Thursday, September 11, 2008


I am haunted by the dead still~
On this day
Seven years ago
19 magical Arabs
Hijacked 4 airplanes
Crashed 2 into
Tall WTC towers
Others, the Pentagon
And Pennsylvanian field
None were stopped
Jets didn't fly
Or flew elsewhere
The world watched
Firefighters and Policemen
Janitors Architects Chieftain,
Jews Muslims Christian
Flew unto heaven
As the politicians
Who'd planned this
Claimed that they'd
Higher moral ground
Revenge flew swiftly
Millions murdered bloodily
And parents cried
As children died
And Spirits fight,
As we must:
Till we die,
The Big Lie.

~ Naseer Ahmad


Xanadu said...

Excellent poem, MFA. I've already commented on it elsewhere, so all I'll do here is ask a quick question.

QUESTION: Given that freedom of speech is much more restriced in Canada than in the United States — where would-be Zundels, for example, are allowed to speak freely without being packed off to Germany for "Holocaust Denial" — I'm wondering to what extent your own blog is being monitored for political correctness by the Canadian authorities?

I'm sure Stephen Harper, if he were to read your poem, would scowl darkly at your "outrageous" suggestion that the official version of 9/11 is a "Big Lie". Is it SAFE to be a 9/11 conspiracy theorist in Canada? And is there any likelihood that it could soon be a criminal offence to suggest that Mossad and the American neocons planned and carried out 9/11?

I am not for a moment suggesting that YOU hold any such view, I am simply asking if such a view is "dangerous" in Canada? Could a student at York or Ryerson University get into trouble for saying: "The Jews did 9/11"?

Man From Atlan said...

Xanadu, the simple answer is yes, people can get into trouble for saying such things.
The example would be Salman Hossain, who I wrote about earlier in "The Toronto 18 and the War on Terror". His language was violent and inflammatory, but I defended him anyway because I thought free speech should not extend only to some but not others.
I've also defended Ernst Zundel and David Irving in other forums because my principles demanded it.

Am I being "investigated" by the government for political correctness? Who knows? They can always drop by for a cup of tea or a chat if they like.

My views are offensive in a deeper way. Muslims have commented adversely on my 'heretical' views, and Jews don't like the implication they are being judged. I've even managed to offend Buddhists for comments on the Dalai Lama, and New Agers may not like my characterisations of them as self-centred egotists chasing ephemeric 'enlightenment'. I've always been the outsider reflecting uncomfortable truths, but never espousing violence or racism. Moral outrage, yes.

But I should tell you, in passing, that my wife is Jewish (very interesting story there too) and therefore my children are part-Jewish, I would still support the right for anyone to say "The Jews did 9/11".

They'd be factually and grammatically wrong, however, and I've grown tired of correcting the No Wars for Jews crowd at Xymphora; the structure of our ruling elites is much more subtle and nuanced, as I've written here.
Yes, I believe the London, 9/11, and Madrid bombings had CIA/Mossad and other foreign intelligence agencies fingerprints all over, but proving that, in spite of the overwhelming evidence, is not my purpose in life.

I present spiritual alternatives for anyone who asks questions, help those who ask for healing, and spread knowledge to those who want to learn. That is in itself a most revolutionary act.

Xanadu said...

Thanks for answering my post at such length, MFA. In regard to the many different parties whom you have offended, well, let's face it, you are an extremely combative and eccentric person! You are likely to drive any doctrinaire, politically correct person up the wall! That you haven't offended ME so far is one thing in my favor, I guess.

I am interested to learn that your wife is Jewish and that your children, by Jewish law, are fully entitled to take up residence in Israel. It surprises me therefore to find you on an "anti-Zionist" website like xymphora which (to be honest) could easily be mistaken for an anti-Semitic website. The phenomenon I call "rage against the Jew" is rampant on that website, as you know, though few of the posters would openly admit to being anti-Semitic. My own view has always been that I hate only the bad Jews and love the good ones.

Please do me a favour — that is, if you have read my Lasha Darkmoon article "Don't Mention the Jew" — and let me know if you think the sentiments expressed in this essay are anti-Semitic or likely to give the impression of anti-Semitism.

I bent over backwards, in my concluding paragraphs, to deflect any charges of "anti-Semitism" by assuring the reader I was a "philosemite", I'm not sure my assurance worked. Please give me your honest opinion: do I come across as anti-Semitic?

Man From Atlan said...

No, you don't come across as someone who hates Jews, Xanadu. I do see good people tying themselves up in knots over that question though (your essay quite gave that impression) and would suggest it's ok to criticise anyone; it's the individual actions and choices that count in life.
It also is a fact that Jews have more karma than most others, and their history opens them up to all sorts of well, 'effects'. I also see that the future of the world depends a great deal on what happens in Palestine, and try to warn people.
I actually happen to believe that Jews might be more open to listening than say Zionists of whatever stripe, but when you see the future, you need to let it happen too, otherwise why have free choice?
I've mentioned that I post on Xymphora because the level of intelligent political debate is very high, and at least I'm not censored. 'Liberal' places like Huffington Post and Times online have, alas, not because I have ever been abusive or racist, but, reflect certain uncomfortable truths to them.
And that is what I do. I am 'eccentric' because I don't accept conventional truths and established lies, and defend ideas vigorously.
So, combative, moi? Those who know me might tell you I'm very gentle, but also, very challenging, because from the first moment I meet people, their own internal contradictions are spotlighted.
See my "The Nature of the Spiritual Warrior" in the March archives to get a better understanding.

