Friday, December 07, 2007

Search for the Soul's Mate

I didn't use to believe in Reincarnation, then, I did.

Not for any religious or philosophical reasons, but because I hadn't experienced it personally.

Yet: you go to a place, and you have been there before; you meet a person, whom you knew once. After we die, we go to a place where past present and future are clearly laid out before us, where our chosen karma is shown, where we decide whether to be born or not. Then, when we are born again, we forget all that we've learned. Only imperfect memories remain, what we call deja vu. Karma then is a process by which we learn the lessons of what is missing from within us, and we move on.
Our greatest fears come from our facing the nothingness, the unknown Void we call God. Why are we here, and what is our purpose in life? What and how can we define our relationship with that being? So we stumble in darkness, and find our sadnesses overwhelming.
But there is this, above all: There will always be love.

God's love, which surrounds and is never withdrawn from us.

Our parents, family, friends, children.

The ones we love and chose to love.

In this most karmic of lives in this most karmic of ages, we work through and learn most of our karma through our relationships. Here, the threads of our lifetimes are bound together in a way not found in other lifetimes. It follows then that we are always searching for love, as a relief from all that karma, but also, as a means of it.

The soulmate is a concept that has come to mean the most compatible and harmonious of relationships. A way to balance our divided souls, through the love of another. I see it differently. To me the soulmate is the greatest of our karmic relationships, through which we learn our greatest lessons. Meeting one is never easy, but always wonderful.

I met a woman in Toronto who remembered a past life in Egypt with me, and this started to open my own memories. Two years later, I went to a birthday party and there I met my soulmate. The night I met her, I had a vision in which I started to remember my past lives, and they weren't just snips here and there, they were a flood of images, like a movie. I started to write, a story of a Man From Atlan coming to Earth with a philososphy and a way of life called The Way of Atlan. So I wrote my first book, Man From Atlan in just a few months, then went to London to find a publisher.

We were in London when the past opened up even more, and I had a series of visions from 1975-77 where I remembered all my past lives, and my path became clear. I was the Christ, expected under many names, fulfilling the prophecies once brought to Earth by the Children of Atlan. And not only I but many others recognised that fact.

So I travelled the world, sometimes in spirit form and sometimes in the flesh, and touched many lives. I also chose to keep this very close to myself. People just weren't ready, and only after they had gone through so much pain would humanity be able to let go of individual ego and resistance. That time is now, for those who wish, and pray for help.

But every story has to have a beginning, and Man From Atlan, written in 1974, was that beginning. It is a love story, but it is also a story about Spirit. You can find it here
as a fully downloadeable book., and there will be more to come, about The Way and those lives which touched humanity.

Much of what I foresaw and warned people about has come to pass. I see the prophecies of the old times as true, but also open to misinterpretation. Reconciling our material and spiritual selves will not be easy, but it can be done, which is what I saw when I wrote my books.

I wish you Peace, Love and Joy.

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