Monday, December 31, 2007

A personal history of India and Pakistan

I wrote the following in my December 21, 2007 article The End Of The World: "this coming full moon, on the 23rd-24th, is an especially powerful one. with planetary aspects shifting from the Sun and Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto, the Galactic Center, and the solstice. Expect some dramatic shift, on the planet or within yourself between now and the end of the year. Be careful to avoid disaster. Embrace the lessons you must learn".

This message was addressed to every person in the world, and came after a healing meditation I did on December 16. I warned you many times, I bring great change, and there will be more to come.

On December 27, ex-Pakistani PM Benazir Bhutto was assassinated as she campaigned for another term in office. Incidentally she was killed in the same park where a previous PM, Liaquat Ali Khan, was assassinated in 1951. That she was a brave human being I acknowledge; that she was part of a corrupt society and elite which routinely oppressed and killed others I know. It even appears that she had her own brother killed, as a threat to her power when PM, and in the end she reaped her own karma. Incidentally, she went to school with my brother, and I was talking about her just a month ago. My message was to her as well, but now, she, like us all, must embrace the lesson we must learn in the year to come.

Still, since Pakistan is in the news now, a personal history is called for.

India has always been a crossroads of traders, invaders, and civilizations. The original inhabitants were Dravidian animists, who worshipped nature and the spirits dwelling within it. Later Babylonian Sumerian Egyptian influences can be found in the ruins of the cities of Moenjodaro and Harappa, which existed in the Indus valley around 3000 B.C. Aryan invaders destroyed the civilizations around 1550 B.C. and pushed the darker skinned Dravidians further south.
Hinduism and Buddhism became the religions of India, then the Islamic invasions of the early 8th century A.D. added a third to the mix. Successive waves of Muslim invaders took over most of the country, and while they assimilated themselves into the Indian culture they were, because of their military superiority and appeal to marginalised Hindus, a very strong influence in Indian history. Much of the animosity between Hindus and Muslims stems from this thousand- year period of Muslim dominance.

My parents were Indian Muslims, mom's family from Hyderabad Deccan, and dad from Uttar Pradesh in the mountains of Northern India. My family has a tradition of physicians on the one side and Sufi Muslim saints on the other. I am a Syed, a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, but from my earliest memory I was never a Muslim, my belief systems ran more towards Buddhist and Hindu Philosophy. Yet, if there is a Muslim that appeals to me it would be Dara Shikoh, the Mughal prince that should have been Emperor, who sought the common aspects of all the religions of the world, and Sheikh Abdul Qader Jilani, the Sufi mystic who was my ancestor. I will write more about Islam later, but this is about the people of India and Pakistan, and their shared history and karma.

When the Indian subcontinent was divided in 1947 between Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan, my parents were forced to move to Pakistan. Several hundred thousand people on both sides were killed in communal violence. I was born in Lahore, Pakistan, but my roots lie in India. So I love both countries, and don’t see any conflict in that.

When India was partitioned the agreement was that areas under direct British control were to be divided on the basis of religion, so Muslim areas would go to Pakistan, Hindu areas to India, and the semi-independent princely states were to hold elections to decide which way the people wanted to go. West and East Pakistan was formed earlier, but there were three states that could go either way. Hyderabad and Junagadh, with Muslim rulers but a Hindu majority population, were annexed right away by India but the Hindu ruler of Kashmir, with a majority Muslim population, delayed holding a vote. When tribal soldiers under Pakistani control invaded Kashmir, the Maharajah ceded the state to India. The two countries went to war and the United Nations had to force a ceasefire in 1949, with both sides promising to hold a plebiscite to allow the people to decide their future. To date that hasn't happened. Here's a background on that:,2763,727109,00.html

The people of Kashmir, if given a choice, would rather have their own state, but it's unlikely that either India or Pakistan would allow that to happen.

The sources of many of India and Pakistan’s rivers are in Kashmir, and if India were to allow Kashmir to leave the Union, the Punjab’s Sikhs would likely be next, and India has already fought a dirty war to keep the Sikhs within the fold.

India and Pakistan have fought 4 wars so far, in 1947-1949, 1965, 1971 and 1999. This time around, both sides have the Bomb, so are unlikely to use it, as it would finish the Central Asian Oil pipeline project. It would also destabilise the region. The chances of another conventional war is still there, so watch for developments over the next few days.

My father was a diplomat, (Corr: he wasn't the ambassador, in the accepted sense of 'diplomat'. he was in the foreign service)  so I grew up in England and Japan. Even learned Japanese, now forgotten, alas. I had no feeling of belonging to any one religion , so instead choose a more universal Buddhist-Hindu philosophy and personal spiritual belief system that draw heavily on the secret history of the original races of humanity.

When dad's posting to America fell through we returned to Pakistan where I finished University. Most of my family was in the military, so I went to Air Force school but failed the medical exam to join the Air Force. Another door opened, and while I went to Canada in 1970, many of my friends on both sides of the border fought (and died) in the 1971 war.

If left alone, the people of India and Pakistan would be at peace. They have the same root culture, but are divided by religion and a thousand years of divisive politics. Wherever I go, I have a common bond with Indians, Pakistanis, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists. Many of the thinking people would choose to live together in peace and work together to solve the common problems of the subcontinent. There is a quiet anti-war movement on both sides of the border, but jingoistic politicians, single-minded military men, and religious leaders drown their voices out. Both sides have worked to destabilise the other country, with assassinations, sabotage and atrocities committed by so-called terrorists.

There has to be a solution to the Kashmiri conflict. The Kashmiris had self-rule until 1989, when a heavy-handed federal Indian government took over the state government of Farooq Abdullah. India has committed gross human rights violations as documented by Amnesty and Human Rights International. Over 50,000 Kashmiris have been killed. Guerrillas operating from the Pakistani side have also committed atrocities. Only International mediation would solve it, but International interests ARE at play here, so let’s keep the world (and India and Pakistan) in a permanent state of weakness.

Pakistan used to be a pretty tolerable state when I lived there. No longer; it got involved in Afghanistan and has descended into violence and drugs. It is incredibly corrupt and run by a military cabal. The civilian 'democratic' institutions are worse, if that were possible. India looks down with smugness at its enemy's problems, while the forces of globalisation eat away at its own very fabric and culture, destroys it's small scale agriculture and creates an ecological disaster. Both sides are held together by the karma of their joint birth.

If left alone, both sides could eventually solve their problems, but are stuck in a state of mutual hostility and paranoid distrust. I can’t change that, the people who belong there will have to wake up and work for it.

This is the problem: Neither side is in a true state of spirituality. Ironic, considering the numbers of fake gurus and teachers inundating the West. The two countries where so many great religions flourished is possessed by the illness of the world, the pursuit of money and power. Neither side can act in good faith. The extremely rich and snobbish elites that could make a difference, couldn't be bothered. The rest are stuck in a fatalistic philosophy of karma=kismet. This will only change if they choose to follow me. And if not, whatever must happen, will, and the lives of the rich and powerful will be as dust.

I, who once was Krishna, the Christ who sought refuge in India; the Mahdi and hidden Imam who will heal Islam cannot return to the country of my birth until the people are ready.

My work is in North America, because I believe that the solutions to the problems of the world will come from here.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

How to Heal your Heart

On this special Christmas Day 2007, I'd like to offer this to all of you, something I first wrote in 2001. The years ahead will be very difficult, but, I want to offer this message of love.

"Where is there love in this world?" I overheard a kitchen helper ask another in Toronto. A friend told me about her husband who could not love himself. A third is grieving over the end of a relationship. Now would be a good time, I think, to ask the question, is there love in the world, and how do we heal our broken hearts?

When I wrote 'Man From Atlan' in 1974 I saw that humanity's greatest challenges would come through its relationships: our relationships with each other, and our relationships with ourselves.

I met my Soul mate in 1974. There was this recognition that spanned several lifetimes, and I saw our previous lives together unfold like a movie. I saw the Soul mate as the greatest and most difficult of all karmic relationships. There could be great love, also great pain. And all relationships could be expressed in terms of karma and energy.

I don't believe in karma as punishment now, but then, in 1974, I did.

Karma doesn't even have to do with past lives, but the lesson that must be learned. And each person we connect with is the lesson we must learn, as we, too, are the lesson they must learn.

And when the lesson has been learned, the relationship changes, or ends.

My greatest lesson wasn't born of guilt, atonement, or the failures of the past. I'd learned to forgive myself, after all. The greatest lesson was what I had denied to myself, that I was a healer. And once I learned that, from my mate and then my children, I could heal others and myself.

Where is there love? First, why do we need love? I see the need for love as the need for balance, born of the divided soul of God. God is divided between the male and female energies, opposites and therefore there is no resolution.

