Monday, September 29, 2008

Battle in the Heavens

The Angels are fighting the Demons in Heaven. It ain't a pretty sight.

As above, so below
~Hermes (Thoth) Trismegistus

A wise person once told me that Heaven and Hell existed here on Earth; I agree. I also believe they exist on another plane, the Spiritual, which is two dimensions removed from the present material one (The Ego-soul is the one, once removed, from here)

Some say that concepts like God, the Devil, Angels, Heaven and Hell are psychological or religious constructs that enable us to make sense of Universe we inhabit. To the extent that we create certain realities, accompanied by all sorts of illnesses, psychological motivations and supernatural phenomena, that is true, and I really enjoy studying all that. But there is a world simply beyond human understanding, which humanity never will grasp until it lets go of the structures created by Man.

This is what I wrote on my original Man From Atlan website in 1999:

"Our leaders are corrupted by the lure of power and wealth, and unseen forces enslave us all. The planet is dying. Our relationships are empty, and our illnesses are a symptom of the emotional pain we carry inside ourselves. Generations of our children have been lost.

We have the means and the ability to end war, disease and poverty but are only able to stay in a position of Fear and Survival and say the eternal lie, "there's nothing we can do." We could be one planet, one race of humanity, one universal religion of truth, we choose not to".

And it has only become worse. Why can't we change? Be aware of this, that there is an internal battle, but also, an external one, and the two are reflected in each other. Understand this, and you will gain mastery over your emotions and self-destructive pain.

Religion states the battle as that between good and evil, darkness and light, and creates a lesser human-based version of God, Satan or Heaven and Hell to channel human energy, but also to contain it; and inevitably, to suppress too much free thinking. Ultimately, Religion is incomplete, but so, too, is Man, and the resulting imbalance leads to the taking over of this world by demonic forces.
This is not to say I see them as intrinsically evil. They serve God's purpose.
I also don't wish to meander with an encyclopedic delineation of Heavenly and Below hierarchies though it was interesting that recently this discussion emerged on another blog, with the nature of vampires, succubi and angels and their sexual characteristics (oh my!)
But: there is an imbalance, and it exists on this plane, and in the Heavens. It exists within you. It may manifest in your health, relationships or your fortune. When you see injustice and can't or won't do anything, then you're paying the price too.
And: every once in a while a whole new crop of Demons show up and Angels have to fight to restore balance. The battle in the heavens waxed and waned in the 80's and 90's then flared up again.
Recently someone mentioned that
  1. God was angry with the world
  2. Thoth had power to control these destructive forces
  3. Angels were fighting to create balance

and I need to say, that God isn't angry, but the world will be brought into balance, and certain forces have been unleashed, and angels, spirits, demons and djinns all fight to create balance. Both within, and outside of yourself.

And I laughed because I wrote about Thoth in my book Man From Atlan (Full text found here: ) and I am going to watch a movie called Gabriel, which says that in every age, when the world goes into imbalance, an angel will reincarnate to sort things through. You may want to read up on Thoth, Hermes Trismegistus and Hermeticism as well, and see where Angels, Demons, Spirits and Djinn exist within your own soul.


Xanadu said...

"I don't wish to meander with an encyclopedic delineation of Heavenly and Below hierarchies though it was interesting that recently this discussion emerged on ANOTHER BLOG, with the nature of vampires, succubi and angels and their sexual characteristics (oh my!)..."

I'd be interested to know what blog you are referring to, MFA — that is, if it's not a top secret! I don't think I'd recommend a blog like that. Sounds a bit wacky.

I myself am quite mad about angels, though I find vampires and succubi a bit scary, I have to say.

Seriously though, how can anyone claim to have a personal knowledge of these things and be taken seriously? It's not enough to say: "I see things you don't. I have hidden knowledge. All was revealed to me in a vision."

Correction. You CAN say that! Swedenborg said things about heaven and hell he couldn't prove. Rudolph Steiner, Madame Blavatsky, Gurdjieff et al all followed suit.

