Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Is That All There Is?

What keeps us going is hope

So what if that's all there is? Things have been pretty fucked up, so what if I said, what you've got is what you've got? Mass riots and depression I guess.

Apologies first for using this dark picture of Scotland, which we loved very much. It was on the ferry, which is about journeys, and the rains had stopped as soon as we left Kendal, and by the time we left Nairn and then reached Iona, a brilliant sun came out.

Which illustrates my point:

What if? What if your marriage is what you've got, and your home is what you've got, and your children, loved ones, parents, jobs, whatever were the way they were? I know I'd keep going on, that I wouldn't give up trying, that I would keep plugging away at people and helping them to change. I would still be a healer, I would still be their kind friend.

And that's it really. Things might change, but they'll be difficult changes. People might remain the same, and give up. Today a woman told Chloe her husband wanted to leave her and their three children, and one of them is a thirteen yr. old autistic child.

What is it with people, with men that evade their responsibilities and run away? What is it with people that give up?

Oh, people might say they'll hang in there and things will change.

But, what if things won't change and you know that? You can always change the way you look at things, but you'll still, live with something or someone for the rest of your life. And, matters may get worse. So, one may ask, is that all there is/Is that how it's going to be?

So yes, things might only possibly go downhill from here. Suffering may increase exponentially and natural disasters and illnesses increase. And chances are, the person you're with might not change.


You accept that this is what you've got, and you'll make a nourishing soup, heck, an omelette out of what you've got.

And I'll create a safe harbour where all can shelter and wait till the storm passes away, and I'll keep building these refuges around the world, but I'll tell those who know who I am: The safest refuge is the one inside yourself.


Isis said...

So, are you saying that all one can hope for is to just change the way they look at things and take refuge? One cannot change anything outside of themselves? Humans have no impact on the things around them (manmade or natural)? If so, then what is there to take responsibility for?

Are you just helping people to change the way they look at things?

What about taking it further and helping people change themselves which can then affect/change the things in their environment that may not be working i.e. marriage, home, job?

If that's the case then it is'nt just a "so what".

Man From Atlan said...

The answer comes in many parts.
For most people, what I said in 2001 applies. You have until 2003 to change. Which is to make a decision about following a spiritual path. As long as you do so, you will always find answers. Those who didn't, MIGHT have to face up to a lot of things. But, there was a lot of change coming anyway, and the best way to deal with is was to follow a healing, or a spiritual, or a creative path. And even then, learning to change the way they look at things is probably the best way of all, for it would lead to peace.
But trying to change a person, or event, or situation, is often led by our own egos, which we need to let go of.
Sometimes, accepting things may be the best thing of all.
You also have to look at this in context of all the other posts here. I do give hope, but I don't want to give false hope.
When my aunt asked me if she would ever be happy and I said no, she wouldn't, it took her 15 years to understand what I was saying, and then, she found peace, and then, happiness as well when her daughters got married and she had grand children. And her daughter was frightened and didn't understand when I said she would move to the Middle East, but when it happened ten years later she did, and was happy.
But most people in the 70's preferred to wait for the promised New Age utopia without ever accepting responsibility for changing themselves. Until it was too late. Most people let the healer do all the work which is a recipe for the healer to get sick, and I had to teach the healers,that your responsibility is to do the best you can, but the ultimate resposibilty lies with them.
So in that context, you will see that yes, we do help people change themselves, and that yes, many people have had changes in their marriage, job, etc.
But not without educating them first. And the first lesson is, acceptance; that may be all there is. And then, you can build upon that.