at the New York Academy of Sciences , Livingston and her colleagues proposed that cancer was caused by a highly unusual bacterium which she named Progenitor cryptocides-Greek for 'ancestral hidden killer.' Nevertheless, Livingston claimed elements of the microbe were present in every human cell. Due to its biochemical properties, she believed the organism was responsible for initiating life and for the healing of tissue-and for killing us with cancer and other infirmities. Critics of this research continued to insist there was no such thing as a cancer germ"

"According to reports by Livingston and various other researchers, cancer is caused by pleomorphic, cell wall deficient bacteria. The various forms of the organism range in size from submicroscopic virus-like forms, up to the size of bacteria, yeasts, and fungi. In culture and in tissue the bacterial forms are variably 'acid-fast' (having a staining quality like TB bacteria). These bacteria are ubiquitous and exist in the blood and tissues of all human beings (yet another 'heresy'). In the absence of a protective immune response, these cell wall deficient bacteria may become pathogenic and foster the development of cancer , autoimmune disease, AIDS, and certain other chronic diseases of unknown etiology"

Royal Raymond Rife was a giant: and he actually identified the virus Virginia Livingstone is credited with, in 1920! He built 'beam ray' machines that successfully killed the virus and saved many patients. His story is so long you need to read the article and research him further yourself. Another link is at:

And then you want to read THE VIRUS AND THE VACCINE by Debbie Bookchin and Jim Schumacher and how contaminated Polio vaccines have led to the explosion in brain tumours:

"HARVEY Pass, the chief of thoracic surgery at the National Cancer Institute, in Bethesda, Maryland, was sitting in his laboratory one spring afternoon in 1993 when Michele Carbone, a wiry young Italian pathologist who was working as a researcher at the NCI, strode in with an unusual request. Pass had never before met Carbone, and had talked to him for the first time, on the telephone, only a few hours before. Now Carbone was asking Pass for his help in proving a controversial theory he had developed about the origins of mesothelioma, a deadly cancer that afflicts the mesothelial cells in the lining of the chest and the lung. Mesothelioma was virtually unheard of prior to 1950, but the incidence of the disease has risen steadily since then. Though it is considered rare -- accounting for the deaths of about 3,000 Americans a year, or about one half of one percent of all domestic cancer deaths -- the disease is particularly pernicious. Most patients die within eighteen months of diagnosis.

Pass, one of the world's leading mesothelioma surgeons, knew, like other scientists, that the disease was caused by asbestos exposure. But Carbone had a hunch he wanted to explore. He told Pass that he wondered if the cancer might also be caused by a virus -- a monkey virus, known as simian virus 40, or SV40, that had widely contaminated early doses of the polio vaccine, but that had long been presumed to be harmless to people"

But it really is the human story I want to tell. There was a lovely woman who went through 3 unnecessary rounds of chemotherapy and finally succumbed to the cancer while witnessing her 2nd husband and daughter fight each other over who should inherit her property. She wanted to escape them.

A woman who was in such pain that even morphine wouldn't ease it, and I helped her to sleep, and pass on 8 hours later. Another, whose family urged him to 'fight the cancer!' just hanging on so as not to cause them pain. And I had to say enough, and did my final healing, and he passed on peacefully too, within a few hours.

And one other, who was the kindest angel, and I gave her the gift of kindness, and in the end she told us she saw the light, and eagerly went into it.

Yes, cancer is a lesson for all of us. I saw it was my place to help people, but also the planet that created the cancers. And if it is not meant to be, then so be it; it still is a process we must go through.

I am a healer, and I heal, but do not cure.

I bring peace.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

The Karate Kid Catches a Fly

"Beginner's Luck"

My favourite scene from The Karate Kid has Mr. Miyagie, his teacher, attempting to catch a fly with his chopsticks. He's been trying all his life, "because when you can catch a fly with chopsticks, you can master anything".

The Karate Kid catches one on his first try. Mr. Miyagie huffs, "beginner's luck!"

I'm in a Sushi Restaurant in Toronto with my brother. It's 1991, and I just started my full time practice of healing; still playing with and understanding the energy I'd kept inside all this time. There's a fly really, really hovering around the soy sauce on our table. I mention the scene from the movie. My brother says "I BET you could never catch that fly" (This is in the context of his asking what I'm doing-he has many gifts, suppressed all his life)

I catch the fly. He huffs, "beginner's luck!", and now, 19 years later, has forgotten that moment.

