Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Whither goest thou, America?

Atlantis was a dream

We all carry this hope, this dream of a once beautiful place within us, we try to create again. Perhaps, these mythical places, Atlantis, Camelot, Shambhala, are focal points of energy where our human destiny can be manifest.

It can be a place. It can be a person. It can be you or wherever you are.

I made a short statement after 9/11 on my website, September 21, 2001: "More than any thing else at this time what the American people need is a person who can articulate all that is best about being American and inspire them to be the people they can be. I hope that person will show up soon".

Barack's the one March 08, 2008


"Barack Obama is the one I hoped would show up. If you look just at the karmic coincidence of his middle name, Hussein, and that he's a black man now poised to be President, then that's enough for me. America has too many crimes in its name to ignore the possibility of redemption here.

Please note I am not predicting he'll win the nomination, let alone the Presidency. That will depend on the choices people make. The chances that the election will be stolen once again is high. But the possibilities!...

Yes, he's inexperienced, but when greatness is inherent in you, you rise to the challenge. A good person may make mistakes, but the damage that can be done by profoundly flawed and compromised people like Hillary Clinton and John McCain, for all their 'experience', is infinitely worse. Good people, on the other hand, tend to do good things."

And Now What? November 05, 2008

This is a time for greatness

"In a historic moment for the world, Barack Husein Obama II has won the Presidential election of the United States...

I had a vision a full year ago, and, when every one thought Hillary Clinton would win, knew he would be the Democratic candidate. I said as much, on a political website. Astrology helped confirm that to me, and also that it would not be the day for John McCain (bad time for Virgos) but didn't want to raise hopes. Whatever I might believe, I would say that it would depend on the effort of people. It simply is unfair to put all our expectations on one person when in the end we all had to make the effort, not just him.

And in the years ahead, and they will not be easy, he must do his share, as we must do ours. But if he inspires us to be better people, then that will be enough. Yes, he has to end the wars abroad. He can cure the economy, if he allows compassion to take over from greed. He has to bring peace to the Middle East. He has to help heal America, and the World. But that isn't his job alone, it's ours.

It is so karmic, a racially mixed black man born of a Muslim father, to come to this place at this time in History. At a time of such division, this is a good sign. The future is so fraught with danger I will only say this: unless you make peace with the Muslim world, there will only continue to be war. And there is a lot more I can say, and I will later, but this is his day, so I am going to just give you a story about his essential humanity..."

OBAMA WINS 2012? November 04, 2012

Who knows?

"I understand what the Native American Indians meant when they would address their petitions to the "Great White Father" in Washington. It was of course a term taught by white people who tried to use Indian symbology in their relationship with them, but still, that has many meanings. Those native peoples residing in Canada would of course address their petitions to the "Great White Mother" Queen Victoria in London :)

It shows that people were taught to believe in an authority, be that the President, or the Queen, that would hear them, grant them justice, and rule them fairly. That person was the ultimate symbol of their nationhood, so they must look to him or her if they wanted change."...

As we all know, the last four years have been deeply disappointing for many. I've heard all the excuses, and have no patience for them. Whoever wins the election, we have learned our lesson. There needs to be many grassroots movements, in every possible way, and all over the world.

But, for the next four years, keep this in mind. Obama's humanity, his flaws, are reflected in us. The Great White Father (and Mother) resides not in heaven, or London, or Washington, but is within us. Hope, and change, will always come from you, and not another.

Yes, the ultimate source is God. Does God listen, and give justice? Yes, but not the way you think, because it happens here, on this plane, and in our karma. From now to the end of this year will be one of the most momentous periods of our lives. But, whatever else comes our way, I will always trust in the goodness of humanity."

But there was also this, a rather long writing of prophecy, but briefly:

America, The Spiritual March 20, 2011

First, acknowledge the wrongs

Yesterday, March 19, was the 8th anniversary of the war in Iraq. It also was the day of the supermoon, when the moon is closest to earth and coincides with a full moon. This rare event signifies great human change, and yes, it was interesting to see all that energy flow by. And yesterday, America went to war with Libya, another great historical wrong.

I have written a lot already about This Stupid, Stupid War and earlier, about a prophecy I made in 1977, called War. I've written many times about my hope for peace but recognizing that peace can only come from inside us. But this article is about the change that must take place in America.
I have always been drawn to and studied the spiritual destiny of America. It was destined for greatness but so far has only been rich and powerful, and never, great. Without acknowledging and changing the wrongs of its past, it will never be great..."
So now we come to this. Several U.S states will be holding their primaries June 07 and we shall see what happens then. I've said many a time it will never be a political or social revolution, even though I wish my American friends all the best and hope the right person wins. We are too emotionally and spiritually divided, and so what we require is a different revolution to heal and make us complete.
You know where to find me.

