Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Time for a Spiritual Revolution

Today November 11, 2004 is Remembrance Day in Canada, to commemorate the end of WWI, 'the war to end all wars'. What exactly has humanity learned in these last 86 years? Little, it would seem.

As a spiritual being, it is important for me to be involved in politics and the social cultural economic fabric of society. As a psychic astrologer, I am aware of the currents of human and world history. And, as a teacher, I come here to warn.

In the context of prophecy, you have very little time left to make a difference in your lives or the future of the world or what you will leave behind for your children.

The answer is not going to come from politics. I warned in my previous newsletter that regardless of who won the U.S. election, the world would not be a better place.

I personally knew that Bush would win because Kerry would lose, a significant distinction, and that people would be depressed afterwards.

Well get over it.

The solution will not come from GreenPeace or the Greens or anti-globalists or the left wing dinosaurs that put all their faith in band-aid 'left-wing' solutions or religious fanatics who are tools of the new global order.

The solution will not come from the use of violence. That's their weapon.

Nor will it come from organised religion, which is decrepit and obsolete. I'm not talking about its ability to inspire people and raise their consciousness, but the structure, which is corrupt to its core.

The solution will not come from New Age self-absorption or the Internet or writing a book (I'm a writer myself) or praying to God, Mother Earth or Angels.

The solution will come from you, but I'm not prescribing a truistic bromide.

There is one movement in the world now and that isn't the anti-war movement, noble as that is. (There just isn't the same energy left for a repeat of the anti-Vietnam War or anti-apartheid movement, and you have governments that are a lot more repressive now)

The movement in waiting is the passionate search for completion, and spirituality, of finding out who we are and our relationship to God, of becoming so strong that nothing they throw at us is going to defeat us.

I am talking about a spiritual revolution, where no pain is felt that cannot be borne, and no happiness can be taken away from us because it already exists inside us. I am talking about magic, love, and the joy we take in every day without realising it.

Did you not pray, and ask for help?

I have been a doctor, a healer and a teacher. I could have been a warrior in this life and flown fighter jets to kill other people just as others kill people now.

But I made a choice to come to Canada 34 years ago and one of the first things I did was to start classes in meditation. And I met my soul mate and learned from her, had children, and learned from them. And I learned about myself.

In 1977 I wrote a book that prophesied this war, the chapter "WAR" on my website.

I have traveled over the world, healed and taught so many.

I see what I must do, which is, to bring about the healing of the planet. But I can’t and won’t do it by myself, as you cannot do so by yourself.

I have shown you a way.

I could start a new religion of worship in the church of me :) but that isn't my intention.

My name Naseer means 'he who helps'.

As a descendant of prophets and kings I am the person of prophecy. My purpose is to help. But the healing of the planet depends on you, not I.

Check my website. If you have any questions, please ask. Note my article on “Miracles”, which isn't about me, but you.

Today we begin a war for the survival of the planet. You will become not warriors but spiritual warriors.

You do not have to believe anything that I say, but I welcome the opportunity to debate, discuss, or just talk.

But my advice to you on the eve of this battle is:

Be active, and do the best that you can.

Discover who you are and your purpose in life.


Become a loving and spiritual person.

Strengthen yourself.

Do not be afraid of anything.

With love,

Naseer Ahmad 2004


Anonymous said...

Physician heal thyself..
MFA, above you stated that prayers to God are of no help. I don't believe that for a second.
I believe prayers/chanting, specifically the Mahamantra, which is a direct connection to God, is the ONLY prescribed solution, in the age of Kali, to the escaping our self induced material bonds. This is the verdict of the Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and is verified through the highest Vedic authorities. Wishful thinking, positive imaging, will power or well intentioned acts are simply not enough to contend with the powerful Maya energy. Only divine transcendental spiritual energy can cut these chains.
The most important moment of ones life is the moment of ones death.
Your friend,

Man From Atlan said...

Is prayer the only solution? Should it not be accompanied by action?
I also wrote "Did you not pray, and ask for help?" so obviously, I am also saying that when one prays we do get help. And sometimes help comes anyway. (See 'Miracles').
The most important moment of one's life is when one is faced by a choice (see Rostand).
Your friend,