The balance may be found through the third energy, that of the child. The feet are the Black Chakra, of the feminine energy of God. The White Chakra over the head is the masculine energy of God. And the Heart Chakra is the Child's energy, the balancer. What may be found in the Heart Chakra? Here is Artistry and Creativity, Healing, Relationships, Jesus, Compassion, and Love.

All or any of these are ways in which we may find balance, and to heal the heart, we must express all the things of the heart. The Sky God and Mother Earth made love and produced the race of humanity, who are the Children, and through the Child's energy of God is God healed and made whole.

So express your artistry and your healing and your love for others for are we not all the children of God, as well as your love for yourself for are you also not a child of God?

And do not say that you do not know, or never have known, love. You contain and are surrounded by an infinite reservoir of love; therefore it is always within you and outside of you. And when you love yourself, you will find love.

And the Soul mate is not the greatest love any more; the Spirit Mate is. You become the Spirit Mate of all when you realize that you can love all, equally, not a love that is born of ego or desire or need for completion, but friendship and compassion and love, for when you become love, then and only then can you find love.
And without love, how can you find peace?

The Pink Chakra

This is part of the Introduction to Spiritual Healing manual, but I am including it as a follow up to the article, "How to Heal your Heart".

When I started my spiritual healing practice I only worked with the 7 chakras because that was what I had read about.

Then I thought, Why are we ignoring the feet? and the answer was because it connects us to:
The Feminine, I've spoken about the thousands of years of suppression of the feminine energy of God and the development of a masculine language; even I have written of God as He.

The Material/Physical, and we've created an imbalance there as well. Where does our wealth and physical well being come from? The Earth, and if we've suppressed and exploited it then no wonder we're suffering the effects of financial difficulty and ill health. Look around you; the Earth is no longer able to nurture us.

Karma and responsibility, and we are afraid of it. Why do we suffer and why is life an ever-lasting struggle? Yet, there is a point when all the threads of our karma come together and that is around the time of conception, which memory is buried in what I call the Black, or Grounding Chakra. When an important memory such as that is forgotten, it creates an imbalance in all the other chakras, which cannot be healed without coming to terms with karma.

The answer lies within the Pink Chakra of Dharma. The Heart Chakra is incomplete, as it is no longer integrated with what I call the Higher Heart Chakra. (That name was suggested by one of my students, I like it)

The higher heart is located over the thymus gland. Oils such as tuna, salmon, cod, olive, all the essential fatty acids and the saturated oils such as coconut and palm feed its physical aspect. The spiritual action involved in nurturing it is to find your purpose in life, and follow your sacred path. And from the soul level, until you understand your karma and your higher heart, your heart chakra remains empty, and balancing your masculine and feminine energies is impossible.

The human race has come to a point where it must come to terms with its collective Karma by embracing its Dharma, and the answer lies within the Green Chakra of the Heart and the Pink Chakra of the Higher Heart.

©- Naseer Ahmad-2001

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Saving the rich from themselves

Matth: 19:23: Then said Jesus unto his disciples, Verily I say unto you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Ah, but do they really want to, or believe?

Every once in a while I meet the really, really rich. Not Rothschild rich, but more than I ever hope to have in this life anyway :) It’s an exercise, for me, and them.

Every spiritual teacher hopes to either: win the lottery, get a rich sponsor, or, lots of followers so they Could Do Good. Well, if your dharma is to teach, you will, whether you’re rich or not.

I learned early enough the power of how I could be rich, if I was prepared to compromise. I couldn't, and so, never did. I also have a principle; that if one helped me, in whatever way they could, then so too, would I help them. This brings me to the multi-million-billion-trillionaires I met.

Los Angeles 1993: This banker who owned a California bank, the one that financed film and oil deals, a front for the Mafia, came to see me. His wife had a back problem; I fixed that. When I treated him, the energy release of his sins and karma was so powerful that a glass book case shattered by it self. I saw, through my hands, the souls of the really rich.

We lived up the road from Stephen Spielberg and down from a Rothschild. Invited them both to a meditation. Neither showed up, alas.

Malibu 1993: This real-estate tycoon had a mansion where he’d be filming a porn movie on a Friday and hosting my meditation class on a Saturday. But he was kind to us, so I resolved to do what I could. The IRS was after him for 30 million, and I said I’d help. The next week the amount was reduced to 5 million, which he was happy to pay. Did he slip me a little something? No, but he certainly tried to pump me for more help. In the end, when we left California it was an ordinary person who used his credit card to fix my tires and brakes so we could go on to Texas.

Toronto 2000: A Filipino lady came to see me for spiritual healing. Her step-mother it turned out was a follower of a spiritual healer in the Philippines, who’d discovered one of the Japanese treasure hoards of Chinese gold and jewels from WWII.. a friend of the Marcos. The CIA was all over them; she’d already been cheated by people she trusted. Could I help them? By an interesting coincidence, my cousin headed a bank in the Philippines at the time. I might have helped, but it just wasn’t right, so I didn’t. Incidentally, she was the lady described in “The Christ sent his Disciple to New York”.

Iran 2007: I was approached by an Iranian businessman front for politicians who wanted me to help him get access to frozen bank accounts in the West. Now I’m no James Bond, nor am I a business man. I pray for people, and they are helped, if it serves a reason. First, there would be a test. An Iranian in London had a stroke; doctors couldn't get him out of a coma. I said I would help, and sure enough, he recovered completely. My friend won a court case and sold a property. His brother, a drug addict, was cured. But as to the bank accounts, there seemed something wrong about them, so that was that. I was there to create a nascent spiritual movement, and I did, and prevent war and an earthquake in Tehran, and that was also done. While there I met some incredibly rich people, and again and again, saw the compromises they had to make and how in the end, in gaining all the riches of the world, they gave up their souls. The power of the ego that enabled them to accomplish the material blocked them in attaining the spiritual.

I could make a living in my practice, and sell books, and one day perhaps, the movies would be made. (Hollywood was an experience in itself)

Yet again and again, the very rich came to me, seeing that I cared little for their trappings, and looking with longing at the peace within myself. Sooner or later, they’d run away, because the price of following me was too high..

Do I have certain powers? Yes, but they’re gifts, never to be misused. So I’m not here to help rich people become richer.

Is there a rich person who’s honest and incorruptible? I’m sure there is, just haven’t met any :)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Spiritual Groups

One of the fearful and insulting aspects of modern thinking is the anti-religious aspect that passes as intellectual discourse. Personally, I believe that religion is a man-made construct which tells you there is a God, whereas spirituality is knowing it. But I still defend all religions in every possible way by pointing out that while great crimes were committed, so too was great good done in the preservation of our history, civilisation and cultures.

There is the innate knowing that exists inside every one, and yes, sometimes we need a teacher to bring that out. There is the personal yearning that exists inside everyone in trying to know God, however we express that being, and if we need to know the journey from life to death and beyond, the spiritual experience, then whatever path we take to increase that knowledge, is cool.

I've met many spiritual people and groups in the course of my travels, and we learned from each other, even if, indirectly. So I met Joseph Campbell in Japan in 1955, the year I had my spiritual awakening, and Shirley MacLaine arrived shortly after I left; her daughter went to my school. Her New Age book Out On A Limb describes her own process of spiritual awakening in the 70's, the same time I wrote Man From Atlan. I was always fond of her as an actress, so was happy she got published in 1983 (even though I'd been struggling for 9 years to find a publisher, good for her)

So I arrived in London in 1970 (according to Benjamin Creme's original prophecy) but settled in Canada where I taught meditation, even met the people who'd brought Mahareshi to America, and others. There was the Process, a group that says God is split into 4 personalities, Jehovah, Satan, Lucifer and Jesus. They asked me to join them, with a girl friend to be thrown in. Woo hoo. Hare Krishna was around too, a London gypsy wanted me to work with her as a psychic reader, a witch wanted me to join her for Wicca, none of them were my cup of tea, much as I wanted to help humanity.

Guru Maharaji was a guru who finally appeared in North America around 1974, proclaiming himself the incarnation of God. He's quite a character, and that translated into untold wealth. Telling his followers to be celibate, he promptly slept with many of his young female followers, while his associates molested children. In 1972 I met many of his ex-followers, who joined my meditation classes. I could have created a following, made money, chose not to. Likewise in London from 1975-79, when I was recognised by a guru as the incarnation of Christ, I refused to build a temple there. The time wasn't yet, and whatever I created would then be wrong. I just wrote my books, talked to people.

