Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yearning For Connection

The yearning for connection exists inside us all

I know this inventor, a very logical person. He makes geological devices that can locate oil and gold, his ancient Jaguar gets 30 miles to the gallon.

He asked me what my 'religion' was. I said, "it's about finding our connection with God". He understood immediately.

Yes, we search for connection, not only with God, but also through lovers, children, family, friends, groups. In these eventful times, learning how to connect with others will help us all.

Finding God is easy. He always existed, inside and outside ourselves, and once you find that person, that force, you will never be alone. Just don't demand miracles, or proof.

We yearn for completion with and through our loved ones, but also, that connection with another being to share our lives with. Much healing has to take place first and afterwards, but it's possible to truly find love, and to experience the joy of being connected with that person, in all the ups and downs, forever.

Some people are dog persons or cat persons. I am a child person. Because I see that sheer joy and unsullied hope, optimism for the future, their fearlessness, in them, the potential: I love them very much. And, I try to be like them.

We first learn about connections through family, and hopefully, in what we provide as a learning space about relationships, for siblings, for parents, and between each other, we can create strong future families, that amazing unit of inter-connectedness. Regardless of whatever our own families were like.

Our friends are a reflection of us yet also separate beings, and the intellectual, emotional, and physical comradeship, interaction and support is also, about connection. They come and they go, and as long as we don't cross certain boundaries, then we won't be disappointed or hurt.

You have to learn how to connect with yourself. Your connection with your physical emotional and spiritual bodies are so tattered that it is no wonder you may have issues with health, relationships or God. Healing that helps you to integrate with yourself, and then and only then can you love yourself, by feeling connected instead of disconnected. Do you ever feel, gee, I LOVE myself?

And lastly, there is this amazing group of healers all over the planet, who I will introduce in a subsequent post.

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