Friday, December 18, 2009

Chiron, the Wounded Healer

I broke my arm

In two places, actually, the coronoid and the radius. I may need elbow surgery, but for now am letting it heal and the physiotherapy is um, painful.

In my previous post "The Bird came again" I referred to someone who was deeply in need of healing, but didn't know it. (Not referring to myself, of course :) But the question does come up. Where did this come from? Why now? Was it karma, or something else? What is the lesson, what can I pass on?

Every year I have a meditation around Christmas, and another in January. Previous ones predated the L.A. earthquake, the Asian Tsunami, the Kashmir earthquake, the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Each time I sense the changes required in the earth's pattern, in other people's, in my own.

Last year I told my spiritual group there would be a lot of deaths in families. A woman whose husband had been run over said she had attended six funerals in a few months. A disciple lost an uncle. Another, her father. Another, both her parents. One of them changed residences at the same time as me then had an accident that hurt her back. Another, lost an unborn child. Chloe lost her wedding ring, and was so upset, yet I was praying so hard for her, feeling something might happen. The week after, while driving with her father, she had a strong feeling just as they went through an intersection. She told him to stop, and he did. At that moment another driver went through a red light. If they hadn't stopped, she would have been hit by the car.

I spent the year praying for the health and safety of my parents, my family, my friends. And in the course of it, I broke my arm.

This year, my meditation was about Chiron, the Wounded Healer, and the lesson for the year ahead.

It isn't just about me and my arm. It is about how we're all in need of healing, we and the people of this broken planet. And in my last post "The Islamic Bomb and the Day of Judgement" I wasn't referring to a nuclear device, but about destructive forces unleashed on humanity. And the ones inside ourselves.

Now I wish to talk about the wounded healer in ourselves. how to heal him or her. It may be that we have to pass through something, regardless. But if we can understand the process, we can learn from and go through safely to the other side.

Chiron, in Greek Mythology, is an immortal being in the form of a centaur who taught the greatest warriors, mystics and healers of his time. An Astrologer, he taught healing to Asklepios, the founder of healing, who was the father of Hippocrates, the founder of medicine. Chiron has been wounded by a poisoned arrow, but as he is immortal, he cannot die. Therefore he transcends his suffering by service to others. Prometheus, the Titan who is being punished by the Gods for giving the gift of fire to humanity, can only be saved if an immortal can take his place. Chiron offers himself up for sacrifice, and the Gods appreciate this so much they allow him to die and pass on into spirit. This is the basis of Jesus's story as well, but also, yours.

You are all healers who need to heal yourselves. Healers are the first to be needed, and the first to need healing. I ask myself, do I have things to let go of? And the first thing I have to say, to myself and all of you, is to let go of the self-destructive and self-sabotage aspects of your lives. The next thing is, first look after yourselves, a difficult thing to do when you're a healer. The last one is, follow the spiritual path. It is the only thing that will save you in the time to come.

Love others, be kind and have compassion, do not exploit others, find balance in your lives. That balance may come from finding your purpose, doing what you are supposed to do. It may come from changing yourself and your environment. Try to build a solid foundation. You cannot heal everyone. First, heal the wounded healer within.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Islamic Bomb and the Day of Judgement

Yawm ad-Din, the Day of Judgement

The US firebombed Tokyo in 1945. More people died then than at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but it was the horrific image of the atom bomb that has gripped the collective consciousness. It was a message of ultimate destruction, designed to not only annihilate the wartime enemy but also intimidate any future enemies that might dare to resist the Empire.

Didn't work, of course. The Russians decided they wanted the Bomb too, and got one. then the Brits French Chinese and Israelis got lots, using stolen or transferred technology.

They had to test the Bomb, of course, so lots went off on ocean atolls, in the atmosphere, and underground so that millions of people died from subsequent cancers. The Earth itself was permanently poisoned. Global disarmament (the "Peace Sign") was the movement whose campaign of civil disobedience based on Gandhian principles inspired the Civil Rights movement, Anti-War, Environmentalism and other causes.

When the Chinese got the bomb the Indians, who were fearful of them, developed their own, so the Pakistanis, fearful of the Indians, got their own, unfortunately styled 'Islamic' bomb. Now maybe the Iranians are trying to get one?

A woman came to see me in L.A. She was dying of cancer, which had metastasized and spread to her bones. She could barely walk, and her back was so hunched she couldn't walk. After two sessions her back straightened completely and her pain was gone. Coincidentally, her husband was a senior IAEA Inspector, who monitored nuclear programs. During the six months we were there, she did quite well, though the cancer was still there.

That woman is an analogue for the state of Islam today. It is consumed by cancer, yet even when offered healing, it cannot heal. Now I have honestly stated my deep love for Muslims but also, reasons for criticism, here: so there's nothing new to add there.

But how does that correlate with the Islamic Bomb and Day of Judgement? Muslims believe in corporal entities like Angels, who are beings of light, and Djinn, beings of fire. They also believe in a Final Day of Judgement, when all will be judged, and these elements are all a part of that narrative. The Pakistani Nuclear bomb is, in fact, the Genie in the lamp I refer to.

There’s a terrible beauty in weapons of war. Guns, swords, nuclear bombs. I can even, contrarian that I am, appreciate the tremendous effort in physics it took to manufacture them without moralizing about How Bad They Are. If some seek to threaten the Muslim nation, who would then feel safe by having the Bomb, I say go for it. Pakistan, Iran, Libya (now THAT was a hoot!) and I could even understand their strategic reasoning.

But: Are they really safer now? I doubt that. In one way, it prevents a conventional war. In another way, all it leads to is attempts by various states and intelligence agencies to destabilize the countries trying to develop nuclear devices. THAT is what’s happening in Pakistan now, but of course, the real, underlying, motive is that it all really is a War against Islam, because Islam resists this global domination.

That’s how I see it politically, and I’ve already asked the question, why is this resistance incapable of winning, but just persevering; where is the leader or saviour from Islam? But spiritually, I see it differently. Djinns are capable, like humans, of good and evil, and nuclear power can likewise be used either way. Djinns, as creatures of fire, will bring about the Final Days.

So, a nuclear war? No. The earth would become uninhabitable. But humanity, and not just Muslims, will still go through the fire now. You see, it is a human failing to want to control their environment, when one can’t even control one’s self. To that end we look for intercession from angels, djinns, and God. Some Muslims even attempt to conjure up djinn to do their bidding. But, according to tradition, those who try to control the djinn when they can’t even follow the right path, will always end up being hurt and tricked by them.

So, as millions of Muslims are being brutalized and killed, and NOT ONE Muslim is capable leading the Ummah, the question remains: are we entering the final Days? Indeed, yes, and it has been prophesied. And this applies To All, not just Muslims. The world will be in a worse place next year, and the Day of Judgement will come for all.

What can we do to prepare? Stop trying to control power. Follow the spiritual path. Be the best you can be.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Occupation of the Mind

The Mind is too wonderful a thing to be wasted

As I get to a certain age :) I find myself reflecting on what I did with my life, and the directions taken. What always intrigued me was the pursuit of knowledge, but, as I recognised how we could control the mind, so, too, could the mind be controlled; if we could occupy or use the mind, so, too, could the mind be occupied by external forces, not always benevolent.