This isn't about catching a fly, or whatever goal you set for yourself. There is no technique to this I can teach you. It's not even about grabbing the moment, even when there is a moment.

In that Magical Moment in Time (the original title of Man From Atlan) you're in the void, and, the fly gently lands on your open chopsticks, and you gently close them. You smile at the moment and gently release the fly, which then flies away.

There was a moment in Toronto, in 1974. Walking down the street I had just decided to quit my job and start writing my book. I saw the Canadian actress Jackie Burroughs and just beamed at her, and of course, she smiled right back. Then last night I saw her again, in a Canadian movie called The Republic of Love.

Let the moment, just land in your hand.

Monday, July 19, 2010


This is God's name

That's the saying anyway, so this is just the starting point as to what the actual name might be.

Well, first of all, it's not a name but a vibration, an energy you feel, and, it is a doorway.

It's a Saturday morning and the Jehovah's Witnesses are banging on the door. Do you know that the American Standard Bible Isaiah 42:8 says "I am Jehovah, that is my name"? Well, that conflicts with my King James "I am the Lord, that is my name" (Adhonai/Kyrios) but that's OK, the pastor's from my local JW Kingdom Hall and he's a nice guy; I'm always glad to see him.

Then you look at how language has evolved over time, and how sound encapsulates energy, every name has an energy, and every sound has a numerical value that is an energy in itself. And you look at the hidden meanings in the vowels and not just the consonants and the space between the sounds and you get to know this: it doesn't really matter.

Yes, it can be Jehovah or Allah or Krishna or Lord, and it can be no name at all. Even to pursue that might send you down so many narrowly confined paths, aka Religion. Mysticism, as I have said, is expansion and not just constriction.

But knowledge is, to know. So yes, the names are also important in their own way. YHWH has two male and two female letters, so it's about balance, yet it contains the conflict between the two. The hidden vowels, or the sounds are the unifying force, and you can also say this, that the four letters YHVH or Tetragrammaton is represented in this way:

which is the stick figure of Man, or, humanity. That we are God, or, that we are in God's image.

But, there is more. The hidden meaning of YHVH is Yohav, or, to love. That God will always love you, and God will always be your healer.

But this, then, is the message of The Way of Atlan, that God reincarnates ever so often here on Earth, and to know him, first you must find him. That is the ultimate goal.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Films I have loved

"The stuff that dreams are made of."

I've been a writer, a composer, and an artist. But what comes back to me now is the visual sense. We are so closed there, and I see that as a third eye chakra issue, over and over again. How nice it would be to be to see things as they really are, instead of the way we would like them to be? This is what we need to balance our psychic-spiritual needs.

And to see not only bleakness, but, beauty. Humanity and Nature in all its colours. We are beings of light, and the play of light in a darkened cinema hall awakens us in so many ways.

We stayed for a while in a hotel in Tokyo when we moved there. There was a movie theater across from us. I already had snuck away from home a few times in London at age 2, and so, I snuck away from home, age 3, to see a movie. It was Captain Blood, the silent 1928 version with Douglas Fairbanks Sr, and I was hooked.

Hitchcock's 1956 movie, Rear Window, Mike Todd's 1958 Around the World in 80 Days, and Hammer Films 1959 Dracula, to thrill me. The 'toga movies' Ben Hur and The Fall of the Roman Empire, and El Cid, to inspire me. Chaplin, the Three Stooges, Laurel and Hardy, Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin and others that made me laugh. And countless others I saw, with permission or not :)

At the military school I went to they had an outdoor auditorium that showed movies every Friday night! New releases that didn't have the heavy handed Pakistani censorship all over it. Every Friday night, except when I was in detention, which happened all too frequently due to an unfortunate disciplinary problem of talking back, and not doing my homework (because I was too busy reading books from the library) Mostly British movies but also the old American classics. Wow.

Then we got a TV set, and I've watched every Academy Award since 1968.

Then we came to Canada and I REALLY started watching movies. My first job offer? Working in a porn cinema which I didn't take due to anticipatory legalities, alas :(

But yes, I watched films since I was three and seen thousands since. I even have over six hundred DVD titles. But I can't give you a list of all my favourites, and even a 10 best or whatever. But still, here's a list of just some of the movies I have loved.

