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A Spiritual Journey to the U.S.

I've been to the U.S. many times, in many significant ways. I saw its future, and while I do believe that the world will change when America will change, I tell you this now: it's almost too late.

Here's a true story, then I'll follow that up with another, that I wrote and published on the website back in 2001, after the events of 9/11.

Living just outside of Woodstock, New York in 1995, I heard the local legend of how, when the last of the native peoples were driven out of the Hudson River valley hundreds of years ago, a shaman placed a curse on the new settlers. They would be trapped inside that place, and never be able to leave it; except for those who were healers or teachers.

This applies to all the people of the United States. You, and all your generations, are trapped inside a spiritual, emotional and karmic place, and never will be free until you heal the harm that was done in your name.

A Spiritual Journey to the U.S.

This was supposed to read 'A Spiritual Journey through the U.S.', because it was set in the past.

However, in view of all that has happened, I know that my journey to the U.S. is not over yet.

My earliest experience of Americans was mixed. At an American school in Tokyo in 1954, I was relegated to the back row of the Kindergarten Christmas pageant, which space I shared with the only other Indian kid in class. (I couldn't help noticing the blondes were all front row centre).

On the other hand, there were American neighbours, and they were the kindest, friendliest people. I also connected with Joseph Campbell and Shirley MacLaine, but that is another story.

Going through school in Pakistan, I was aware only of an American world perspective. Reading Time, Life and Reader's Digest, it was the Communists aiming for world domination; South Vietnam had to be protected or the Asian dominos would fall; Cuba was an 'undemocratic' country.

The culture was worse. In the movies, I cheered the cowboys against the savage Indian, Americans and British against the fascist Germans, Japanese and Italians, and The Holocaust (tm) was The Greatest Crime Of All Time. Even Playboy magazine was there to tell me what was attractive and beautiful.

It was only when I entered the world of Spirit in the 60's that I came to see it all for what it was: Propaganda. A documentary on Nostradamus even attempted to portray America as a new vision for the planet, but I saw America as the new Roman Empire, imposing its will on the world through brute force, and all its pronouncements on freedom, democracy and values for the lies they were.

And as I came to the realisation of all my past lives and what my purpose was, I said to myself: one day I would go to America.

In 1990, sitting on a beach in California, I took stock of myself. How was I to reach the people of the world? The media was one answer, so I decided to publish my writings, and my first book, Man From Atlan, came out that year. (It was written in 1974) This led me to my next step, and I became what I had always denied I was: a Healer.

I made several trips to the U.S. after that, alone and with other people. We chased UFO's (secret gov't aircraft) in the high desert, meditated in a crystal landscape bursting with flashes of fire, and connected with the spirits of the land.

I was in New York for New Year's eve, and then, with my dear Agnes and the spirit of our daughter Aruna, (yet to be born) went into the Californian high desert again. We were shifting between dimensions, and communing with spirit.

In 1993 I got the spiritual call to close down my healing centre in Toronto, Canada, my medical practice and meditation classes, and move to Los Angeles. My students asked ,"Why California? There're going to be earthquakes there". I said, "because that's why I'll be needed there".

Packing every thing in a little Honda Civic, and with Aruna on Agnes's (now Chloe :) lap, we drove across the U.S. We didn't have enough money, it showed up at the last minute. I got some work in Detroit, and then we set off. At the end of a day's driving, every little town and city had a Mexican or Sea Food restaurant. Every one simply adored Aruna, and we got to see the soul of America: its people, and its heart: in the vastness of the land. And in the end, we arrived where we had been the last time, on a beach in Malibu.

We were in a motel across from the Beach. There was one person I knew, and two phone numbers. They were all helpful, and I made another of the leaps of faith I had to make all my life. We would live on donations, and I would offer healing and teaching for whatever people wished to give. At that time I only had enough money for a month.

The first Malibu Fire of 1993 shocked every one . But we had already left, for San Francisco. We stayed for a while, living on donations and the kindness of a stranger who invited us into her home. We stayed 2 weeks, then returned to Los Angeles. There, at the home of another of my recent acquaintances, I said to this large group of her friends and students: I was there to offer help and learning. If they could offer us a place to stay, or donate any thing, that would be up to them. We got a place to stay that night.

The second Malibu Fire began immediately after that. The fires came right down to the motel where we had been staying, but we were living in Santa Monica by then. One day we went to the Self Realisation Fellowship temple in Santa Monica, and felt the spirit of Paramahansa Yogananda. He came with us to Mt. Shasta, where Agnes felt she was pregnant again. That didn't work out until later.

One day, in January of 1994, I was doing a workshop in North Ridge, just outside of Los Angeles. Doing a healing on the Earth, I felt so ill that I nearly fainted. The great North Ridge Earthquake of 1994 hit Los Angeles 36 hours later. Our house shook for 17 seconds, and when it was over, I could see fires all over Los Angeles down below.