Monday, May 23, 2016

I Am A Writer

Here's the story behind the story of Man From Atlan.

Atlan is a planet in another dimension of time. It's Earth in the future. Its sister planet Aergon is in a parallel universe.

Time travel and multiverse journeys being possible, people  from Atlan and Aergon came to Earth many times over history. They seeded humanity and formed ancient civilizations, which now exist only in myth and fiction.

They were above all forces for change.

What do you do when you want to share a story? You write. So I wrote. Editor of the school newspaper age 14, funny stories, sports columns, history. A short story about falling in love with a prostitute, at age 16, ahem, though I think I was influenced by Grushenka in The Brothers Karamazov.

But I never really thought I'd become a writer. I wanted to fly for the air force, then, when that didn't pan out, to study medicine and teach meditation.

What do you write? The lives you lived, the things you are passionate about? Your field of study?Your cause?

I am a writer.

I wrote what I saw. A life in Egypt. Dying in Atlantis, sinking between the waves. Being with, being a part of the people who changed the planet. We were Gods, we were men and women.
Go to New York or London after I finished the book in 1974? Knowing that New York would lead to my being published, but London would satisfy a greater purpose? I moved to London. Struggled and couldn't get published another 16 years. But London, where I had grown up as a child? There, I had a continuation of the visions of past lives that led to Man From Atlan. There I had my son which led to my research in the causes and treatment of Autism.

There, I continued my writer's journey. I wrote The Way Of Atlan, which is the root philosophy behind the world's religions and movement of people and ideas. If I wasn't able to publish, I would teach, one person at a time, which led to thousands. It would lead to the countries I would visit. Back to the Indian subcontinent, Europe, America, many, many times. The child I met in Chappaqua, with a congenital defect that required operating on the next day, the boy in Hungary who'd just been struck by a car, the many birds and cats who came for healing. Places I had been before, people I knew, or was meant to know. If I spent time trying to find justice for one murdered woman, that too was my journey, and I made a difference.

You write because you cannot stop. You bleed with each word, because you see how humanity suffers in the absence of knowing, so you write on. The websites www.manfromatlan.com from 1999, 226 articles at www.manfromatlan.blogspot.com from 2007, 100,000+ mini-articles and comments on Huffington Post, Twitter, and dozens of sites, political, social, causes. You write because you love it. You write because writers, artists, musicians change the world, each in their own way. Wherever I go, I bring change.

You write because you see. But what do you see?
  • The split between masculine and feminine energy.
  • A war between two planets, two systems of spirituality.
  • The creation of races, and racism as a means to divide.
  • Destruction and exploitation of peoples, the environment.

Then you see it happening again, because the biggest sadness is, we forget our past lives. And we do not, cannot see the future even though it is all around us.

I am a writer. I write what I see, without links, cites, proof. See it as science fiction, see it as story or allegory, see it as possibility, one of an infinite number of alternative universes.

I am just, a writer. I write, a story.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

The 12 Chakra System of Healing

Naseer Ahmad
(based on a talk I gave in Toronto~1991)

An ancient method of healing rediscovered for the 21st century.

Atlan Spiritual Healing is an energy system that, by the placing of hands on parts of the body that correspond to the chakras and acupuncture meridians, heals the physical, emotional and spiritual parts of our being.

Before Atlantis, there was a way of life called The Way of Atlan. It explained the connection between our individual and divine selves, and how to address our physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Much of the Way of Atlan has been lost, but fragments of it exist in the world’s religions and philosophies.

There was a healing method within the Way called Spiritual Healing in the Way of Atlan, which had also been lost, though parts of it exist within the Indian and Chinese forms of yoga, kundalini, meditation, and chi.

Growing up in India, Pakistan, England and Japan I had a series of awareness’s that led me to discover healing gifts and be aware of spiritual dimensions. Arriving in Toronto in 1970 I started classes in meditation that included a rough form of hands on energy healing. That led to remembering my past lives, writing 2 books, “Man From Atlan” and “ The Way of Atlan” and traveling the world. I returned to Toronto to continue teaching but maybe, I will travel again.

We all have the gift of healing within ourselves. How I discovered The Way of Atlan was just an extension of this thought: I have done this before. And, I have come from another place.

