Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Quality Of Mercy

The Gentle Snow

I've been focused so much over the last many years about justice, about karma. I warned people about what the future might bring, they didn't listen, and, things happened. Never mind. Disasters kept happening and that still might or might not make a difference, nor personal calamity nor illness and even death, that might not  be enough to change you, just, the endless cycle of birth and rebirth that is everyone's lot. Even as I tried to help so many people who were close to me, I realized that I could not make them believe, if they were not ready. 

But over the holidays, I came to stop trying so hard, for no matter how much I know this, it still is my nature to try and help. Yet, when I decided to let go, this is what came to me. The day after Christmas,  gentle snow began to fall, and I was reminded of the following  lines:

The quality of mercy is not strained.
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath. It is twice blessed:
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.
'Tis mightiest in the mightiest. It becomes
The thronèd monarch better than his crown.
His scepter shows the force of temporal power,
The attribute to awe and majesty
Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings,
But mercy is above this sceptered sway.
It is enthronèd in the hearts of kings.
It is an attribute to God himself.

The Merchant of Venice
William Shakespeare
Act 4, Scene 1

Know this: all you have to do is ask, and someone will hear your prayers. To all the people I have helped, and will continue to help, the quality of mercy, is not strained.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012


We're still around

An old calendar ends, a new one begins. And we're still around. It has been a most powerful year, and I have found these levels of fierceness way beyond the peacefulness I usually inhabit..

Now lets's see how the rest of the year goes, till 1.13.13. December 21 began with a mousecalypse, for an unfortunate mouse in our kitchen. It ended with a gorgeous Coopers Hawk landing in our back yard. Two choices, timid victimhood, or, magnificent spirituality? 

But what I have seen is all sorts of breakdown take place. And that, my friends, is A Good Thing. The Year of the Dragon required that we not think, but act; and become, rather than be forced to do so.

I will not predict natural disasters or war. I will just say this, that the next few days are going to bring some significant changes for many, in their lives.

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Art Of Invisibility

My daughter tried that

I teach that we all have certain powers, long suppressed. I believe that people can learn what they have forgotten. All you have to do, is go back to that feeling you had as a child.

My daughter has been trying to become invisible. Every weekend she tries to sneak down by my office, where I'm usually glued to my computer instead of sleeping like everybody else. And each time, I say "hi dear", which annoys her greatly because she's being especially quiet, trying to test me as a way of developing her own gifts.

So I explained to her that what I felt was her energy, which was like a volcano going by :) So next time, she tuned down the volcanic activity, and I still said "hi, dear".

So I told her I could hear her thoughts, and showed her how to turn it off. And the next time, I said "hi, dear", once again.

Now she's getting really mad, and trying harder. So I told her the secret: "you're trying to become invisible". Don't try. Don't even think about it. Just become still, and  it will happen, because then you'll activate the green and gold chakra, and don't even think about that.

The next morning she stands behind her mom and stares at her, then asks did you feel me? And Chloe says no, she didn't, sorta (she's quite perceptive, actually)

The morning after that she goes up behind her and Chloe didn't feel her at all, then when she turns around, there's G, 1 cm behind her and she's been there several minutes. Now she's learning to be absolutely still, which is when things happen for you.

G tells me "one day I'm going to be more psychic than you, daddy".

So I start teaching her about magic.

I am so proud of all my children.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why Rome?

It was a lovely meditation

This year's Christmas meditation was poignant for me. I found myself reminiscing about the year that is about to come to an end, and helping people with the journey we are all beginning. It will above all be a journey of spirit.

Many people have passed away, or are about to. I now find myself where I planned on being, that at long last, after a journey of struggle, I should now be able to stop and reflect, and let things be.

So I look forward to a life of contemplation, and working on my projects, and spending time with my family. Yes, I will always be there to help friends, but also, remind them there is much they can do themselves.

I talked a bit about the nature of evil, and how I had come across many examples of it in the last while. Whatever we call mental illness, sociopathy, psychopathy, yes, their actions occur because they have been taken over by evil, enabled perhaps by their own choices in drugs or alcohol, or past abuse. I can't judge, nor do I react, but I do feel compassion for them even as I call for justice. And trust me, their karma will be a bigger prison for them than any punishment that justice brings.

But why am I drawn to Rome? I've written extensively about Italy, and Europe, here, but that never had anything to do with famous murder cases or corruption or political change. There always was a spiritual reason behind this, and it now finally is coming to a close. I may or may not be in Rome this March. Physical dimensions are simple restrictions that any one can overcome, so I will be there in spirit.

Yes, I predicted great change in Italy and thought of the Pope, in 2011. Turned out that shortly after that a plot to assassinate the current pontiff was revealed, and Italy may be heading for a new election in February. But I do not really care, and let go. There's a great darkness in the city, and hopefully there will one day be light. But I can't intervene as I've done so many times in the past. It reminds me so much about why I went to Tehran, but that, was six years ago. Much has changed since then. I, have changed.

So in the end, I really did not have much to say. There will be more in the year to come, but for now, all that was left, this final meditation of 2012, was a man, sitting in a room and sharing a meal with his friends. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukkah, Salaam, and joy to the new year.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wake Up!

From This

To This

With the tragic shooting of twenty children and eight adults yesterday in Newtown, Connecticut, yesterday was a day for mourning and sorrow, and not, words.

Today is the day I have my annual Christmas meditation. It is a day of healing, for those who need it, but also, those that ask. Every day, I hear from thousands, millions even, of people all over the planet, the prayers from those who ask for help. In "Man From Atlan", written 38 years ago, I wrote about the God Thoth, and the pain of hearing all those prayers, and being unable to help. I am perhaps stronger than I was then, but nevertheless, I say to people, Wake Up!

Yesterday the president of the United States spoke to the families of the children killed, and to the American people. His words were heartfelt, but ultimately shallow. Where do you stop to think of the children of Waziristan, killed by drone missiles under your orders? But then, he's merely a figment of history. The important people will be those that act as agents for healing, for change. 

It isn't time for the politicians to talk about 'gun control'. And while there is indeed evil, the evil lies in each of us that allows unspeakable horrors to be visited upon all the children of the world. Each life is precious, be it Jewish, Palestinian, Pakistani, or American.

Yes, it was the act of a mentally ill person, someone who has been described as having the characteristics of an autistic individual, a condition that hits very close to home for me. But what of it? As long as we continue down this path, there will be many more autistic and mentally ill children, and more tragedies to come.

The fault lies in us. The evil done, by individuals and by governments, are by people who are religious or not religious at all, and so religion is no help, except perhaps to console, till the next tragedy.

But to understand, to prevent future pain, to change, then you must have spirituality. I am so tired of people asking for help with their personal problems. This planet needs those who want to learn, to help others, to be agents for change, to make a difference.

As always, I will help those that ask, but the rest is up to you.

Friday, December 07, 2012

An Impending Storm

Not even a lull, any more

Just before the 1994 Northridge earthquake, there was a deep, unnatural hush in the Los Angeles canyon my family and I used to walk every night. Just before the 2004 Asian tsunami, many animals on the island of Sri Lanka were observed moving towards higher ground. I saw it happening, almost ten years prior, but sadly, most humans, lack the ability, to see.

Palestine, has finally won semi-nationhood status at the United Nations. A cause that I felt deeply about for the last 45 years has finally moved into its final stage. Now, it's up to the people of Palestine and the good people everywhere who support them.

