Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Child is Born

A sign of hope

We live in karmic times. Every day we are reminded of change, upheaval and the pain of humanity. We try to live in peace, we try to find happiness, we wonder about love.. And each day we see what is missing in our lives.

And yet, even though I have been saying since 1977 how difficult would be the path ahead, I have always believed in humanity's strength and goodness, and I believed, that it would survive the tough times ahead.

Yet we all need signs and symbols, to show us the way. We need to never give up hope. And the greatest sign of all, is when a child is born..

What could be a greater symbol of hope and faith than that we should bring a child into this world? And at this time in Earth's history? I have known that children born in the 90's and 00's are very, very special. And that they will be a part of the earth's healing.

Last month a special child was born. That he was born was a special event, that he was born into the Muslim faith a remarkable coincidence, and that he was born close to me so I could always keep an eye out for him was the best gift of all. And the fact is, I know him from before.
You go to a place, and you've been there before. You meet someone, and even in spirit you know, you and I have been together in lives past, and I know you!

I wrote about Nikola Tesla the Atlanian man here
and I wrote this: "Atlanian civilization rested on two pillars, philosophy and science. Its direction was in the pursuit of knowledge, both physical and spiritual" and "its chief scientist was a man called Andron, whom I introduced in my first book Man From Atlan". Please read the article to see how significant he can be in the time ahead.

When I was a child I had spirit friends, and the two closest to me were Andron and Aeflan. They were my parents and teachers in some lives; I was their teacher in others. I have known them as Merlin, and the Lady of the Lake, I have known them as Mary the Mother of Jesus and Joseph of Arimathea, I have known them countless times.

And they told me, they wished to stay in the spirit world because their work was there. That Andron chose to be born now tells me how close we are to the time when the earth will change, because he was also there at other times of change; he was a great scientist, healer and magician.

So a child is born, who will do great things. Just as you, too, must find the greatness in you.

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