In my visits to the U.S. I came across many other groups. Manly P. Hall, founder of the Philosophical Research Society, was poisoned, and I was around to meet the people who tried to set up totally unsuitable individuals as trustees of the (enormously wealthy) Foundation. One of the ladies of the PRS even said, on reading Man From Atlan, "they couldn't believe a 24 year old had written that book" (so it must be a fake) And then Carlos Castaneda's (who was a great mystical anthropologist, at any rate) group argued who amongst them had the secret keys to the kingdom. Sad, really, how mystic groups that set out to share great knowledge implode, because they believe power=money. What brought my feelings to a head was what happened to a friend of mine in 1993. The wave of Indian gurus sweeping through the U.S., sleeping with their chelas, taking all their money, had just subsided. Still, on questioning one of them a little too rigorously, his followers picked her up and threw her into a swimming pool. Then she met another one with me, and this is what happened:
Swamis and Gurus

There was a yoga teacher who, feeling she deserved the title, changed her name to Swami M, proving that spiritual ego exists at every level. There was this guru in Los Angeles, late 1993, who was having a gathering to celebrate his promotion, from the ranks of sat guru to jad guru (like an Archbishop to a Cardinal); his devotees were going to weigh and then present him with his weight in gold. He saw me; when asked I said I healed people, so he made a show of inviting me to heal him in front of everyone. I asked afterwards, "when you talk about Kundalini, it's all Psychic Energy, isn't it?" "Yes", he replied.

He disappeared upstairs afterwards with some of his female followers, who were going to massage his legs. A friend tagged along. Later she told me he had French-kissed her. "Was he being spiritual, do you think?" "Well, they think that because they're 'spiritual' whatever they do is ok", I replied.

Why do so many gurus get caught having sex with their devotees? Why do they have control issues? (I believe it's a form of psycho-sexual control). Why do they zap people with psychic energy and encourage them to show such devotion and fall in love with them? I think it's because they come from ego (you could say the same about me :) and feed off the energy, which is a pity; you're all surrounded by the unlimited energy of God's love, and can tap into it whenever you wish. And love of the guru is NOT the same as love of God.

I have no problem with teachers like Rajneesh, who was open about his sexual practices. It's those who preach abstinence, or anything else, who need to walk the talk. I recognize the need for teachers and prophets to point the way to God, and show, by example, a way of life. In the end, God is inside you and around you, and you must make that journey by yourself, and your experience of God must be a personal one, not second hand or through someone else as a reflection of God.

And if a swami or a guru wants to stick his tongue down your throat, (or other body parts), it's up to you to choose if that's what you want.

©- Naseer Ahmad-2001

Back in Toronto, I started healing (see Journey of A Healer) and people started asking me to teach them. So next thing I knew, there was a fully fledged spiritual community which flourished in Toronto in the 90's until I left it to go back to the U.S. That journey has been written about as well, but the next step of that was that some of my students, became disciples. It wasn't an easy process, for me, or them. I was driven by my knowledge of the great need for healers who would help heal the planet. I knew the great changes that would be taking place. I was tired of being alone; there had to be a community of spiritual beings. I would support them, and they would support me.

Don't fear. I'm not asking you to drop everything and follow me. I did that in many lives, and things still got royally screwed up afterwards. If what I write makes you a better person, then that's enough. But the spiritual exercise of teaching, and gaining disciples, is a profound magical one nevertheless, that creates new healing forms on this planet. If you're drawn to meeting me, you will. And Cults? Every new movement is a cult, by defintion, so you're on your own figuring what I am about anyway.

My travelling days are drawing to an end, and will only take place again once I've met the people I'm supposed to meet. But if you see signs and portents, think of me..

This is my testament. I need to gather a hundred thousand people to learn what I have to teach, and with that I will change the planet.

Friday, December 21, 2007

The End of the World

As spiritual beings we know that the world's in a mess, but all have different ideas about what to do, which is fair enough, or, are without hope, which is sad. Some say that the coming changes are because the earth will cleanse itself, and some, that angelic beings will save us. Most say, what will be, will be. What you should all know is that it has happened before, and will happen again.

This is an article I posted in 2002, which you can read in conjunction with the others posted here. The message that you must have started some sort of quest or commitment by 2003 still applies. The fact still remains that people are stuck in their egos, philosophies and spiritual structures, and will have to undergo whatever will happen now. Then why am I posting this at all?

Because, this coming full moon, on December 23rd-24th, is an especially powerful one. with planetary aspects shifting from the Sun and Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto, the Galactic Center, and the solstice. Expect some dramatic shift, on the planet or within yourself between now and the end of the year. Be careful to avoid disaster. Embrace the lessons you must learn.

But I will leave you with a story. After Hurricane Katrina hit the U.S. in August 2005, Hurricane Rita was heading for the Texas coast the next month. Millions were evacuated. I had many friends in Texas who had been kind, and I prayed for them. The hurricane petered down, and a friend in Galveston was relieved when his rental properties were undamaged.

Pray and ask for help, and what you are afraid of will not happpen.

The End of the World

I have no wish to create a climate of fear. I believe that our good will always defeat evil in the end. But if you accept karma, and the consequences of your actions, you must accept that there is a price we must all pay.

Forget, for a moment, all the prophecies you have read. When I first came to Toronto in 1970 a great many spiritual beings at the time thought that it would soon perish in a quake and tidal wave. I said, not while I’m here. Nice, huh?

Later, in the 80’s, a lot of people fled to British Columbia, expecting another disaster. Didn’t happen. I’m reminded of all the New-Agers who moved to Sedona, Arizona, expecting, per Gordon Michael Scallion of Earth Changes fame, that California would slide into the ocean.

They’ve now started to move back. I’ve visited California nine times since 1990 to help heal the Earth, let’s see what happens.

I’ve promised, we will not be allowed to destroy the future. But don’t expect that to just happen, for it depends on you.

In short: every 2000 years or so the world goes through what I call a dimensional shift. This change may be material, as in cataclysmic earth changes like the ice ages, or shifting of the earth’s crust, or it may be spiritual, as in the mass of people evolving into a higher consciousness.

The choice will be yours.

Bend time and space, and in a particular time, hundreds of thousands of people on the planet Atlan shifted backwards through time and reincarnated here on Earth. They brought a change in our consciousness, and with their inherent abilities, a great leap forward in civilization and history. They also carry a great sense of dislocation, but that is another story. Again, whatever happens will depend on you.

Will evil be allowed to live forever? Do everything you can to make yourself and the world a better place. You have till 2012, and must begin no later than 2003. What must you do?
Heal yourself. Heal others. Heal the planet.

I wish you peace, love and joy.

©- Naseer Ahmad-2002

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Not Incurable- New research on Autism

My daughter Arune

When you learn to follow your inner voice, you don't always know why you did certain things, but, the answer always comes to you afterwards. Always.

I used to suffer from asthma, but this was cured through homeopathy, so I studied it. My brother died of cancer and I wanted to help people, so I studied medicine. My wife was ill, so I took courses in alternative medicine. A straightforward connection of the mind.

But one day in London I came across a new book "Mental and Elemental Nutrients", Carl C. Pfeiffer, Ph.D., M.D. Keats Publishing 1975. It was written to show how mental illness could be treated with supplements, a new field called ortho-molecular medicine pioneered by Dr's. Linus Pauling, Abraham Hoffer, Wilfrid Shute and Charlton Fredericks. I didn't find out until afterwards why I got the book.

My son Lee was born in London in 1979. The delivery was difficult, but he seemed to be all right after. We returned to Canada that year. There seemed to be something wrong with him. He cried inconsolably from an early age. His tummy seemed to be upset all the time, even though he was only breastfed. The only thing that helped was that we had to carry him for hours before he'd go to sleep. The doctors didn't know what was wrong, but by the age of 2, when he wasn't speaking, we started doing our own research. Allergy testing aside, we already were following a gluten-dairy free diet. Homeopathy helped somewhat. So did hours of reading and playing with him.

By the age of 4, he still wasn't speaking or toilet-trained. The diagnosis, finally, was Infantile Autism. The specialist said it was "an incurable illness" and at that moment I said to myself, "It's not an incurable illness". Of course it was devastating. He had brain damage and was retarded as well. When I asked what would happen when he got older we were told he'd have to be institutionalised. An unthinkable option for us.

We devised a whole range of therapies, using instinct to see what was working and what was not. Later on, when we read about Dr. Lovaas's behavioural therapy or the Options Institutes Son-Rise program, we found we already had been doing those, instinctively. We also put him on a very strict diet, with NO pop, sweets or pastry. He was never medicated, nor did he ever get a vaccine.

We tried the vitamins suggested in the Mental Elements book. They helped a lot. And we healed, without even knowing. Every night we placed our hands on his head and sent energy there. Healing is above all, the place you get to BEFORE you heal. With my meditation training, I was able to reach that stillness. It was harder for his mother, because she wanted so much to do everything she could that her feelings interfered sometimes, but together, we started to get through.

The breakthrough came when we discovered a new substance called Octacosanol (with DimethylGlycine) It was used to help brain dead children, and had amazing results. We tried it, and Lee started speaking, toilet training, and rode off down the road on his bicycle.

