Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What Next?

This has been a horrible year

As all the changes we spoke of have to pass, with so much devastation and suffering, thoughts turn to the people out there, as well as the ones closer to home. Yes, it has been a horrible year for so many of us. The Haiti earthquake was so terrible, the mind could not possibly believe a greater one could come. Yet it did, in the BP oil spill.

And now I say this, that more terrible things will come. Yet, they were so preventable, and all that human beings have to do is change. Yet, change is what we fear. And I have hope, but know how difficult that change will be.

So once again, in a year of turmoil, and after so many people close to me went through their own change, I am once again going through changes of my own. And it may be I will finally move out of Toronto, and the change will not be easy, not because of my own discomfort, but that my family must go through this as well.

But I also see hope for this planet, and for the people that I love. Be strong, you are protected and loved more than you realize.

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