Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Follow The Money

Who will own the Earth/ neither you nor I/ for it belongs to us all/ in trust till the day we die. ~Unknown poet.

The banking and economic systems of the world are corrupt and evil; the world would be a better place if they came to an end. The question isn’t, well, what would we replace it with? A Darwinian system of economical survival of the ‘fittest’ that is based on the exploitation of the weakest and the poorest in the world doesn’t deserve to survive.

This has nothing to do with capitalism or communism. Think casting the moneylenders out of the temple.

We have the power to wipe out disease, poverty and war. The current economic system is based on, and creates these very conditions, even if politicians, economists and the media say otherwise. But then, they lie.

Our economic system is based on buying coffee at a few cents on the pound and selling it for $12, a child’s lungs in Indonesia being corroded by industrial glues so Nike and some athletes can make a few more bucks, lending lots of money to dictators everywhere so they can buy guns to kill their people and keep the world safe for ‘democracy’, and putting people out of work. The new God is Money and Power, and you all worship it.

Who will own the Earth? The Banking Industry, multi-national corporations, the 30 richest families? They are the problem, not the solution, and do not deserve to retain their ill-gotten wealth.

The people of the Earth? There is enough food to feed every one, enough resources to house, clothe, educate and provide health care for every one, enough ingenuity to find solutions to our problems, enough good inside all of us to bring peace to ourselves and the world.

Wealth comes from the Earth. Food, oil, minerals, land, and our greatest resource, people. Who will own the Earth? Those who abuse, or those who will nurture it?

The really, really rich have bought and corrupted entire countries. Time to take away and redistribute their wealth. Wealth is based on resources that belong to us all. I’m not talking about your house or your stock portfolio, but sharing the wealth of the planet. You can call me a communist if you wish.

Time to make central banks responsive to people, not their owners or the bought politicians we have. Time to end the power of private and commercial banks to create money out of credit.

Time to abolish interest, delegitimise the market force economists and the monetary theorists, and finish the culture of greed.

The Earth has the ability to nurture us all. Allow her to do this, instead of trying to rape, plunder and pillage her, and she will reward you.

And when every child born has an equal chance to live and survive, what a wonderful world it would be.

©- Naseer Ahmad-2002

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