Xanadu said...

Thanks for this intelligent discussion, MFA. The reason I'm prolonging it is because I need to know if there's any evidence for the claim that Zundel was a "racist". Obviously you wouldn't have defended him if you thought he was one of those redneck White Supremacists... but let me explain why I need to know.

My dad ('Dr Dave') had earlier spoken to you of a guest from Canada we'd had staying at our house who'd given us a lot of trouble. You remember we'd put it down to poltergeist influence? Becase of the sudden explosion of a rock crystal ashtray in the kitchen the day after this young girl's arrival in our house.

Well, one of the bones of contention between this girl and me is that we quarreled about Israel/Jews in general and Zundel in particular, with our girl guest accusing me of being a "racist" and a "bigot". Why? Because my anti-Zionist comments had perhaps been "over-the-top" and teetered over into the semblance of anti-Semitism. Also, in defending Zundel and blaming Canada for extraditing him to Germany, I appeared to be giving this girl the impression of anti-Semitism. Zundel, she told me, was a "bigot" and a "vile racist".

Now the fact is, MFA, I don't know as much about Zundel as I ought to do, and what I know is superficial, so I had no way of refuting this girl's claims. I asked her for evidence of Zundel's "vile racism". This is what she said: that she'd been living in a certain area of Toronto quite close to where Zundel hung out, or his associates hung out, and she had PERSONALLY witnessed these guys handing out "racist leaflets" on the street corner.

Please tell me: was there any mention of "racist leaflets" in the Canadian courts when Zundel was being tried? Could this be a "slur" and fabrication got up by Zundel's (Jewish) enemies? Or could this girl, this Guest from Hell, simply have been lying?
Please let me know what you think.

Man From Atlan said...

Since you ask, Xanadu, he reprinted a pamphlet called "Did 6 Million Really Die" for which he got charged. His case went all the way up to the Supreme Court of Canada, and he WON the right to express himself. For that, he was deported from the U.S. even though he had an American wife, and from Canada even though he had not done anything that was illegal under Canadian Law. It is this jsutification of bending the Law and imprisonment "because he's a racist" that I find the most hypocritical.
He never published racist material, but he was a German Nationalist and defender of Adolph Hitler. He did have some hangers on in a group called the Western Front that did publish racist material, but they turned out to be undercover RCMP officers.
We get racist material about Muslims in the media all the time, but no one says boo. Even though I'm not a Muslim, I think freedom of speech needs to defended, rergardless of personal cost.
His house was firebombed; the JDL were caught trying to break in but not charged, and Bnai Brith tried to make Holocaust Denial a crime.
I personally don't care too much about the subject any more, since my interest is research into the way Historical Truth can be bent to justify killing others and making war, and so I write about 9/11, but my answers are not to get angry, fearful or paranoid, just find the inner peace that comes with spirituality.

Xanadu said...

"He [Zundel] never published racist material...but He did have some hangers on in a group called the Western Front that did publish racist material, but they turned out to be undercover RCMP officers...His house was firebombed; the JDL were caught trying to break in but not charged..."

Thanks, MFA. You couldn't have explained it better. It seems, then, that the Guest from Hell at our house was not "lying", but had simply been taken in by the intense anti-Zundel propaganda prevalent in Canada at the time. The unsavory activities of the RCMP and the JDL make it abundantly clear to me that Zundel was "framed" and packed off to his prison cell in Germany under trumped-up charges.

However, I still find it strange that you should support Zundel, given that Zundel was a Hitler admirer. After all, your wife is Jewish...and she can hardly be a Hitler supporter.

It's always posible, of course, that your support for Zundel's right to freedom of speech overcomes your personal distaste for Zundel's pro-Hitler views. Chomsky, after all, wrote a laudatory preface to one of Faurisson's Holocaust Denial books while himself holding diametrically opposite views.

Man From Atlan said...

Xanadu, I was born in Pakistan, where censorship was the norm. This colours what I see as necessary to defend, but really, from a spiritual perspective, it's all about freedom of choice.
Jewish people don't think in lockstep, you know, but I would not let my love and friendship for them interfere with my commitment to Truth. I took History, Political Science and Economics at University before switching to Medicine.
But what really interests me is not Adolph Hitler but the story of the exploding ashtray. Young ladies may have a lot of anger and frustration; see my "The Anger of Women" and "Mary Magdalene and the 12 Miriams"

Xanadu said...

MFA, many thanks for clarifying all these matters.