A young man has to make a momentous decision.

A woman I know has to take charge of her life.

I was thinking we were in the midst of a lull after the momentous events of November, and then, almost instantly, it shifted, and now the storm is fast approaching. 

I warned someone this would be the most difficult two weeks and yet everything seemed OK but just an hour ago she found her sister has Stage 4 kidney disease and with only one kidney left needs a transplant. Yes, I will help, any one that asks. But, I demand faith, and trust, or I will step away from those who just cannot, will not, ever see.

Stop wasting time.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

A Spiritual Crisis

Something's brewing 

I keep being drawn back to Hawaii, and recent events have reminded me of the possibility of a volcanic eruption or tsunami there. But really, what I'll be writing now and next year is about the impending spiritual crisis, whose effects are now being felt by all.

My friend there described Hawaii as a "dark hole", where people were desperately poor, lying and stealing from each other, prey to drugs and alcohol. I would dearly love to go there one day, not to prevent whatever must be, but to help those who want to be helped. But, as I've said already, I'm not an easy teacher.

Scientists have discovered that 250-260 million years ago, a series of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and meteor strikes caused a major global change event:

ScienceDaily (Jan. 25, 2011) — "About 250 million years about 95 per cent of life was wiped out in the sea and 70 per cent on land. Researchers at the University of Calgary believe they have discovered evidence to support massive volcanic eruptions burnt significant volumes of coal, producing ash clouds that had broad impact on global oceans"

Many of these eruptions actually occurred underwater, thus increasing the effect on all life on the planet. This has great interest to me in terms of its symbolism, of things that are hidden, but must be brought forth for change, and new life, to begin. It is also, a symbol of inevitable death and destruction that comes, unexpectedly for those who are not prepared for it.

I have also been reminded, recently, of how much turmoil I bring into people's lives, which can of course be a good thing or a bad thing depending on their perspective I suppose. But in this I am strictly neutral, not caring or being uncaring. But I was born under the Chinese constellation of the chariot, also known as a ghost. It is a deep dark space that frightens them, but then, they are limited by perceptions of luck and good or bad fortune. How I do what I do is that I bring change, and that change comes from the Void, which is the essence of God.

Yes, I feel compassion for them, but they create their realities, as I say. This planet is not God's plaything, but neither is it humanity's. The more negativity there is, the more you give in to spiritual decline, the greater the upheaval. I can be very loving, but, when the time comes, then, I come as Kalki, the destroyer, and there can be many different kinds of death, and destruction..

I saw the fires that swept Malibu in the 90's. Yet, where there once was a blackened wasteland, new life has begun to grow.

Maybe this is what humanity needs. A cleansing, followed by new life.

But think about this from a different perspective. Not all change is preceded by the big stuff like earthquakes and tsunamis. Sometimes, it is the little things, like a tragedy or an illness. Sometimes, it is a spiritual crisis, and not even a physical event. But it is the choices we make that determine the future, which is always changeable. And it is the changes we make in ourselves, that also make the difference.

So, to my friends: there is a big wave coming at us. Do not be afraid, ride it into the future.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Next Big Quake

New Madrid Fault?

Truly, an interesting month from October 27, 2012 to now, with much tumult and upheaval. Another, more earth shattering one, coming up. 

A 7.7 Richter scale earthquake hit British Columbia on October 27, followed by Hurricane Sandy that day on the Atlantic coast, the storm surge inundating Atlantic City on October 29. The US presidential election on November 06, 2012, the solar eclipse on November 13, and the upcoming lunar eclipse November 28.

I've often wondered about the nature of the upcoming changes. Will it be a natural disaster that heralds it, a tsunami, an earthquake, or something like the destruction of Atlan/Atlantis? Or something other worldly? This month began with an earthquake, and ended with the death of a dear friend's mother today, of cancer. Sadly, she wasn't ready for her mother's passing, despite my efforts to help her.

And it seems almost anti-climatic in view of what I'm writing about, but today, also, a judge removed the mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, from office. He was truly an embarrassment to our city. And now, an example of the personal turmoil that so many have gone through in the last month.

I see my purpose in this lifetime is not to warn people (who will not listen), nor help those (who cannot be helped), nor prevent what must be. I am here as a teacher and a healer, and those paths are never easy. Yes, I do help people, but never at the cost of what must be. This, too, is part of the peace I talk about, to accept what cannot be changed.

Yet, again and again, I do help. These are signs, and those I give, not to solve a problem or prevent people from growing, but for those who one day I hope will make a difference. If just one person changes, then that is what I was trying to do, because who knows what that person can do to help others? The potential of that one act is huge.

These last few weeks have been momentous. Hurricane Sandy, the U.S. presidential elections, and now, Israel is bombing Gaza, and yet again, every one is enabling it. Four years have passed, and it hasn't learned a thing. Muslims haven't learned, Jews haven't learned, people haven't learned.

When I came to North America in the 70's people were saying that earth changes were imminent. There would be natural disasters everywhere that would decimate the planet. All I would say was "not now", and left it at that.

But, look at the dates on my articles on this blog.  When I wrote last year about a tropical storm surge that threatened New York, and how lucky it was to have escaped it. Since people didn't learn, this time the damage was worse. The next big disaster, the next big quake, will be even worse.

As far as quakes go, the next big one will be of the scale of the four New Madrid quakes of 1811-1812. These were the most powerful earthquakes that ever struck the United States, and caused massive damage that was mitigated only by the fact the area, in central Midwest United States, was sparsely populated that time. That fault line, bigger than the San Andreas in California, is from Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee and Mississippi, and extends all the way into Ohio and Illinois. Some geologists suggest the tectonic plates that affect the fault line actually extend into the Gulf of Mexico and all the way north into Canada which should make it very interesting. And these fault lines are becoming more active (though I suspect gas fracking and oil drilling as having some impact) and it is entirely possible that an earth shattering event will take place there no later than 2040. Or it may happen, any where else in the planet. All this depends on us. I will, at least, tell you this, because humanity cannot exist without hope.

There are three island places that are very special to me. Two of  them, England and Japan were where I grew up. The third, Hawaii, is where I hope to go one day. Important because they are all places powerful in earth energy, and so I wish to complete the journey by going to Hawaii to help the shamans there to stabilize the earth. (I already sent someone there in my stead a few years ago, and the miracle child I told you about was born there)

It's been such an interesting month, with upheaval on so many levels. My oldest son, who'd been through so much, is finally finding his peace. A woman who'd been told she had a tumor in her liver which was so large it might rupture and required immediate surgery or she would die came to see me instead and she called back this month to say the latest MRI showed the tumor had disappeared!

And I helped a woman in Hawaii who'd been the victim of abuse find her voice and speak to those who tried to silence her, and always, every day, I speak for those whose voices are not heard.

Yet, twelve years ago there was a Polish woman whose husband was dying of cancer, and she couldn't let go, so I kept him alive and was the only one who could relieve his pain, till the day I said enough, you must let him go, and he died within the space of a few hours after I saw him. And today, a Polish Canadian friend finally had to let go of her mother, whom I'd kept alive for ten years. Till this weekend, when I said enough, she wants to go, and she passed away today.

So, who knows how many more will pass away in the time to come, and in what manner? The only choice will be whether they want to go peacefully, or in pain?

Nor should you expect someone else, or some event, or some shift in consciousness to save you.

