Friday, July 03, 2009

Michael Jackson, the Drowning Man

Michael Jackson 1958-2009 R.I.P.

I was in Los Angeles from 1993-94 and while there appeared on a television show. A famous singer saw me and came for healing and meditation. He had Parkinson's Disease and his band wasn't playing much. I helped and he got better and his band went on to have a resurgence in their career.

I was having these compelling visions and one of the things I saw related to Michael Jackson. I told my singer friend it was very important that I meet Michael, because I saw a great sadness ahead for him,and felt I could help. He could have introduced me, but didn't (There's another, similar, story about Sylvester Stallone whose son I could have helped, but never mind)

There is a spiritual exercise I teach my students. Do you help a drowning man? As a healer, of course you want to. But if, in trying to help him, you know you might die as well? This is a question I have had to address myself, and there is no correct answer, but the one you work out for yourself. My answer is one of helping, but only within your limits, and that has been a lesson for me. But the real answer is whether the other person is willing, or able, to change, without which all the healing in the world will come to nothing.

We must all ask if it is possible to change ourselves? I believe we can, just as the world can change itself, because otherwise there is a price we must pay. I will cover that in my next article.

But the drowning man? The one who couldn't change his course? I can only appreciate his enormous talent, with which he brought so much beauty into the world. I can also acknowledge, without emphasising, the allegations made against him. He was a child who had been abused, and this helps my understanding of him. I have never discussed this openly, but I was molested as a child.

What matters, then, is not what happened in the past but what we can add to the future, and if in order to do this we must change, then yes we must, and yes we can.


Anonymous said...

That's a very inspiring post, mfa.


Anonymous said...

Growing and changing into who we truly are and contributing in the way(s) we are meant to is not easy, but as you say, certainly possible, especially with the help of those who truly understand. Thanks for everything.
Love, Chaieomie xxx