Our minds are occupied territory, no less than Palestine is, no less than the people of Orwell's 1984, no less than the drug controlled people of Huxley's Brave New World. And we do have Big Brother, new 'permanent enemies', and new drugs to control and manipulate us.

Then there's this: "The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country… We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized… ”So opens Propaganda (1928), one of several strikingly frank analyses of western social psychology written by Edward Bernays. This nephew of Sigmund Freud founded the public relations industry in the United States"

Yes there is 'an unseen mechanism of society' and the question is, who, and what, are the forces that manipulate our minds?

I was the boy who was always reading a book. I was the one who questioned things. Not finding all the answers I needed in the Material world, I visited the Psychic and Spiritual worlds.

And this what I saw. Everything is, and has, an energy. When you learn to see the ebb and flow of energy, the imprints, the little points of light that are people, that are thoughts, that are events past, events that are are yet to take place, and the forces that try to shape them. it's so easy to read, like a book..

I wrote Man From Atlan in 1974. There's a scene inside an Egyptian pyramid. There, the descendants of the Atlanteans, now set up as the gods of Egypt, discuss how their secret society uses religion to control the masses.. for their own good of course.

There's a debate right now which pits religion against scientific objectivism, or the so called rational mind. This is a false debate, IMO, because both can be dogmatic, both can be abusive and part of the manipulative process. It is control through permanent conflict, which once used to be between believers and non-believers, 'good' vs 'evil' and now, the 'rational' and 'irrational' mind.

Yes, there are religious leaders, of every faith, who say their faith condones killing. That is false, as are they. But objective humanists do just as much harm with their new religion of what I call "Scientism", which seeks to confine all human knowledge to what can be determined by a new priesthood using what is called the Scientific Method. They could never acknowledge subtle energies, or Astrology, or ESP. Since they never can, it seems, admit that Vaccines are harmful, or adding Fluoride to our drinking water is insane, to name just two examples, I conclude that the harm they do is far greater than that posed by the religious fanatics, but I'll let them and the Darwin fetishists slug it out. Yes, religiousity is so easy to manipulate, and it in turn controls people through fear. But the rational mind bound by what can be observed through the senses controls people too. Get the Flu shot or you'll die! Hmmph.

There are so many ways opinion and belief can be moulded. Religion, society, culture, and authority figures masked as experts. Celebrities can sell anything, as we project our own lack of self-identity on to fantasy figures in the ether. The Media, the great distraction which includes the Internet, bombards us with visual stimuli designed to create a post hypnotic condition. Then we'll buy anything. Then we'll be manipulated into wars. Then we'll buy Bernays' 'Propaganda' and let our minds live under Occupation..

I've already identified the global elites. You can't defeat them with violence, that's Their tool. I couldn't even be bothered whether they're demons, or possessed by them. The sheer scope of their power makes them blind.. I can see them, I can outlive them beyond generations, and my mind, unbound, will always be free...

This is how we can free our selves. Accept responsibility for our selves instead of blaming others. Don't accept or buy their shit. Look after your self and your family. Build community and, be your brother and sister's keeper. Find your spiritual center. Always be in it.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Zombie Remembrance Day

Dawn of the Dead 2004

My daughter Gebbriel's elementary school class was working on a tableau commemorating Remembrance Day. My zombie-loving 10 yr old suggested they model it on Dawn of the Dead, with everyone chasing each other around and killing each other, and how silly war was, with people killing each other like zombies.

One kid said:
"I've got a rifle and I can kill everybody" pointing it around the class and going Bam! Bam! then another said "I have a rifle too" and started shooting so everyone in class started running around and shooting and falling down. Then my daughter marched in and, striking a pose, said "Everyone's dead. Now we have Peace!"

Every one was laughing now but the teacher said, 'sorry kids, this is a solemn occasion, so you'll have to be serious'.

The kids have it right: War is silly.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

This stupid, stupid war

Stupid people:

Backasswards logic: An illogical war must be continued because otherwise "we aren't supporting the troops"

Republican logic: We have to invade Iraq to kill the bad guys.

Democratic logic: We have to invade Afghanistan and Pakistan to kill the bad guys.

Pogo on Vietnam: "We have met the enemy, and it is us"

The people who start these wars aren't stupid, of course. We, on the other hand, might not know (for now) how to stop them. They want to make this planet into a permanent slave colony, and it's up to us, to, not be slaves.

Two geniuses, Aldous Huxley and George Orwell, had opposing dystopian views of the future. Huxley, that we would be so distracted by the pleasure principle, by drugs and sexuality that we wouldn't really care about the ways in which we were controlled. Orwell, that we would be manipulated into hating the other, and that we could controlled through pain, and deprivation, and psychological mind control, and the lack of love.

Both were right, of course. So we need to focus on our goals, and, to love one another. And we need to know, the wars are a result of the imbalance within our selves. Oh, I predicted this War, as those who've read the blog articles and previous writings know.

But my answer to it, my solution, is harder. You have to follow me, and then I will stop this insane war? No I won't. It will follow its course, as it follows what humanity has created, and, allowed to happen.

But I will still bring peace, and the peace inside me will spread around the world to those who believe, and, there will be miracles.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mysticism, not Religion

Yggdrasil, the Tree that connects the Worlds

In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. John 14:2

John 14:2 could be a religious text, but for me, it is a classic passage of mysticism, describing not only the place one goes to, but, also, the journey there.

My uncle was a wise man. He once said that Heaven and Hell existed here on earth. To a 10 year old, that was quite interesting. Then everything religion said could be seen in a new light, and our purpose should be not just to understand our relationship with God, but defining our relationship with all the worlds. And therefore, mysticism and spirituality would be the journey; and a philosophy, and not religion, would be the destination, for human beings to reach a true understanding of all that is, and could be.

In Norse mythology, Yggdrasil ("The Terrible One or Odin's Horse") also called the World Tree, is the giant ash tree that links and shelters all the worlds. Beneath the three roots the realms of Asgard, Jotunheim, and Niflheim are located. Three wells lie at its base: the Well of Wisdom (MĂ­misbrunnr), guarded by Mimir; the Well of Fate (Urdarbrunnr), guarded by the Norns; and the Hvergelmir (Roaring Kettle), the source of many rivers.

Four deer run across the branches of the tree and eat the buds; they represent the four winds. There are other inhabitants of the tree, such as the squirrel Ratatosk ("swift teeth"), a notorious gossip, and Vidofnir ("tree snake"), the golden cock that perches on the topmost bough. The roots are gnawed upon by Nidhogg and other serpents. On the day of Ragnarok, the fire giant Surt will set the tree on fire. These are wonderful pictures which I won't explain, because mysticism is supposed to evoke something inside each person, and the experience therefore, different, but important, for each. (I'm sorry, I know that's why people find descriptions of other people's spiritual experience so er, mystical, and hard to relate to sometimes)

And carrying the Tree of Life theme further, I would recommend "Understanding the Mysteries of Kabbalah" by Maggy Whitehouse, for more insight. That it links with hermeticism, alchemy, occultism, magic, and the visual symbolism of Tarot really appeals to me. That it acknowledges there are realities beyond ordinary human reality or the understanding of religion, I love that.

But it seeks also to help each person establish direct connection with God, as if that is the ultimate goal, and while important, that is not the only one.

