Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Natural Life

It's Happened

Hurricane Sandy has just hit land in N.J. as I write this. Parts of Manhattan and New York are under water and the water is still rising. Wall Street is reported to have flooded and that the New York stock exchange trading floor has three feet of water (later turned out to be a false report) An electrical power transformer just exploded while I watched on CNN. IT was huge.. We're hundreds of kilometers north of New York and high winds have already reached us here in Toronto. Sixteen people have died so far.

A year back I wrote about Hurricane Irene and how it might hit New York. Experts warned us there might be a catastrophe and I hoped this wouldn't happen.

This time around I kept asking myself, what difference does it make? As I said last year with the unprecedented tornadoes, as I said after Hurricane Katrina, Haiti earthquake, UK floods, the Gulf  oil spill, and the Fukushima disaster, that there would be more, and worse, until humanity changed. Surely, people could change? Yet all I have had this year was reminders about how difficult it was for people to change. I told them, but all that happened was that I actually lost people I was trying to help.

This flood is unprecedented in the history of New York. I have been watching it since it started, and now, finally, it slowly is starting to recede. I think back to the events of 9/11, and to this storm, and each time, I had a premonition about how I needed to be there. I also knew it wouldn't happen.

I love the people of the United States. But what it needs is a spiritual revolution and that won't happen until I am there. That will not happen till ONE American meets, and, follows, me.

A disciple called me last week, to say she was going to Jamaica with her husband, but was concerned about the hurricane and the weather. She was leaving on the 27th. Then, hearing the smile in me, asked "why're you smiling?". I was actually thinking, "so you want me to change the weather for you, do you? :)" and told her that. Yes, I can, and it's already stopped raining in Kingston, Jamaica that I can see from the Weather Channel :) Yes, I can do miracles, but first, that requires belief. And that people let go of their ego and their fear and disbelief.

I saw the movie Cloud Atlas on Friday. It is beautiful, amazing, and filled with a spiritual message. We are all connected. What we do will lead to a a fascist society that will be destroyed in an apocalypse but, throughout these intertwined lives of many people reincarnating over and over again, there is always the striving of people longing for freedom, and love, and for what is possible, and what humanity is capable of.

This is what we must do. Live a natural life, free of the excessive possessions, overuse of energy that leads to global warming, free of chemicalized food and environment, and with clean water for all. We must free ourselves from the tyranny of organized medicine, corrupt politics, decrepit 'science' and religion, and follow alternative paths. We must free ourselves from the desires that govern us without losing our capacity to love, forgive, and show compassion.

And, I say this with compassion to humanity. You must follow me. 

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