Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Letter From A Friend

And I write back

I got this letter from a friend yesterday, so thought it apropos to write again now, given the huge changes taking place. 

Hi, Naseer,

I'm not quite sure how to formulate a question about what I have been reading. I'm curious about your journey overall, about how sure you are that you are on the right path. Where does that certainty come from? Do you know?

I know from all that I read, there is a centeredness, and a kindness connected to your work, which I sense immediately. I also know that this is a complicated question, that involves more reading on my part.

This reminds me of the Meredith case, overall. When someone new asks a question  How to explain what I know in terms of a 500 word blog. How do you put years of study and observation into a simple explanation?

I guess I could sum it up by telling you that my family have been asking me lately what it is that I want for my birthday. My immediate answer is peace.

How did you find it? Again, I know's a complicated question, but, I sense you have it. How?



That's a good question, ..... I've written it in bits and pieces here and there but let's see if I can put it in 500 words or less :)

I come from a family with a strong religious background, with what is called Sufism. My father took us around the world (he worked for the Foreign Service) so I lived abroad many years through my childhood. I also, instinctively knew for many years that the emotional pain caused by my parent's difficult marriage could and did affect all my siblings, and knew that if not checked, would pass on many generations.

I grew up in London and Tokyo after the war, and could see and communicate with the spirits of the dead. (See Katie Couric on Thursday with medium John Edward and Hereafter the movie with Matt Damon to get an idea) Then my younger brother died of leukemia when I was 11 and this inspired me to become a healer but also, a medium (I no longer do that since it isn't healthy)

I also was molested when I was 8 but that truly is in the past; I put my thoughts into helping others.

I also knew that I needed to live away from my parents so applied for a scholarship at 11 and beat thousands of other young men to enter a military school and college and did not return to my home until I was 18. So I learned to be solitary, but also, the discipline that the military can give you.

Carried on my studies over a period of time and eventually became a doctor..

My spiritual studies continued at the same time, from the age of 14. I did not have a formal teacher, but all of this was channeled information from 'the other side'. So yes I believe in angels, demons, and spirit guides, though seeing which is real, which is wishful thinking or fear, and which is a sign of psychological illness is a journey in itself. The field of parapsychology might offer insights, but I have been working on building a bridge between psychology and spirituality for some time.

It seemed to me that I was being guided to do what I had done before, go to places from previous lives, and meet people I knew many times ago. Each time I did, I remembered more. I also was a professional psychic and astrologer. There are many good people in those fields, and some bad, like any where else.

I met my soul mate in Toronto when I was 24 and she inspired me to write "Man From Atlan". I went through the next three years in a state of memories flooding through me, and in the end I was connected to all of my previous lives. It could be my delusion, but I believe it. I am open to being wrong, but every time I tested myself, I, and many others, had the confirmation of something deeper there.

By the time I was 27 I knew who I was and what I was supposed to do, and have followed that path since. I have no certainty, only belief, though I won't say that out of fake humility. I understand myself, let us say.

If I help a friend, or a cause, there is a reason to do so.

My son was born in London. He was diagnosed with Autism when he was 4 but, following a protocol my wife and I developed, we were able to help him recover till the autism reversed and he went to a regular school at age 9. He went on to have a normal life but it came back when he was 21 due to complications from dental surgery and a botched anesthetic. I am slowly helping him to recover again, and I am learning and continuing my research into this very difficult disease. And, with my aged parents and in laws, additional research into the causes and prevention of the ageing process.

It was sad to have a similar experience with two other children from my second wife and it has been a struggle with them but they too are recovering slowly.

But what I learned from them enabled me to help hundreds of children around the world, with my research and at my clinic. Understandably, I keep that part away from my advocacy for Meredith and others. I also shared the information with any one that asked, free of charge.

So I lead a full life. I write, and want to polish up and publish my second book, now in rough draft. I enjoy writing and communicating with people.

My spiritual life, I think, needs another 500 words :)

I started one of the first meditation centers in Toronto in 1970. Many people offered to help me take it internationally but I wanted to keep a low profile as I saw the traps for spiritual leaders. First, I wanted to learn, and be ready. And, without a family to ground me, I would not be whole.

Then one day I had this epiphany about it being the right time, and ended up with a spiritual center as well as my autism clinic in Toronto. Then I heard the message there would be an earthquake, and a great need for healing in the United States so I closed every thing down and moved there from 1993 to 1995, just after my daughter was born. We lived there for two years, and I taught thousands of people how to do self-healing and meditation. So, living on donations alone, I, my wife and daughter stayed in California, Texas, and New York, and points in between. We were there for the Malibu fires and the 1994 Los Angeles earthquake, which was so strong I threw myself over Chloe and Arune because I thought the house would fall down on us.

We had many adventures in the US but after two years I had to go to Sri Lanka to continue my medical work, and had a vision of the tsunami that would come there nine years later. I also had a vision that I needed to set up a healing center in New York City but that somehow it wasn't the right time, and wondered if it ever would be. It would depend on the American people. Instead, we moved back to Canada and then to Europe where we went to 10 different countries with Chloe, Arune and my second son Raven, in 1996.

Since that time I've never been back to the U.S.(Edit: Actually I did go back briefly in 2002 and 2003, another story) but instead went to the U.K. ten times, and Bulgaria, Iran, Pakistan, and India. I'm back In Toronto now, and continuing my work through the internet. My future plans? Whatever comes along. I try to balance my family's needs with my spiritual ones, and I help anyone that asks.

Even people that have had negative thoughts of me said they felt something :) and I've helped many just by sending prayers their way.

I do have sad thoughts for the continuing destruction of life and the environment world wide but unfortunately, people don't want to do what is necessary. But I still can help, in the most unusual ways, anyone that asks. Sometimes it's a thought, and the weather changes and the sun shines. Sometimes it's a situation that could have been really bad, and it hasn't. People have got off of drugs, recovered from life threatening illnesses, and much more (see "Miracles" on my blog~use the search function)

But I still see a major catastrophe on the horizon, and fear I can only help a few. The rest, will have to change, or at least, try.

How do I know I am on the right path? Do I have certainty and where does that come from? Again, no, at one level I do NOT have certainty, and on another, I do. It comes from continuous testing and retesting of my self. I believe I'm on the right path, and if I'm not, one day I'll find out. I tell the same to those who follow me. Test how you feel when you meet or sense me, over and over again. It's your truth to discover, not mine. And I respect whatever YOU feel, even when that means you decide it isn't right for you.

Peace? It comes from knowing who you are, doing what needs to be done, and not looking back. Peace.


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