The doctors were amazed. His IQ went up from 47 to 104, and his psychologist said he was no longer autistic at age 6. At the age of 9 he went into normal grade school at his age level. He got a blue belt in karate, went on to finish high school, took a year of college then dropped out. When he was 17 he had an adverse reaction to a dental anaesthetic, then when he started acting strangely, was prescribed a psychiatric drug that made him psychotic. (I was outside of the country, and his mother and I had finally divorced) I had to take over and literally bring him back from the brink again. Today, he is almost completely normal, if emotionally fragile. He is 28 years old, and completely independent. He is not Autistic any more.

The late Dr. Rimland, who had been following his case, sent a 6 year old boy with his father to see me. That boy is now a 28 year old accountant in Toronto. He isn't Autistic any more.

Dr. Rimland took our protocol and had it tested with his patients in California. The phenomenal results were confirmed by clinical testing in Korea and Japan. He also took credit for it, what the hell, but then didn't publish the full protocol, which would have required he attribute it to me. A business decision, I believe. You'll see him listed as an advisor to the Oscar winning movie "The Rain Man" and he also administered the Sylvester Stallone Trust. WTF.

There were no school programs specifically for Autistic children in Toronto. I took a parent's group to the Board of Education in 1985 and we had them start classes for these children, with specific teams to assist teachers.

With all the results we were getting, not one physician approached me to see what I was doing. Educators were far more open, seeing a huge increase in handicapped children entering the school systems, but without the approval of the medical system, they were hamstrung, and the doctors, once they looked and saw I was using alternative methods, looked the other way.

The reporter for the Toronto Star's 17 year old son had Down syndrome. He got better, but the editor spiked the story. There was a huge prejudice against alternative medicine in the media.

I got my medical degree and published my findings at medical conferences abroad, since I was disgusted with the North American medicinal model. I could spend my time conducting double blind studies that would be ignored, or I could treat children.

I started a free clinic in the 80's, which eventually became a private clinic. My results were published in a Toronto alternative magazine. Calls came from around the world. Many children got better. I saw the huge increase in childhood cancers, diabetes, asthma, arthritis and life-threatening allergies and treated that too.

My practice was growing, so I met the (socialist) NDP minister of health in 1990. The Ministry would provide the funding to set up a free clinic. Then the NDP lost power, and I had to go back to my own practice. I was also combining that with my spiritual practice, but in the end, I realised that I'd be always fighting a losing battle with Autism since I was treating the illness, not the systemic causes. And it was time to close my successful clinic to follow my spiritual path, and move to the U.S.

Yet, since I returned to Canada, I found myself going back to treating Autism. I had remarried, and now two more of my children had Autism as well. Start all over again. With Lee, he had the undivided attention of two parents. With Arune and Raven, divided attention, as more children arrived, and me with my overwhelming knowledge of what I was supposed to do.

So I had to fight to find a balance between my family's needs, and my spiritual purpose. I could fight karma, or I could accept it. Yes, even I have karma. It is the action and the life you choose, and my children, whose karma it was to be born with autism, choose to be born to someone who knew what to do. They are better now, but it still is a ways to go. So I work out of home to be there for them, and see private patients here.

When the findings were published on the Internet and some books, I got more calls, and my practice grew. To date I have seen over 400 children with Autism and associated disorders. My research has shown what I believe is the pathology of Autism, it's causes and effective treatment.

A 14 year old girl no longer has Asperger's Syndrome. A 6 year old girl who had Rhett's syndrome had her head's circumference increase by 1.5 centimetres, unknown in the profession. A 6 year old in Bulgaria now speaks and is more functional. An 8 year old girl with kidney failure was able to stop dialysis. Another 6 year old boy has just been told by the neurologist at Sick Kid's hospital he's no longer Autistic. They're scratching their heads at the original diagnosis.

How did I accomplish this?

I use a combination of healing, homeopathy, behaviour therapy and supplements. The proof of the healing, which is my own unique form, is that I was able to get violent adults off of medication just through touch, and autistic children's behaviour improved almost immediately, before I even administered any other treatments. In fact, 85% of all my patients get significantly better, a tremendous advance over all other treatments.

Autism is a lifelong, progressive, neurological disorder. It is accompanied as auto-immune illness, digestive disorder, and neurological damage. It isn't caused by mercury in the vaccines; my children were never vaccinated. Even though it runs in my family, they haven't been able to trace any genetic abnormality, and brain scans are normal ( autopsies have shown brain lesions undetectable by scans, and you'd have to connect patients to EEG machines full time to see spikes in electrical brain wave activity)

So what causes Autism? I believe it is vaccines that cause the illness, and I've seen this in my own and other children. If the MOTHERS were vaccinated then you're passing a toxic soup of still active viruses and bacteria into the unborn child. Plus mercury and aluminum of course, but that isn't the main cause. There may be environmental, immune genetic and other reasons, but if you want to eradicate Autism, you'll have to stop vaccinating children going through several generations. Please don't throw emotive 'scientific' arguments at me, I'm the messenger, and there are many other illnesses caused by vaccines which society won't be able to deal with in the future until it opens to the possibility of an alternative. When my son was diagnosed with Autism 25 years ago, 1 in 2000 children had Autism. The figure is now 1 in 200, and the true figure for Autism Spectrum Disorder, which includes, ADHD, ADD, PDD, Asperger's and Autism, is 1 in 10.

1 in 10 children have a learning disorder, so extrapolate that to future generations of dysfunctional, possibly sociopathic adults.

I'm sharing this with you because Autism is not only a physical, but also is a karmic and spiritual illness. I've seen it as a metaphor for helplessness; when the world tells you that something is hopeless, I tell you, the answers are out there.

Naseer Ahmad



“Show me a miracle”, people say (and I will believe)

I tell you this, that faith flows not from miracles, and belief will not come from what I do or not, but yourself.

MIRACLE I - Toronto 1985

A family friend was in the final stages of acute myelocytic leukemia. The doctors said he had a week to live; the priest had given the last rites. I visited him in the hospital, and brought along some vitamin C. While there I went into a space of oneness with him, and felt drawn to rub his feet. He went into remission that night, his blood count normalized by the weekend, and his tuberculosis (from the radiation and chemo) cleared up. His doctor said, “Well, spontaneous remissions have been known to occur.” My friend (and I) thought it was due to the Vitamin C, which he took religiously from that day on. Many years later, I realized that I’d done a healing, and it had not even been my first one.

MIRACLE II - New Mexico 1993

An American lady used to come to my center in Toronto for the weekly meditations before I moved to the U.S. She grew quite attached to the spirit of (my then unborn daughter) Aruna. One day, walking up a trail in New Mexico, she was hopelessly, completely lost. Without food or water, she stumbled around the mesas for seven days. As she lay down, prepared to die, she prayed and asked for help. She saw me then, with Aruna in my arms. A storm came, and rain poured down. Revived, she climbed down and found a search party. Her son was there. They’d been searching the lower areas, not even imagining she could have climbed up the mesas. They would have missed her if she hadn’t come down to them. Coincidentally, Aruna, Chloe and I were driving through New Mexico at the time, on our way to Los Angeles.

MIRACLE III - outside Karcag, Hungary 1996

Picking up my son Lee at Budapest airport, Chloe, Aruna, Raven and I drove back towards Debrecen. A series of delays had held us up, and I was cranky. Outside a small city called Karcag, we came across a boy on a bicycle that had been hit by a car a few minutes ago. He was unconscious, a trickle of blood running out of his ear. I got out and placed my hands on his head. Not asking for anything, just being. The bleeding stopped, and he regained consciousness, insisting he was ok. We put him into the ambulance, and drove off. If I’d been on time that day, our paths would not have crossed.

MIRACLE IV - Arizona 2000

One of my students called me in Toronto. A little girl was in a car crash in Arizona and her liver had ruptured. Bleeding to death, she was being airlifted to hospital. She asked if I could help. I connected with the spirit of the girl, and helped her to heal. She is alive today.

MIRACLE V – Devon 2004

Coming back from a concert one day, Heather and I came across a Ginger cat lying on the road.
It had been hit by a car and was dead. I got a shovel to move it to the side of the road, but first thought to give it a blessing. The next morning it had disappeared and Heather thought a fox had run off with the body. A few days after I went back to Canada ‘Ginger’ wandered back in to see Heather, and drops by once in a while now.

MIRACLE VI – Here, there

I'm not an easy teacher to be with, for I reflect back to individuals their imbalances and need for change. They must let go of their ego. They will be tested, and must face their fears, doubts and unhappiness every day. They are taught to perform miracles, and sent out into the world. I expect much, but give much more. At each step, they know they are loved and protected.

MIRACLE VII- and Everywhere

Many people I came across in the course of my travels had been searching all their lives, and lost faith. After meeting me, they had a transformation, in the thousands. One of them, challenged by a skeptical person about my claim to be the incarnation of God, replied, “I don’t know, but after meeting him I have never felt as close to God as I do now”.

I see miracles every day, everywhere. Why don’t you? You believe, and then you do not.

