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This is the final chapter of my book 'The Way of Atlan', which was written in London in 1976-1977, and been in private circulation since then. (See 'Me and Benjamin Creme', essay to follow, for more information about the circumstances of that time.)

The Way of Atlan is a book of philosophy, more a spiritual way of life, definitely not a 'religion'. I had been waiting for the right time to publicise it, which is now. I'll be publishing it soon on the web, free for every one, or people can opt to buy a copy.

What I do is teach people to be magicians, healers and teachers, so they can go and heal the earth. I have every hope for this planet. People just have to ask the question, what can I do?

This is a chapter of prophecy, with commentary by me. The actual book was written by a man called Gabriel Haaton Ameides, The Teacher of Atlan, who I used to be. In this life I am The Teacher ; my name Naseer means the guider, or, the helper.

The time is the future. Atlan is on the brink of an interplanetary war that may destroy it forever.

Chapter 24: A Message

Oh Beautiful Atlan! When will you see? People, when will you learn? The Way was within you, but you would not change. Now War is come, and it will sweep you away. Do you hear the cries of your children in the wind?

This is a Time that had to be. It is time for the Way to come into its own, but first Humanity must free itself, even though that can only be done through suffering.

See the illnesses of Humanity. A stricken world, with half-living people, unaware of all that they are, settling for less in their relationships, their government, their life.

This is what our evil has wrought; this is what our good has brought.

You will be taken through the fire to a place of miracles. You will see a vision. You will see a man.
You are all beings of God. But I am the one chosen to reveal the Way. I am the promised one. Have there not been signs, again and again?

Humanity will be preserved. It has come close to accepting the Way, and with it will come a reign of peace.

And there are people living in the Universe, and they know not the Way. Find them.
With the passage of time one day Atlan will forget the Way. But what of it? I, and others like myself, will return again and again, for are we not all eternal beings?
~ Gabriel

The time is now Earth, 1977. The war predicted here is the Iran-Iraq war, which will begin in just over two years. A million and a half people will die, and the war will continue to this day, Palestine-Iraq-Afghanistan.

The World War that may destroy the planet forever has already begun.

Commentary: A Message

Oh Beautiful Earth! When will you see? People, when will you learn? The Way was within you, but you would not change. Now War is come, and it will sweep you away. Do you hear the cries of your children in the wind?

Once again humanity prepares for War. Just as, thousands of years ago, it did on Atlan. Earth and Atlan, waiting for a time to come.

This is what you have done. Nearly destroyed your planet. Divided humanity, by shutting yourself off from the suffering of others. Fostered a cult of individualism and selfishness, seeing only yourself, yet hating yourself in all that you do, for have you not shut yourself off from Life, from Love?

Yet, for all this, through humanity's good through its Godhood it has progressed to the point where it is ready for the Way to be revealed.

There is a place that is holy, here on Earth. I will be waiting there for the World when the Way is proclaimed. And it will be a day of richness and wonder beyond imagining.

I am the original revealer of the Way. That was a long time ago on Atlan. But I am still the chosen one. And it is I, who brought the Way here, who was meant to reveal it to Earth.

Impossible for people to change, you say? You only believe that because you have eroded your own belief in yourself, in a thousand little ways. But still have you not searched for something?

Have you not always known that there was much more to your existence, somewhere? You have waited for the Way, and the Way is here. And you will change and dedicate yourself to new nobility, a nobility of the spirit that you have always had.

What have we left for our children? One day they will say yes, they changed the world, and there began the thousand-year reign of peace.

But be warned. The Way will not come easily. We must rid ourselves of the accumulated fears and cruelties of thousands of years and that can only come when all humanity sees the thing within itself that had allowed War to come to this world.

The War will begin in the Middle East. Here the three great religions of the World, Judaism, Christianity and Islam will fight their last war. All of them believing that they are the chosen religion of God, all of them believing in a Messiah who would come and lead them to victory.

The Jews were the spiritual descendants of the Atlanteans. Great knowledge is contained in their writings, but they have lost touch with their spiritual past and become rationalisers. The Christians have drifted further away from their religion than any of the others, and that is because Christianity was only a distortion of what Jesus taught. The Muslims had fervour and faith. Now that has degenerated into fanaticism.

But the Atlanteans created all these religions and they were meant to evolve into the Way of Atlan. And so it began in the Middle East, and here it will end when the Way comes to the World.

There are some who the Way was meant to touch this day. They will choose it, but it is they who are the chosen ones, for they will go forth into the world and proclaim the coming of the Way.

They will speak of a day when all beings will see and accept the Way. And it will be a difficult road for them because of the suffering they must face. But they will change themselves and they will help to change every one.

How can we change the World, you ask? And why should we believe? Again, Earth will change. And some will accept today, and some later. But I will not provide logic or proof save what I have already said. Those who follow me will do so in the strength of faith, and because they believe. And while Humanity obsesses itself with Trivia they will live Adventure of the highest kind.

This is not for students of the occult or philosophy. This is for all beings, those who have searched and known even though they knew not that they were searching.

And this is a Way of living and a blueprint for Earth. It is a simple Way, for it is the elaborate that is easy to distort. Not the Torah or the Bible or the Koran, beautiful words so that people could be lost in them and need theologians and priests to come between them and their God. So there will be War in the Middle East soon to spread over the world. And there will be Disaster and Famine and Pestilence before Earth is reborn. And through all your suffering you cannot cry out to God, for God left the Universe to you and will not interfere. It is you who have brought this about and it is you who will end it.

And Jerusalem will be the capital of all Humanity, not just the Jews the Christians or the Muslims.

And after that, Heal the Earth. And there are people living in the Universe, and they know not the Way. Find them.

It has been too long since Atlan sent her best people to Earth, and she has forgotten the Way. Now her astronauts watch us, waiting for the spiritual flowering that will save both Earth and Atlan.

And here too, Humanity will forget the Way, at the end of the epoch. What of it? I, and others like me, will return, again and again, till the day when you have prepared yourselves and come to the end of the long road to God.

©- Naseer Ahmad-2001

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