Monday, June 04, 2012

The Transit of Love

I am the Lord of the Morning

In the next day or so we will be observing the transit of Venus across the face of the Sun, which will surely be the beginning of more stirrings around the world, and, within us.

Do the planets influence us? No, but I believe that God influences the planets. They are signs, except for those who cannot see.

The rare double transit of Venus takes place June 05-06, 2012, then will not appear again until the year 2117. This transit will be visible in Western Australia and the Pacific Ocean throughout, then Northwestern America and the Arctic at sunset, then the U.K., Europe and the Middle East from sunrise on. That, truly, is the Lord of the Morning I referred to, and is closely connected to the Mayan Venus calendar cycle that ends this year.

I am glad I had the chance to teach and set up healing centers in all those places during my time. I am glad to send one person to Italy, where I had placed so much focus, to be a healer there this fall. I am sorry to say, though with much love, that there will be a great need of healing in the Muslim world soon; I will address that in my next article.

I was reminded recently about the great need for love in this world. How much easier it is to kill, and make war, and hate. How much harder it is to love, make love, and forgive. Yes, there must be justice and balance in the world, in the time to come. There must also, I believe, be compassion, and, not just to love, but to become love.

This is the greatest influence coming into the world today. That it will lead to a greater love across the planet, I already know. For a stranger to smile at me in a subway train, for the people of the present and the future, I wish them love.

There also are people from the past. Yes, I make a point of not looking back. Yes, I accept that people make their own choices, and move on for reasons that are right for them. Yet, somehow, they are the ones who keep being drawn back. The people we run into, the ones whose thoughts I pick up, they will always be welcome, as friends, or whatever they wish. And I say this with the deepest compassion, as I see them struggling with the burden of their karma. But, the choice is theirs.

The last time I saw the transit of Venus across the sun was in Devon, UK, June 08, 2004. we had a christening for a friend's one year old daughter, and she got an unexpected horse ride that appeared out of nowhere :) Then up we went to the top of the Beacon where last I saw the total eclipse of the Sun in 1999 which led to my reaching out to people through the website MAN FROM ATLAN . Now here I was again,  and it was er, interesting.

Starting out on a sunny day, it became bitterly cold as we got to the top. But the sun was still out and we had a chance to see the little dot start to pass in front of the sun. That was when the fog rolled in from out of nowhere, in waves and waves so we could barely see in front of us. I did a healing for the earth, and for the many people there. And I told them, to love one another. The fog started to clear as we made our way down...

That was when I resolved no matter how difficult the path ahead would be, I must work on my relationship and my family, and not let them be secondary to my work; the two must go together. Yet this also was a period when I gathered disciples to me, and did so much of my spiritual work. But I never lost that focus afterwards.

But, you see, the 2004 transit of Venus was about personal love. This year's transit is about Universal Love. It is the harbinger of the end of the 25,000 year Mayan cycle, based on the planet Venus. Without arguing about the exact date that is supposed to happen, let's just prepare for the end of this year.

There have been gruesome deaths and killings across the world since the last time I wrote. Aside from the deaths in the Middle East, there was a murder in Montreal where a psychotic man killed another man, ate his flesh and videotaped it, and then dismembered the body and shipped body parts to the prime minister's office. Then I went to see a movie last week and a nearby shooting at a shopping mall resulted in eight people being shot, one killed. An increase in criminal, psychotic behaviour, and some of that from our very own 'world leaders', many of whom are in my opinion, just as psychotic. Again, very sad. Yet, the fact is the cannibal from Montreal was caught in Berlin, and the Toronto Eaton Centre shooter was also apprehended and charged. So, no matter who you are, karma does catch up with you.

Whatever I say, I do with love. Now is the time to choose your direction. You can chose to follow a spiritual path, or you can choose a path of fear. Yes, we are starved for love, but do not know how surrounded by love we really are. If that love is missing in our lives, it is because we do not love ourselves enough. I give love, and receive it, in abundance. And so, too, can you.

There is so much beauty in the world, yet we are islands isolated from each other.

But yesterday, I was drawn to a store, and there was a bracelet there, inscribed with a verse I had given to my wife when I first met her many years ago:

And now these things remain:
faith, hope and love.
And the greatest of these is love.

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