This is my message to you. God isn't here to save humanity, people must save themselves.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Letter From A Friend

And I write back

I got this letter from a friend yesterday, so thought it apropos to write again now, given the huge changes taking place. 

Hi, Naseer,

I'm not quite sure how to formulate a question about what I have been reading. I'm curious about your journey overall, about how sure you are that you are on the right path. Where does that certainty come from? Do you know?

I know from all that I read, there is a centeredness, and a kindness connected to your work, which I sense immediately. I also know that this is a complicated question, that involves more reading on my part.

This reminds me of the Meredith case, overall. When someone new asks a question  How to explain what I know in terms of a 500 word blog. How do you put years of study and observation into a simple explanation?

I guess I could sum it up by telling you that my family have been asking me lately what it is that I want for my birthday. My immediate answer is peace.

How did you find it? Again, I know's a complicated question, but, I sense you have it. How?



That's a good question, ..... I've written it in bits and pieces here and there but let's see if I can put it in 500 words or less :)

I come from a family with a strong religious background, with what is called Sufism. My father took us around the world (he worked for the Foreign Service) so I lived abroad many years through my childhood. I also, instinctively knew for many years that the emotional pain caused by my parent's difficult marriage could and did affect all my siblings, and knew that if not checked, would pass on many generations.

I grew up in London and Tokyo after the war, and could see and communicate with the spirits of the dead. (See Katie Couric on Thursday with medium John Edward and Hereafter the movie with Matt Damon to get an idea) Then my younger brother died of leukemia when I was 11 and this inspired me to become a healer but also, a medium (I no longer do that since it isn't healthy)

I also was molested when I was 8 but that truly is in the past; I put my thoughts into helping others.

I also knew that I needed to live away from my parents so applied for a scholarship at 11 and beat thousands of other young men to enter a military school and college and did not return to my home until I was 18. So I learned to be solitary, but also, the discipline that the military can give you.

Carried on my studies over a period of time and eventually became a doctor..

My spiritual studies continued at the same time, from the age of 14. I did not have a formal teacher, but all of this was channeled information from 'the other side'. So yes I believe in angels, demons, and spirit guides, though seeing which is real, which is wishful thinking or fear, and which is a sign of psychological illness is a journey in itself. The field of parapsychology might offer insights, but I have been working on building a bridge between psychology and spirituality for some time.

It seemed to me that I was being guided to do what I had done before, go to places from previous lives, and meet people I knew many times ago. Each time I did, I remembered more. I also was a professional psychic and astrologer. There are many good people in those fields, and some bad, like any where else.

I met my soul mate in Toronto when I was 24 and she inspired me to write "Man From Atlan". I went through the next three years in a state of memories flooding through me, and in the end I was connected to all of my previous lives. It could be my delusion, but I believe it. I am open to being wrong, but every time I tested myself, I, and many others, had the confirmation of something deeper there.

By the time I was 27 I knew who I was and what I was supposed to do, and have followed that path since. I have no certainty, only belief, though I won't say that out of fake humility. I understand myself, let us say.

If I help a friend, or a cause, there is a reason to do so.

My son was born in London. He was diagnosed with Autism when he was 4 but, following a protocol my wife and I developed, we were able to help him recover till the autism reversed and he went to a regular school at age 9. He went on to have a normal life but it came back when he was 21 due to complications from dental surgery and a botched anesthetic. I am slowly helping him to recover again, and I am learning and continuing my research into this very difficult disease. And, with my aged parents and in laws, additional research into the causes and prevention of the ageing process.

It was sad to have a similar experience with two other children from my second wife and it has been a struggle with them but they too are recovering slowly.

But what I learned from them enabled me to help hundreds of children around the world, with my research and at my clinic. Understandably, I keep that part away from my advocacy for Meredith and others. I also shared the information with any one that asked, free of charge.

So I lead a full life. I write, and want to polish up and publish my second book, now in rough draft. I enjoy writing and communicating with people.

My spiritual life, I think, needs another 500 words :)

I started one of the first meditation centers in Toronto in 1970. Many people offered to help me take it internationally but I wanted to keep a low profile as I saw the traps for spiritual leaders. First, I wanted to learn, and be ready. And, without a family to ground me, I would not be whole.

Then one day I had this epiphany about it being the right time, and ended up with a spiritual center as well as my autism clinic in Toronto. Then I heard the message there would be an earthquake, and a great need for healing in the United States so I closed every thing down and moved there from 1993 to 1995, just after my daughter was born. We lived there for two years, and I taught thousands of people how to do self-healing and meditation. So, living on donations alone, I, my wife and daughter stayed in California, Texas, and New York, and points in between. We were there for the Malibu fires and the 1994 Los Angeles earthquake, which was so strong I threw myself over Chloe and Arune because I thought the house would fall down on us.

We had many adventures in the US but after two years I had to go to Sri Lanka to continue my medical work, and had a vision of the tsunami that would come there nine years later. I also had a vision that I needed to set up a healing center in New York City but that somehow it wasn't the right time, and wondered if it ever would be. It would depend on the American people. Instead, we moved back to Canada and then to Europe where we went to 10 different countries with Chloe, Arune and my second son Raven, in 1996.

Since that time I've never been back to the U.S.(Edit: Actually I did go back briefly in 2002 and 2003, another story) but instead went to the U.K. ten times, and Bulgaria, Iran, Pakistan, and India. I'm back In Toronto now, and continuing my work through the internet. My future plans? Whatever comes along. I try to balance my family's needs with my spiritual ones, and I help anyone that asks.

Even people that have had negative thoughts of me said they felt something :) and I've helped many just by sending prayers their way.

I do have sad thoughts for the continuing destruction of life and the environment world wide but unfortunately, people don't want to do what is necessary. But I still can help, in the most unusual ways, anyone that asks. Sometimes it's a thought, and the weather changes and the sun shines. Sometimes it's a situation that could have been really bad, and it hasn't. People have got off of drugs, recovered from life threatening illnesses, and much more (see "Miracles" on my blog~use the search function)

But I still see a major catastrophe on the horizon, and fear I can only help a few. The rest, will have to change, or at least, try.

How do I know I am on the right path? Do I have certainty and where does that come from? Again, no, at one level I do NOT have certainty, and on another, I do. It comes from continuous testing and retesting of my self. I believe I'm on the right path, and if I'm not, one day I'll find out. I tell the same to those who follow me. Test how you feel when you meet or sense me, over and over again. It's your truth to discover, not mine. And I respect whatever YOU feel, even when that means you decide it isn't right for you.

Peace? It comes from knowing who you are, doing what needs to be done, and not looking back. Peace.


Monday, November 12, 2012

I Heart Shoes

These shoes were meant for walking

I wore school uniform shoes for the first sixteen years of my life, you know the good sturdy black walking shoes that it seems every one in the English speaking world wore those days. So of course, just to get into something different, I got these store bought pointy Italian winkle pickers, you know the kind I mean. Gave me these humongous corns it took forever to get rid of. So the next pair of shoes were custom made, the half boots with the rubber elastic vane up the side. They had to be square toed, I told the shoemaker, and resolved from them on to never buy an uncomfortable pair of shoes, ever again.

Then I came to Canada and the first pair I bought here was from the first Roots store on Yonge Street. They were mid-brown Canadian made "Earth" shoes, like the ones shown here. They were $85, down from $105, a rather large sum in 1971, but I loved them, and walked all over Toronto in them.