Our definition of God, as religion goes, is based on a creator God, and our relationship with that unknowable being, whereas mysticism seeks more to understand the very nature of God, that very transcendent reality, and nothingness. Brahman, as opposed to Brahma. But, that is not all mysticism does. It seeks to understand ourselves, and our many possible futures. It seeks knowledge of the many worlds, and answers to the eternal questions.

Who are we? What is our purpose in life, and what happens to us when we are gone? Is this life real or illusion, and what are the stages of our evolution? What is the nature of the soul, or is that tied to our ego and personal experiences? What are the lessons we must learn, and why is there suffering? How can we heal ourselves, and many more.

In 'my father's house', there are many mansions, many realms, many loci of energy and the spaces in between. There is the place we go to when we die, and the choices for the future we must make decided. That Nature has a consciousness, we know.

And then again, the place that holds a special place in my heart is that of the native peoples:

1. Native people believe in a spiritual world that exists beyond the physical world that is reached through dreams, visions and ceremonies. They also believe in a single spiritual force.

2. The Ojibwe people believe in Kitche Manitou, an Algonkin term which means “The Great Spirit” or sometimes called the “Great Mystery”. Manitou means Spirit.

3. The Seneca believe in Orenda, a Haudenosaunee term which means “Spiritual Power” or energy. Orenda also means good energy, and Otgon means bad energy.

4. Both tribes believe in the meanings of spirit, energy, mystery and magic as it applies to daily life and nature.

5. However, the Ojibwe use prayers, vision quest and seeking guardian spirits, while the Seneca look for answers in the dream world and make masks as spiritual objects; see how this connects with the Tibetan Buddhism, Siberian and Amazonian shamanism, and Hawaiian Huna spiritual traditions?

The way to see the connections is also, a mystic one. Sometimes in meditation and prayer, sometimes through the hidden knowledge.

That the prophets were also mystics, I know. But the religions they taught also had hidden, inner meanings, which only the initiate could find. But then, religion is only a small part of that transcendent reality, like a rule book for children (Not that children, in many ways, are not closer to God, or wiser than adults)

Then there is the spiritual alchemy required for us to evolve, the mystic blending of forces which will one day lead to our spiritual transformation (hint: it requires a blending of male and female energies)

Is the Mayan calendar date of Dec. 21, 2012 when it will happen? No, because there are many dates and stages of learning, and for most, that will only come much later.

So what, then, is Mysticism? I have described many spiritual events in terms of a journey, of discovery, of a place. Mysticism is the journey that takes to the place of our birth, to where we always return.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Spiritual Children

There's a child who talks to trees

and feels their energy. Lately spirits have been talking to her, and she's frightened. She asked my daughter to help get rid of them. One spirit is friendly, and when they talk to him every thing's fine. The other one is more disturbed, and when they move into her 'territory' the wind blows. My daughter says it's spooky, but she's not really scared. Her friend is, though, and we may have to talk to her parents.

In 1848 there was an event that led to the development of modern day spiritualism. Three young sisters of the Fox family in the town of Hydesville, New York, started to communicate with the spirits of the dead. People came from all over to see tables and chairs lift off the floor, hear rapping noises and other phenomena. ;

They determined the spirit causing the events was a man who'd been murdered and buried in their cellar. No body was found, but in 1904 further excavation did in fact find a body in the cellar area. Newspapers reported the story widely; and as the craze swept America, sceptics and believers argued about the truth of spiritualism. Many people did in fact try to debunk them, but were never able to prove trickery. And many people who had lost family were heartened to believe they could contact the spirits of their loved ones.

Yet for all their wealth earned by their mediumship abilities the sisters descended into alcoholism and died penniless. In 1888 the most gifted of them, Maggie Fox, crippled by stress, even claimed to have made it all up, but later recanted her confession. The fact remains that the 19th century was a remarkable time with spiritual events taking place all over the world. Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophist movement, Arthur Conan Doyle's 'Cottingley Fairies' photos (later assumed to be faked) and the inexplicable levitation feats of Daniel Dunglass Holmes:

A great deal of effort goes into trying to understand, perhaps even to rationalise these events. And my childhood was like that. I saw spirits, and sort of levitated (I jumped off a roof) and my childhood was spiritual. And I hope I can help my children to be spiritual.

But here's the thing: We're going through a tremendous time of change, and children are being affected by it. I'm concerned that parents might neither understand what's happening nor how to help them. I also am aware that there's a health factor involved. Due to environmental toxins and vaccines children are developing brain tumours that may cause hallucinations (I've treated many such children over the summer)

But: children need to learn to develop these special gifts they are born with, safely, they need to be nurtured, they need to know how to balance the spiritual realms with the material, and, they need to not be afraid of the unknown. They need a spiritual practice, be it meditation, or even esoteric training with a teacher, to keep the energies at arms length. But when balanced, these children are amazing!

I saw many gifted people lose their abilities over time or suppress them. I saw many people either medicated or turn to drugs and alcoholism. Is it a mental health issue or one of misunderstood spiritual ability and extreme emotional sensitivity?

I know only this: that there's a child who's afraid of what she sees, and hears. For her sake I will tell her parents, but hope she will also, never ever lose her very special gifts.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Money Money Money

For the love of money is the root of all evil:
1 Timothy 6:10

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Bird Came Again

Red Tailed Hawk

We just moved into the house of a person who isn't well, who needs healing-but doesn't know it.

And some people showed up for healing-but many more did not. Those who need it the most, resist the most.

I'd said many people would pass away this year. It happened.

But, I can't just frighten people with what I see when all that does is take away their freedom of choice, and the lessons they must learn. They have to know they need help, and they need to ask.

A Bird Came For Healing once. The next day our neighbour died. Birds are messengers of spirit, and where else do we go into spirit but the point at which we die? Yes we can go into spirit, through meditation, and dreams, and healing, into various levels.

But there is a way, and that way is to let go of ego. The ego is the part of us that, based on the past, defines us.

So I had to look at myself and ask what I had to change.

Then another bird came to our new home, and it was a Merlin Falcon, again. Another bird, rarely seen in the city, which hovered right outside our window for the longest while.

Then yesterday another Merlin, flashing by in front of our car.

Merlin was Arthur’s teacher. He is in spirit, and being reborn again. We, too, are being reminded to change ourselves, and rescue our spirituality.