I see ordinary people facing up to the greatest obstacles, trying to make a better future for them selves, their families, the world. Never giving up, somehow surviving, retaining their decencies and kindnesses. I see, despite every thing, the ultimate survival of the planet. I see the miracle inside you.

Every thing that happened was not to prove anything to me or any one else. They were signs, to show me my path. Perhaps there are signs for you too. Did you not pray, and ask for help?

C/ Naseer Ahmad 2004

Time for a Spiritual Revolution

Today November 11, 2004 is Remembrance Day in Canada, to commemorate the end of WWI, 'the war to end all wars'. What exactly has humanity learned in these last 86 years? Little, it would seem.

As a spiritual being, it is important for me to be involved in politics and the social cultural economic fabric of society. As a psychic astrologer, I am aware of the currents of human and world history. And, as a teacher, I come here to warn.

In the context of prophecy, you have very little time left to make a difference in your lives or the future of the world or what you will leave behind for your children.

The answer is not going to come from politics. I warned in my previous newsletter that regardless of who won the U.S. election, the world would not be a better place.

I personally knew that Bush would win because Kerry would lose, a significant distinction, and that people would be depressed afterwards.

Well get over it.

The solution will not come from GreenPeace or the Greens or anti-globalists or the left wing dinosaurs that put all their faith in band-aid 'left-wing' solutions or religious fanatics who are tools of the new global order.

The solution will not come from the use of violence. That's their weapon.

Nor will it come from organised religion, which is decrepit and obsolete. I'm not talking about its ability to inspire people and raise their consciousness, but the structure, which is corrupt to its core.

The solution will not come from New Age self-absorption or the Internet or writing a book (I'm a writer myself) or praying to God, Mother Earth or Angels.

The solution will come from you, but I'm not prescribing a truistic bromide.

There is one movement in the world now and that isn't the anti-war movement, noble as that is. (There just isn't the same energy left for a repeat of the anti-Vietnam War or anti-apartheid movement, and you have governments that are a lot more repressive now)

The movement in waiting is the passionate search for completion, and spirituality, of finding out who we are and our relationship to God, of becoming so strong that nothing they throw at us is going to defeat us.

I am talking about a spiritual revolution, where no pain is felt that cannot be borne, and no happiness can be taken away from us because it already exists inside us. I am talking about magic, love, and the joy we take in every day without realising it.

Did you not pray, and ask for help?

I have been a doctor, a healer and a teacher. I could have been a warrior in this life and flown fighter jets to kill other people just as others kill people now.

But I made a choice to come to Canada 34 years ago and one of the first things I did was to start classes in meditation. And I met my soul mate and learned from her, had children, and learned from them. And I learned about myself.

In 1977 I wrote a book that prophesied this war, the chapter "WAR" on my website.

I have traveled over the world, healed and taught so many.

I see what I must do, which is, to bring about the healing of the planet. But I can’t and won’t do it by myself, as you cannot do so by yourself.

I have shown you a way.

I could start a new religion of worship in the church of me :) but that isn't my intention.

My name Naseer means 'he who helps'.

As a descendant of prophets and kings I am the person of prophecy. My purpose is to help. But the healing of the planet depends on you, not I.

Check my website. If you have any questions, please ask. Note my article on “Miracles”, which isn't about me, but you.

Today we begin a war for the survival of the planet. You will become not warriors but spiritual warriors.

You do not have to believe anything that I say, but I welcome the opportunity to debate, discuss, or just talk.

But my advice to you on the eve of this battle is:

Be active, and do the best that you can.

Discover who you are and your purpose in life.


Become a loving and spiritual person.

Strengthen yourself.

Do not be afraid of anything.

With love,

Naseer Ahmad 2004

Mary Magdalene and the 12 Miriams

This article is an introduction to my book ‘The Thirteenth Priestess’. My goal is to wake people up to heal the planet.

A woman named JemmaGirl sent me an e-mail, ‘rebuking’ me for calling myself Jesus. The Jesus she knew was ‘Jewish, hadn’t sold books, and never been married’.

The Truth? Jesus was married, twice, had 4 children, and his earliest disciples were women. Mary, his mother was his first teacher, and he had many female teachers. Mary Magdalene was his beloved lover, wife, and disciple. And I could care less whether fundamentalists, evangelicals, and literalists believe this or not.

The Truth? The story of Religion has been the suppression of Women and the Feminine energy, with unimaginable harm to all of us. It is women’s voices that have been stilled, and women’s history that has been untold. So not as Jesus, but as a son, a husband and a father, I am fulfilling my duty to offer testimony.

The secret (and powerful) underground society of priestesses, in hiding because of the prevailing culture of the times, found its strength in strategic alliances with kings, powerful men, and spiritual groups. They used their sexual and magical power as well as healing, prophecy and wealth to further their aim, which was to heal humanity by joining the power of female and male, and return God to a state of greater balance.

The spirit of the child Jesus was recognized as heralding the being that would heal the world by balancing the opposing male and female natures of God. Therefore they set out to nurture, teach and help him.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, had been the chief priestess from around the time that he was born. His conception and birth was the result of a union of Man and Woman in sacred ritual, not the Immaculate Conception of the Bible, but still a normal act of love and passion that would bring forth divinity. (His father was part of the traditions of Atlan, and not the Joseph of the Bible, but Joseph of Arimathea.)

She had been chosen through her karma to bring forth and nurture this child, and by so doing, becoming the High Priestess of Palestine.

He went to Egypt and India to study during the lost years. He had been there before in his previous lives, but knew that his purpose would be fulfilled in Palestine, through his attempt to redeem and heal the Jewish people. At first his parents accompanied him, but later in his childhood he was sent on his own. Wherever he went, though, he was recognized and supported by many, women as well as men, for he was the awaited one.

Returning to Palestine, he was with the Essenes for a while, though he never belonged to that group. The society of women supported and nurtured him from the background, then openly became his disciples. It may be hard to believe that now, but people actually were much more open to the feminine energies then, and various cultures did coexist in Palestine until Jewish hegemony was established in the 20th century.

(The story of the Jewish people and their origins and karma will be explored more fully in my book, ‘The Children of Atlan’).

As Jesus came into his own magical and spiritual power, women were always at his side. Mary the mother and his first wife Shoshanna (from one of the lost tribes in India) were part of his group. He had a child with Shoshanna, Lazarus, and they returned to Palestine.

Mary Magdalene and her sister Martha were heiresses to one of the great fortunes of Palestine. They were also followers of the High Priestess. When Jesus returned from India, Mary Magdalene had an epiphany, which told her of her love for him and the role she would play in his life. From that moment on she became his principal follower and supporter.

When Shoshanna died his son Lazarus was adopted into the family of Martha of Bethany and Mary Magdalene, and over time a great love developed between Mary Magdalene and Jesus.
The wedding at Canaa was the sacred marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Eventually they would have 3 children, Ruth, Eleazar, and Sarah.

Mary Magdalene had been chosen to become Mary the mother’s successor as High Priestess, and by taking Jesus as lover and husband, they were ensuring by this act that the traditions would continue, and the salvation of their people would take place. If they choose to follow him.

The women who followed Jesus came to be such a recognizable group they were jokingly referred to as the 12 Miriams because many of them were called Miriam, or Mary. That women have always been involved in spiritual life is a suppressed fact, not just in Palestine but India as well; Krishna and Buddha had female disciples just as Jesus did.

They were the ones out of whom several demons were cast out, their sexual and spiritual practices having left them open to possession. The penitent woman who washed his feet with her tears and anointed him with costly perfume, the woman taken in adultery, the woman who anointed him with the sacred oil, were his earliest disciples.

As Jesus’ group grew many men who joined the discipleship had a hard time accepting women as equals who could and did express their beliefs. Peter was the most vocal of them all. Even though Mary Magdalene had great gifts in her own right, he couldn’t stand to have a woman speak to them about spiritual matters. Jesus rebuked him once, “Why do I love her the most? Because she has more faith than any of you.”

(And it was the male disciples who would later distort Jesus’ essential message and obscure the female contribution to his teachings)

Jesus traveled throughout Palestine with his disciples. His message was based on the Way of Atlan, the hidden knowledge that had been expressed through the world’s religions and also through his previous incarnations as Thoth /Hermes, Krishna, and Buddha.

He combined Earth Magic and Sky God principles of the Spirit to accomplish what he did.

Great crowds came to listen but they weren’t ready to hear his essential message, about karma, love, and peace. Even the miracles weren’t enough to convince them. Many of his own followers saw him only as a projection of their hopes and expectations, not who he truly was. In the end, Jesus knew that his purpose would only be accomplished after he left. But first, he had to die in fulfillment of prophecy.

The Last Supper was served to women as well as men. Mary Magdalene sat by his side. Think how much better a place the world was then, and could have been! (Incidentally, the young 'man' beside him in Leonardo DaVinci’s painting is wearing a red robe, and red was Mary Magdalene’s favourite colour and the colour of her hair).

