Monday, December 03, 2007

From The Skies Will Come A Powerful And Alarming King

Who is this man?

1999: "From the skies will come a powerful and alarming king"

Ignoring this rough quote from Nostradamus, I went to Devon, in the south of England to observe the August 11, 1999 solar eclipse. We watched as the shadow of the moon passed over us and went on to obscure the sun, minutes of complete darkness that told me it was time to tell people who I was. There would be terrible changes to come.

Here's the archived website that I put up from September 1999 to November 2005. It's been down for coincidental technical and spiritual reasons, but I hope to have it up again soon.

and here are the first pages:

Maitreya, the World Healer."Some wait with longing for the Messiah- Krishna/Kalki- The 12th Imam Mahdi- Jesus Christ- Quetzalcoatl/Thoth- Maitreya- the Ascended Master,the Avatar, the Buddha yet to come. Each culture, all waiting for the return of their chosen one at the Dawn of the Millennium.

But what if? What if all these beings exist within one man?

Naseer Ahmad is a teacher who has travelled many years, come quietly among you for those who would choose. He heals not only through his hands and presence and the peace he leaves behind; he has also met each being on this planet through the transmission of his energy across the parallel dimensions of time and space. He offers a message of Peace, Love and Joy, but also brings great change. He is Krishna, Kalki, the Messiah Jesus Christ.

Krishna, Kalki, the Messiah Jesus Christ.
The time of prophecy is here. The religions of the past are dead as they no longer answer the questions of our questing evolving souls. Our leaders are corrupted by the lure of power and wealth, and unseen forces enslave us all. The planet is dying. Our relationships are empty, and our illnesses are a symptom of the emotional pain we carry inside ourselves. Generations of our children have been lost.

We have the means and the ability to end war, disease and poverty but are only able to stay in a position of Fear and Survival and say the eternal lie, "there's nothing we can do." We could be one planet, one race of humanity, one universal religion of truth, we choose not to.

Naseer Ahmad is the Avatar of the Age. It has been promised and foretold over and over again, when Righteousness is overshadowed by Darkness then the Avatar will Incarnate. We will not be permitted to destroy the future. He offers his message through this medium, in person and through his books, but also through his energy, which has already touched you. The time for a Spiritual Revolution is now"

I will be publishing some of my other writings in the time to come. They are gifts, for you to choose from., and if they help you in some way, I will be glad.

The Way of Atlan is the original root religion that was brought to Earth many years ago. Since religion has deteriorated into a coercive method of mind control, I prefer to call it a philosophy, one that respects that we all have our own way of finding our path, but if you wish to understand your path to God, to oneness and understanding your karma, to finding peace and balance, I offer this Way to you, and hope you chose wisely.


Anonymous said... who exactly are you? another "Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani"?

Man From Atlan said...

No. He always was a Muslim, and I choose to not be one in this life. I'm someone who remembers his lifetimes, so I'll be true to those.
But thanks for the comment (my first!) and I'd be happy to answer further questions.

Anonymous said...

Mirza and Muslim? He was born a Muslim but he died an asshole. I'm sure you've read about him and his books and figured what a fucked up person he was. He or his followers are not Muslims.

Your name suggests that you were probably born Muslim? So you are "Messiah- Krishna/Kalki- The 12th Imam Mahdi- Jesus Christ- Quetzalcoatl/Thoth- Maitreya- the Ascended Master,the Avatar, the Buddha" all combined in one, i.e. you, a man from Atlan? I can't really read the big text on your site archives, can you tell me in a paragraph or two what exactly do you mean about yourself? And why should I even listen to you or read you? So far I've just figured that you're just another FITNA. Am I right?

You said "The religions of the past are dead..." Really? Do you think Islam is dead? Muslims are dead people (metaphorically)? If you're not Hindu, Christian, Jew, Zionist, Muslim, Atheist, Sikh, who are you?

I'm very confused. I'm sorry!

Man From Atlan said...

I don't insult people or religions, but if some get insulted, sorry. All religions no longer serve to answer the questions of our evolving souls. Does that make them 'spiritually dead'? Metaphorically, and in essence, yes. If it was a dynamic entity, it wouldn't have the problems it does now, nor will those problems be solved by becoming more orthodox. Would you insult Sufis as well? Not that I'm one, but I respect them.
I don't think people are 'born' Muslim. They choose, when they are old enough to know, whether they are Muslim or not. But yes, my parents are Muslim.
And if you've come here from xymphora's blog, you know I've actively defended Islam.
I don't belong to any of the above labels you listed, but I'll say this: There is an original, root religion. I am the person of prophecy, including the Islamic. I hope you'll continue to ask questions.