Friday, October 24, 2008

The Dragon and the Phoenix

The Chinese legend speaks of the eternal battle between the Dragon and the Phoenix; Earth and Sky, Yin and Yang. But the story begins, as always, on Atlan.
From "The Children of Atlan", the sequel to "Man From Atlan".
The great war between the planets Aergon and Atlan has just ended. A boy is born into the Ameides family of Atlan. He is the reincarnation of the great teacher Gabriel Hatonn, who mysteriously disappeared just before the war he prophesied. However, this isn’t his story alone, but about his family, and the Children of Atlan who came to Earth many years ago.

Gabriel Hatonn, many years before:

It is an Atlanian morning. By the public fountain in the main square of the city of Atlan, a man is sitting deep in meditation. He is very old, even by Atlanian standards where the life span runs to 900 years or so. But he looks a youthful 40. A traveler’s rucksack lies on the ground besides him. It isn’t the power residing within him that attracts attention though. There are many powerful healers and magicians in Atlan, the joke being that they could knock out an ox at 30 paces with just a glance. No, it is the peace that resides within him, the nothingness void one sees behind his eyes, that draws you.

First there is a child, a little girl that sits besides him. Then her mother, then as the energy spreads, there are thousands in the square, all at peace, all one. He is there every morning, sitting silently until the day he starts to speak.

“How are you?” he asks the child. Eflan has told me this a thousand times, a common place question that sounds like a bell within her forever.

“I am fine, Master”.

“I’m not your master, Eflan”. (How did he know her name?) “I’m a teacher. Would you like to be my student?”

Silently, she nods.

There is a tale every child of Atlan knows, but somehow when he tells the story, it is heard again, as if for the first time. He speaks softly, for the child’s ears only, yet every one in the square hears it, then all Atlan.

The Dragon and the Phoenix

“The Dragon is the symbol of Aergon, the green planet. It resides within Nature. Its essence is Male, even though the Aergonians worship the Female principle through the colour Black.

The Phoenix is the symbol of Atlan, the blue planet. It resides within the Spirit, its essence is Female, even though the Atlanians worship through the Male principle and the colour White.

The Dragon seeks to conquer the Phoenix, the Phoenix resists. The war between the female and male energies of God has continued for millennia, a reflection of the imbalance within our selves”.

“I am from Aergon”.

This statement is as if Gabriel has sprouted horns, tail and hooves. Every Atlanian knows that Aergonians are warlike, aggressive and drink the blood of babies. Yet since all sense the peace and good within him, they listen intently.

“For too long you have warred with each other. I was exiled from Aergon for saying this, that the Dragon and the Phoenix must reconcile, but it is the nature of the human to resist change”.

“This is the Way I bring to you: We can only evolve through change, and change is inevitable, whether you like it or not”.

“The Way is not The Way of Spirit or of Nature, but of Balance. That there is the male and female energy of God and within you is known, but there is a third energy, which is found through Balance, and is the Energy of the Child, and its colour is Green. It is in the nature of the child to seek balance, which is why the third energy of God is Balance, or the Child”.

“So, just as the child seeks to bring balance between the male and female, so too does the male and female seek balance. You are the Children of God”.

“When you become one, you know peace”.

Peace. That was it, they knew. Till he sat there amongst them they had never known peace. It was in that moment of realization that the Way of Atlan was born.

He would appear somewhere and teach; one person at first, then many. He made it clear that he wasn’t there to create a religion like the ones of the past, which were coercive and fearful, born of the imbalance between female and male energy, sky god and mother earth. No, this was a way of life which every person was free to choose in whatever way they wished.

Soon the Way of Atlan spread all over, and many of his followers, fleeing from Aergon, came to join him as well. There is a chapter in The Way of Atlan in which he warns “War will come to sweep you away” and this is when he taught his students to become spiritual warriors, wielders of magic.

One of his earliest students, Eflan, soon came to be his favourite. For her, he made an extraordinary prophecy: She would be the one to instigate the war, but it was necessary for the spiritual evolution of the planet. There were other students, two brothers, Andron and Septros of Atlan, their sister Aphrodite, Rahwin, a warrior who followed him from Aergon, and many more.

And there was another prophecy: “You will carry the Way of Atlan past the farthest stars”. And: “I am he the world has waited for. Whenever the Universe is in imbalance, I incarnate to restore order”.

War in Heaven: Gabriel Hatonn Ameides

You choose the parents to be born to. You choose your path. The teacher had to leave; the child had to be born.

It was a time of war. Even in the womb, I knew this. My mother Eflan was a driven woman, quiet on the surface, yet I can attest to the torrents of rage, sadness, guilt and fierce protective love that washed over me.

The warriors sat in council at the round kitchen table at the Ameides family compound. Andron the war leader, Rahwin, Septros, Aphrodite, and Eflan.

Septros: “The Aergonians will outnumber us in ships, soldiers and weapons”.

Andron: “Our weapons are magic and spirit, but that might not be enough”.

