Monday, July 18, 2016

Suicide Is Painless

That suicide is painless
It brings on many changes
And I can take or leave it if I please
One of my students had someone at work commit suicide recently. She didn't know when it happened, but fell and threw her hip that weekend. (Thus shifting internal organs I had to move back, but that's a story for my book how we internalize trauma).

When she went to her office on the Monday, still not knowing, she and her co-workers felt an unnatural cold that really scared them.
So I not only had to help the physical pain and increase hip mobility, but ended up balancing organs, I also had to, heal the unquiet spirit within her, and, show how to exorcize her office.
A Muslim mystic (Amil) in Karachi once told me how when a person commits suicide they relive the pain of that suicide a hundred thousand times in the state called Barzakh, the in between stage after death. Oh I said, Tibetan Buddhists call it "Bardo", and what you call punishment in the afterlife can well be karma in that life or the next. Anyhow. They also teach that repeating a prayer a hundred thousand times can summon a djinn. Ahem.
Respect for all beliefs but when you kill yourself there's a rip in the continuum that affects you, your spirit, and those who are close to you. You don't get punished, but, have already punished yourself. And your karma, shifts.
In that stage of where the spirit goes, there's the white light, and the darkness. You see where you went and where you will go. You always have the choice to come back, whenever you wish. Most do not get the choice where they end up in the next life. They know, but always choose to come back. Then they forget.
But you ARE bound to the past. You are bound to the traditions, culture, religion, and parents YOU choose. You can change it, or you can't.  You can let it go, difficult as it might be. Or not.

Try to understand your karma.

Yes, there's a wave of hopelessness taking over the planet, but it need not be that way. Trust and have faith.
If you're considering suicide, even dwelling on it, don't.
And try to get off the drugs (or meds), please?
Suicide, like life, ISN'T painless.

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