And in the time to come, remind ourselves: Whatever we need, will come to us.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Spiritual Community

I know, I know
Here I am, having just finished Cults I have known, and insulting others, then saying, no, I didn't start one myself.
The fact is I'm a solitary being, and much more amenable to living in a cave with a few necessities (and my books of course)
So here I am, a teen, knowing my purpose was to serve. I wasn't shy, quite the opposite, but I was reserved. But when it came to talking, to helping people, I was a gabby one.
Spirit suggested I study Palmistry and Astrology to understand my visions. I did, then was a counselor at age 16. Not fortune telling, but, discussing future possibilities with my friends in college and University. And I was struck by how lonely people were, and would be.
At age 20, I was teaching meditation, and what we had was not a group, or a cult, but a healing community. Most were ex-followers of Guru Maharaji, funnily enough. But there were people from the Process, and Hare Krishna. Seeing the damage done to these spiritual seekers was a confirmation of what I had already observed first hand at their gatherings, and was where I said I wouldn't follow that path. I'm glad too that I didn't. One thing I knew from my parents, from myself: don't misuse your gifts, you can do great good, or great evil.
So I followed the spiritual path in the 70's, put it on hiatus in the 80's as I worked on health and spiritual crisis issues: how much could I tell people what I saw about them and the future? Even in trying to help them could I not do harm? Answer: keep your mouth shut.
Then it was time to change again and I quit my job in the 90's and started full time healing and counselling, and the first thing people asked, was when would I start teaching? And it seemed so natural, and I started with what I knew about the chakras, except, they were also doorways into the void, a pathway to God. And yes it seemed natural I should once again teach meditation. I call it Living Meditation. It's not something one does, it's the space one is in. A space one can always be inside.
Many asked, did this mean they should divorce their husbands and move in with me? And I said No! Yet it seemed they were asking about community, and so, I started one. I think we were all feeling our way through this but it was a wonderful experience, nevertheless.
So I asked a group of my students if they would like to start a spiritual community with me. We would share a large home, and I would teach them to heal, and hold regular meditations. There were 4 women and three men in the end, including me. As soon as I said, this isn't going to be a sex cult, the two men left. They said I was too controlling! :)
The women, it turned out later, had drawn lots to see which nights they would spend with me, but I was already committed to Chloe. Sorry, ladies.
It was a large house in Toronto, with a huge meditation space, and up to 50 people were coming regularly every week on Thursdays for Meditation Night. We ALL took turns washing the bathroom and floors, and cooking as well, though it turned out Chloe and I were more, er, domestic.
Over the course of a year we became quite well known in Toronto, and several thousand people came to our healings, meditations and workshops (We all had our space to do our thing)
Aruna was born in that house, and it was, for one perfect year, a vibrant community, where miracles took place.
It was in this house that the idea of discipleship came to me. The step after being a student was to be a disciple. It was a choice, and it was a test, for me and them. I know I made it difficult, but the fact is, it was difficult for me too. I didn't want people who weren't ready. Then, as soon as the center was successful, I shut it down, to go on A Spiritual Journey to the United States
where I went from one city to another, and saw many times more people than I had in Canada.
Truly, they were in great need of healing, and even more so today, but not, until one person shows me the faith I ask for.
I came back to Canada, gathered the disciples again, then moved to Europe for several months. While there, there was a split within the group, and when I came back, had to start again. I reflected on that, and want to share with you.
I know I'm not an easy person to be with. That I can read what's inside you is not easy, for you or for me. If I test you, I test myself even more. And above all I ask, if I acted with integrity and truth. That we split, was neither your fault nor mine. But in the end, I gave you the choice of freedom, and thank you, all of you, my absent friends, for what you did for me and my family. I may have given much, but, I also received much.
So on the one hand, I was free to follow my own direction than worry about my responsibility to them. On the other hand, I didn't have the support system any more. But oh the freedom!
One early morning, in Hungary 1996. I am in a valley watching hundreds of men, women, and children walk down to us from villages all around, to see the healer from afar, and I was filled with love for our common humanity. We went to 10 different countries in four months, and again, I helped thousands. We saw real models of community living, in European villages, than I ever created in the hothouse atmosphere of a spiritual group. But the fact is, both models are valid.
We arrived back in Canada with 5 dollars in our pocket. I started again, and learned how to ask for help, much as I didn't know how. From 2000 on, I gathered many more students and disciples. They helped me, and I them. I travelled all over again, and met so many more, and this was the most exciting time of my life. And what I learned, I share with you. But I will not lose sight...
I know my goal. I will help you with yours. But I will tell you what I expect, instead of leaving it to whim. I have now reached millions of people through my websites and writing. My community is the people I met, my followers the ones I helped, and the ones who helped me. Neither temple nor ashram shall be my home...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cults I have known

The Process Church of the Final Judgment

Toronto was an interesting place in 1970.

I taught meditation, and met many colorful groups: hippies and American draft dodgers, saffron garbed Krishna devotees, and, people in dark Harry Potter robes with embroidered patches of oh yeah, Satan on the one side and silver crosses and the swastika like P logo on the other, belonging to the Process Church of the Final Judgment. I made many friends, and got to know them well, and in the end I could either join the Process "there's this (18 year old) girl who really, really, likes you" or Hare Krishna "here's a tambourine and you can chant all day" I choose neither, of course. My path was not so simple.

The Krishna Consciousness movement was a microcosm of every thing wrong with the ‘Indian guru goes to America and does well’ aspect of the New Age movement and it was, unfortunately, a cult. The focus on raising money, the sexual improprieties and abuse, unbalanced diet and conditions designed to keep people in a state of fatigue and more easily open to suggestion. It fell apart after the death of its founder Swami Prabhupada as his disciples fought amongst themselves.

I know that Swami Prabhupada was motivated by the purpose of bringing Krishna Consciousness to the world. I know he helped many people. I know he was not aware of the abuse, and did not condone it; the allegations came out after his death. They were also true, as several insiders confirmed to me. But that isn’t my point, which is that a focus on matters outside of this world can lead only to imbalances within this one, as I have seen over and over again in all sorts of groups and movements.

The Process Church was even more interesting, read the article and links at:

Led by Robert de Grimston and his wife Mary Anne MacLean, they were a splinter group from Scientology. In 1966, they retreated from the world to Xtul, in the Yucatan peninsula. There, with the aid of various stimuli and psychedelia, they channeled God, aka Jehovah, then, the later aspects Christ, Lucifer and Satan, and stated we all vibrate according to one or the other aspect, and we must eventually integrate all four. They were much perturbed when I said I already integrated all four :) I was a young whippersnapper then.

Having been born out of the various psychoanalytical therapy movements of the 60’s, the Process was widely influential with Rock Stars and in the counter culture movement. The Process eventually fell apart when it turned out they had some connection with multiple killers Charles Manson and Sam Berkowitz, the son of Sam.

I found it interesting they had a secret, undisclosed belief in long ago UFO’s visiting Earth based on the writings of Brinsley Le Poer Trench,,_8th_Earl_of_Clancarty and and that their
ideology had some resemblance with mine. But I saw also elements of manipulation and control I would never be able to live with.

Yet, for all they might truly believe in an apocalyptical world and that Charles Manson was a sign of the end times, but, there was something beautiful there too, in that even if they got Satan all wrong, they still got God, somewhat right.

Robert de Grimston, Process Church of the Final Judgment.

Yeow! The reading is a riff on War, and yes it should be read in full, great poetry cannot be summarised but read in its entirety.
But here's the conclusion:

"1.15 Humanity as a whole will not rise above its conflicts. Even if it were to do so it would still destroy all the physical, social and moral structures which it has created, because it would see their total invalidity. But it will not; so the destruction will take place in a chaos and confusion of ignorance, with the vast majority still clinging desperately to their hollow materialistic dreams, even in the depths of their final despair; whilst the few who do rise above the conflicts, will stand aside, separated from the mass, united not within but without the man-made structures of the human game, and linked to a new reality founded not on the laws of men but on the Laws of GOD."