There is a great need for healing all over the planet, so I wish to share this knowledge with everyone. Eventually, there will be 3 books of Spiritual Healing in the Way of Atlan. This article is based on the first book.

This is a healing system, but it’s not really a system. It’s not even a technique. It’s a way of living, a movement of energy within and outside you, and, it is a space. If I were to say that it’s a series of exercises and initiations, then that would be misleading, because it’s not that either. It’s a form that is the oldest form of healing, because it’s the one that is inherent within us. It’s the nature of the being to be able to heal itself, and something that we all need to get in touch with, how we heal ourselves.

Here are the basics:

The 12 chakra system
Chakras are energy centers, receptors, transmitters, and portals into other dimensions. They act as storehouses of energy and also, memories and information. They can be clear or with colour, and we can change their essential frequency. They operate on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Located on the body, they extend into the aura and beyond. They can shift, split or mutate depending on input and expression. They are also a map and blueprint for evolution. Every being on this planet has chakras, as does the planet itself (what we call sacred places), even the Universe has them.

At first I was only aware of the classic 7 chakras, but wondered, why were we ignoring the feet? It is our connection with the feminine energy of the earth. Why was there no information on the chakras beyond the crown, or the split in the sacral and the heart chakras? This meditation caused me to recognize the patterns of suppression: of the feminine, karma and purpose, sexuality and spirituality, our childhood experiences and what happens to us after we die that lead to the mutations within the chakras, and how to reverse those imbalances.

Briefly, there are 12 chakras, the balancing of which can lead to a spiritual alchemy of balance within our selves.
  1. Black, on the soles of our feet, is karma, the female energy, physical energy and the material.
  2. Red, between our legs, is birth, the urge to procreate, elimination and the immune system.
  3. Orange, on the genitals and navel, is our sexuality, confidence, childhood experience and digestion.
  4. Yellow, on the solar plexus, is our soul, ego and identity, the lungs.
  5. Green, over the left breast, is the balancing energy, relationships, the creative force, healing and the heart.
  6. Pink, over the thymus gland (just below the neck) is dharma and our purpose in life. A student suggested it be called the Higher Heart chakra.
  7. Sky Blue, over the thyroid gland, is the mind, communication, fear and control.
  8. Indigo, usually on the forehead (but sometimes slightly below) associates with the pineal gland, intuition, and brain functions.
  9. Violet, on the crown of the head, is the doorway into the spirit realms, dreams, visions and third sight. The point from which the spirit leaves the body, in meditation or death.
  10. Green/gold/green/gold/green, one palm length above the crown, is a 5-layered chakra that governs much of what we call the paranormal, and magic. The manifestation of our projected emotional energy, a universal storehouse of knowledge called the Akashic Records, which we can access through various means.
  11. Cobalt blue, another palm length above, is the chakra of psychic protection. A requirement for healers!
  12. White, another palm length above, is the male energy. There are also major receptors and transmitting points in the hands, feet, shoulders and crown, the energising colour of which is clear (like water) and there are minor chakras, mostly in the joints of the body. And there is, lastly, the Void, the space between and beyond the chakras.

The chakras in the material realm
An unbroken flow of energy is what keeps us healthy, and blocks and stress may speed up the process of illness. Prana, chi, and kundalini are just some of the names people use for these energies, but their definitions are unfortunately, incomplete. I use the three energies, physical, psychic, and spiritual, and find that this healing helps on all three levels, and that changes within the being can be reflected in changes in the external environment. Properly used, healing can actually slow down the ageing process.

Each chakra is fed by certain foods: The Spirit chakras from white down to violet are fed by vegetables; Psychic chakras indigo, fruits and sugar; sky blue, grains; pink, oils, nuts and seeds; green, fish; yellow, dairy and eggs; Physical chakras orange, poultry and organ meats; red, red meat; and black, pork and placenta. Avoid certain foods, and you starve that chakra. You want to have more servings of foods for the upper chakras, and less for the lower chakras, depending on many factors.

The first 3 chakras, black to orange, govern the physical energy fields. The next 5, yellow to indigo, the psychic/emotional energy fields. The last 4, violet to white, regulate the spirit energy fields. These correspond with, respectively, the nervous system, the hormonal system, and the invisible energy fields that govern our well-being.

Energy Healing is the future of medicine, as it is truly Holistic, whereas most other forms work only on the physical, emotional, or spiritual.

The chakras in health
The significance of karma in our well-being cannot be underestimated. Karma is the sum total of all our material actions and memories, but also the lessons we must learn, and therefore not always connected with past lives. Our disconnection with the Earth leads to imbalances within our material selves, for where else does our wealth and physical health come from but the Earth? We are born with karma, and our sexuality and self-love also determine our health.

