Sunday, December 23, 2012


We're still around

An old calendar ends, a new one begins. And we're still around. It has been a most powerful year, and I have found these levels of fierceness way beyond the peacefulness I usually inhabit..

Now lets's see how the rest of the year goes, till 1.13.13. December 21 began with a mousecalypse, for an unfortunate mouse in our kitchen. It ended with a gorgeous Coopers Hawk landing in our back yard. Two choices, timid victimhood, or, magnificent spirituality? 

But what I have seen is all sorts of breakdown take place. And that, my friends, is A Good Thing. The Year of the Dragon required that we not think, but act; and become, rather than be forced to do so.

I will not predict natural disasters or war. I will just say this, that the next few days are going to bring some significant changes for many, in their lives.

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