  • To Kill A Mockingbird: great characters, great actors, great movie

  • Night of the Generals and Lord Jim: with the great Irish actor Peter O' Toole.

  • Lawrence of Arabia: A sweeping movie never matched since.

  • The Longest Day: the many stories of war that culminate on D-Day.

  • The Servant: Dirk Bogarde, evil butler.

  • Avatar: In Imax 3-D, an earth as a living energy.

  • Gone With The Wind: A great movie made even more enjoyable by reading the novel first.

  • The Musicals: Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Chorus, Hello, Dolly!

  • Chariots of Fire: The runners, the music, and a man who runs to celebrate God.

  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Everything I love about the Chinese culture, and film.

  • Dirty Dancing: Dance AND Music, Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, a chemistry that lights up the screen!

  • The Deer Hunter: The music score alone was amazing, the great anti-war movie.

  • The Mists of Avalon: I loved the novel, and the movie transcended it. The energy glowed.

  • The Lord of the Rings trilogy: Wow!

  • Once: A charming little movie, with ordinary artists making extraordinary music together.

  • The Red Violin: Chloe's a sucker for strings. Me, too. The violin's a character in the movie too.

  • Zombie movies: Shaun of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead. Gebbriel's a sucker for Zombie movies. Me, too. More so than Vampire or Werewolf movies. Go figure.

  • Movies about composers: Impromptu, Chopin; Immortal Beloved, Beethoven; Amadeus, Mozart; Tous les Matins du Monde, Marais. And any movie with a score by Ennio Morricone automatically gets added to my list.

  • Mad Hot Ballroom: too many documentaries to list; well, Up the Yangtze and Man on a Wire comes to mind, but this little charmer about inner school kids whose teacher starts the first ballroom dancing class in New York City schools and teaches them self-esteem.

  • Cinderella Man: Because I was in it, and I showed up in the movie poster (sorta)

  • Star Wars: Spaceships, interplanetary wars, yeah!

  • Y tu Mama Tambien: Two horny teens grow up. If there's a language I just love the sound of, it's Spanish. But the road trip through Mexico was beautiful too.

  • The Motorcycle Diaries: Road trip through South America, Che Guevara, Spanish.

  • Slum Dog Millionaire/Monsoon Wedding: All the intense colours I remember from India. Jai ho!

  • Amelie: A little girl sets out to make other people happy, and it's in Paris, though then you'll have to see the director Jean-Pierre Jeunet's OTHER movie, Delicatessen, about a deli that er, eats the rich and unpleasant :)

So yes, I love movies. I love them because like all good art, they can actually raise people's awareness to a higher level. I love them because the combination of sound, and light in a dark theater has an effect that reaches us at the level of our souls. And I loved them, and wanted to make one myself.

When I wrote Man From Atlan I saw the book as a movie unfolding before my eyes; I heard the dialogue and the music of the spheres, and I knew that the book could reach one audience, and a movie based on the book, another, larger one.

I knew nothing about making movies, just what it would look like. So I went to Hollywood and an agent wanted me to play an Indian palmist "if you could do it with a funny accent" :( Damn, I could have got my Union card. And all the studios said the book would have to be published first and that's how I published the book myself, and if that didn't help me get anywhere in Hollywood, it helped me get started on my healing practice, and one door closed, and another opened.

So even though I did go back to Los Angeles again, and had ONE actual chance, even then I knew it just wasn't where I should be focusing at that point in time.

Los Angeles was the best place for me, for a while. But even if I helped the lead singer for Earth Wind and Fire who somehow wasn't able to connect me with Michael Jackson or lived up the road from Stephen Spielberg or healed Denzel Washington's children's nanny's grandson :) or cured Mel Gibson's producer's diabetes it just wasn't right anymore (I know, the name dropping is sooo Hollywood:) Even a Canadian producer who really liked it said "it'll be too expensive". No it won't because it won't have the special effects that ruin every movie. It'll be simple, on a human level.

But that is by the bye. There was a time when I realized I already had done everything I wanted. Had the school, the healing center, the students and passed on my knowledge. All the spiritual events have been set in motion, and now it's not up to me to look for people, but people who are looking for me, will find me.