The Process Church reinvented itself as the New Ager Foundation Faith of the Millennium, then as one of America’s most well known Animal Rescue services, the Best Friends Animal Society based in Utah. It pleases me to know that my old friends Brothers Micah and Michael, and Mother Ophelia, who sought so hard in the 60’s and the 70’s to create a better new world, now serve our animal friends. (They were the organization that went in and rescued many animals from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and if they ignored the humans, at least they did good, nevertheless)

I lived through tumultuous times and saw how hard people tried to change the corrupt society they lived in. The assassinations of JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King Jr. and John Lennon, the Vietnam War, Kent State and anti-war movement, Che Guevara’s execution, the 1966-68 student riots, the music, the films. We were the idealistic generation, and if some choose to drop out and explore the possibility of a beautiful spiritual alternative, then more power to them.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

My Gay Friend

M Everyone in school thought I was gay. The funny thing was, I wasn't.

The funny thing was, that in a hypersexualised school where horny 14 year old teenagers actually dragged a donkey into a dorm and attempted a really unnatural act I was the one considered to be er, different.

The fact is that I have had many gay friends, and through them I have learned many lessons about healing, compassion, and sexuality.

Yet it was still interesting that I had so many encounters with gay people. At college, my best friend came on to me, and maybe it was my extreme sexual naiveté and maybe it was just my own inner self protection that told me this wasn't my choice, but it took me many years to realise my best friend was gay.

Such things were not unknown in Pakistan; at college there were many young men who had lovers (the others would peek through the windows and watch) and many of them went on to marry and have children. But my best friend was, and remains, gay.

Now I've seen this in many Islamic countries, even in Iran. As long as the person is discreet, you usually are left alone. My friend, being part of the elite, had an added layer of protection. In Iran, homosexuality is a capital crime, and in Pakistan punishable by a hundred lashes (though many charges it seems are politically or financially motivated) but my deepest sadness would be the nonacceptance of these men and women by their family or society.

You see, God doesn't discriminate against gays, nor does God love them any less than the rest of his creation. This is one thing I hold against all religions, their artificial rules and control of self-ruling people's sexuality.

The thing is, God gave humanity free choice. And if people choose to be gay, bless them. When my Muslim father said a hurricane in Halifax was God's punishment for a Gay Pride parade in Toronto I asked whether God couldn't get directions to Toronto and when a Christian pastor said God punished the US for its homosexuals I said Hurricane Katrina was a result of the imbalance in the earth and not God's punishment (though the US has its own, terrible karma, which has nothing to do with sexual morality, it still has ONE last chance to change-they must follow me)

Though to be absolutely honest, I do think man and woman is the natural order of things because of the yin yang flow of energy, but that does not take away your freedom of choice.

I have noted there are three areas in which our karma can be primarily manifested:

1. Our relationships.
2. The society and culture we are born into.
3. Being born as a man or a woman.

So what if those who were men in a previous life were born as women, and women, men?
What if we were confused about our sexuality because we were men in women's bodies and women in men's bodies? Is that our fault? No it isn't, we may or may not be predisposed, and it's not a genetic fault, or a disease that needs to be 'cured' or 'worked through'. It's a part of our healing journey, and that's the only way it can be approached. It doesn't matter what choice you make, as long as you're at peace with your choice. And if I talk about the balance between the male and female energy, then how you express it is, entirely up to you.

So here I am in Toronto in 1970 and I'm getting a come on from women and men. A man comes out of an elevator and kisses me, a complete stranger, full on the lips. Cool. Would I like a coffee? Sure. We chat. Would I like to go to his home? Not wishing to mislead him, I said, "just to let you know, I'm not homosexual" (gay wasn't used then)

A spiritualist reverend (another friend) asks if I'd like to have sex with him "you'll really like it". I decline and read his palm "You'll be married and have a son when you're 30" He did.

Maybe my male female vibe confused people. Maybe it was my natural friendliness :) And I was now becoming really really heterosexual ;) so nothing much happened for a while, till I began to commit to my healing work.

The AIDS epidemic really frightened a lot of people. I volunteered my time at an AIDS clinic, and when they couldn't get around to setting up a schedule, I visited patients at home. Even those with full blown AIDS actually got better. Btw, AIDS is a man made virus, designed to target certain populations. I knew this psychically and spiritually, but when I confirmed this with my own research and through my activist friends, this filled me with a rage that I still feel to this day. And I don't like this retroviral crap or criminal organisation called Big Pharma either.

There was a young man named Daniel who came to our clinic. He'd already been helped with a macrobiotic diet and through the spiritual healing became really well. He came to all the weekly meditations and workshops and was the sweetest person. When Aruna was born he held her for such a long time and I could see how much he wanted to be a father. In his family only his sister accepted and defended him, so we were his extended family.

When we moved to the U.S., without the regular treatments, he became ill. He passed away after a year, and we never found out until we returned. He forgave his family at the end, and he's at peace now, but he didn't die of AIDS, he died of a broken heart. How could any parent deny their own child; how could any deity deny his own creation?

I make clear that in healing one helps the body heal, the mind to be at peace, the spirit to be free. It isn't my place to tell people what they should or should not be or do. If they ask for help in anything, I do so as a neutral party. If it had been in Daniel's karma to be who he was, that was fine. If he wanted to at least have a family of his own that would have been great. If he'd asked me to officiate at his marriage then I would have, because who was I to deny we can not control who we love, to someone who had shown me such faith?

Because it is possible to love any and all beings. Because even if I did not love my friends that way, I loved them still. My male, female, tran gendered friends, to let them know that God would love them always.

I had to decide between two movie posters for this article, My Beautiful Launderette, and Wilde. Wilde, then, because I'd played Ernest in a school play. Both great movies about human love. I also recommend Touch of Pink, and eventually I suppose I'll see Brokeback Mountain, even though I thought at first it might be too Hollywoody :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Maya Calendar: The End of Times

Dec. 21, 2012

Many prophecies have been made about the end of Times. They interest us because millennial belief systems have always seemed so logical, so orderly that we could surrender to them without having to accept the responsibility that always accompanies true prophecy. This is the danger of prophecy, that once the future is proclaimed, we can surrender freedom of choice: why struggle when everything is pre-ordained?

That is why I hesitate to say what the future will bring, and always talk about potential, and possibility, and the need for sacrifice, willingly made.

The Maya were gifted astronomers and mathematicians, and their calculations showed the end of the long count calendar would take place exactly on December 21, 2012, which coincides with "On the winter solstice of 2012, the noonday Sun exactly conjuncts the crossing point of the sun's ecliptic with the galactic plane, while also closely conjunction the exact center of our galaxy" This is our Galactic Center, about which I will write more.

Earlier that year, Venus will pass directly in front of our sun, an extremely rare occurrence, happening twice every 122 years. They signify natural disasters. The last regular occurrence of 1874 and 1882 was followed by typhoons and the destruction of Mt. Krakatoa, the largest volcanic eruption ever. The first leg of the current cycle took place in 2004, followed by the Asian Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, and the Sichuan earthquake. The second leg will take place in June 2012.

High sunspot activities are followed by wars: the last peak took place in 2000-2001, the next will be in 2012. Will there be war, or a war to end wars?

Those who are born close to the Galactic Center, or have an astrological ascendant or midheaven close to it have this great (sometimes too great) power available to them: Gandhi had it, I (and I'm not a Gandhi) do too, but really, it's going to be interesting to see what happens to me (let alone the world) over the next two years. What I do know is that I will be there on that day, and God will be there.