The trouble is, MFA, how can we humble mortals tell the true seers from the charlatans?

Man From Atlan said...

I was referring to Xymphora, of course and we're all wacky there :)
I say: "I have personal experience. Let me share it with you, and show you how to achieve it yourself".
Sooner or later, every one takes that personal spiritual path by themselves.
Every single thing written about in this blog actually happened, a lot of it in Devon (and what a coincidence:) and not one of it is allegory or myth, not even embellishment. There were actual living persons called Thoth or Krishna, for example. The person called Moses (and Muhammad) I once knew, personally.
Every single thing I wrote about in "Miracles" and " Me and Benjamin Creme", for example, happened. But I knew in 1970 I could either set up ashrams and temples devoted to Me :) or, I could continue to learn, about myself and others, and the fate of the worlds. Temples devoted to other "Me's" and various religions have since sprouted up all over, and all power to them, as long as they weren't devoted to the pursuit of power and wealth, which many were, of course, and the abuses I observed allowed me to step away.
Oh I had the opportunities, the ability, and even, invitations to head up these Temples to Me. But I know my purpose and goal and future. I know what I am loooking for, and it's not that I get there in the end, but how, and that I act as a catalyst for change.
And that is my proof. Those who meet me or know me have the proof inside themselves, in the intensity of their reaction to me. For good or bad, I bring change, and it is up to people whether they believe or not.
And this isn't about me, or discovering past lives, or yourself. It's about knowledge, and I am just a Man sitting in a room and sharing it with his friends.

Xanadu said...

Thanks, MFA. As you can see, my reaction to you is a friendly and positive one, and I hope this brings me good fortune. I am open to all ideas and possibilities. I reject nothing just because it seems strange. In fact, I am always quoting JBS Haldane: "The universe is not only weird, it is weirder than we can possibly imagine." It would be a dull world indeed if everything in it had to be plausible and provable.

Man From Atlan said...

What matters is what you do with your life. Will you write a book, publish your poetry, find love?

Xanadu said...

I already have love, both divine and human. As for whether I will write a book or publish my poetry, all I can say is this. Getting a book published nowadays is almost impossible in my experience. The 'slush pile' of unpublished manuscripts in publishers' offices reaches from floor to ceiling. Literary agents meanwhile employ a Catch-22 policy of refusing to take on any author who has not already been published. So what hope is there? I've more or less given up trying.

As for my poetry, I have had some translations published in reputable literary magazines (and even won three poetry competitions while at university), but all this means nothing when it comes to publishing my OWN verse now.

This is because I choose to write mostly in rhyme, and free verse happens to be obligatory nowadays. All your stuff is in free verse (apart from your Kubla Khan semi-pastiche), so it would be relatively easy for you to get your verse published. Not so for me. Because I insist in using rhyme. To me musicality is as important as meaning; and those who use free verse often end up writing chopped-up prose in which there there is no music, no rhythm, and often no meaning either.

The result is tha most of my verse remains unsubmitted, collecting dust on various shelves. Sad, because, hey, I could be an undiscovered genius!!! Yes, I guess my whole life's work — hundreds of unsubmitted poems — will end up on some bonfire one day. C'est la vie. I am resigned.

Xanadu said...

Sorry for "rabbiting on about myself", but I thought I'd answer your question fully. It gave me some relief to get it off my chest.

Man From Atlan said...

Glad to help. But why follow the traditional publishing route? That's why we have the Internet, where everyone can be their own publisher. It also doesn't matter whether rhyming is in fashion or not, though I suspect you allow that conventional wisdom to hold you back. C'mon, go to a poetry jam, put up your site.
When I finished Man From Atlan in 1975 I had the option to go to New York or London to find a publisher. I now know that if I'd gone to New York I'd have been published by a traditional publisher; New Age was just taking off. Instead I went to London, where my spiritual unfolding took place. I published myself, sold a lot of books, one book at a time, and those led to other openings, which would have been lost if I'd taken the road more travelled.
And now, instead of being a commercial writer, I'm able to uncompromisingly maintain the purity of my vision, rather than dilute it to be 'popular'.
Not that I judge those who compromise themselves, just think they're unhappy.

