Saturday, April 07, 2012

Healing the Unquiet Spirit

The spirits call to me

I hear the spirits of the dead.

Those who have died in war, natural and man made disasters, and the spirits of loved ones.

In the case of the murder of Meredith Kercher, it was her spirit that called for justice, and still affects many.

We are surrounded by spirits. Children see them as flashes of light or people, in the corners of their eyes, and ask quiet questions about them. Adults grow up, and forget how to do so, until tragedy hits them.

An old friend, Yogi Alfred Narayana, a famous Toronto psychic, was murdered a while ago. But then, he told me he would be killed one day.

My brother died of leukemia at the age of 10, and it was only when I asked the questions about what happens to us after death that I was able to start preparing for my life as a healer.

Many of us carry old traumas from past lives, from the destruction of Atlantis and Aergon, from Atlan. On Atlan many spirits simply crossed over into another dimension and were reborn here, and carry a sense of being strangers in their bodies, beings out of sync with time, spirit, and place.

I once cleansed an entire apartment building, the Manulife Center in Toronto. It was built over some native remains and people were getting strange, suicidal thoughts. You just need water, candles, smudge the building. When we got to the 18th floor the actor Christopher Plummer walked into the elevator. Lovely twinkle when we told him what we were doing.

So, we are surrounded by spirits. But we also, have the unquiet spirit within.

I heal the unquiet spirit.

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