And another interesting coincidence: According to an ancient Chinese astrology based on constellations as opposed to the more familiar 12 animals, I was born on the day of the sky sheep, which day will occur again on Dec. 21, 2012. That day, in Chinese Astrology with its emphasis on good and bad luck, is mournful, centred as it is in the constellation of the Ghostly Carriage. It deals with spiritual and supernatural matters, my forte :) and people born under this sign have clairvoyant abilities.

So what do I see for that day? Is it the Dimensional Shift I have written about before? The Maya saw the end of the shorter cycle as a time of rebirth, perhaps coinciding with the great floods, but the end of the Long Count? A biblical rapture event? The End of the World, or a beginning?

My answer is this: think of it as a journey, and some will see a great darkness, and some will see a man, helping them into the light.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The ability to change

Be the change you wish to see
People ask me, when will things change? I always reply with how will things change?

I have fought an ongoing battle on behalf of the poor and the dispossessed, the spiritual seekers and those in need of healing or who were blocked from enlightenment for so long that I would like, just once, to lighten up :)

So here I am, and if there is one message of hope I can give, it is that yes, you can change. It doesn't matter what your karma is, or your age or religion or parents or societal upbringing or environment or material circumstance; you can change.

So there are problems in the world and your personal life, and maybe, you can't change that no matter how hard you try. But the greatest struggle, and the one that comes with the greatest outcome, is the one you make to change yourself.

I can't tell you any more than I already have as to how to accomplish that. But since my next message is going to be more...severe, I can say this: the answer lies within your self.

The Joy of Hafez

The Power of Poetry to move us all

Poetry, like music, like art, can not only move us personally but also express the longing of a nation..

If I have a special place in my heart for the holy books the Quran, Bhagvad Gita, or Bible, it is because of the power of their poetry, and the poetry of Shakespeare, Lao-Tzu and Hafez also has a special place in my heart.

I remember with special fondness when a friend and I read the Diwan i Hafiz in the Persian by candlelight in Tehran during Nawrooz, the Persian New Year. It was a very difficult time for what I saw ahead, but also because the reading gave me a confirmation the path I choose would lead me to what I sought. Fal-e-Hafiz can be an oracle as well.

Nawrooz in Tehran 2007: A friend and i stayed up reading Fal-e-Hafiz

"Than eternal life, union is better

O God, give me that, which is better.

Cut me with a sword, and I said no word,

From foe keeping friend's secret is better.

In this path to die enslaved to the Lord

Than all the world, that Soul is better.

Ask healer of my painful discord

Will this invalid ever get better?

In shade of the spruce, the rose that was floored

Than ruby red blood, its dust is better.

O pious ones, with heavens I'm bored

Than paradise, this garden is better.

O heart, always, in His alley beg and hoard

He, who commands eternity is better.

O youth, with the advice of the old be in accord

Than youthful luck, old wisdom is better.

No eye has seen a gem that soared

That of the pearl of my ear is better.

Though from "Zendeh Rood" elixir of life poured

Than Isfahan, Our Shiraz is better.

Though friend's words sweetness stored

Than those words, Hafiz's is better"

© Shahriar Shahriari

I wish my friends peace.

Friday, July 10, 2009

A Healer's Prayer

A Healer's Prayer

A Healer's Prayer

I am one with you,

I am one with God.

I am one with myself

and all my dimensions,

I am one with God.

I am one with the Universe

and all Thy Dimensions.

I am one with God.

I am one with

our Mother Earth and

Heavenly Father

I am one with God

I am the Child

I am Love,

I am God

~ Naseer Ahmad 1990

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Whither goest thou, Israel?

May 14, 1948

A horoscope isn't only a snapshot in time, or a delineation of possibilities, potential, and karma, or even a tool of prophecy. It is a mandala which shows the magical influences, both good and bad, present at a time of birth. It may even, for those who know how, show what might happen.

And yes, this is the horoscope of Israel, and if this can help illustrate my point, great, but it's only a picture. When a child is born, who can say how that child will turn out? What I say comes from

a deeper place than that. This is prophecy, let's see how it turns out.

I wrote of my deep connections with and love for the Jewish people in my 2001 article "Battle for the Soul of the Jewish People" and more in "Mary Magdalene and the 12 Miriams" as one of many messages to ALL the people of the world.

But: what happens in Israel is central to the future of the world.

But: the power to change has been taken away from the people of Israel, and only individuals can change, but Israel, no, not ever, I'm sorry to say.

What will happen will happen, and Israel will be no more. A peaceful democratic state, under another name, with equal rights for all, possibly. That will only happen under certain conditions. People will have to change. And as to the form of destruction, that again will depend. Earth cataclysm? A meteorite hitting Jerusalem? Population change or genetic illness? Or just, a fading away? I see what will happen, but who am I to take away people's freedom of choice? Let them see for themselves.

Here's an astrological article I wrote for a magazine in 2006, based on trends from 2000 on:

Israel’s Astrology Chart
I have long appreciated Astrology’s help in better understanding of people and events. Astrological interpretations may also, based on a nation's horoscope, tell us about challenges it may face in the future, as a result of past actions.

The current cycle began with a stellium of planets in Taurus in 2000 and will continue for many years to come. Taurus countries like Israel will suffer upheaval after upheaval..

Israel ended the year 2005 with a grand cross of the planets Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Mars in the signs of Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus, all forcefully impacting Israel’s 8th House (Death) Sun, 10th House (Public standing) Saturn and Pluto, and 1st-7th House (how others see you, and relationships/ alliances) Nodes and 1st House Chiron (the wound we carry inside ourselves)

For the biblical inclined, Ezekiel 1:4 speaks of cherubim bearing the face of a Lion (Leo) Eagle (higher octave of Scorpio) Man (Aquarius) and Ox (Taurus) as God's warning to 'a proud and rebellious people' which is exactly what these phenomena represent.

The year 2006 is therefore momentous for the people of Israel, with several major astrological events directly affecting the national horoscope. It is also a culmination of events that began in 2000, with a grand stellium of planets in Taurus, Israel's sign, which coincided with the Palestinians' 2nd Intifada. The images of Palestinians bravely fighting against tanks with rocks caused world opinion to turn so decisively against Israel, and only the events of 9/11, various assassinations, manufactured outrages and amazingly coincidental 'terrorist plots' distracted people enough to grant a reprieve. This time around, the astrological factors are so profound, so numerous, it appears unlikely Israel can escape so easily.

These are the major significators:
Every 29-30 years every person undergoes a major shift called a Saturn Return. This requires a major evaluation of one's life and direction. Israel's 1st Saturn return in 1977 coincided with Anwar Sadat's historic visit to Israel and the possibility, however unrealised, of peace. The 2nd Saturn return, at age 58-60, is where all the unrealised ambitions come home to roost. Either we have come to peace, or, we're on life support, waiting to die. Interestingly, Israel's 2nd Saturn return happened this August (2006) when it was fought to a national-confidence destroying draw with Hezbollah.

The second major factor is the center of our galaxy, the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius. This conjuncts Israel's Jupiter, which gives it an overweening confidence in its ability to survive. Any major impact on that point has the effect of disillusioning them of that belief. The planet Uranus' conjunction with the G.C. in 1987, then Saturn-Uranus conjunction there in 1988, coincided with the 1st Palestinian Intifada, which shook Israel to the core, and only the 1st Gulf War granted it a reprieve. 1987 also was the year the Palestinian Representative was first invited to attend the Security Council, with the same rights as a sovereign state, and in 1988, Hamas came into being.