Yes there are movies to see and still enjoy, and even, perhaps, to make. But what I wanted to share with you today is my love of film, and if it is in you to make a film yourself, then, do so.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Books I Have Loved

Just some of the books I've read

I've loved the journey, and the people I've met, and had great joy in my children and loves. There even are so many pleasures I have had, art, and film, and food :) among many. But what comes back to me now, is the books I have read.

I was reminded of this because the 50th anniversary of Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird came up. I read it when I was 12, and it inspired me in so many ways. It was a book about America, not just the racism that permeated it but all the good that existed side by side with it. It had great characters, Scout, and Jem, and Boo, and humanity and decency were characters in the book too.

Scout was the main character, or so I thought at first. She's a tomboy growing up in the old South, and as she matures, you see that the South was changing too. There's a rape, and a black man falsely accused, and there's her father, Atticus Finch, a lawyer reluctantly agreeing to defend him, because he knows it will cause his neighbors to react, but also, because it's the right thing to do. Scout listens to him talking to people saying this was wrong, and one day it would come back to haunt them.

And the movie has the greatest role ever played, Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch, for which he won an Oscar. He inspired me to want to defend people, and, in seeing his relationship with his children, he was the sort of man and father I wanted to be. I just ordered the book and movie to pass on to my children.

There is no list of best books I have read, of course. I've read thousands, I've got many more still to go.

But there's Orwell. 1984 was a dystopian view of the world, and I recommend that, and Animal Farm, and that you read this:"The Value of George Orwell"

Along with Orwell I hope you'll read Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. Two writers, one who said we would be manipulated by propaganda and lies and torture, and the other who said we would be controlled through pleasure, sex and drugs.

P.G. Wodehouse was one of the finest, and funniest writers I have known. I think I've read more than 80 of his books,. Laughing Gas and Pigs Have Wings still makes me smile 50 years after I read them.

Anna Karenina by Tolstoy, and The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoevsky, and Pasternak's Doctor Zhivago, covers my gloomy Russians, I have not read Pushkin, alas. There is a part in The Brothers Karamazov where the village whore tells the priest a story. In it, a woman gives an onion to a poor person. That was all she had, but because of that one act of kindness, she is granted salvation. I think of it when reminded of the spirituality of the Russian people.

Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls, A Farewell to Arms and lastly, The Old Man and the Sea, which taught me the endurance of the human spirit.

Leslie Charteris' The Saint Novels. Read the first, Enter the Saint, and you'll be hooked. I've read them all, about a gentleman thief and Robin Hood type character. There's a limerick of his I still remember:

"When Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden did sin,
Adam, instead of confessing to his deed like a man,
Cried "the woman tempted me"
And tried to hide behind the snake"

The Wheel of Time Novels by Robert Jordan. It is my ultimate fantasy series about the battle between good and evil. The writer passed away, but left notes to complete the series. The new writer's book, The Gathering Storm is quite good, and I look forward to the 13th of the series in November.

Cheiro's books on Palmistry and Numerology inspired me more than one could imagine, and I shall always be grateful.

Historical biographies and fiction; I've read ALL of Dorothy Dunnett, who is both literate and captures some very interesting characters and historical periods.

Harry Potter, and the Stephenie Meyer's Bella the Vampire books for not guilty at all pleasures.

Too many books on Science, Astrology, Maps, Art, Language, Music and Kabballah to mention.

The Gita, for its poetry.

I met a man in a bookstore once and we talked about the books we had in our libraries that we never had time to read and he said, "that's ok, I just sit and Breathe them in".

May you always breathe books.

Are We There Yet?


Here we are, again, and it isn't the beginning of the end, or even, a new beginning. We're always on this journey, because we're immortal. We're all at some point of our own journeys, but, right now, we're all at this stage of incompletion, of karma, of seeking.

So, it's a life of hard work for us right now, and, in spite of all the obstacles, we have to hang in there. And the only thing I can promise you is peace. Oh, and whatever you fear, will be fine.

So is it heaven you seek? That's only a stage, and heaven can also exist here on earth, and you can find it if you find your connection to God. And the fastest way for that is to feel love and compassion, and then, you will find peace.