Eflan: “Gabriel taught us how to meld forces of earth, air, fire, water and spirit to create new forces which will be our last line of defense”.

Aphrodite: “But they are too horrible to contemplate”.

Rahwin: “This is the Aergonian way. We become the weapon, one with it, and do not stop or hesitate until we win”.

Aphrodite: “This would be barbaric. You’re talking about raising demons to cause ultimate destruction!”

Rahwin: “Would you prefer that Atlan be destroyed? This will be our last choice”.

The Atlanians offered peace, but the Aergonians rejected that and attacked with overwhelming force. Slowly they drove our people back planet by planet till finally they arrived in their ships over Atlan, and rained so much destruction that the sky turned red from all the dust blown up into the atmosphere.

The warriors gathered around the table again. Once the shield around our city was breached, the Aergonians would begin the final assault, and not stop until every last Atlanian was killed.

The five joined hands. I, in spirit, was the sixth. Energy swirling around, a kaleidoscope of colours, the room filled with the light of a thousand suns. Then, with one thought, the energy focused into a torrent of fire that shot into space, destroying the Aergonian fleet then continuing in a brilliant beam all the way to Aergon, the beautiful green planet vanishing in a flash that turned into a million glowing motes set against the blackness of space. Weep for Aergon, for Aergon is no more.

We recovered. The remaining few hundred thousand survivors gathered in our shining city and started over. And now that the war was over, it was safe for children to be born.
Eflan said she couldn’t have made it without me. I reminded her it was the way of the warrior to fight for a cause, for one’s homes and families. How could she blame herself when it was I that told her the Dragon and the Phoenix must be joined so humanity could evolve? That it was foretold that the people of the Phoenix would be reborn from the flames? In the end, she drew upon the strength of impending motherhood to come back into her own strength, and welcomed me one fine morning.

This war has continued here on Earth, between the civilisations of Atlantis and Lemuria. It is a war between competing ideas on spirituality, religions of shamanic vs etheric energies, male vs female, a war that has released demons into this world. And until the Dragon and the Phoenix join, there will not be Peace. That force will be the child, the incarnation of God.


Lalara said...

Wow. this is mindblowing stuff. what galaxy you from, mister? no, but seriously, this is all very fascinating indeed, but hard to take in at a first reading! doubtless my more "spiritually minded" sister xanadu will understand it better when she has had time to read it.

i wish you would clarify one or two points for me though. this conflict between male and female principles in the psyche that you speak of:

(1) please define these principles, explain what they stand for. obviously they are pulling in different directions if they are in conflict, no? so what is the female principle up to that the male principle refuses to go along with?

(2) by "male" principle do you mean "Apollonian" and rational and given to restraint, and by "female" do you mean "Dionysian", supra-rational/intuitive and given to LESS restraint — especially in areas of sexuality?

would you describe yourself as a person who would regard most manifestations of sex as "healthy"? would you be more inclined to advise people with sexual inhibitions and scruples: "Go ahead and do it, feel no shame!" or "I advise you to control yourself and respect traditional morality."

all for now, MFA, and kind regards as usual.

anonymous said...

i've just read a heated exchange of yours with a certain person on another website. my advice to you is not to get drawn into such timewasting wordfights with this infuriating person. he seems to enjoy goading you on and acting as your gadfly. try another tactic: ridicule without anger, accompanied by smiley faces. give the impression of sardonic superiority, as if you can scarcely be bothered to get into argument with such an imbecile.

Man From Atlan said...

Thanks, lalara. There are so many references to gods and angels coming from the stars, and battle between the planets, that perhaps we need to see them not as figurative myth making but having a truthful basis.
There are so many consequences to the imbalance in our selves, but I'll summarise.
Imbalance that leads to:
.Anger :) and War.
.Fruitless relationships.
.Unhealthy expressions of sexuality
.No understanding of the many expressions of Magic in our lives.
.Lack of connection with God; what we consider 'spirituality' is a simulacra.
.We need to see that religion may have been relevant once, and maybe it still fulfills certain purposes, but we need to move on. My biggest issue with it is that it issues false promises about what will happen when we follow the 'rules', and shame, guilt and threats when we don't.
.With all due respect to the Apollonian/Dionysian archetypes, we need to go beyond. For example, the Astrological archetype of say, Scorpio is just a temporary framework that we have free will to act upon and change, accordingly.
.The rational mind interferes with the flows of intuitive and spiritual energies, none of which are exclusively 'male' or 'female'.
.What we do here has a consequence in our connections with the other planes.
.I can't suggest we conform to conventional morality or immorality :) We do certain things like sex and drugs, then we change, or not. Every person is different, so no one set of rules can work, but this is what I did for myself:
We have certain needs, fine. We also are prone to picking up the negative (and positive) energies of the people we are close to and sleep with, and drug taking does open us up to certain nasty energies, including demons. I choose therefore to be careful about who and what I let into my space. What is right for me is to work within a committed relationship. And if that isn't right at this time for others, then, feel no guilt.
There is something called the Sacred Marriage which is a very powerful form of magic. When I performed the ritual in South Brent, Devon, in July of 2007, the rains stopped for a while, the floods receded. But the real change was in the planet. Before things get better, they must first get much worse.
But it isn't for me to tell people what to do (unless they ask)
1) Female vs Male Principle: They keep fighting for power, but none can get there, without the other. There also are people from Atlan and Aergon, Atlantis and Lemuria (Mu) with unhealed memories of the physical and psyche dislocations they suffered. The Sky God religions also fight the Earth Mother religions.
2) Sex is healthy. Some manifestations can be, but are not by themselves, unhealthy. I'd say if you need to experience something, you will, because you must accept, and learn, the lesson that comes from it. And then you'll move on. So I don't say don't do something, (unless it really strikes me that I should)I don't believe in shame or guilt (regret is all very well with hindsight) and why control yourself or respect traditional morality if it interferes with your karma? But Choice: Now that's the big word, requiring lots of wisdom (which doesn't come without Experience)
Hope this helps.