The third factor is when the planets Jupiter Saturn and Neptune together impact Israel's Pluto, Saturn, and Sun right up to the end of the year. There will be much false optimism leading ultimately to disillusionment, unless radical changes in the national psyche take place now. Sadly, there appear to be no leaders that could lead Israel towards the path of peace.

Lastly, and most significant, is the conjunction of Pluto with the Galactic Center for the years 2006-2009, becoming exact twice, in December 2006 and October 2007. Astronomers may have demoted Pluto to planetoid status, but to an Astrologer, Pluto still is the planet of death and regeneration. The last time Pluto conjunct the Galactic Center, in 1745, we had the Age of Enlightenment, and, also, the Jacobin Rebellion. There will be a far greater change in Israel, and only time will tell how it turns out...

Since that time, President Obama has been elected, as I predicted, but has not turned out to be a means of change, which was his choice. Hamas won the Palestinian elections in 2007 since Fatah no longer had any moral authority whatsoever. Again, part of my prophecy. Israel's actions in Gaza from 2007-2009 were just a continuation of previous actions, and not even, the beginning of the end. That is yet to come, but when the time comes, and it will be soon, those who could not see, will pay the price. It is not as if I hadn't warned, or told them what they must do before..

Some might ask why I'm picking on Jewish people alone. I'm not. There is no more validity to the need for an Islamic state than a Jewish state. Both Islam and Judaism share a common prophet, as I made clear in my recent "Cheiro the Last Prophet":

But the gift that passed on to the Jewish people then the Muslims has passed on, and what happened was that these religions have all been compromised, and will end in their own time. And people will be free to follow their own path, but without the trappings of a repressive state to support that, or coerce people away from free will or with selective moral or nationalistic precepts.

And what will come will not be Christianity or Buddhism or any other ism, including capitalism or socialism. It is a path that acknowledges each person's right to find God in his or her own way, and share the gifts of Earth with all instead of enshrining Greed.

Nor is there any more proof to be had. My proof was in my writing and my actions and all the prophecies I made that came true. In the last two years I have said that Iranian leader Ayatollah Khamenei would survive in Iran, and he did, and that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would win the Iranian election, and he did, and is it just coincidence that these two seem to be Israel's nemesis?

It is also sad that of all those who follow me not one is Jewish or Muslim but that is their choice after all. I am the descendant of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and my lineage is of Moses, and David (may their names be blessed) and a thousand more coincidences to my name so to those who may argue that I don't quite fit their prophecy, make no mistake. I have come not only to the sky god based peoples but the native peoples in so many lives. I am the one who promised I would come back one day to heal the earth. I have even told you my names, because each name is power.

But the time is up, and those who could not change, will not, except in their next lives. And what I see happening, will, and you can all pray for God's help, but it will not come in the way you ask for. You could have had peace.. Now the healing of the earth must unfold.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Arjuna Reborn

The Eternal Reality of the Souls' Immortality.

The knowledge found within the Bhagavad-Gita is incomparable as it gives specific information regarding the purpose of human existence, the immortality of the soul and our eternal relationship with God. This information applies to each and every one of us without exception. Without realization of our divine relationship with the God it is impossible to establish our eternal relationship with Him. This divine relationship is our natural constitutional position and every human beings birthright.

There are three paths which lead directly to establishing a relationship with God. According to the authority of Bhagavad-Gita these paths have been designated as the yoga of perfect actions, the yoga of perfect devotion and the yoga of perfect knowledge. These three paths with great care and attention have been fully explained in the Bhagavad-Gita which comprises chapters 23 through 40 in the Bhishma-Parva section of Mahabharata.

Chapter one introduces the scene, the setting, the circumstances and the characters involved determining the reasons for the Bhagavad-Gita's revelation. The scene is the sacred plain of Kuruksetra. The setting is a battlefield. The circumstances is war. The main characters are the Supreme Lord Krishna and Prince Arjuna, witnessed by four million soldiers led by their respective military commanders. After naming the principal warriors on both sides, Arjuna's growing dejection is described due to the fear of losing friends and relatives in the course of the impending war and the subsequent sins attached to such actions. Thus this chapter is entitled: Lamenting the Consequence of War.

In chapter two Arjuna accepts the position as a disciple of Lord Krishna and taking complete of Him requests the Lord to instruct him in how to dispel his lamentation and grief. This chapter is often deemed a summary to the entire Bhagavad-Gita. Here many subjects are explained such as: karma yoga, jnana yoga, sankhya yoga, buddih yoga and the atma which is the soul.

Predominance has been given to the immortal nature of the soul existing within all living entities and it has been described in great detail. Thus this chapter is entitled: The Eternal Reality of the Souls' Immortality.....

There has not been an age in which I did not incarnate, and in each age my message has been: your soul is immortal. Therefore why should you grieve, and what is the path to end your human suffering?
Arjuna is a metaphor for all those who are disciples, or followers of God. The lessons taught, sometimes with a kick in the pants, sometimes with a "oh quit your whining", but always with love, are a path to peace, and union with God.

But there was an actual being called Arjuna. He was a noble prince, a warrior, and infallible archer. The lessons he learned are lessons for all of us, and allow us to follow, the perfect path.
He was the great warrior Rahwin on Atlan, who knew that one had to act decisively, without regret. He was Paramahansa Yogananda, who brought his knowledge to America. He is my son, who, born in America, which symbolises all that is good and bad with the world, yet with all the karma he brings with him, is yet a symbol for us again, already recognised as Arjuna, reborn.

I told a follower of Yogananda that he was born again. He couldn't accept that; Yogananda had reached enlightenment, and did not have to be reborn. Fool! Each living being reaches enlightenment and union with God at some stage and yet, chooses to be reborn, with all the attendant suffering, so that they can reflect God's will. And I told a follower he could forgive himself for the guilt he felt for a hidden affair, but by comparing himself to an impossible ideal, denied himself the grace of God's forgiveness.

This is the lesson of Arjuna: There is a battle before you. Follow your path. And God, the Supreme Being, will reveal himself to you in all his glory.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Michael Jackson, the Drowning Man

Michael Jackson 1958-2009 R.I.P.

I was in Los Angeles from 1993-94 and while there appeared on a television show. A famous singer saw me and came for healing and meditation. He had Parkinson's Disease and his band wasn't playing much. I helped and he got better and his band went on to have a resurgence in their career.

I was having these compelling visions and one of the things I saw related to Michael Jackson. I told my singer friend it was very important that I meet Michael, because I saw a great sadness ahead for him,and felt I could help. He could have introduced me, but didn't (There's another, similar, story about Sylvester Stallone whose son I could have helped, but never mind)

There is a spiritual exercise I teach my students. Do you help a drowning man? As a healer, of course you want to. But if, in trying to help him, you know you might die as well? This is a question I have had to address myself, and there is no correct answer, but the one you work out for yourself. My answer is one of helping, but only within your limits, and that has been a lesson for me. But the real answer is whether the other person is willing, or able, to change, without which all the healing in the world will come to nothing.

We must all ask if it is possible to change ourselves? I believe we can, just as the world can change itself, because otherwise there is a price we must pay. I will cover that in my next article.