Earth shoes were based on a 50's design marketed by Anne Kalso, a Yoga instructor. Manolo Blahnik, the European shoe designer, is an unabashed Earth Shoe fan: "It was the first shoe, along with the Jesus sandals, to make a social statement!" American shoe designer Kenneth Cole is another fan: "What was originally an anti-fashion statement 25 years ago has today become fashionable. They are a relaxed and comfortable alternative to other fashionable footwear."

Sounds gay, I know :) but I love shoes. I was reminded of that recently when it seemed I spent the entire summer (it seems) buying shoes with my teen aged daughters. Being tight-budgeted and all, it was their gift money and savings, and we all had fun. They wanted Converses, the basketball sneaker shoes, and so, a pair for everyone, then an extra pair for the teens. They loved them and yes they looked very nice.

I also noted when someone said they had a hard time getting US made shoes, and yes, they're hard to find. I was at a store in Chappaqua NY in 1994 and bought a great pair of Timberland hiking boots, price $185. Expensive, but the best I ever wore and they lasted me ten years. When I looked for them again in Toronto in 2005, all the Timberlands were now made in China, alas. And Roots has closed its factory in Toronto and a lot of its stuff is now made all over.

I would rather pay more to keep my neighbour's job in Canada, but the sad fact is the world's changed, and not for the better. And it's a hard time to find something decent that isn't crap and won't fall all apart after three years. It now is winter and so I had to buy another pair of fall winter boots for myself and my rather large brood. At least, thank goodness for the Bay sales and again, a good time was had by all except a teen age meltdown when one thought the pair she liked disappeared, and she thought there were none left. Calm her down, talk to a sales person, and the last one in her size appeared. Black leather boots, hob nails all over the toe and heel, very, very punk gothic :) and she looks fine in them. The other one got the motor cycle boot kind, again very fine.

All this is a metaphor for something, I am sure you know. Sooner or later, all my children will walk out of our home, and walk far, and all we have done was prepare them for that journey. But there is another journey, for all of us, and we will make that too, and there is one for me, and I look forward to that as well.

But it is above all the love we put into what we do, and what we make, as I thank all the people who made the shoes I love to walk in, and repaired and maintained them. A thought I had this morning when I cleaned every one's shoes with saddle soap, then conditioned and polished them before I sent my children to school.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Your Soul Mate Is Your Karma

Akhenaten, Nefertiti, and their three daughters

Tonight is Election Night in the USA, so I'm writing this because the last one, Obama Wins 2012? only brings up this deeper question.Why do we look to the other to complete us; why do need relationships, and what do we have to learn from them?

We all have different karma and paths. But one vision I had was how humanity had so much to learn from its relationships, and the last century was one of the great ages where so many karmic threads would come together. in forming connections with time, places, and almost ending in its effect, yet all the more powerful for that.

So, I started my spiritual journey by saying we had to understand the soul mate. That yes, there was indeed, a soul mate for every person, yet we might spend a lifetime looking for him or her. And then, we must learn.

I've also written about balancing the male and female energies. There also was a time when, still searching, I believed that only by meeting one's soul mate could one achieve balance. Yet, even then, I knew that soul mates=karma, or in other words, are difficult, as experience found a way of telling me :) I finally came to realize: karma is a means to an end, and the soul mate is only one of the lessons we must learn.

Here is how it began:

The story, however, begins at the beginning, where all beings are created.

I was in God's peace and love. Then I was told it was time to leave, to be born on Earth.

I didn't really want to go, but God said it was the destiny of all his children to be born. To live and die, and to live again. For no one really dies, He said. There is a reason for your existing, and you cannot fulfill it in a mortal lifetime. Therefore, you are Immortal. Need you then fear anything?

I'm afraid of being alone, I cried.

You need not be afraid, He said, in his infinite kindness. There will always be Love...

Yes, there will be always be love, and the many relationships and types of relationships we have are the way of love. Even compassion is just another form of love that has to do with how we relate to others.These relationships are a way in which we learn about karma. That we are indeed, divided souls. But the soul mate is not the other half of the divided soul. Nor, do we really need to have one.

First of all, our souls are divided because of our separation from God. And our purpose is to reunite with God. It is only because we do not understand, that we manufacture the soul mate as a substitute for that relationship. And then we look for that being, and miss the real search.

The fact is we are so incomplete we feel that love can complete us, and this is based on need, and then we manufacture this idealized version of love (or an idealized version of God) and the fact is that no relationship is easy.

Still, there is such a being, and until we learn, we will always have this need within ourselves, to meet the soul mate.

I said this before. The soul mate, represents our greatest lesson. They are the spirit we feel at the back of our head till we meet them, the relationship that is the hardest to let go of, and often, the greatest pain. We go through many lifetimes without meeting them, yet when we do, there is this instant flash of recognition, of bonding, of fear. They can be at the other side of the world, one dying and the other just being born, they in spirit and we in the flesh, they can be the same sex as us, our father mother grandparent sibling or child, a teacher or friend, even, an abuser or torturer.There is an intensity to the relationship that can be very hard to let go of.

Here's the thing about karma. It too is the hardest lesson, and when we overcome it, we realize we still haven't learned anything. The greater lesson, I have found, has nothing to do with relationships, though for most, at the present state of development of humanity, that is all they can absorb. No, the greater lesson is dharma, your path and how to accomplish that..

Yet this too is important, that we learn how to solve our relationships.It helps to learn that the soul mate is not just a person, it also is an energy, it can also be an event, and, it can be a time, or, a place. We go to or are born in a place, and that energy focus gives us the greatest lesson we must learn. This time, from now till December, can be a soul mate for anyone or every one. The event can be Hurricane Sandy can be the soul mate that is the great lesson, or President Obama, the soul mate that Americans must learn from.

So you should know, in case I have managed to confuse you, those who've followed me so far and thought I meant one thing on the subject, sorry. My teaching is in layers, and just when you get to understand me, (or think you do :) then I will add another level that will stretch you further.

The thing is, most are stuck at the level of soul mates. Israelis and Palestinians are soul mates to the other, Africa is the soul mate to the person that will die of disease, starvation or slavery, your children might be your greatest lesson, to be an aboriginal person is the soul mate that represents the greatest karma, and whoever will have won the election tomorrow, that president will be the soul mate of the American people (and the world) for the next four years. For those who allow their lives to consist only of focus on the other, that is. You can step away from it.

I chose the picture of Akhenaten and his family to illustrate another point. Not many know that Pharaoh Akhenaten and the famous beauty Nefertiti were married, and, knowing them, many might consider that she was his soul mate as well. But, it actually was his daughter, held in his arms, who was his soul mate from many lifetimes. Yet, he loved Nefertiti.

And, of great consequence to every one, Pharaoh Akhenaten brought a monotheistic religion into power, that definitely influenced Moses, thus bringing Judaism, Christianity, and then Islam to the world. So, he was a soul mate to the world too, with all the lessons that entailed.

Yes, we all have a deep longing to meet that one person at the back of the mind. We want the ideal, and are willing to work for that, and to wait. But please,work on your relationships. And work on your karma. They are resolvable.

Above all, what we long for is the peace that comes from within God. Find God (here I will specify that God is neither a him nor a her, but a combination of energies) and you will be complete.

Sunday, November 04, 2012


Who knows?

