Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Bird Came Again

Red Tailed Hawk

We just moved into the house of a person who isn't well, who needs healing-but doesn't know it.

And some people showed up for healing-but many more did not. Those who need it the most, resist the most.

I'd said many people would pass away this year. It happened.

But, I can't just frighten people with what I see when all that does is take away their freedom of choice, and the lessons they must learn. They have to know they need help, and they need to ask.

A Bird Came For Healing once. The next day our neighbour died. Birds are messengers of spirit, and where else do we go into spirit but the point at which we die? Yes we can go into spirit, through meditation, and dreams, and healing, into various levels.

But there is a way, and that way is to let go of ego. The ego is the part of us that, based on the past, defines us.

So I had to look at myself and ask what I had to change.

Then another bird came to our new home, and it was a Merlin Falcon, again. Another bird, rarely seen in the city, which hovered right outside our window for the longest while.

Then yesterday another Merlin, flashing by in front of our car.

Merlin was Arthur’s teacher. He is in spirit, and being reborn again. We, too, are being reminded to change ourselves, and rescue our spirituality.

And in the time to come, remind ourselves: Whatever we need, will come to us.