Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wake Up!

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With the tragic shooting of twenty children and eight adults yesterday in Newtown, Connecticut, yesterday was a day for mourning and sorrow, and not, words.

Today is the day I have my annual Christmas meditation. It is a day of healing, for those who need it, but also, those that ask. Every day, I hear from thousands, millions even, of people all over the planet, the prayers from those who ask for help. In "Man From Atlan", written 38 years ago, I wrote about the God Thoth, and the pain of hearing all those prayers, and being unable to help. I am perhaps stronger than I was then, but nevertheless, I say to people, Wake Up!

Yesterday the president of the United States spoke to the families of the children killed, and to the American people. His words were heartfelt, but ultimately shallow. Where do you stop to think of the children of Waziristan, killed by drone missiles under your orders? But then, he's merely a figment of history. The important people will be those that act as agents for healing, for change. 

It isn't time for the politicians to talk about 'gun control'. And while there is indeed evil, the evil lies in each of us that allows unspeakable horrors to be visited upon all the children of the world. Each life is precious, be it Jewish, Palestinian, Pakistani, or American.

Yes, it was the act of a mentally ill person, someone who has been described as having the characteristics of an autistic individual, a condition that hits very close to home for me. But what of it? As long as we continue down this path, there will be many more autistic and mentally ill children, and more tragedies to come.

The fault lies in us. The evil done, by individuals and by governments, are by people who are religious or not religious at all, and so religion is no help, except perhaps to console, till the next tragedy.

But to understand, to prevent future pain, to change, then you must have spirituality. I am so tired of people asking for help with their personal problems. This planet needs those who want to learn, to help others, to be agents for change, to make a difference.

As always, I will help those that ask, but the rest is up to you.

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