Monday, August 27, 2012

Meditation On The Colour Green

Green, for the power of the heart

There was this exchange with someone on the Internet. I'd just been promoted to Admin on the Meredith Kercher site and now my name showed up in red, where before it had been green. He wrote: "I don't know, Ergon...I liked your name in Green for some reason. I will adapt...but green does suit you in my opinion". That was interesting, because in my work with colour energy I have always emphasised the colour green as pertaining to me. The heart chakra; the colour of creativity, healing, relationships, balance, Jesus Christ and the Child's Energy of God.

I smiled, because a disciple in the U.K. was also holding a meditation on the colour green and opening up the heart chakra, and so, too, was I. 

We had the meditation this Saturday the 25th. As always, there changes taking place in the room, and also, the outside. Hurricane Isaac is heading to the United States, forcing the postponement of the Republican convention. As always, I prayed for the safety of the ordinary people in the hurricane's path. But the changes that are coming are greater than any storm...

One thing about the Mayan Calendar. I never said it would herald the end of the world, though it will indeed, bring great change. And the period of change, like The Age of Aquarius, will have neither a beginning or an end, but it will will last till 2016.Still, I look forward to Dec. 21, 2012, and wonder where I will be then.

What I do know is what I will be doing till then. Green, for the colour of the heart, so I will help people I come across, and those who ask for help. Green for creativity, so I will try to finish at least one book. Green for healing, so I will do that, for any that choose. Green for relationships, so I shall love my friends, family, and partner Chloe.

It has been an age of communication, but that puts too much energy into the throat chakra. Rationalization, over analysis, and fear. Does that sound like the world we live in? The feeling of helplessness, the over-intellectualization of discourse, the propaganda of the media? Is this not where we have shut down our hearts? No wonder we are strangers to each other, how we look for stimulation as opposed to having the courage to feel.

This is a time for the artists, musicians, writers and all other creative people to create great art. This is a time for people to work together with others for a better future. It doesn't matter who wins the US presidency in November, because neither candidate will bring change, but, we will. Because you see, it is a time for greatness. 

I wish you peace, joy, and love.

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