Oh, I could be angry a hundred times over, and when I am, it really is something. But what you see right now, the imbalance and nature's way of trying to correct it, is your doing. And only you can correct it.

But in the end, you will have to find your way back to me.

Friday, July 02, 2010

When God Created Humanity

We were given free will

And if we were truly given free will, is it possible that all of what we are going through is, unplanned? Yes, it's possible to see a possible outcome. But what if we must also accept that there's no Plan behind all this, and we truly are responsible for whatever happens?

Exactly one year ago I wrote several blog posts here. For those who found my last post too, er, bleak, I suggest you go back to the July 2009 archives and see if I didn't explain my thoughts well enough, and didn't I say there would always be hope, for those who could change?

For now, it's enough to say that if things are unfolding, then it's not as they should, or could have done, but as to what we've created over several millennia of Earth's history.

  • First, we lost sight of God. And for that we can't blame God, or the man made religions. We had the ability to see they were temporary structures passed through all too human beings, and they were meant to evolve as we were meant to evolve. That we were meant to one day look for a direct connection without having a whole lot of tribal rules imposed on us.

  • And if God out of should try to teach us certain lessons about karma and we missed that, then whose fault is that?

  • And when teachers came, who rejected the teachers because they weren't perfect, or wouldn't fit our preconceptions? At least they, however flawed, tried to help us. All you had to do was learn the lesson, and move on.

  • Ultimately, who made the choice to shut off the spiritual so we could pursue the material? Humanity did. And the fear and scepticism, hoo hah! So don't complain when you're told it's too late.

So Humanity had a choice, and even if free will had been eroded over thousands of years, yet, it still had a choice. And if you now must accept that whatever must be, that's not punishment, it's an opportunity.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Is That All There Is?

What keeps us going is hope

So what if that's all there is? Things have been pretty fucked up, so what if I said, what you've got is what you've got? Mass riots and depression I guess.

Apologies first for using this dark picture of Scotland, which we loved very much. It was on the ferry, which is about journeys, and the rains had stopped as soon as we left Kendal, and by the time we left Nairn and then reached Iona, a brilliant sun came out.

Which illustrates my point:

What if? What if your marriage is what you've got, and your home is what you've got, and your children, loved ones, parents, jobs, whatever were the way they were? I know I'd keep going on, that I wouldn't give up trying, that I would keep plugging away at people and helping them to change. I would still be a healer, I would still be their kind friend.

And that's it really. Things might change, but they'll be difficult changes. People might remain the same, and give up. Today a woman told Chloe her husband wanted to leave her and their three children, and one of them is a thirteen yr. old autistic child.

What is it with people, with men that evade their responsibilities and run away? What is it with people that give up?

Oh, people might say they'll hang in there and things will change.

But, what if things won't change and you know that? You can always change the way you look at things, but you'll still, live with something or someone for the rest of your life. And, matters may get worse. So, one may ask, is that all there is/Is that how it's going to be?

So yes, things might only possibly go downhill from here. Suffering may increase exponentially and natural disasters and illnesses increase. And chances are, the person you're with might not change.


You accept that this is what you've got, and you'll make a nourishing soup, heck, an omelette out of what you've got.

And I'll create a safe harbour where all can shelter and wait till the storm passes away, and I'll keep building these refuges around the world, but I'll tell those who know who I am: The safest refuge is the one inside yourself.

The Sacred Marriage

The Lovers

Here's where we went wrong: the split between male and female energies, and the ensuing split within our spirituality that brought pain to this planet. And because we are not in balance, our actions are not in balance, and all the wars, pollution, and corruption are a direct result of that imbalance.

Here's how we can heal that: The Sacred Marriage. And the sacred marriage is not a tool that heals us, though it starts the process of healing, and the process of healing, I should say, is not the easiest thing in the world, but it certainly brings change!

There was a sacred marriage in Canaa, where water was turned into wine, and that was a miracle to show how one element could become another, and one person could become another.

I was married to Chloe in 1996 and even though we were together before that it was the ceremony itself, with our close personal friends, that brought a lot of healing to Canada. This continued into our magical journey to the U.K. and mainland Europe that year.