We could have stayed in North Ridge, but ended up living in the safest part of Los Angeles, Pacific Palisades. We were reminded over and over again, from walking with Aruna on a beach at night that everyone said was dangerous, to the fires and the earthquake, how protected we were, and how I wanted to tell every one, they could feel the same way.

There was so much fear in the city afterwards, people actually wanted to move out. I helped them heal. I appeared on American television, a fulfilment of prophecy. There was a painting exhibited in Santa Monica right then: 'Christ (or Jesus) entering Los Angeles' in the style of James Ensor and Diego Rivera. I've never been able to locate the painting since then, I'd like it for a book cover. Taking a group of students out to our place in the desert, we had a healing meditation. A very strong aftershock hit Los Angeles right then.

I had done what I had come for to Los Angeles . Every one marvelled because the damage was supposed to have been much greater, an 8.0 earthquake had been expected, instead of 6.3. Even that hadn't done much harm. I knew what I had done, the rest wasn't important.

We celebrated Yom Kippur and Aruna's Ist Birthday with our friends, had a final meditation, then left for Dallas,Texas.

There were many more miracles in Texas, ordinary people who came into the light of hope and peace and were helped in so many ways. We had a little holiday in South Padre Island, then left for New York , our next destination.

The 4th of July 1994 found us in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We celebrated with the holiday crowds, then walked home. There was music, a laser light show, and Aruna danced in the street with us. Driving to New York along the Blue Ridge Mountain Highway I looked up on impulse and there was a White Eagle in a tree, looking at us. A perfect omen that we were supposed to be in New York.

In a small town called Chappaqua, we were at a gathering in a healer's house. There was an infant child with a congenital defect; she couldn't eat because her esophagus had scar tissue and was almost closed. She hadn't eaten in a week and was due for immediate surgery. I felt drawn to holding the child, with a little healing done, with permission. I felt something happen.

Later I found out that she had eaten a donut right after the healing, and when she had the surgery, her esophagus had opened up remarkably. Another sign, for me if not anyone else, though dang! her grateful grandma was Denzel Washington's children's nanny. Dang.

We had to return to Texas to get some long neglected dental work done. A very kind dentist offered to do it for free and so we drove back from New York. Agnes and I had some major work and I did more healing. Agnes got pregnant again and we recognised the spirit. Our host's name was Ravi, our son's spirit choose the name Raven Akuilah, for the messenger of God sent to the prophet Elijah and the Latin word for Eagle, for spirit and in honour of the sign we had seen before.

We lived in Peekskill, just outside of New York, then in Woodstock though we went to the city often. I won't list all the things that happened, doesn't prove any thing and suffice to say it was only for us to see. But I did teach many people to be healers, teachers and magicians.

Raven was born in Woodstock, N.Y. in April of 1995. He was a little early, so Agnes, Alex, a student of mine and I delivered him. Our American connection. I just wanted to write, but heard I was still supposed to travel. So off I went to Asia while Agnes and the children returned to Canada.

We had been in America for two years, drove 60,000 miles and been all over. I had given the gift of healing to thousands; and hundreds of my students had gone on to teach others. Many of the concepts I taught are surfacing as 'new' ideas, it doesn't matter. When I left, I had the knowledge that I was supposed to be in New York City itself, there was going to be a tremendous need for healing one day. It didn't happen, because some things were just meant to be.

Coming back from England in the year 2000, I heard there was supposed to be a major quake in San Francisco. Flying down, I danced to heal the earth in Union Square in the morning of May 28, 2000, then returned to Toronto.

In March of 2001, I felt the earth would shift again in Los Angeles. Arriving in the city, the rains stopped. The love and acceptance I had received before simply wasn't there any more, just fear. That was ok, I had deliberately made it difficult and in the end only a few dear friends showed up. That left me with the time to do my work and on the last day, Sunday, March 18, I did an earth healing with my friend Angela and was done.

I still felt the need to be in New York, but now recognise that there are some things that will just have to happen for the earth, and people, to heal. I did inspire my disciple Jennifer to be there so she could help, before the fact of Sept.11, and only those who asked.

I say this with love to the people of the United States. Why do people hate America so much? Can't you understand the karma of all the evil that has been done in your name? Do you really believe that bombing innocent people will protect you? The facts are that it was a CIA/Mossad operation, regardless of who the actual soldiers were, designed to create a war that serves your own national interests.

Evil cannot be permitted to continue. I am Krishna and say this to you, Arjuna, when all the evil in the world exceeds the good, I will incarnate to bring the world back into balance.

But remember this, I come as Kalki the destroyer, and whatever has to happen, will take place.

And if Earth Changes are required to bring about harmony, let them take place.

What can you all do? Find a spiritual peace inside you, and change yourself for the better, and if a stranger says follow me, then do so. I am he that the world has waited for. Follow me. Help me change the world.

Let there be peace, love, and joy.

©- Naseer Ahmad-2001

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