I understand what the Native American Indians meant when they would address their petitions to the "Great White Father" in Washington. It was of course a term taught by white people who tried to use Indian symbology in their relationship with them, but still, that has many meanings. Those native peoples residing in Canada would of course address their petitions to the "Great White Mother" Queen Victoria in London. :)

It shows that people were taught to believe in an authority, be that the President, or the Queen, that would hear them, grant them justice, and rule them fairly. That person was the ultimate symbol of their nationhood, so they must look to him or her if they wanted change.

Barack Hussein Obama is poised to win the next election as president of the United States, and, even though most polls say it will be a close run thing, there are others, such as the Princeton Election Consortium which make it even more probable, seeing as how it's based on electoral college votes that actually elect the president, and not, the popular vote. It will also depend on everyone getting out and voting.

Of course, a conference of astrologers already has predicted he will win, so that's good enough for me :) They also suggested, way before Hurricane Sandy hit the North East United States, that with the planet Mercury turning retrograde right on election day, there would be delays in counting the vote. I also see the possibility of judicial challenges creating some sort of turmoil, but then, it should sort itself out.

I wrote on March  08, 2008, Barack's the one "But I'm saying this from a spiritual, not political perspective. The destiny of the U.S lies in this one last chance. Let's see what happens". And, there was this caveat: "Keep in mind he's a politician, and not, a saint".

And on November 05, 2008, I wrote And Now What?

"I had a vision a full year ago, and, when every one thought Hillary Clinton would win, knew he would be the Democratic candidate. I said as much, on a political website. Astrology helped confirm that to me, and also that it would not be the day for John McCain (bad time for Virgos) but didn't want to raise hopes. Whatever I might believe, I would say that it would depend on the effort of people. It simply is unfair to put all our expectations on one person when in the end we all had to make the effort, not just him".

"And in the years ahead, and they will not be easy, he must do his share, as we must do ours. But if he inspires us to be better people, then that will be enough. Yes, he has to end the wars abroad. He can cure the economy, if he allows compassion to take over from greed. He has to bring peace to the Middle East. He has to help heal America, and the World. But that isn't his job alone, it's ours".

As we all know, the last four years have been deeply disappointing for many. I've heard all the excuses, and have no patience for them. Whoever wins the election, we have learned our lesson. There needs to be many grassroots movements, in every possible way, and all over the world.

But, for the next four years, keep this in mind. Obama's humanity, his flaws, are reflected in us. The Great White Father (and Mother) resides not in heaven, or London, or Washington, but is within us. Hope, and change, will always come from you, and not another.

Yes, the ultimate source is God. Does God listen, and give justice? Yes, but not the way you think, because it happens here, on this plane, and in our karma. From now to the end of this year will be one of the most momentous periods of our lives. But, whatever else comes our way, I will always trust in the goodness of humanity.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Natural Life

It's Happened

Hurricane Sandy has just hit land in N.J. as I write this. Parts of Manhattan and New York are under water and the water is still rising. Wall Street is reported to have flooded and that the New York stock exchange trading floor has three feet of water (later turned out to be a false report) An electrical power transformer just exploded while I watched on CNN. IT was huge.. We're hundreds of kilometers north of New York and high winds have already reached us here in Toronto. Sixteen people have died so far.

A year back I wrote about Hurricane Irene and how it might hit New York. Experts warned us there might be a catastrophe and I hoped this wouldn't happen.

This time around I kept asking myself, what difference does it make? As I said last year with the unprecedented tornadoes, as I said after Hurricane Katrina, Haiti earthquake, UK floods, the Gulf  oil spill, and the Fukushima disaster, that there would be more, and worse, until humanity changed. Surely, people could change? Yet all I have had this year was reminders about how difficult it was for people to change. I told them, but all that happened was that I actually lost people I was trying to help.

This flood is unprecedented in the history of New York. I have been watching it since it started, and now, finally, it slowly is starting to recede. I think back to the events of 9/11, and to this storm, and each time, I had a premonition about how I needed to be there. I also knew it wouldn't happen.

I love the people of the United States. But what it needs is a spiritual revolution and that won't happen until I am there. That will not happen till ONE American meets, and, follows, me.

A disciple called me last week, to say she was going to Jamaica with her husband, but was concerned about the hurricane and the weather. She was leaving on the 27th. Then, hearing the smile in me, asked "why're you smiling?". I was actually thinking, "so you want me to change the weather for you, do you? :)" and told her that. Yes, I can, and it's already stopped raining in Kingston, Jamaica that I can see from the Weather Channel :) Yes, I can do miracles, but first, that requires belief. And that people let go of their ego and their fear and disbelief.

I saw the movie Cloud Atlas on Friday. It is beautiful, amazing, and filled with a spiritual message. We are all connected. What we do will lead to a a fascist society that will be destroyed in an apocalypse but, throughout these intertwined lives of many people reincarnating over and over again, there is always the striving of people longing for freedom, and love, and for what is possible, and what humanity is capable of.

This is what we must do. Live a natural life, free of the excessive possessions, overuse of energy that leads to global warming, free of chemicalized food and environment, and with clean water for all. We must free ourselves from the tyranny of organized medicine, corrupt politics, decrepit 'science' and religion, and follow alternative paths. We must free ourselves from the desires that govern us without losing our capacity to love, forgive, and show compassion.

And, I say this with compassion to humanity. You must follow me. 

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Munkácsy Mihály~The Christ Trilogy

Christ Before Pilate ~ 1882

Golgotha ~ 1884

Ecce Homo ~ 1896

An idea of the scale of the paintings approx 20 x 12 feet

I love large paintings and murals. Saw Rembrandt's The Night Watch at the Rijskmuseum in Amsterdam, and of course the large scale industrial photos of Edward Burtynsky in Toronto and the documentary about him by Jennifer Bachwal in Manufactured Landscapes

But the one I love most, even more than the Sistine Chapel, is the Munkácsy Mihály Christ Trilogy which was recently exhibited at the National Gallery of Hungary in Budapest. These paintings, by famed Hungarian painter Munkácsy Mihály, (born Michael von Lieb) were only exhibited once before in the Deri museum in Debrecen in 1996, when Chloe, Arune, Raven and I visited Hungary, and therein lies a story.

Munkácsy Mihály~The Christ Trilogy were painted from 1881-1896. The painter, who most likely died of syphilis at the age of 56, suffered from mental illness in his later life, yet still managed to draw in vivid detail that almost looked like he was there.. 

The paintings were not done in chronological order, so you have Christ Before Pilate (1882) Golgotha (1884) and Ecce Homo (1896), with the crucifixion as the middle, and not the final painting. I have a book of his paintings, with detailed close ups of all the figures. There is Christ brought before Pilate for judgement, then the crucifixion at Golgotha, then the final, in which Pilate pleads with the crowd out to crucify Jesus, ecce homo, or, behold the man. In each of those paintings you see the woman who is Mary Magdalene, holding their child in the first, crouched at his feet with Mary, his mother in the second, and gazing in horror as he is about to be condemned to death in the final painting, Ecce Homo. Look at the other faces, and I recognize them, and the look on their faces. The resistance to change, the fear and hatred. I once met the soldier that was the guard at Golgotha, and that shook me.

Golgotha was the second, and not the last painting, because on it he drew a man on a white horse, and that, is the symbol of of resurrection, already there, already here.

But it is the last one, that is the true culmination of the trilogy. He is being judged, but those that judge, are also being judged. And judgement awaits all.

