Tuesday, December 25, 2007

How to Heal your Heart

On this special Christmas Day 2007, I'd like to offer this to all of you, something I first wrote in 2001. The years ahead will be very difficult, but, I want to offer this message of love.

"Where is there love in this world?" I overheard a kitchen helper ask another in Toronto. A friend told me about her husband who could not love himself. A third is grieving over the end of a relationship. Now would be a good time, I think, to ask the question, is there love in the world, and how do we heal our broken hearts?

When I wrote 'Man From Atlan' in 1974 I saw that humanity's greatest challenges would come through its relationships: our relationships with each other, and our relationships with ourselves.

I met my Soul mate in 1974. There was this recognition that spanned several lifetimes, and I saw our previous lives together unfold like a movie. I saw the Soul mate as the greatest and most difficult of all karmic relationships. There could be great love, also great pain. And all relationships could be expressed in terms of karma and energy.

I don't believe in karma as punishment now, but then, in 1974, I did.

Karma doesn't even have to do with past lives, but the lesson that must be learned. And each person we connect with is the lesson we must learn, as we, too, are the lesson they must learn.

And when the lesson has been learned, the relationship changes, or ends.

My greatest lesson wasn't born of guilt, atonement, or the failures of the past. I'd learned to forgive myself, after all. The greatest lesson was what I had denied to myself, that I was a healer. And once I learned that, from my mate and then my children, I could heal others and myself.

Where is there love? First, why do we need love? I see the need for love as the need for balance, born of the divided soul of God. God is divided between the male and female energies, opposites and therefore there is no resolution.

The balance may be found through the third energy, that of the child. The feet are the Black Chakra, of the feminine energy of God. The White Chakra over the head is the masculine energy of God. And the Heart Chakra is the Child's energy, the balancer. What may be found in the Heart Chakra? Here is Artistry and Creativity, Healing, Relationships, Jesus, Compassion, and Love.

All or any of these are ways in which we may find balance, and to heal the heart, we must express all the things of the heart. The Sky God and Mother Earth made love and produced the race of humanity, who are the Children, and through the Child's energy of God is God healed and made whole.

So express your artistry and your healing and your love for others for are we not all the children of God, as well as your love for yourself for are you also not a child of God?

And do not say that you do not know, or never have known, love. You contain and are surrounded by an infinite reservoir of love; therefore it is always within you and outside of you. And when you love yourself, you will find love.

And the Soul mate is not the greatest love any more; the Spirit Mate is. You become the Spirit Mate of all when you realize that you can love all, equally, not a love that is born of ego or desire or need for completion, but friendship and compassion and love, for when you become love, then and only then can you find love.
And without love, how can you find peace?

The Pink Chakra

This is part of the Introduction to Spiritual Healing manual, but I am including it as a follow up to the article, "How to Heal your Heart".

When I started my spiritual healing practice I only worked with the 7 chakras because that was what I had read about.

Then I thought, Why are we ignoring the feet? and the answer was because it connects us to:
The Feminine, I've spoken about the thousands of years of suppression of the feminine energy of God and the development of a masculine language; even I have written of God as He.

The Material/Physical, and we've created an imbalance there as well. Where does our wealth and physical well being come from? The Earth, and if we've suppressed and exploited it then no wonder we're suffering the effects of financial difficulty and ill health. Look around you; the Earth is no longer able to nurture us.

Karma and responsibility, and we are afraid of it. Why do we suffer and why is life an ever-lasting struggle? Yet, there is a point when all the threads of our karma come together and that is around the time of conception, which memory is buried in what I call the Black, or Grounding Chakra. When an important memory such as that is forgotten, it creates an imbalance in all the other chakras, which cannot be healed without coming to terms with karma.

The answer lies within the Pink Chakra of Dharma. The Heart Chakra is incomplete, as it is no longer integrated with what I call the Higher Heart Chakra. (That name was suggested by one of my students, I like it)

The higher heart is located over the thymus gland. Oils such as tuna, salmon, cod, olive, all the essential fatty acids and the saturated oils such as coconut and palm feed its physical aspect. The spiritual action involved in nurturing it is to find your purpose in life, and follow your sacred path. And from the soul level, until you understand your karma and your higher heart, your heart chakra remains empty, and balancing your masculine and feminine energies is impossible.

The human race has come to a point where it must come to terms with its collective Karma by embracing its Dharma, and the answer lies within the Green Chakra of the Heart and the Pink Chakra of the Higher Heart.

©- Naseer Ahmad-2001

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