Xanadu said...

Thanks, MFA, nice talking to you. We'll have to see what the future brings. All is in the lap of the gods, as they say...

moonkoon said...

Thanks for giving space and recognition to our much neglected spiritual brothers.

As you know, I have have a place for the angels and other spirit beings in my world.
I can't imagine living in my life without them.
It makes for a richer and more meaningful life to my way of thinking.
Today's materialistic world says it has no need for such nonsense, but I think we sell ourselves short when we adopt this attitude.

The role of the spirit world in earthly affairs has been debated for as long as we could talk.
That in itself gives their role some legitimacy,
If there is nothing why do/did we go on about such things so much?.
We each have our own spiritual protector, even if you don't really believe that, trying speaking to yours, you won't be disappointed.
(it's OK MFA, I know you do, that was just for others who may have doubts)

The only spirits we seem to know much about there days are the Devil and his henchmen.
Mystery and magic and miracles have become the almost exclusive franchise of the disruptive and disparaging spirits.
Those who would guide and protect and instruct have been cast aside in the rush to embrace the "sciences".
This is a pity and makes for a more desolate world.
It is time we invited them back into our lives (in particular the Spirit of Agape), if not for their own sake, at least to balance the evil spirits that seem easier for us to spot.
The spirits of the light will never burden us with more than we can carry.

P.S. The God/Devil/Imbalance ideas were mentioned as three possible explanations, they represent three different ways of explaining the current problem(s) from a spiritual point of view.
I'm not sure which one or which combination I would choose, and as I don't have to, I won't.

Xanadu said...

Surprise, surprise, who do I see here? Moonkoon himself, advocate of angels, quoter of Joyce, poet, Biblical scholar, mathematician, mage, mystagogue!

MFA, you certainly know how do attract a weird bunch to your website! Keep up the good work...

Man From Atlan said...

Thanks, moonkoon and Xanadu. Of course I believe in spirit friends and guides as you know, but, they are constrained by certain rules that above all require they not infringe on our freedom to choose.
And there's such a fine line between psychosis and the negative forces that surround us.
As for you, Xanadu, you know that I wish you well and you not get discouraged..elsewhere, wherever weirdness gathers :)
Enjoy the new post as well.

Man From Atlan said...

The world is a poorer place that cannot accept our spirit friends, but, when my own children can see them, when my own childhood was such, why should I deny their existence?

moonkoon said...

...they are constrained by certain rules that above all require they not infringe on our freedom to choose.

That is worth repeating.
So, don't delay, ask today. :-)

I hope I haven't stepped over the dualistic line here.
The fate of the Devil is something that I have wondered about, given the admonitions I encountered re dualism (Ken continues this great tradition).
I once asked a friend who was well grounded in matters theological about my concerns, somewhat hesitantly, I might add.
The query went something like this:
As we are all God's children, whither the eternal damnation of Old Nick?
How can God be made whole once again with that gaping, festering wound in the Body of Love (Agape)?
I was relieved to hear that he was of a similar mind on the issue.
Even the Disparager must eventually be reconciled, a Herculean task.
However, for now I try to keep my distance and turn towards the light which reveals more mystery than the dark.

Man From Atlan said...

Who's Ken? :)
There are so many views regarding the nature of the Devil, or Evil Incarnate.
What I know is what Evil is not. It is neither Woman, nor Female Energy, nor is it Sex or any form of Love.
When I started healing I asked why were there only 7 chakras, and the kundalini energy was to be raised only upwards? Then I looked at the feet and saw the colour of that chakra was black, and it was suppressed because it was the chakra of the female energy of God. All we have been taught was about the suppression of the female, and raising energy towards the male energy of God. So I let the energy flow downwards, as well as up, and God resided in Darkness as well as Light. God creates, and resides in everything.
Once people have had a chance to read my latest, "Writer's Blog", I'll be expanding on this theme in the next post, "The Dragon and the Phoenix".