Friday, February 24, 2012

Waiting On A Miracle

This will be a year of miracles

Every one, waiting for a miracle. I was going to write a short piece, recapping the tumultuous year 2011, and saying, you ain't seen anything yet.

But I was reminded recently about a miracle I once had some small part in, and wanted to share that with you instead. Next month there will be some major world changes, and in our personal lives, and so, it is best to be reminded, how much we need them, and, how much we are surrounded by, miracles.

I write so often about them they almost fade in the background of my life, and when I look at my first article on the subject, Miracles (see the December 2007 archives) I think wow, it almost reads like a c.v. or resume ;)

But I woke up last week after a dream about a little girl and her mother. I'd written about her in From The Street of Babies To Baby Point Rd. (April 2008) The mother was a student of mine, who'd gone away for a while, gotten pregnant, made the decision to terminate, then found out after she still was pregnant (the abortion didn't work) .

The baby was premature at 28 weeks, and weighed 2lbs 7 oz. I did a lot of healing from a distance, and she recovered and now is a healthy little girl almost 6 years old. This is the nature of my healing, that whatever is best, is the outcome. This girl was supposed to be born, to help in her mother's healing, so she was born, and, she survived. I met her mom again last week, and saw a new picture. The girl is stunning, and yes, she was a miracle.

The purpose of a miracle is not to teach us faith, though heaven knows (sorry) how much we do need to have faith. What am I supposed to say to the er, rationally inclined? That a miracle is a random coincidence and congruence of events, hope is merely an evolutionary manifestation of the survival instinct, and faith an irrational belief in an imaginary deity? Well, excuse me, but I saw a study yesterday that said people of belief do have, statistically, far lower rates of depression and mental illness. So pfft, I say. The skeptical can at least respect the power of belief and spirituality in helping address the stresses we are going through.

What a miracle does, is, to my mind, prove the existence of God. That we are all beings created according to a plan, that we are loved and protected, and what happens, while it may be difficult, is for a reason. I pity those that think it is all random, even when I respect their belief.

If a war or disaster happens, it is a wake up sign to us to band together as spiritual brothers and sisters, so we can heal the planet. The personal tragedies that happen to us teach us to survive and be stronger. If tragedy or sadness hits another, that teaches us compassion, and how we are all connected to each other and need to value our own, unique contributions to the whole. And a miracle is not when we wait for a solution to our problems, though that can and does happen out of the blue, it is, simply a sign.

Yes, there have been many signs and prophecies pointing to this time.

It is a time for miracles.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Five Rules To Live By

The Rules Of Naseer

  1. Be detached. Don't react.
  2. You chose your life. Let go of the stuff you hold on to.
  3. Learn what your purpose is.
  4. You need focus and discipline to get to where you want.
  5. Forgive, heal, move on.