Friday, May 14, 2010

We ARE The Life Chosen

Me in Japan, age 4

We are born with certain gifts, but don't know how to use them. We are born with karma, but don't know how to release it. We know the life chosen, then, we forget.

Over the last two years I have seen the changes that are taking place on the planet, in the spiritual dimensions, and in myself. I have tried to warn people, but am aware that only those who are prepared to listen, and change, will ever understand what I am saying.

There was a child to be born to one person, who wasn't ready. That child is now somewhere.. else. I saw my mother become sick, and for a moment thought she would die. But she didn't. I knew that someone would become ill, and tried to warn him. He did not get the message, and became ill. I saw many family members becoming ill, and possibly dying, and that my father-in-law would be next. He was rushed into the operating room for emergency heart surgery last week. My mother-in-law asked me to help him, so, I did.

He needed to have both valves replaced, and the best surgeons were in Toronto, so they might have to do one valve then, another one later. But that day, and only for that day, there was a visiting surgeon from Toronto. He worked for nine hours, and replaced both valves, with animal valves instead of plastic, and they last 20 years instead of 5, and he won't have to take anti-rejection drugs either. He had a temporary pacemaker put in, and they thought he'd have to have a permanent pacemaker, and now, he doesn't.

When he was due for the surgery, he said to the surgeon he'd be "hoping for luck". The surgeon drew himself up and said "It's not about luck, but faith. You have to believe you'll be all right, and you have to know about God".

The nurses and doctors are agreed on this: his speedy recovery in just six days is a miracle, and, I'm glad for him. But I also said this to Chloe and her mother: sometimes, it's better to just let them go. Yes, I helped him because you asked me. Yes, I can release karma for someone else, though it is better they do it themselves, otherwise how can they learn? And I said this too, if he didn't learn about faith, then he hasn't released his karma, just delayed it.

I remember a dear person whose mother just had a stroke. She knew she wouldn't be able to deal with her death, and asked me to help her, then watched as I did my healing in the hospital room and all her vital signs returned. And now her mother's just fine, but impossible as ever, while the daughter continues to be afraid to let her go. My father in-law had been warned, but wouldn't stop smoking, and now he's forced to change. Another friend, when her parents died, was able to let go.

We chose the parents to be born to. We chose the lessons we must learn, and the life chosen, is the person we become. I see this picture of me, at age 4. My beloved grand mother had just passed away. I already was talking to and seeing spirit. I saw I was meant to make a difference in people's lives. I knew I would have great happiness, and great sadness, in the life ahead...

I could have, I know, changed that at any time. I could have avoided pain.

But: We chose the life ahead of us, we chose to be born. Running away from that, and having regrets, was not the path I chose. I choose to love and forgive my parents, I chose the path that would bring me learning and becoming a better person, I chose to follow my purpose.

Do you remember my Michael Jackson drowning man story? How one could not help the drowning man, because that was his path chosen? The same principle, that THIS may be their path, applies to my parents, to my children, and much as I love them, I have sometimes had to accept what they had to go through. Because then, they would be the person they chose to be.

And yet, because I love all my suffering children, I return over and over again, and all one has to do is ask, and I will do whatever I can to help.

But the lesson is still this: Have faith, trust you are loved, and know God.

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