Monday, November 26, 2012

The Next Big Quake

New Madrid Fault?

Truly, an interesting month from October 27, 2012 to now, with much tumult and upheaval. Another, more earth shattering one, coming up. 

A 7.7 Richter scale earthquake hit British Columbia on October 27, followed by Hurricane Sandy that day on the Atlantic coast, the storm surge inundating Atlantic City on October 29. The US presidential election on November 06, 2012, the solar eclipse on November 13, and the upcoming lunar eclipse November 28.

I've often wondered about the nature of the upcoming changes. Will it be a natural disaster that heralds it, a tsunami, an earthquake, or something like the destruction of Atlan/Atlantis? Or something other worldly? This month began with an earthquake, and ended with the death of a dear friend's mother today, of cancer. Sadly, she wasn't ready for her mother's passing, despite my efforts to help her.

And it seems almost anti-climatic in view of what I'm writing about, but today, also, a judge removed the mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, from office. He was truly an embarrassment to our city. And now, an example of the personal turmoil that so many have gone through in the last month.

I see my purpose in this lifetime is not to warn people (who will not listen), nor help those (who cannot be helped), nor prevent what must be. I am here as a teacher and a healer, and those paths are never easy. Yes, I do help people, but never at the cost of what must be. This, too, is part of the peace I talk about, to accept what cannot be changed.

Yet, again and again, I do help. These are signs, and those I give, not to solve a problem or prevent people from growing, but for those who one day I hope will make a difference. If just one person changes, then that is what I was trying to do, because who knows what that person can do to help others? The potential of that one act is huge.

These last few weeks have been momentous. Hurricane Sandy, the U.S. presidential elections, and now, Israel is bombing Gaza, and yet again, every one is enabling it. Four years have passed, and it hasn't learned a thing. Muslims haven't learned, Jews haven't learned, people haven't learned.

When I came to North America in the 70's people were saying that earth changes were imminent. There would be natural disasters everywhere that would decimate the planet. All I would say was "not now", and left it at that.

But, look at the dates on my articles on this blog.  When I wrote last year about a tropical storm surge that threatened New York, and how lucky it was to have escaped it. Since people didn't learn, this time the damage was worse. The next big disaster, the next big quake, will be even worse.

As far as quakes go, the next big one will be of the scale of the four New Madrid quakes of 1811-1812. These were the most powerful earthquakes that ever struck the United States, and caused massive damage that was mitigated only by the fact the area, in central Midwest United States, was sparsely populated that time. That fault line, bigger than the San Andreas in California, is from Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee and Mississippi, and extends all the way into Ohio and Illinois. Some geologists suggest the tectonic plates that affect the fault line actually extend into the Gulf of Mexico and all the way north into Canada which should make it very interesting. And these fault lines are becoming more active (though I suspect gas fracking and oil drilling as having some impact) and it is entirely possible that an earth shattering event will take place there no later than 2040. Or it may happen, any where else in the planet. All this depends on us. I will, at least, tell you this, because humanity cannot exist without hope.

There are three island places that are very special to me. Two of  them, England and Japan were where I grew up. The third, Hawaii, is where I hope to go one day. Important because they are all places powerful in earth energy, and so I wish to complete the journey by going to Hawaii to help the shamans there to stabilize the earth. (I already sent someone there in my stead a few years ago, and the miracle child I told you about was born there)

It's been such an interesting month, with upheaval on so many levels. My oldest son, who'd been through so much, is finally finding his peace. A woman who'd been told she had a tumor in her liver which was so large it might rupture and required immediate surgery or she would die came to see me instead and she called back this month to say the latest MRI showed the tumor had disappeared!

And I helped a woman in Hawaii who'd been the victim of abuse find her voice and speak to those who tried to silence her, and always, every day, I speak for those whose voices are not heard.

Yet, twelve years ago there was a Polish woman whose husband was dying of cancer, and she couldn't let go, so I kept him alive and was the only one who could relieve his pain, till the day I said enough, you must let him go, and he died within the space of a few hours after I saw him. And today, a Polish Canadian friend finally had to let go of her mother, whom I'd kept alive for ten years. Till this weekend, when I said enough, she wants to go, and she passed away today.

So, who knows how many more will pass away in the time to come, and in what manner? The only choice will be whether they want to go peacefully, or in pain?

Nor should you expect someone else, or some event, or some shift in consciousness to save you.

This is my message to you. God isn't here to save humanity, people must save themselves.

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