The chakras in the psychic realm
The psychic is based on the Greek word psyche, or the soul. It is the sum total of all our emotional memories, and how we affect others, or are affected by others. We define ourselves by the feedback we get from others, the way in which we compensate for whatever we lack, and seek completion. We need to heal the past, and forgive others, and ourselves. We need to find our purpose. Most people are stuck in the need for emotional gratification, but properly trained, can go into the areas of the hidden intuitive senses, and, magic.

The chakras and the spirit realms
We have been so stuck in linear thinking within the bounds of our senses that we could not go beyond into the hidden and unknown. There is much knowledge contained within our physical and emotional bodies we are only now beginning to access. I would like to take you into the dimensions within our spiritual body, and beyond.

Our definitions of spirituality are so varied; I would like to define spirit as the space we can reach once we let go of our ego (without the usual tortures we inflict upon ourselves to attain that goal). And spirituality is just, a space of balance and peace, however we get there.

The chakras in divinity
The imbalance between male and female energy, or the opposing points of yin and yang, are reflected in our concepts of God as a male energy. The irreconcilable struggle between these two opposites has always existed, outside and within us. The Black chakra, as representative of the feminine energies, has been suppressed. By directing our energies towards the White chakra, the male energy has also been put into a position of imbalance, which leads to distortions in healing and spirituality.

There is a third element to this, which is the energy of the child. The Sky God made love to Mother Earth and this produced the race of humanity. We are not only all the children of God; we are the balancing force that leads to the reconciling of male and female energies, through our actions. The child energy is based in the heart chakra, and its ultimate force is Love, Compassion and Healing.

See how children are, in their fearlessness and how they look not to the past, but the future. So, the divine energy exists within the male, female, and child.

The chakras in time and space
Our awareness of existence is where time and space intersect, measurable only by our senses. So, if it is now 1:58 p.m. where you are, that is where you exist. The past is gone, the future unknown. There are parallel dimensions in time and space but we are unaware of them except sometimes when we meditate, have psychic visions or die.

It is important to learn how to access the geography of dimensions. Only then can we travel between time and space.

Time and space are not linear, but fluid and dynamic; the Universe is not orderly and logical, but full of chaos, from which comes creation.

The space between the chakras
Focusing only on the chakras, meridians and energy pathways is a form of linear thinking. What about the space between spaces, and the energy beyond? What happens here in the deepest healing and meditation? I call that space the Void, which the Buddha described as the nothingness one attains upon letting go the ego. Healing then come into being, and a space of balance reached.

And beyond
We learn to forgive, and heal the past, and go into the further dimensions, and whatever we learn, share with others.

Peace, love, joy.

Edit: It is a self healing method. For those who want to learn, or need a consultation on any matter, please contact me by leaving a comment here or by e-mail (see the profile page).

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Earth, Wind, and Fire

Maurice White passed away recently, at age 74.
So many musicians who passed away this year, David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Merle Haggard, Prince. Music plays such  an important in our lives each passing is like a rift in our consciousness. But I wanted to talk about Maurice White and how I came to meet him..

I was in Los Angeles in 1993 on A Spiritual Journey to the U.S.  While giving a talk and demo of spiritual healing on a cable TV show I got a call from a gentleman who said he just turned it on and there I was. He was drawn to me, for whatever reason. I, knew him as someone from a past life in Egypt and in this life we meet many from the past..

Maurice White came to all my meditations in Pacific Palisades and even had several healing sessions. A very spiritual being, he actually had named his group Earth Wind and Fire after the astrological elements in his birth chart. (Turns out they're the same as mine).

We were good friends for the few months I remained there, even when I made a point of telling everyone about my spiritual beliefs. He suffered from Parkinson's and was in hiatus. Told me he felt better after each visit. And his group had a resurgence after that, make what you will.
This was just after the Los Angeles Earthquake of 1994. I bring change, and some, I help. I asked him once if he knew Michael Jackson, the Drowning Man because I felt he would need help. Perhaps I wasn't meant to help. Perhaps I was to leave L.A. so I could go to Texas and meet so many good people there as well.

Perhaps, you cannot save every one (for that depends on the choices they make, especially spiritual choices).

So we lost touch, and now, you think of all the people you have met, even peripherally. Bob Geldof, Mick Jagger, and many more. You cannot look to the past with regret for what might have been. That only takes you in a direction which prevents possibilities.

But, you still can look at the past with fondness, the lives you have touched and the good you did.