But the real story was outside, as we left the museum. A homeless man, mentally ill, sitting in the street. So I sat down with him, because I knew he was the artist Munkácsy Mihály, returned. Gave him some money and we left.

Chloe said to me as we walked off, "do you know what he kept saying, over and over again?" (It was in Hungarian)  "He said 'he is here, he is here. He walks the earth'!"

Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Meaning Of My Name

Divine support

The Holy Quran: Sura 110: Al-Nasr
English translation: Maulvi Sher Ali (ra)

110.1: In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful,
110.2: When the help of Allah comes, and the victory,
110.3: And thou seest men entering the religion of Allah in troops,
110.4: Glorify thy Lord, with His praise, and seek forgiveness of him. Surely he is Oft-Returning, with compassion. 

This is the meaning of my name Naseer (root Nasr). I am the divine support of humanity. The one that helps. 

The above passage is the last one that came to the holy prophet Muhammad (sa), towards the end of his life, as he saw all the people of Arabia come under Islam. That this Sura (theme) is relevant to that period of time and not the future is something I say with all respect. 

There also is the main commentary on the Quran, Tafsir ibn Kathir which states that Muhammad (pbuh) said in reference to this sura: In truth, the people have entered into the religion of God in crowds and they will also leave it in crowds

And it is indeed true, that many people have entered all the religions in crowds and they will also leave them in crowds. For, each religion comes to an end, and so, too, do the belief systems they create to cover that lack.  

But there still are divine truths, and the whole passage up there is about how God always returns to help humanity, with compassion.

And that everyone forgot the Way Of Atlan, and one day, will return to it. But this isn't why I'm writing this piece.

In the course of my travels, and this time through the internet, I've helped many people. One lady who was in pain, yet within a couple of days is on her way to regaining her health. But there was one person that touched me more than any other recently.

This is a person who has quite a few differences with me regarding my views on various subjects, including spirituality :) and yes I do feel other people's negativity whenever, but know to ignore that. This what they wrote a few days ago:

"I think I met Ergon (Naseer) on the spiritual plane yesterday. I'm not kidding!
I was meditating as usual and felt close to entering a rapture state (just a fairly coarse rapture) but as I'm sure you all know, at that point your own desire to enter the rapture is a kind of an obstacle; plus all kinds of thoughts from the day or even deeper issues come bubbling up.

So I started thinking about my unhelpful feelings and attitudes towards Ergon and realized I need to resolve that. So I pictured him (which I could do thanks to the recent post with his picture) and tried to feel sympathy towards him and apologize for my many harmful thoughts directed towards him.

The weird thing is, I felt an answer. A presence became noticeable and it responded with a wave of compassion and love and the blockages fell away. This kind of thing never happens to me! I am certain that Ergon must have noticed some kind of contact or interaction as well, over there wherever he's at.

Now I'm back to my usual persnickety self, of course, but at least I can claim to be the first one on the forum to have met Ergon in person.

I suppose one or two of you might be slightly skeptical, but this really happened.

For what it's worth my impression is that he isn't actually the Messiah. Sorry if that offends anyone here. It seems more like some kind of ghost or other being latched on to him and began whispering aggrandizing nonsense inside his head and he believed it."

Sigh, a step forward, and a step back. I don't require belief, because it must be freely given. I respect that people may be sincere in their own beliefs so that is cool. But when people who are in some way blocked do not see the message given, then that is sad.

Know this: I have helped, people in the thousands, in the millions through spirit. They met me, and knew I was the voice they heard, the spirit they felt, that came to them when they were thirsting. Whether some believe or do not believe is not up to me. But yes, my friend, what you felt was me, helping you that day.

God does help. This is what I do.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Eleven Years Later

The Horror

Eleven years ago, I was at a school meeting and then, in a computer store where there was a wall of monitors, all tuned to the news. I think it was around 10:30 in the morning. And there, on the screens, we watched the planes fly over and over again into the World Trade Center.

I had no thoughts, just that space of stillness that comes upon me when in the midst of that space of a dimensional shift. Yes, the world is about to change, I thought.

Then I was concerned about my disciple Jennifer in New York, whose story I wrote about in The Christ Sent His Disciple To New York I and II. And she survived miraculously, as written about here. That she fell  later, is just a story I share to say how everything that happened then, and will happen, depends on the choices made.

The world has changed a great deal since then. The war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Arab Spring. The invasions of Libya and sponsoring of terrorism against Syria and Iran. The natural disasters of the Pakistani, Chinese, Haiti and Japan earthquakes, the Asian Tsunami, Katrina, and Japan tidal surges, the floods in Pakistan, the great environmental disasters of the BP oil spill, which I thought could not possibly be surpassed, only to have the nuclear reactors melt down in Fukushima and untold amounts of radiation spill into the Pacific Ocean. Millions died, untold millions more will die later.

Ah, but these are natural or man made disasters you say. No, they are caused by our collective karma, mapped out by astrology.which says yes, these will be interesting times. They are caused by our lack of spiritual awareness, our willful rationalizing idiocies. And they happen because until we wake up, they will continue to happen.

If there is one prophecy I have made, then it is this. Eons ago a war began on another planet that led to its destruction, and we look to repeat that mistake, over and over again. As I also made clear in War In The Heavens and other pieces, this war occurs across the dimensions, within ourselves and the many universes.

My father, with whom I have er, a complicated relationship, recently figured out what I've been doing the last    two decades. I had told him, but it didn't compute, till a cousin in Pakistan, who is very religious,  told him :) So he had to have a religious er, debate. And how many followers do you have, and why aren't you well known? His prophecies say this, and that. Mine are simple. Religions were meant to evolve, they didn't, and all these man made structures will one day come to an end. But no, Jesus won't come to slay the ungodly at Armageddon.

So what I did do, in all  this time, was write, and travel. There I was, standing on a big rock on top of the moors in Devon, having a vision of reaching people through my writing, and teaching them. What I have done since I was young. But since 9/11, it has intensified. I have been driven by the thought of how little time we have left, and even, I have left. (oh, I'll be around for a while, but do have a tendency to one day, disappear). So I have met thousands of people and taught them healing and meditation. The ideas I wrote about spread and reemerged all over the world. One day in 2002-2003 I checked Alexa, the internet ranking engine, and was surprised to see my web site was within the top 250,000 of the world, and I don't even know how people found the site. But find me, they did; those who search will always find me, even if I'm not as famous as I was then :)

So that is what happened in the last eleven years. I don't know how many people follow me now, nor is what I do dependent on numbers. I am not here to heal people, but help them. I am not here to fix the problems of the world, but, to help heal the planet. I wish it were not so difficult, but there you go. I still will do that, regardless. What I teach and do will help, one day.

I know who I am and what my path is. I wish the same for you.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Meditation On The Colour Green

Green, for the power of the heart

There was this exchange with someone on the Internet. I'd just been promoted to Admin on the Meredith Kercher site and now my name showed up in red, where before it had been green. He wrote: "I don't know, Ergon...I liked your name in Green for some reason. I will adapt...but green does suit you in my opinion". That was interesting, because in my work with colour energy I have always emphasised the colour green as pertaining to me. The heart chakra; the colour of creativity, healing, relationships, balance, Jesus Christ and the Child's Energy of God.

I smiled, because a disciple in the U.K. was also holding a meditation on the colour green and opening up the heart chakra, and so, too, was I. 