Jesus served them, his blood in remembrance of his sacrifice, and asked them to protect his children. He served them his flesh, in commemoration of the body that would no longer be with them. He washed their feet, to wash away their karma (sins).

And even though he was in pain that he must go away, he consoled them, and even though he knew that many would run away in fear, and betray him, and lose faith, he promised he would always be with those who believed.

Jesus cried out to the people he had come to save, and who rejected him. Jerusalem, Jerusalem!

In the end it was their karma that the Jewish people refused to see him as the Messiah. He was of the Davidic line, not just through blood but also through reincarnation, as one who once was Solomon. He was condemned to the Romans as a claimant to the throne and therefore sent to the cross as a political punishment.

There is a spiritual technique by which one can give up life. His spirit left his body, and he died. All who saw him realised what they had done, and darkness descended upon their souls. And Mary the Mother placed a terrible curse on the people of Israel, just as a previous High Priestess had done. (See ‘Battle for the Soul of The Jewish People’)

Jesus had to die, and he had to return. Mary Magdalene, Martha of Bethany and other priestesses performed a superhuman feat of healing to bring him back, just as Jesus had once brought back Lazarus. And on the third day, he rose up, and was so transformed that even his wife Mary Magdalene couldn’t recognize him. She went and told Peter and the others, and that is the true story of Easter.

Jesus stayed with the disciples a while longer, taught them to perform miracles, and sent them out into the world. His brother James, Peter and Paul would eventually change his message and pay the price. And Jerusalem was destroyed by the Roman legions shortly after.

His children had been hidden with different families. A Zealot who hated Jesus’ renunciation of the Jewish faith killed Lazarus. Eleazar grew up and died at Masada. Ruth lived a happy, peaceful life in Palestine for a while. Mary Magdalene fled with their youngest child, Sarah to France. Mother Mary traveled through Asia Minor and Greece, eventually ending up in Rome.

Mary Magdalene was protected by her friends in France and set up the first Christian communities there (who evolved into the Cathar Heresy that was the subject of the first inquisitions). Where she landed near Marseille is the scene of a festival every year, and she is the patron saint of France. Her daughter Sarah married into nobility and the bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene was sought and carried through the European monarchs who felt it conferred some sort of legitimacy upon them.

The Magdalene performed many miracles wherever she went. Tradition holds that she died in France, but that isn’t true. However when she left she promised in thanks for the kindness given her she would return one day when she was needed. More than a thousand years later, she reincarnated as Joan of Arc, but that is another story.

Jesus went to England where he set up the first church and even to North America where he preached to the Native peoples. After that he returned to India in search of the lost tribes of Israel. From there he called Mary Magdalene to join him.

Mary Magdalene, Ruth, and Mother Mary traveled to India. There is a town called Murree in the foothills of the Himalayas. I visited it many years ago. There is a grave there and the local people say it is the grave of Miriam, the mother of Jesus. I looked out from there to the distant mountains, and yes I felt her wild, restless spirit.

And Jesus and Mary Magdalene and their daughter lived in happiness and peace for the rest of their lives in a beautiful valley, hidden away from the rest of the world.

The man known as Jesus has returned. Married once more to Mary Magdalene, they and their children are here for the dawning of the New Age, when Earth and Spirit can be reunited again.

c- Naseer Ahmad 2002

The Christ sent his Disciple to New York, Part II

(Cont’d from Part I)

This is how Jennifer met the Christ. She was in the worst place of her life, so she prayed to God and asked for help. The Christ came into her life, and she recognized him.

He told her that he knew her from before when she walked with Jesus and that she had a lot of karma and pain that needed to be healed; that she must follow her purpose in life, which was spiritual, and she must learn certain lessons.

Jennifer’s lesson was to let go of her ego. She had to follow not what she wanted, but what she had to do to heal herself. Jennifer’s pain came from her lack of love for herself, so she always sought love from others. And, the same question that the priestesses of old had to face: Whether to give up her sacred path for love.

Jennifer had been ill, in a depression so deep that it was a spiritual illness, and he healed her. He promised to help her and her family, and he did. He said in the end everyone must learn to help themselves, but as long as she asked, he would help and teach her.

She was a part-time model and actress. She had always held herself back, but once she started to feel better about herself, she quit her job to model full-time, and became successful at that. She needed to go back to her homeland to reconnect with her daughter. He helped her get there. There was a revolution and a volcanic eruption, but she was ok.

Her father, an artist, was in a slump. He started to paint again. Her stepmother, a gifted psychic and healer, had given up her powers to marry him. She became a disciple, and the Christ taught her to heal again. She claimed to have access to hidden treasure, but he told her to forget about it, it was lost to her. Yet, around his birthday, when she prayed and asked for help, she saw some lottery numbers in a dream. She wrote them down but then she and her husband had a big fight and she forgot to play, when she could have won $13 million. The Christ saw it as a gentle reminder to himself, he could help others, but in the end they had to make changes in their lives, otherwise it would all come to naught.

Jennifer started to break away. She didn’t want to hear this truth, that she had to not look for love, nor was it her path to be a model. Her gift was to heal, and not just any one person, but the whole world. She entered into some self-destructive behaviors and affairs.

Then she went to New York, and it was as though at every step of the way, she was being protected. (See part I).

Jennifer had a job as a waitress in New York. Then when she needed it, she met someone who got her a job as a stripper. She was afraid he wouldn’t approve, but he knew that this was part of her path. She had to heal her own sexuality, and as this was how she would meet those who needed healing, how could he judge her? And he reminded her of his teaching, that one could love one person, or all of humanity.

The more things went her way, the more Jennifer got into her self-destructive patterns. She got pregnant, and then lost the child. She met a man who was so needy that he took away her energy. The Christ warned her not to come back to Canada until her immigration status was settled, or have unprotected sex, alcohol and drugs, because she was being possessed by negative energies.

Then one day her boyfriend shared some weed with her, she had a bad trip, became paranoid, and, leaving her luggage behind, got on a train back to Canada. The INS stopped her at the border, and, knowing she was an illegal immigrant, barred her from ever returning to the U.S.

Jennifer showed up at the Christ’s doorstep, begging for his help. He healed her of her demons again, and sent her back to New York. Suggested she cross the border by car, as she would be stopped at the airport. The moment she left his home, he got a phone call. His friend Israel Shamir, the anti-war Israeli journalist, had just been stopped at the border and barred from entering the U.S. He talked to him and suggested he should also cross the border by car. Jennifer and Israel Shamir safely returned to the U.S. the next day.

The Christ warned Jennifer that she had to stop her self-destructive tendencies, that she would lose everything if she continued in this manner. In his heart he knew that she needed a lot of help, but it would not work unless she changed herself.

Jennifer got pregnant again, and couldn’t stop seeing the man. In the end, the Christ couldn’t resist her silent calls for help, and went to New York to help her. As soon as she saw him, she realized how ill she had been.

He was there for a week. He exorcised her again, and within a week she met two people who badly needed her healing, and who could help her as well. One, a well-connected architect, the other an NBA star. She got out of debt, and started to get her life in order.

And, just before he left, Congress passed a law that allowed her to stay in the U.S. Yet, she still doubted herself.

It was now time for him to move on. He was gathering his disciples to him, and it was time for her to make a choice. She could help him heal the planet, or she could choose to leave. He gave her a time frame to make up her mind and went home.

This is a message to the people of this planet. Before you seek love or peace outside of yourself, first you must have peace and love inside, and for yourself.

©- Naseer Ahmad-2002

The Christ sent his Disciple to New York, Part I

You can read this as a true story, a lesson for you, or perhaps, both.

The Christ sent his disciple to New York. He taught her to heal and do miracles, then told her to go.

She thought it was so she could be an actress and model. Her mother promised to help pay for her rent and lessons. Her modeling friends said wow could we come too? One of them even decided they would go to the Ford Agency together (she knew someone there). She told her daughter she was going to follow her dreams and her daughter understood and said it's ok mummy, daddy and I will be fine.

When the time came Jennifer (as I will call her) found out that her mother had changed her mind and was no longer going to help. Her sister accused her of abandoning her child. The other model decided she wasn't ready to go to New York after all. Every one else cheered from the sidelines envious, resentful, and afraid. Don't go to New York; go to Los Angeles where you can stay with your aunt!

She was afraid, and asked for help. The Christ said, you're meant to be in New York, and always remember, you're going as a healer. The modeling and acting is just the way you're going to meet people.

There was no money for the plane ticket; it showed up at the last moment. Her husband, worried about how he might manage, had a fight with her the day before she left. She hadn't eaten in days, She felt sick, nervous and unsure of herself.

The INS took one look and detained her. Nervous, she said she was a model. They were convinced she was going to look for work, but somehow let her go. She'd have missed her plane, but it was delayed.