I returned to the U.K in 1999 to follow an eclipse, and there, conducted another sacred marriage for my friends Heather and Mars. It poured all day, then the sun came out for the marriage, then it poured again. We were swarmed by a cloud of bees and wasps, yet none of us were bitten. Symbolic, significant; I still have a photo of a wasp resting on my hand. The eclipse path went from New York to SE England to Turkey and India, and there were floods and earthquakes almost immediately after that, and two years later, the world changed with 9/11 in New York.

I held a sacred marriage ceremony for Chaieomie and Neil in 2002, and that too was magical, I hope to dig up the pictures so I can post that instead of this generic thingy I have up here. It was held in a provincial park. An eagle (I think) was sick and caught in a tree, but when we approached it became very frantic. So I released it from a distance and it flew away. Me, and birds :)

Isis and Patrick's marriage in Hawaii was accompanied by similar weather changes.

Chloe and I renewed our sacred marriage in England in 2007, with our dear friends around us, and England had its worst flooding that year, but wherever we went, the rains, that had been pouring for three months, stopped, and our healing energies helped normalize things.. for a while, but I left healers and healing centres behind.

So I teach my students to perform the ceremony, and in many cases they meet the person they are meant to marry (note I do not say it is the perfect person, just, the right person) and when they do the healing it creates very powerful energies. Does the marriage last? If they choose, if they work together and adjust, sure. But the energies created! Years later, miracles happen in that area of Devon, and Hamilton, and Toronto where I did my work. And the people who were there had huge changes. Even when my niece then my nephew got married and all I did was be there to bless them, then that was enough to bring healing protection.

This is the sacred marriage that will heal the world. It is not a ceremony between two individuals, though if done in good faith then yes it will bless and help you. But what it is is a union of two energies, the male and female, and it will bring about not a new religion, but the Way of Atlan that will heal the planet.

But first, there will be great change.

Suffer the Children

I was abused as a child

About time I said it. I was molested.

When I was living in the U.K the lady in the neighbouring flat was a secretary in the Crown Prosecution Service. She told me the number of cases of child abuse she had to type every day were so horrifying and traumatic she could hardly believe it herself. This was in the 70's, and it's only gotten worse.

Now there's emotional and psychological abuse, which can actually be worse than physical abuse. God knows, that seems to exist in every family, and it's a wonder anyone survives that to become a decent human being. That's because we have that aspect of God within ourselves that protects us, though of course there also is our choices, and our karma.

One could blame parents, as one could blame God. One could also try to understand, and only then can we learn to forgive, and find peace.

What we are going through now is a reflection of a reflection of the imbalance that exists within all of us. So if our parents, teachers, spouses and loved ones should be abusive, that comes from the lack of balance within all of us. I don't need to judge that. Why should I, when all that happens is part of a cycle we repeat, over and over again? Moral lectures and psychological exercises seem not to make a difference any way. I do feel, though, the pain we all carry inside ourselves.

So I was sexually molested when I was 7 years old. All the other stuff that happened before or after, when adults would grope and fumble in that furtive little way, was no big deal. It was like, what the hell are you up to? But the one time when I could have been hurt for the rest of my life, well, I went...elsewhere, and when I returned, I was fine.

Both the victims and the perpetrators I have seen since; no, they are not fine, and their need for healing is reflected in the planet's need for healing.

Religion is a human failing that focuses on the male or female aspects, none of which are in balance. So, those who follow that can make war, and hurt others, and abuse, because what they believe in is itself not in balance. But bring the child into the equation, and heal and protect the child, and then and only then, can we begin to heal.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What Next?

This has been a horrible year

As all the changes we spoke of have to pass, with so much devastation and suffering, thoughts turn to the people out there, as well as the ones closer to home. Yes, it has been a horrible year for so many of us. The Haiti earthquake was so terrible, the mind could not possibly believe a greater one could come. Yet it did, in the BP oil spill.

And now I say this, that more terrible things will come. Yet, they were so preventable, and all that human beings have to do is change. Yet, change is what we fear. And I have hope, but know how difficult that change will be.

So once again, in a year of turmoil, and after so many people close to me went through their own change, I am once again going through changes of my own. And it may be I will finally move out of Toronto, and the change will not be easy, not because of my own discomfort, but that my family must go through this as well.

But I also see hope for this planet, and for the people that I love. Be strong, you are protected and loved more than you realize.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Where Goest Thou, America?