Man From Atlan said...

Thanks, anon.
I'm not angry at the person you refer to. His lies have been more than disproven.But I am more than angry that he attacks others, and he attacks differing thoughts without even articulating his own. From a chapter in "Man From Atlan", which I wrote 34 years ago.
The character, a renegade priest, is being tortured by the Inquisitor. His spirit, escaping from the pain, goes to a place of love for a while...

"He didn't want to go back to the body that waited for him. Better to lie with her. But he was still bound to the flesh and had to return.

And when he did, the rage came, the rage that wasn't at his fate because he had chosen his path, but at Lucien and all that would come between lovers, between husbands and wives, between man and freedom and his thoughts, between anything at all, with their intolerance, their hatred, their jealousy and greed and inhumanity.

The rage took away the pain, and he could look at Lucien in the morning with that emotion still leaping from his eyes. And Lucien saw it, feeling the fire which leaped at him and stripped him of all he held to himself. The twisted disease inside Lucien which made him believe he was greater than all men and would subjugate that belief only for something greater, the kingdom of Christ, was exposed.

Lucien could not look into those eyes. He could not look away. They compelled him, made him come back to them, only to once again feel the flames that melted the flesh from him...He couldn't do anything. There was no defence against it, not even the power he had could protect him from the rage.

Then Lucien saw the torturer heating up his rods in the brazier, and thought: See if the flames don't consume you first! He held up the manuscript again..."

So you see, I defend ideas that may be different, not for myself, but others. I could never score points or win against such, because that isn't important to me.
As you can see from "Writers Block", er, Blog :) earlier, I'm just writing about alternative ideas and keeping my hand in the process till one day I'll stop posting altogether. When that happens you'll know I've got my funding and am writing the books I promised, full time and without distractions so one day I can present them as a gift to the world.
All the best to you, and make sure your light is never obstructed.
(Do you know it was me that suggested to a certain enfant terrible he should get his own blog? He doesn't know how to say thanks but that's ok :)

Anonymous said...

"Thanks, anon. I'm not angry at the person you refer to. His lies have been more than disproven..."

i'm not sure we are referring to the same person, since you've been the object of attack by quite a few people at different times. the person i have in mind might not be the same person you have in mind. but let's not worry about this any more. the important point is to realize that you must be doing something right if you're attacked! cheers, and good luck.

Man From Atlan said...

A few persons and attacks :) and I actually regretted saying "his lies" so came back to alter the wording, but will let stand now. I'm sure they're his truths.
It referred to something I said about Carl Sagan, Velikovsky, and Einstein. Using the same language, he denied the exchange, when the proof was right before his eyes. Never mind, I have other things to do.

Roxanne Cougare said...

I came upon your blog while searching for the term "Phoenix" using Google Images search.
My grandson was named Phoenix, his mother, who is my daughter, naming him that only after reconsideration of naming him James, for her paternal uncle who had lost his life in a house fire in the state of Missouri on September 28th, 2003.
When she was 7 months pregnant she reconsidered and chose to give the child the name Phoenix instead of James.
Phoenix was born on September 28th, 2007.

Man From Atlan said...

Hi Roxanne,
Thanks for commenting. There have been so many times when children made their wishes known to their parents :)

Man From Atlan said...

And the number of coincidences that were not coincidences.
Who knows, it may even be the spirit of her uncle, reborn?

Unknown said...

what is the most important thing? is it different when personal or collective? What is the most important thing?

Man From Atlan said...

Hi, Unknown. Sorry to have missed your comment. The 'most important thing' facing the planet is a need for spiritual awakening, both personal and collective. Without that, we cannot affect political, economic or social change (though of course we should do the best we can). Without that shift, it will be hard to achieve peace. All we know how is to war, sadly. Though you may want to read "The Nature Of The Spiritual Warrior" as well (enter title in search box top left).