We had the meditation this Saturday the 25th. As always, there changes taking place in the room, and also, the outside. Hurricane Isaac is heading to the United States, forcing the postponement of the Republican convention. As always, I prayed for the safety of the ordinary people in the hurricane's path. But the changes that are coming are greater than any storm...

One thing about the Mayan Calendar. I never said it would herald the end of the world, though it will indeed, bring great change. And the period of change, like The Age of Aquarius, will have neither a beginning or an end, but it will will last till 2016.Still, I look forward to Dec. 21, 2012, and wonder where I will be then.

What I do know is what I will be doing till then. Green, for the colour of the heart, so I will help people I come across, and those who ask for help. Green for creativity, so I will try to finish at least one book. Green for healing, so I will do that, for any that choose. Green for relationships, so I shall love my friends, family, and partner Chloe.

It has been an age of communication, but that puts too much energy into the throat chakra. Rationalization, over analysis, and fear. Does that sound like the world we live in? The feeling of helplessness, the over-intellectualization of discourse, the propaganda of the media? Is this not where we have shut down our hearts? No wonder we are strangers to each other, how we look for stimulation as opposed to having the courage to feel.

This is a time for the artists, musicians, writers and all other creative people to create great art. This is a time for people to work together with others for a better future. It doesn't matter who wins the US presidency in November, because neither candidate will bring change, but, we will. Because you see, it is a time for greatness. 

I wish you peace, joy, and love.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Will There Be War?

Yesterday we commemorated another battle

We were going to the chiropractor today, my daughter and I, and she, commenting on the Dieppe Raid ceremonies, said that "Remembrance Day was the most boring school day for children, as they had to sit for two hours while adults lectured at them".

I laughed at that, but then, serious now, told her that while I understood how all my children were anti-war, it was to commemorate the sacrifices of those who gave their lives. How Remembrance Day began after WWI, to honor the millions of soldiers who had been killed for their country. How humanity resolved to never again have such a war, but then it did, in WWII, then again in Korea and now Afghanistan, so Remembrance Day was a day to remember the dead of ALL the wars, whether we agreed with them or not.

And, getting started now :) I reminded her she'd be studying Civics soon, and how that was my favorite in college, about the ideals of a real democracy and how responsible we all were for maintaining that. And therefore, we remembered those who sacrificed their lives for their country.

I say this now because there have been rumours of war, that Israel would attack Iran. It reminded me of my previous thoughts, on Battle For The Soul Of The Jewish People, and War. Didn't I say the battle would begin in the Middle East, and spread around the world?

Now I have been using a lot of astrology lately, and the signs indicate yes, that war might begin this September 2012. But, will it be The War? No, because I believe the war began in 1979, but we have been so clueless we never really saw it, and some, still do not.

And I have often asked why I have had many close followers, not a single one of them was Muslim or Jewish. I believe there's a puzzle within that, but also, hopefully that would change one day; and good things would follow from that.

So, will Israel attack Iran? I say, No. Sabotage through proxies, maybe, force through sanctions, keep the pressure on. Iran will change one day, without any outside pressure. And hopefully, so too will Israel, though I doubt that will be soon. You see, material power ensures survival, but, when you lack spirituality, you will never see how weak that protection actually is.

But this is a message for good people everywhere, of every religion, belief system, and philosophy. We will always have war, because that is in our nature. We can change our nature, because that is what we are meant to do. The path is hard, and some might give up on that, but if we will it, then it will be so.

The real battle will always be a spiritual one. It is enough to be a good person, but also, not enough.

This is what I wrote eight years ago on Remembrance Day, 2004, in Time For A Spiritual Revolution:

But my advice to you on the eve of this battle is:

Be active, and do the best that you can.

Discover who you are and your purpose in life.


Become a loving and spiritual person.

Strengthen yourself.

Do not be afraid of anything.

With love,

Naseer Ahmad

And, you must follow me.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Natural Treatment of Mental Illness

First, take no medication

I'd wanted to write this piece about The Natural Treatment of Mental Illness for a very long time, but every time I did, something would come up. This is what I wrote in my last article: "The planets Pluto and Uranus will enter into square position to each other this June 24, 2012. We have been feeling its stressful effects since the super moon of last month, and the Transit of Venus, which also had a message of its own I shared with you last. There was an upsurge of psychosis and gruesome murders, and almost every one I know is in a state of crisis".

I'd been involved in the Meredith Kercher murder case that kept bringing up new insights into criminal pathology; we had the horrific Luka Magnotta case right here in Canada, where a deranged young man killed and dismembered another young man and videotaped the whole crime, and finally, we had the largest mass shooting in the United States at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. 12 people were killed, and 58 more injured. Interesting coincidence, but the shooter was a young neuroscientist born the same year as Amanda Knox, and he, too, had no earlier indication of anything being wrong. He had just presented a paper on micro-RNA research in a class titled "The Biological Markers of Mental Illness" which closely matches my current field of study.

But, much as the study of criminal psychology interests me, my practice has had more to do with the broader definition of mental illness, as a breakdown of the human race and society.

I am a physician, but I also am a spiritual teacher. A search for the causes and treatment of mental illness has been a lifelong passion of mine. I have long concluded that there are not only physical and emotional causes for every illness, there also are, spiritual causes. Not the sort of paper one can present to a medical journal, but that's ok. I'd rather pass on my findings to other doctors to carry on the research, and write in plain language, for ordinary people.

And now, it seems that concurrent with the breakdown of spirituality in society, there is a huge increase in mental illness around the world. And what I classify as mental illness, is not just the isolated cases of criminality or the increased numbers of mentally ill people, but what I see in our political, financial and social elites. What could the greed and lust for power and countless wars, destruction of our environment, and whole scale theft be classified as anything but a widespread pathology? 

But first, I would like to share my journey with you.

In ancient times, mentally ill people were considered to be blessed by the gods.

Then, they were thought to be possessed by demons.

Jesus, the healer, is said to have cast out evil spirits. But then, he knew all along that mental illness is also, a spiritual illness. Until we recognize that, all the search for a defective gene or chemical imbalance or areas of brain damage or physical treatments will make no difference at all.

I have already written that several people in my family suffer from Autism. I've also published much of my research and discoveries in the effective treatment and prevention of such disorders. I shared this information with other doctors and specialists around the world, at international conferences on alternative medicine, in my free clinics, and now, I am writing this article to share the information with you.

One of the first books I read on Psychology was a treatise on Criminal Psychology, the second on The Mass Psychology of Crowds. (I was 14 years old, and we had a well stocked school library, courtesy of the British Council) Since then I have done a lot of work in looking up the connection between criminality and mental illness.

I also, through my connections with the Psychic community, discovered a close connection between their extreme emotional sensitivities, schizophrenia, and depression. Yes, I lost many of my friends to suicide, and wish I could have helped them more, even though my first lesson has always been, you can't help everyone. (See my Michael Jackson, the Drowning Man, July 03, 2009).

There may be environmental or genetic reasons why we are having a huge increase in mental illness figures. The old figures were that 10% of our children had some sort of a learning disorder; it's likely to be much higher now. And I am reminded every day about the disturbing increase in psychoses and psychotic behaviour in society.

Nature vs nurture may play a part. Vaccines cause brain damage across several generations, this much I know through my work (article to follow) Environmental pollutants and neurotoxins (mercury, fluoridated water, aspartame, MSG) definitely play a part. Trauma, be it emotional or physical, plays a part.

