Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Occupation of the Mind

The Mind is too wonderful a thing to be wasted

As I get to a certain age :) I find myself reflecting on what I did with my life, and the directions taken. What always intrigued me was the pursuit of knowledge, but, as I recognised how we could control the mind, so, too, could the mind be controlled; if we could occupy or use the mind, so, too, could the mind be occupied by external forces, not always benevolent.

Our minds are occupied territory, no less than Palestine is, no less than the people of Orwell's 1984, no less than the drug controlled people of Huxley's Brave New World. And we do have Big Brother, new 'permanent enemies', and new drugs to control and manipulate us.

Then there's this: "The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country… We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized… ”So opens Propaganda (1928), one of several strikingly frank analyses of western social psychology written by Edward Bernays. This nephew of Sigmund Freud founded the public relations industry in the United States"

Yes there is 'an unseen mechanism of society' and the question is, who, and what, are the forces that manipulate our minds?

I was the boy who was always reading a book. I was the one who questioned things. Not finding all the answers I needed in the Material world, I visited the Psychic and Spiritual worlds.

And this what I saw. Everything is, and has, an energy. When you learn to see the ebb and flow of energy, the imprints, the little points of light that are people, that are thoughts, that are events past, events that are are yet to take place, and the forces that try to shape them. it's so easy to read, like a book..

I wrote Man From Atlan in 1974. There's a scene inside an Egyptian pyramid. There, the descendants of the Atlanteans, now set up as the gods of Egypt, discuss how their secret society uses religion to control the masses.. for their own good of course.

There's a debate right now which pits religion against scientific objectivism, or the so called rational mind. This is a false debate, IMO, because both can be dogmatic, both can be abusive and part of the manipulative process. It is control through permanent conflict, which once used to be between believers and non-believers, 'good' vs 'evil' and now, the 'rational' and 'irrational' mind.

Yes, there are religious leaders, of every faith, who say their faith condones killing. That is false, as are they. But objective humanists do just as much harm with their new religion of what I call "Scientism", which seeks to confine all human knowledge to what can be determined by a new priesthood using what is called the Scientific Method. They could never acknowledge subtle energies, or Astrology, or ESP. Since they never can, it seems, admit that Vaccines are harmful, or adding Fluoride to our drinking water is insane, to name just two examples, I conclude that the harm they do is far greater than that posed by the religious fanatics, but I'll let them and the Darwin fetishists slug it out. Yes, religiousity is so easy to manipulate, and it in turn controls people through fear. But the rational mind bound by what can be observed through the senses controls people too. Get the Flu shot or you'll die! Hmmph.

There are so many ways opinion and belief can be moulded. Religion, society, culture, and authority figures masked as experts. Celebrities can sell anything, as we project our own lack of self-identity on to fantasy figures in the ether. The Media, the great distraction which includes the Internet, bombards us with visual stimuli designed to create a post hypnotic condition. Then we'll buy anything. Then we'll be manipulated into wars. Then we'll buy Bernays' 'Propaganda' and let our minds live under Occupation..

I've already identified the global elites. You can't defeat them with violence, that's Their tool. I couldn't even be bothered whether they're demons, or possessed by them. The sheer scope of their power makes them blind.. I can see them, I can outlive them beyond generations, and my mind, unbound, will always be free...

This is how we can free our selves. Accept responsibility for our selves instead of blaming others. Don't accept or buy their shit. Look after your self and your family. Build community and, be your brother and sister's keeper. Find your spiritual center. Always be in it.


Xanadu said...

There's nothing I can disagree with here. This is absolutely brilliant. And intellectually stimulating to a high degree.

Your point that the scientific fundamentalists — Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens spring to mind — are even more dangerous and do more harm than the religious fundamentalists, is well made.

Not a day goes by when a new scientific "expert" isn't rolled out on TV to tell the zombified masses what they must do or not do to survive

One day, for example, an "expert" will suggest you drink red wine because it will help you in some way, and the day after that another expert is warning you about all the dreadful chemicals in red wine and warning you: "Watch out for your kidneys!"

The aim is to create total confusion. One who admits to utter bewilderment in the face of so many conflicting "facts", is, in effect, saying: "Give me guidance! Please indoctrinate me."


realisticbird said...

Very nice blog you have here.

I think it is part of human nature to search for an entity whether a person, religion, science, etc. to give us the answers and stem from it the ways to live our lives and how to think. So you see some exploit this need. This is so wide spread across the world and it is heightened when there is a play on emotions especially fear. Notice how many politicians use fear to get all their agendas across, even scientists and religious fanatics.

The problem lies not in finding something greater than you are to cling to or follow rather not basing your beliefs and thoughts on a rational system, nothing should be accepted at face value and all should be assimilated and understood.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great article Naseer. Being centred is being one with God, it's the only place any one of us can think and feel clearly but most of us have lost God and the strength to keep centred so we look for guidance elsewhere...and what we are really doing is trying to find God again. I must say though, even in finding God life does not become a piece of cake, in fact the struggle for balance and taking full responsibility for one's life and for one's loved ones is a HUGE job, albeit utterly fulfilling.

Anonymous said...

Naseer, how do you define the Mind?


Man From Atlan said...

You know that in the past I've defined the mind as the energy or organism that tries to make sense of the different realities. To that I would add it is a combination of the three chakras, located in the throat, or rational analytical reasoning energy, the brow or intuitive, perceptive and receptive energy, and the crown, which is the expansive energy which reaches out into other worlds. Nothing wrong in seeing it as a simple electro mechanical chemical and magnetic evolutionary construction, of course.
To a Buddhist it might be something that only perceives what is not real. Like in the Matrix movies perhaps? So that's why I was supporting resistance to the "Occupation of the Mind"
But I like to see it as a gift from God, which allows us the means of free will and a way out of this artificial reality.