Monday, October 27, 2008

Cats we have loved

I love dogs too :) but cats have always had a special place in my heart; Lions are ok but Tigers, Jaguars and other wild cats are magnificent. But this is about the cats we have had in our lives.

I have helped heal cats in my practice: I think I mentioned a year old cat named Rain who had a tumour, unbeknownst to the vet who wanted to put him down. Rain hadn't walked in two weeks, and after a treatment, was up and running about. I found the tumour, another treatment and it was gone, and last I knew, he was still around, quite old by now.

There was the cat I came across in Devon, written about in "Miracles".

A healer I knew had two of her cats commit feline suicide by jumping off a high tower balcony; again, cats are sensitive to and absorb too much of the psychic energy of others. Cats are healers too.

When I was a child in Japan I stole a black and white cat from up the road, or rather, it followed me home and stayed with us for a while till my father took him back.

The same cat showed up again 20 years later in London, a black and white we called Little Bugger who we loved very dearly till we left to go back to Canada, but our landlady looked after him, he was a magnificent mouser.

Then Lucky the Cat showed up. Our neighbour Robin had a cat that came to her in a forest at a difficult time in her life a long time ago and helped her heal. It was run over by a car and I was the one who found him. It wasn't my place to help him this time, but, a few days later Lucky showed up. It seemed right to tell Robin to look after him, but really, Lucky was more often over at our place. And he was really really sensitive to energy. Whenever I had a meditation in the garden, he'd come over and sit within our circle, still and serene (That's him playing in the midst of a blizzard with my children)

When the time came for us to move my kids wanted to steal him but that seemed wrong; yet, after we moved he did disappear. I promised my family: a place in the country, a dog, a cat.

Now we wait for the next cat to show up in our lives.


Lalara said...

"Now we wait for the next cat to show up in our lives..."

Well, let's hope it's a real cool cat! Btw, any chance of some free long-distance healing for a certain feline creature this side of the Atlantic whose name begins with an "X"? She could certainly do with some spiritual healing right now.

Oh, and what exactly do you mean by "feline suicide"? Is it possible to get cats to jump off balconies voluntarily? I don't quite understand...

Man From Atlan said...

It works best when the cat asks for the healing :) but I'll do what I can. The best healing is when there's some personal contact, and also, trust.
REgarding feline suicide, the healer's energy (not her fault)was so negative the cats couldn't bear to live in that space.
So, two cats, on different occasions, jumped.

Tom V. said...

Oh Dr. Ahmad, this is such a wonderful and joyous subject! My experience is so much aligned with what you are saying in this short piece, that it is striking.
First and foremost cats are so sensitive, it is almost beyond words. I was somewhat aware of that, yet the degree of that still came as a surprise.
For explanation: 'Til about six years ago I was a typical Western man who is partial toward dogs. I didn't hate cats per se, I recognised their physical beauty for example, but I didn't trusted them, and as far as I could observe, the mistrust was mutual.
Then during one of my long bicycle ride to the surrounding countryside, I heard a loud babycry audibly coming from the sky, while I pedaled an empty countryroad cutting through cornfields. It took awhile to locate the source of such anguish, after searching the sky in vain in a somewhat disoriented way. Well, here was a small, emaciated adolescent cat energeticaly running out of the field after me, jumping over the ditch and approaching me with such boldness as I never experienced before in my life from such a small animal. Unfortunately I didn't carry any food with me, so after a short petting, (which he lovingly enjoyed,) I left him there. Well, wouldn't you know, the little creature ran and cried after me for a good while, which nearly broke my heart?
I promised myself then and there, that at least I was going to return to feed him, when I get home by which time it was dark. The distance was much easier and faster traveled by car when I returned, and on the second passing on the aproximate road section, I located the cat's eyes reflecting back lying on the side of the road still facing the direction I've departed earlier. After feeding him (and he ate like a wolf!) I consciously let the cat decide if he wanted to come with me or not, (since I too was a 'bit hesitant to take on such responsibility). The cat only thought a little and after a short hesitation he climbed into my car on his own volition, and was such a happy purring creature all the way home, that it was truly touching. I never thought such an emotion could come from an animal, let alone a small, weakened one.

What can I say? I couldn't say that things were 100% alright all the time. He was my first cat for one thing, and 'kicsi cica' (your wife will know, what it means) gone through his adolescence, so mistakes were bound to happen, yet overall this became as perfect a relation, as I ever going to have in this life.

Man From Atlan said...

Thanks so much for sharing that with me. Cats also introduce magic into our lives.
Jo ejszakat!