There are those who believe that the major psychiatric illnesses, depression, schizophrenia, paranoid psychosis, and psychopathy are all caused by neurotransmitter deficiencies, inactive areas of the prefrontal cortex, or brain damage. True, but I do not agree with the treatments used by conventional psychiatry, which consists of chemical, electrical, or physical lobotomies of the brain.

Then there are many in the alternative field who say mental illness, especially depression and ADHD,  is over diagnosed. I do not agree entirely. Yes, there are way too many new 'labels', each designed to widen the market for psychotropic medication. But, there is a definite increase in mental illness, sociopathy, and psychosis. I fear for the survival of society, for we are now passing on illness to our children. Homoeopathy calls it a  miasm, but that really is the same as genetic damage.

But first, I have a unifying theory that covers the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the illness. Before I teach you about treatment, first, I must educate you.

First, if you read my previous article The Criminal Mind which shows the similar patterns of brain damage in psychopaths and schizophrenics. Then, please read about my work in Autism here Not Incurable-New Research on Autism you will get an overview of my approach. 

Then, please read Renewed Hope for Mental Health by Helke Ferrie, which details the ground breaking work of Dr. Abraham Hoffer, M.D., a psychiatrist who pioneered the use of supplements and nutritional therapies for the treatment of psychiatric disorders.

" The October 2005 issue of the Journal of Traumatic Stress was devoted to research articles focusing on the now increasingly undeniable fact that most psychiatric disorders (not induced by physical injury) are caused primarily by emotional trauma. The mythic “chemical imbalance,” which automatically was assumed to be a Prozac deficiency, is evaporating for lack of evidence.

What do these four news items have in common? The truth that feeding the brain garbage — toxic or dead food, or toxic and deadly experiences — is the cause of mental illness in all its many forms including faulty brain development, cognitive deficits, Down’s Syndrome, depression, and schizophrenia.

PloS, founded by thousands of US medical students and Nobel laureate Harold Varmus in 2004, was created in protest against the corruption pervading medical publications; PloS accepts no advertising, only publishes research free from all connections to the pharmaceutical industry, and is freely available on-line.

Even the ultimate sacred cow of standard psychiatry, the famous serotonin theory of depression, has expired. The new journal PloS Medicine (Public Library of Science Medicine – published an article in their December 2005 issue entitled “Serotonin and Depression: A Disconnect between the Advertisements and the Scientific Literature.”

Reviewing research since the 1960s when this hypothesis was first suggested, the authors conclude that the $3 billion (US) antidepressant market, claiming this hypothesis as scientific justification for its existence, is based on nothing at all; they observe that “contemporary neuroscience research has failed to confirm any serotonergic lesion in any mental disorder and has in fact provided significant counterevidence to the explanation of a simple neurotransmitter deficiency.” They conclude: “The incongruence between the scientific literature and the claims made by SSRI [anti-depressant drugs] advertisements is remarkable, and possibly unparalleled.”

Dr. Abraham Hoffer inspired me to look for alternative answers for mental illness. We are indeed fortunate that the NDP government of Saskatchewan encouraged this groundbreaking psychiatrist and biochemist to successfully treat his patients using large quantities of vitamins and mineral supplements, instead of the previous, unsuccessful electroshock and brain surgeries.

His Adventures in Psychiatry will always remain a classic, in my eyes.

What changed in the last 40 years? The discovery of Lithium based medications encouraged drug companies to bring in newer, more expensive and highly dangerous psychopharmacological drugs to a population that was convinced that pills would make them 'feel better'. The FDA rubber stamped approval based on drug company assurances they were 'safe', even though their trials were incomplete, flawed, and short term.

For a list of the harmful drugs and their side effects, see here:  

They state: "Psychiatric drugs obtain their result by causing brain dysfunction". And, according to Dr. Peter Breggin of Toxic Psychiatry, those on medication have a greater incidence of suicide or suddenly snapping and committing a horrible crime. I myself have lost or nearly lost loved ones to suicide after starting on anti-depressants

Then please, read "Anatomy Of An Epidemic~Magic bullets, psychiatric drugs, and the astonishing rise of mental illness in America" by Robert Whitaker which asks the question why has the number of disabled mentally ill in the United States tripled over the last two decades? He doesn't quite have an answer, but suggests that the medical establishment is not interested in an answer, just wedded to expensive 'solutions' and suppressing, other, more humane methods of treatment. Sometimes, all we need is someone to listen to us.

If I were to say what are the physiological causes of mental illness, the answer would be:

  • Vaccines, and the ensuing genetic damage.
  • Micro-brain tumors.
  • The overload of environmental toxins from our chemicalized society.
  • Aspartame and Fluoride taken internally.
  • Nutritional imbalances and poor diet.
  • Auto-immune factors.
  • Prior recreational or pharmaceutical drug use.
  • An unresolved psychological trauma, abuse, or isolation.
  • Brain injury.
But the real answer is that mental illness has not only a physical cause, but also, an emotional, and, a spiritual cause. And the treatment cannot completely work if it does not incorporate and balance all three energies.  

Sadly, we are so wedded to the rational material world that we can never see that.

When my son was diagnosed with Autism we were able to help him recover with intensive therapy, a strict diet, and two substances which can, taken in combination, help reverse brain damage (more on this below).
But what made the difference was the healing work, and not just the other things.

Nor will we ever cure mental illness till we heal the psychosis that pervades this planet, and get rid of the warmongers, polluters, and thieves that plague us.

But, till then, try to live as natural a life as possible.
Give the time to listen to someone in pain.
Find a spiritual path that can help you find peace.

So far I have treated over 400 Autistic children, most of whom have gotten significantly better, and some, recovered fully. And not just Autism, I have treated many more people with other illnesses. I had a free clinic for many years in Toronto, and I have traveled the world and treated patients privately. I gave the research to other doctors, but they did not carry it as far as I would have liked. Me, I had to come back to my spiritual work, but would like to share this insight with you.

Psychiatry, as it is shaped today, does not work. It needs to find natural substances, and not chemical ones.
Psychology can help, but it's a lengthy process. Still, treating our lost souls with love and kindness does help!
If I were to open another clinic, it would be in nature, with clean air and away from the deadness of a city, and it would include, spiritual healing. My goal is to keep teaching the healers.

Till then, here is what you can do. Dr. Hoffer successfully treated Schizophrenics with Vitamin B. Look up an ortho-molecular or homoeopathic physician. Research in Brazil shows that Vitamin E helped increase the IQ of Down Syndrome children. Well, Dr. Charlton Fredericks proved the brain repairing power of Octacosanol which is the active ingredient in Vitamin E, and Russian scientists have had remarkable results with DMG. It was my discovery, that the two substances, taken together, Octacosanol and DMG, could reverse brain damage. Literally, children began to speak! And that was confirmed by Autism researcher the late Dr. Bernard Rimland and clinics in Korea and Japan, when they replicated the results. It works by increasing the oxygenation and brain circulation, and improving the immune system. Why is this not widely known? Actually, I was written up in Super Memory-The Revolution, but there still was way too much resistance to anything new, alternative, and not covered by a patent.

My younger daughter was classified as a 'slow learner'. Now she started taking the two substances, she gets A's and B's. A friend in England, her daughter has improved at Maths. And many more stories like that.

But if your illness is deeper than that, you need to find a way to that peace. Let me know if there is any way I can help.

Naseer Ahmad