Monday, May 23, 2016

I Am A Writer

Here's the story behind the story of Man From Atlan.

Atlan is a planet in another dimension of time. It's Earth in the future. Its sister planet Aergon is in a parallel universe.

Time travel and multiverse journeys being possible, people  from Atlan and Aergon came to Earth many times over history. They seeded humanity and formed ancient civilizations, which now exist only in myth and fiction.

They were above all forces for change.

What do you do when you want to share a story? You write. So I wrote. Editor of the school newspaper age 14, funny stories, sports columns, history. A short story about falling in love with a prostitute, at age 16, ahem, though I think I was influenced by Grushenka in The Brothers Karamazov.

But I never really thought I'd become a writer. I wanted to fly for the air force, then, when that didn't pan out, to study medicine and teach meditation.

What do you write? The lives you lived, the things you are passionate about? Your field of study?Your cause?

I am a writer.

I wrote what I saw. A life in Egypt. Dying in Atlantis, sinking between the waves. Being with, being a part of the people who changed the planet. We were Gods, we were men and women.
Go to New York or London after I finished the book in 1974? Knowing that New York would lead to my being published, but London would satisfy a greater purpose? I moved to London. Struggled and couldn't get published another 16 years. But London, where I had grown up as a child? There, I had a continuation of the visions of past lives that led to Man From Atlan. There I had my son which led to my research in the causes and treatment of Autism.

There, I continued my writer's journey. I wrote The Way Of Atlan, which is the root philosophy behind the world's religions and movement of people and ideas. If I wasn't able to publish, I would teach, one person at a time, which led to thousands. It would lead to the countries I would visit. Back to the Indian subcontinent, Europe, America, many, many times. The child I met in Chappaqua, with a congenital defect that required operating on the next day, the boy in Hungary who'd just been struck by a car, the many birds and cats who came for healing. Places I had been before, people I knew, or was meant to know. If I spent time trying to find justice for one murdered woman, that too was my journey, and I made a difference.

You write because you cannot stop. You bleed with each word, because you see how humanity suffers in the absence of knowing, so you write on. The websites from 1999, 226 articles at from 2007, 100,000+ mini-articles and comments on Huffington Post, Twitter, and dozens of sites, political, social, causes. You write because you love it. You write because writers, artists, musicians change the world, each in their own way. Wherever I go, I bring change.

You write because you see. But what do you see?
  • The split between masculine and feminine energy.
  • A war between two planets, two systems of spirituality.
  • The creation of races, and racism as a means to divide.
  • Destruction and exploitation of peoples, the environment.

Then you see it happening again, because the biggest sadness is, we forget our past lives. And we do not, cannot see the future even though it is all around us.

I am a writer. I write what I see, without links, cites, proof. See it as science fiction, see it as story or allegory, see it as possibility, one of an infinite number of alternative universes.

I am just, a writer. I write, a story.

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