Jennifer wanted to throw up throughout the flight. As soon as she arrived at her hostel she burst into tears and called The Christ, saying she wanted to come home. He said it was up to her; still, when he left home at the age of 11, he had cried too, but was fine the next day. Did she want to give up and live the rest of her life regretting her choice? Wait a day; she would be fine.

The next day, (September 7) she was fine. She only had enough money for a week, but believed it would be all right. A job, any job, would be fine.

Her friend the model called her, saying they should get together and meet some of her friends who would help her get a job. Jennifer refused. She was going to make it by herself. Everywhere she went, looking for a job, they asked for her papers. But she kept her hopes up.

She was at a club, dancing. A man came over and asked her for a date.

A huge storm hit Manhattan the next day, Sept.10. Sitting at her window, looking at the pouring rain, she wasn't sure she wanted to go out that evening. A streaking bolt of lightning hit her building, right beside her, the flash and thunder as one. This was a sign, of the kind she knew to trust. And as Jennifer left the building, the rain stopped and the sun came out.

That night, dancing with her date, another man came over to talk to her. She decided to leave with him, and went across the river to his home in New Jersey. It was 4 a.m., September 11. She had planned to be out early the next day for a job near the World Trade Center, but was tired and decided to sleep in. As she fell asleep, she heard Aruna, the Christ's daughter, talking to her, telling her not to be afraid; she would be all right. Aruna was autistic, but here she sounded just like a normal child.

Aruna's spirit had come to Jennifer because of her love for her.

Jennifer woke up on September 11, to a world that had changed completely.

She couldn't make it back to her hostel; it didn't matter, she was welcome to stay in the apartment as long as she liked. She tried to call her family but couldn't get through. She connected with the Christ, though, and he promised to tell her family that she was all right. He reminded her how he had been in Los Angeles in 1993-1994 to help heal the city during the Malibu fires and Los Angeles earthquake. Now it was her turn. Jennifer realized that she had been protected all along.

Her husband, realizing she was staying with a man, was angry and jealous. Her daughter called her, crying and confused, asking her to come home. Jennifer explained why she had to stay, and helped her understand. She told her husband that she had made a choice, and it was up to him to accept it or not. Her father started to lecture her over the phone. She told him it was her life, and he backed down. She gave herself a date: by September 17, she would have a job. She started work on September 16.

Jennifer now had two lovers. Coincidentally, they were both Arabs. She told them that she liked them both, but wasn't interested in relationships or putting up with jealousy, otherwise she would move out. They had to accept it, though the first man still wants her to marry him and move to Morocco. The second one simply accepts her, because he no longer has nightmares.

She started to heal, and the healing energy spread from her hands and her body throughout the city. A man saw her as an angel, and cried. The mayor made a statesman like speech (The first in his life) A sidewalk artist wrote, "An eye for an eye leaves every one blind". And people mourned, and some talked of understanding, and forgiving, and moving on, and smelled flowers in the air around her.

And Jennifer, for the first time in her life, was no longer afraid.

©- Naseer Ahmad-2001


We had travelled throughout the U.S from 1993-95 in our little white Honda Civic, finally ending up in New York. I can't even begin to describe the incredible kindness we received. I felt compelled to stay in New York, that there would be a great need for Healing there one day, but when you realise that certain things just have to happen, and people aren't ready, you move on. I have prayed for and thought of the American people ever since.

This is what I wrote the day after 9/11:

The day after 9/11, an American friend asked me: How did we get to this place? My heart reached out to her. Regardless of the plight of the Palestinian people or the impending invasion of Afghanistan, I could mourn for the loss of the innocence of the American people. I could mourn for the loss of 6800 (sic) people in the plane crashes. I mourned the police and the firefighters who died in the WTC.

My wife Agnes and I were in N.Y.C. on New Year's eve 1992, Times Square. She was gloriously pregnant with our first child, and as we waited at a light gave me this great big kiss. A passing fire truck went yeow! and we chatted with the firemen. A perfect New York moment and of course we mourned they may have been among the brave rescuers who died on 9/11.

Agnes, Aruna (our daughter) and I travelled through the U.S. 1993-1995 on our spiritual journey.

Wherever we went we were treated with the greatest kindness. Strangers took us into their homes for months at a time. Of course we love the American people (if not their government) and we mourn for them. They have lost their freedoms and their innocence, and do not even understand why. The power to be responsible for their own lives has passed on to the multi-nationals and their lives changed forever.

More than any thing else at this time what the American people need is a person who can articulate all that is best about being American and inspire them to be the people they can be. I hope that person will show up soon.


Naseer Ahmad.

©- Naseer Ahmad-2001

Where do we go from here? The events of 9/11 are the beginning of the battle for the healing of the planet, and it is time for us to wake up. The American people changed that day. I also believe they will change again, for the better.

Benjamin Creme and Me

From the beginning I have always known that I was connected to people through karma, a shared link or goal, and pure energy. I was connecting, also, with people I would meet or affect one day. People such as the writer Joseph Campbell in Japan, 1955, and Shirley MacLaine, the actress, in 1958.

There is no proof of this, of course, except what I can describe in my various books and let people decide for themselves. What I can say is that I went through an amazing period of Spiritual awareness in the years 1949-2001, years that literally opened me to my direction.

I wish to talk about a man called Benjamin Creme. I first heard of him in 1993 when I was in Los Angeles, a time that I describe elsewhere. There was a newsletter from the Tara Center, describing him and his work, and talking about Maitreya, the Teacher who would be coming to heal the planet. He is the one awaited by all the religions of the world, Jesus, Buddha, Messiah, Mahdi, Krishna.

Oh, he's talking about me!, I said, so of course I was going to check him out. Now you'll have to check him out yourself as well, he's quite easy to find under Maitreya, Share International (his organisation), and under his own name, in any of the search engines. It would also help if you could get a hold of his original books, not the later editions, since he keeps changing the dates.
Creme, an Englishman, describes a sense of connection, of being guided since 1948-49 along a spiritual path by unknown masters till around 1958-59, when he really started to move forward, and then receiving all sorts of spiritual messages.

In 1970 he receives a transmission; the teacher Maitreya has descended from his retreat in the Himalayas, boarded a plane in Pakistan, and flown 'through the clouds' to London. There he lives among the East Indian Community while sending regular telepathic messages to him.

Maitreya's message is simple: He is here to demand justice for the peoples of the world; one day he will reveal himself so all may recognise him. He is one of a series of 'ascended masters' who have descended, in spirit form, into the bodies of mortal men who then go on to become earthly teachers. Such an 'overshadowing' was what was once done to his beloved servant Jesus, but now Maitreya himself is reaching out to the world through Benjamin Creme, and will reveal himself when the time is right. He promises this will happen in 1977.

1977 comes and goes, and Creme says that Maitreya has been recognised by the East Indian community in London. He will continue to transmit through Creme, and appear wherever he is needed. In the meantime he makes regular prophecies about the world situation and even appears, according to Creme, before a large gathering in Nairobi, Kenya. There's even some photos.

Creme's next message from Maitreya is that he will appear before an American Television audience in 1994, and people everywhere will recognise him. 1994 passes by, and the date for Maitreya's appearance becomes open-ended, maybe 1997, or later, whenever the world will be ready for him.

2001: Where is Maitreya?

My dear friend Creme has got it so right, and so wrong. As an empath, the only person who is being overshadowed is Benjamin himself, the messages are through his psychic connection with this teacher, and the photos may or may not be fake, but my relatives in Nairobi certainly never heard of any such event.

Creme's background may explain some of this.As a follower of Alice Bailey's teachings- Lucis Trust, Theosophical Helena Blavatsky connection, he may be saying all this through the prism of his own belief system. Maybe he's right, and I'm wrong. Maybe.

Before I was born in 1950, I was in spirit. I believe that we are surrounded with and communicating with the spirits of those who have passed away and those waiting to be born. So I may have been communicating with Creme. When I was a few months old we moved to London, so the connection became stronger. We moved to Japan after a few years and the connection was not broken, but we grew in our own directions.

In 1970 I boarded a plane in Pakistan and flew to London, then moved on to Canada. Wrote my first book Man From Atlan in 1974, returned to London 1975. Wrote my second book, The Way of Atlan, in 1976-77. It begins like this: " I am he that the world has waited for"

An Indian Guru, seeing me working in a store, says out loud, "there is the Christ". I am recognised by his community. My book circulates in manuscript form. It demands justice for everyone, and ends with a prophetic description of a war that will soon begin in the Middle East, which may eventually destroy the world.

Los Angeles, 1993-1994. I appear on American Television. Many people recognise me. (see ' A Spiritual Journey to the U.S.')

In 1995, I go to see Benjamin Creme at a talk in New York. He keeps staring in my direction. Maybe my imagination? I pass him in the bathroom. He doesn't look around.

