Saturday, December 01, 2012

A Spiritual Crisis

Something's brewing 

I keep being drawn back to Hawaii, and recent events have reminded me of the possibility of a volcanic eruption or tsunami there. But really, what I'll be writing now and next year is about the impending spiritual crisis, whose effects are now being felt by all.

My friend there described Hawaii as a "dark hole", where people were desperately poor, lying and stealing from each other, prey to drugs and alcohol. I would dearly love to go there one day, not to prevent whatever must be, but to help those who want to be helped. But, as I've said already, I'm not an easy teacher.

Scientists have discovered that 250-260 million years ago, a series of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and meteor strikes caused a major global change event:

ScienceDaily (Jan. 25, 2011) — "About 250 million years about 95 per cent of life was wiped out in the sea and 70 per cent on land. Researchers at the University of Calgary believe they have discovered evidence to support massive volcanic eruptions burnt significant volumes of coal, producing ash clouds that had broad impact on global oceans"

Many of these eruptions actually occurred underwater, thus increasing the effect on all life on the planet. This has great interest to me in terms of its symbolism, of things that are hidden, but must be brought forth for change, and new life, to begin. It is also, a symbol of inevitable death and destruction that comes, unexpectedly for those who are not prepared for it.

I have also been reminded, recently, of how much turmoil I bring into people's lives, which can of course be a good thing or a bad thing depending on their perspective I suppose. But in this I am strictly neutral, not caring or being uncaring. But I was born under the Chinese constellation of the chariot, also known as a ghost. It is a deep dark space that frightens them, but then, they are limited by perceptions of luck and good or bad fortune. How I do what I do is that I bring change, and that change comes from the Void, which is the essence of God.

Yes, I feel compassion for them, but they create their realities, as I say. This planet is not God's plaything, but neither is it humanity's. The more negativity there is, the more you give in to spiritual decline, the greater the upheaval. I can be very loving, but, when the time comes, then, I come as Kalki, the destroyer, and there can be many different kinds of death, and destruction..

I saw the fires that swept Malibu in the 90's. Yet, where there once was a blackened wasteland, new life has begun to grow.

Maybe this is what humanity needs. A cleansing, followed by new life.

But think about this from a different perspective. Not all change is preceded by the big stuff like earthquakes and tsunamis. Sometimes, it is the little things, like a tragedy or an illness. Sometimes, it is a spiritual crisis, and not even a physical event. But it is the choices we make that determine the future, which is always changeable. And it is the changes we make in ourselves, that also make the difference.

So, to my friends: there is a big wave coming at us. Do not be afraid, ride it into the future.

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