This is America

The Gulf Coast Oil Spill is one of the greatest environmental disasters in American History.

It affects the environment, human health, and the balance of nature.

Yet no one understands why, or what is yet to come.

There will be more disasters. It will be a long time before the planet heals.

Why have I been drawn to America, yet, when I knew that things would really get worse, did I leave it?

Because when I warned them, they didn't listen. So Americans will now have to go through this period of time, and be ready to follow the spiritual path by following me, and then, and only then, will I come back to help heal this nation, and through them, the planet.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Dreamed a Dream

Trango Towers, Pakistan

And in this dream I was climbing these very peaks, in the dark, in a storm.

I am not afraid.

I succeed.

Humanity is being forced to face up to its challenges too.

Mastering the Art of French Cooking

The Boeuf Bourguignon was lovely

Living in a spiritual communal environment, it was duly noted that some women couldn't be trusted to er, boil an egg :)

But, joking aside, that really isn't my point. Aside from what men always say about their mother's cooking, hers was fabulous. But, she also gave me my first lessons in cooking, and I learned much from that.

I learned to be independent and not rely on anyone to feed myself.

I learned to organize myself.

And I learned that cooking food was the best way to show love for others, and for myself.

When I was in London I worked as an assistant chef at a company dining room where I learned to make a decent steak and kidney pie and apple crumb pastry as taught by a Spanish chef who groped the staff's bottoms (but not mine, alas-just joking) and I learned how one's energy got in your food and that food made with love got comments...

I am glad that Chloe learned to cook by herself, and that when she learned what she did through me she became a great cook herself. Her favourite presents are cookbooks, yet she knows it's never the ingredients or the portions, it's the energy.

I'm glad that our children have picked up our love of cooking, and that all of them have become pretty proficient in the kitchen. Arune really amazes her cooking class teacher.. and I think it's about learning to love yourself.

But then we got Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" and the first dish Chloe and the children made was of course, Boeuf Bourguignon . And when they saw the 21 steps needed, they decided to er, take shortcuts.

It was delicious! It was really, really, good. But the shortcuts they took made it just a tad salty, and a little too much fat.

So here's the lesson:

Sometimes in life we can't take shortcuts, but must follow the route laid out for us.

We may not understand the reason for the instruction or teaching, but perhaps we need to trust there IS a reason, and follow the recipe.

It may take a while longer, but the results always are worth it.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Child is Born

A sign of hope

We live in karmic times. Every day we are reminded of change, upheaval and the pain of humanity. We try to live in peace, we try to find happiness, we wonder about love.. And each day we see what is missing in our lives.

And yet, even though I have been saying since 1977 how difficult would be the path ahead, I have always believed in humanity's strength and goodness, and I believed, that it would survive the tough times ahead.

Yet we all need signs and symbols, to show us the way. We need to never give up hope. And the greatest sign of all, is when a child is born..

What could be a greater symbol of hope and faith than that we should bring a child into this world? And at this time in Earth's history? I have known that children born in the 90's and 00's are very, very special. And that they will be a part of the earth's healing.

Last month a special child was born. That he was born was a special event, that he was born into the Muslim faith a remarkable coincidence, and that he was born close to me so I could always keep an eye out for him was the best gift of all. And the fact is, I know him from before.
You go to a place, and you've been there before. You meet someone, and even in spirit you know, you and I have been together in lives past, and I know you!

I wrote about Nikola Tesla the Atlanian man here
and I wrote this: "Atlanian civilization rested on two pillars, philosophy and science. Its direction was in the pursuit of knowledge, both physical and spiritual" and "its chief scientist was a man called Andron, whom I introduced in my first book Man From Atlan". Please read the article to see how significant he can be in the time ahead.

When I was a child I had spirit friends, and the two closest to me were Andron and Aeflan. They were my parents and teachers in some lives; I was their teacher in others. I have known them as Merlin, and the Lady of the Lake, I have known them as Mary the Mother of Jesus and Joseph of Arimathea, I have known them countless times.

And they told me, they wished to stay in the spirit world because their work was there. That Andron chose to be born now tells me how close we are to the time when the earth will change, because he was also there at other times of change; he was a great scientist, healer and magician.

So a child is born, who will do great things. Just as you, too, must find the greatness in you.