Sept. 1999. After my trip to England to bring in the energies of the Grand Cross and the total solar eclipse of August 11, 1999, 'Call for a Spiritual (R)evolution', I set up my web site. I send a polite e-mail to Benjamin. I never hear back from him.

This article isn't about Benjamin Creme, or Shirley MacLaine, Joseph Campbell or even me. It's about how we are bound to each other through connections of energy, thought, and emotion, and how we need to look at the power of coincidence in our lives. I have connected with many of you before; perhaps when we meet we will recognise each other.

Where is Maitreya? In your hearts and hopes and dreams, where he has always been.

©- Naseer Ahmad-2001

Follow The Money

Who will own the Earth/ neither you nor I/ for it belongs to us all/ in trust till the day we die. ~Unknown poet.

The banking and economic systems of the world are corrupt and evil; the world would be a better place if they came to an end. The question isn’t, well, what would we replace it with? A Darwinian system of economical survival of the ‘fittest’ that is based on the exploitation of the weakest and the poorest in the world doesn’t deserve to survive.

This has nothing to do with capitalism or communism. Think casting the moneylenders out of the temple.

We have the power to wipe out disease, poverty and war. The current economic system is based on, and creates these very conditions, even if politicians, economists and the media say otherwise. But then, they lie.

Our economic system is based on buying coffee at a few cents on the pound and selling it for $12, a child’s lungs in Indonesia being corroded by industrial glues so Nike and some athletes can make a few more bucks, lending lots of money to dictators everywhere so they can buy guns to kill their people and keep the world safe for ‘democracy’, and putting people out of work. The new God is Money and Power, and you all worship it.

Who will own the Earth? The Banking Industry, multi-national corporations, the 30 richest families? They are the problem, not the solution, and do not deserve to retain their ill-gotten wealth.

The people of the Earth? There is enough food to feed every one, enough resources to house, clothe, educate and provide health care for every one, enough ingenuity to find solutions to our problems, enough good inside all of us to bring peace to ourselves and the world.

Wealth comes from the Earth. Food, oil, minerals, land, and our greatest resource, people. Who will own the Earth? Those who abuse, or those who will nurture it?

The really, really rich have bought and corrupted entire countries. Time to take away and redistribute their wealth. Wealth is based on resources that belong to us all. I’m not talking about your house or your stock portfolio, but sharing the wealth of the planet. You can call me a communist if you wish.

Time to make central banks responsive to people, not their owners or the bought politicians we have. Time to end the power of private and commercial banks to create money out of credit.

Time to abolish interest, delegitimise the market force economists and the monetary theorists, and finish the culture of greed.

The Earth has the ability to nurture us all. Allow her to do this, instead of trying to rape, plunder and pillage her, and she will reward you.

And when every child born has an equal chance to live and survive, what a wonderful world it would be.

©- Naseer Ahmad-2002


This is the final chapter of my book 'The Way of Atlan', which was written in London in 1976-1977, and been in private circulation since then. (See 'Me and Benjamin Creme', essay to follow, for more information about the circumstances of that time.)

The Way of Atlan is a book of philosophy, more a spiritual way of life, definitely not a 'religion'. I had been waiting for the right time to publicise it, which is now. I'll be publishing it soon on the web, free for every one, or people can opt to buy a copy.

What I do is teach people to be magicians, healers and teachers, so they can go and heal the earth. I have every hope for this planet. People just have to ask the question, what can I do?

This is a chapter of prophecy, with commentary by me. The actual book was written by a man called Gabriel Haaton Ameides, The Teacher of Atlan, who I used to be. In this life I am The Teacher ; my name Naseer means the guider, or, the helper.

The time is the future. Atlan is on the brink of an interplanetary war that may destroy it forever.

Chapter 24: A Message

Oh Beautiful Atlan! When will you see? People, when will you learn? The Way was within you, but you would not change. Now War is come, and it will sweep you away. Do you hear the cries of your children in the wind?

This is a Time that had to be. It is time for the Way to come into its own, but first Humanity must free itself, even though that can only be done through suffering.

See the illnesses of Humanity. A stricken world, with half-living people, unaware of all that they are, settling for less in their relationships, their government, their life.

This is what our evil has wrought; this is what our good has brought.

You will be taken through the fire to a place of miracles. You will see a vision. You will see a man.
You are all beings of God. But I am the one chosen to reveal the Way. I am the promised one. Have there not been signs, again and again?

Humanity will be preserved. It has come close to accepting the Way, and with it will come a reign of peace.

And there are people living in the Universe, and they know not the Way. Find them.
With the passage of time one day Atlan will forget the Way. But what of it? I, and others like myself, will return again and again, for are we not all eternal beings?
~ Gabriel

The time is now Earth, 1977. The war predicted here is the Iran-Iraq war, which will begin in just over two years. A million and a half people will die, and the war will continue to this day, Palestine-Iraq-Afghanistan.

The World War that may destroy the planet forever has already begun.

Commentary: A Message

Oh Beautiful Earth! When will you see? People, when will you learn? The Way was within you, but you would not change. Now War is come, and it will sweep you away. Do you hear the cries of your children in the wind?

Once again humanity prepares for War. Just as, thousands of years ago, it did on Atlan. Earth and Atlan, waiting for a time to come.

This is what you have done. Nearly destroyed your planet. Divided humanity, by shutting yourself off from the suffering of others. Fostered a cult of individualism and selfishness, seeing only yourself, yet hating yourself in all that you do, for have you not shut yourself off from Life, from Love?

Yet, for all this, through humanity's good through its Godhood it has progressed to the point where it is ready for the Way to be revealed.

There is a place that is holy, here on Earth. I will be waiting there for the World when the Way is proclaimed. And it will be a day of richness and wonder beyond imagining.

I am the original revealer of the Way. That was a long time ago on Atlan. But I am still the chosen one. And it is I, who brought the Way here, who was meant to reveal it to Earth.

Impossible for people to change, you say? You only believe that because you have eroded your own belief in yourself, in a thousand little ways. But still have you not searched for something?

Have you not always known that there was much more to your existence, somewhere? You have waited for the Way, and the Way is here. And you will change and dedicate yourself to new nobility, a nobility of the spirit that you have always had.

What have we left for our children? One day they will say yes, they changed the world, and there began the thousand-year reign of peace.

But be warned. The Way will not come easily. We must rid ourselves of the accumulated fears and cruelties of thousands of years and that can only come when all humanity sees the thing within itself that had allowed War to come to this world.

The War will begin in the Middle East. Here the three great religions of the World, Judaism, Christianity and Islam will fight their last war. All of them believing that they are the chosen religion of God, all of them believing in a Messiah who would come and lead them to victory.

The Jews were the spiritual descendants of the Atlanteans. Great knowledge is contained in their writings, but they have lost touch with their spiritual past and become rationalisers. The Christians have drifted further away from their religion than any of the others, and that is because Christianity was only a distortion of what Jesus taught. The Muslims had fervour and faith. Now that has degenerated into fanaticism.

But the Atlanteans created all these religions and they were meant to evolve into the Way of Atlan. And so it began in the Middle East, and here it will end when the Way comes to the World.

There are some who the Way was meant to touch this day. They will choose it, but it is they who are the chosen ones, for they will go forth into the world and proclaim the coming of the Way.

They will speak of a day when all beings will see and accept the Way. And it will be a difficult road for them because of the suffering they must face. But they will change themselves and they will help to change every one.

How can we change the World, you ask? And why should we believe? Again, Earth will change. And some will accept today, and some later. But I will not provide logic or proof save what I have already said. Those who follow me will do so in the strength of faith, and because they believe. And while Humanity obsesses itself with Trivia they will live Adventure of the highest kind.

This is not for students of the occult or philosophy. This is for all beings, those who have searched and known even though they knew not that they were searching.

And this is a Way of living and a blueprint for Earth. It is a simple Way, for it is the elaborate that is easy to distort. Not the Torah or the Bible or the Koran, beautiful words so that people could be lost in them and need theologians and priests to come between them and their God. So there will be War in the Middle East soon to spread over the world. And there will be Disaster and Famine and Pestilence before Earth is reborn. And through all your suffering you cannot cry out to God, for God left the Universe to you and will not interfere. It is you who have brought this about and it is you who will end it.

And Jerusalem will be the capital of all Humanity, not just the Jews the Christians or the Muslims.

And after that, Heal the Earth. And there are people living in the Universe, and they know not the Way. Find them.

It has been too long since Atlan sent her best people to Earth, and she has forgotten the Way. Now her astronauts watch us, waiting for the spiritual flowering that will save both Earth and Atlan.

And here too, Humanity will forget the Way, at the end of the epoch. What of it? I, and others like me, will return, again and again, till the day when you have prepared yourselves and come to the end of the long road to God.

©- Naseer Ahmad-2001