But the drowning man? The one who couldn't change his course? I can only appreciate his enormous talent, with which he brought so much beauty into the world. I can also acknowledge, without emphasising, the allegations made against him. He was a child who had been abused, and this helps my understanding of him. I have never discussed this openly, but I was molested as a child.

What matters, then, is not what happened in the past but what we can add to the future, and if in order to do this we must change, then yes we must, and yes we can.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Aeflan, the Queen of Heaven

Miriam, Isis, Aeflan~The Queen of Heaven

The story of the Trojan War, that it was caused by a woman, Helen, and the rivalries of the three goddesses, Hera, Athena and Aphrodite, has long fascinated me. The war between Atlan and Aergon was the result of a mad passionate act by Aeflan, priestess of Atlan. Durga/Kali as forces of destruction/change I can deeply understand.

But while wars take place on earth, they also take place in the heavens. Think of it as a struggle between energies. Think of women as a force for change.

History records a circle, an ebb and flow, of time and energy. Empires and religions come and go, people are born and then, die. Actions and events may arise from the male energy, but the ebb and flow comes from the female, and therefore, magic, alchemy, and the future, is and always will be, the coming together and balancing of the male and female. That the world is out of balance requires that we work together to do so. The coming new age makes it imperative.

But there was a remarkable woman who was at the center of events, who changed us in many ways. She was my mother and teacher in many lives, and I her teacher in others. We helped each other in many ways, and if the path was difficult, yet the love was always there.

She is the woman of myth and legend, whom you may have known as Hera, as Mother Mary, as Isis. She is Aeflan, the Queen of Heaven.

Because of the imbalances between the male and the female, we know more about the changes that men have made in history. Perhaps it is in the nature of women to just be that which is deep and hidden, but it is important that we know what vehicles of change they have been through the ages.

There is a chapter in The Way of Atlan in which he warns “War will come to sweep you away” and this is when he taught his students to become spiritual warriors, wielders of magic. One of his earliest students, Eflan, soon came to be his favourite. For her, he made an extraordinary prophecy: She would be the one to instigate the war, but it was necessary for the spiritual evolution of the planet.

It was a terrible burden to place upon her, but she took it willingly, and after the war I was reborn as her child to help her again. I told Aeflan there was another change coming, a Dimensional Shift when the people of Atlan and Aergon would go to Earth, and she was the catalyst; it was a choice she had made even before she was born.

It was she who was the catalyst for this bleeding piece of earth in the Middle East as shown in Battle For the Soul of the Jewish People which lead to the events of today, as the religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam all evolve into something..different.

She was a catalyst as Moses's sister, Miriam, and Muhammad's wife Aisha, and Jesus's mother Mary, who spoke with the spirit of her son even before he was born.

I wrote that Cheiro, or Septros as he was known on Atlan, was the first who came and spoke to me in spirit when I was learning about my gifts in my teens. But Aeflan came to me next, and was also my teacher and friend; as was Andron, as were many of the Children of Atlan, who while still in the spirit world, were preparing to return as spirits of change.

I taught my students how to connect with their own spirit friends and guides. But Aeflan? She helps those who ask and are genuinely in need, but be aware, she can really tell you off if you're wasting your time and hers :) She loves those men and women who can go and act on faith, but is impatient with those who are without purpose or use rationalisations to prevent themselves from changing or making a difference. She has been working in the spirit dimension (though the divine female sightings of the past centuries have all been hers, and Michelangelo's Pieta has also been her) for a long time now and will once again, be central to the unfolding that will take place in the next three years.

The other Children of Atlan are being born right now, yet Aeflan, whose purpose was always to be a child of spirit, chooses to remain in spirit until the time is right for her.

She is Aeflan, High Priestess of Atlan, the Queen of Heaven.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cheiro, the Last Prophet

Count Louis Hamon~Cheiro 1866-1936
I have often wondered about the nature of prophecy. What is the impulse that comes upon a man or a woman to lead a people to a whole new plane? Where does that voice they hear come from, what gives them the courage to speak that truth, and what is the price they must all pay?

Throughout history men and women have heard that voice. It may have come from God, or Angel, or, their own past. The path chosen is never easy, yet they follow it strongly, and in their struggle, they uplift others. Moses, Miriam, Mary (the mother and wife) Cassandra, Dekanawida, Muhammad, and many more. In the end, they all opened the path that led to God.

They fasted, and prayed, and retreated to solitary places to free their spirits from their physical ego and better see the visions that would guide them. And they would see the future, and base their actions accordingly. And people thought the words they spoke were magical, and came from God.

We all have a Psychic ability that allows us to briefly see things as they are; sometimes to even glimpse the future. But a very few have that path to prophecy, and it is a rare few indeed. I referred to some of them in previous post "The Children of Atlan" and they always lead interesting lives, over and over again, and many of them came back into the same path, the same struggle, again and again. So, for example, Moses who once was Septros then became Muhammad, and repeated several of his lessons again.

And I look at the human price they all paid, as they tried to help and better humanity. And while I respect the religious aspect of what they did, and the need for that then, and appreciate their connection with the Divine, I know that whatever impulse they had was filtered through their human consciousness, and therefore, never perfect, only imperfect. Their life and their suffering was only too human...

I was aware of spirits around me from the day I was born. My parents from another life, Andron and Aeflan, there to watch over me. A strange child who sat in the dark and saw the spirits of the living and the dead in full reality. That I met the spirits of those I would meet in the flesh later, I knew. And we would, when we finally met, say we had known each other before..

There was a period in my life. My brother had died young, and I buried my grief, and I was searching for who I was . Then I learned to communicate more fully with Spirit, at the age of 14, and the first spirit I met then was Cheiro's.
Cheiro, Count Louis Hamon, was a famous British palmist and occultist, friend of the rich and famous, lover of many women, who read the future of many of the crowned heads of Europe. He belonged to many secret societies, may have been a spy, had studied in India and learned the occult secrets of the Jewish people. Basing his prophecies on calculations of the Great Pyramid, he prophesied in his Book of World Prediction the World Wars and that the Jewish People would come into great power. He eventually retired to America and when he died in 1936, he was a Hollywood screenwriter!

He, in spirit, encouraged me to study palmistry, astrology and numbers. Other spirits (who I would meet later in the flesh) told me I would be a writer. But it was through him that I started to grow, first in seeing energy through my reading the palms, then seeing the future, then healing with my hands. He started me on the path that led to my writing Man From Atlan, from which more things flowed, and now, as I write The Children of Atlan, I see the Great Circle that bring us all together again. I see, as this Age comes to an end, how the Children of Atlan are being born again.

Cheiro, you see, was once Septros, the husband of Aeflan and my stepfather. He was David and Moses and the last prophet, Muhammad. He walks again on Earth, but in quiet obscurity.

Each religion, claiming inspiration from special people who spoke with God. Yet the Way of Atlan teaches us that we all can speak with God, and it is only when we honor and respect the people who came at a special time for all the right reasons, but were still, all too human, and respect the religions for all the good they did then but reject that those are final words and final prophets, only then can we break free from the bonds of the past, and karma.
The Way of Atlan has always been, and always will be. We have always been in God, and God in us. We have forgotten that connection, but, Spirit is there to remind us, again and again.