Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Unstoppable Change

It is now time

Twenty two years ago I made a choice, to devote my life solely to following my spiritual path. There were quite a few twists to it, raise a new family, help people, publish, teach, travel, activism, and, develop a new paradigm for healing. It has not been easy for me, and I had to make a few sacrifices along the way. But it was the most amazing trip, and I have been blessed in being able to share it with you in these pages.

One of the things I have stressed, over and over again, was the need for change. But the lesson I had to learn was how difficult it was for people to change. I knew that in the end, people would have to be forced to change. Yes, we have free choice, but most do not know or appreciate what a rare gift that is, until it is too late. I know that I had to change, and for me, it was relatively easy, because, I am, and bring, change.

Even the people I have met, and taught, realize what a difficult path this, and while they hope it could be more in tune with the way they would like it to be, I'm sorry, but it is not. They have a choice to make, and I respect that choice. But in the end, faith and belief is something that comes from within oneself, and cannot be pushed. So I force myself to move on, and not, look back with regret. 

But I also said this once: you will not be allowed to destroy the planet. Change will happen, whether you like it or not, and ignorance will be no excuse. 

The planets Pluto and Uranus will enter into square position to each other this June 24, 2012. We have been feeling its stressful effects since the super moon of last month, and the Transit of Venus, which also had a message of its own I shared with you last. There was an upsurge of psychosis and gruesome murders, and almost every one I know is in a state of crisis. Then, there are those who chose the spiritual path, and I see them, moving forward as best as they can.

This planetary upheaval will last three years till 2015. The last time it happened in 1967-68, was time of revolution around the world. The time before that, we went into the Great Depression 1931-33. Will we repeat either, or both? We shall see.

This is prophecy, greater than that about some sort of cataclysm in 2012. As I said, 2012 is merely the beginning, that there will be resistance and obstruction, and yet, there will be change. The Occupy Movement? You ain't seen anything yet.

We have got the fascism we deserve. Yet the country that leads us in this, will see the greatest change, for good and bad. I hope that when my American friends wake up, they will see the Way of Atlan was always meant for them. But as I said about choices, we shall see.

And maybe, just maybe, there will be unstoppable, spiritual change.

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