Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bunnies and Fertility

Now the baby hare came back
Someone's pet rabbit in the UK died two years ago; a wild hare showed up in our back yard after that. Hare Krishna, Hare Rama 
Someone's cat got run over (I discovered the body) and within days "Lucky" the stray cat showed up for her Cats we have loved
Someone's pet rabbit passed away today. But, we've seen our hare around all year and in the past few days, a baby hare came to our magical garden. (We keep it full of weeds and wild flowers to feed and welcome nature, not repel it).
The last time, I wrote "Speaking of hares, they represent fertility, and someone we care for just told us she's expecting again, that from a previous story of how spirits go where they are needed and have the chance to do good. Plus another friend's daughter in the U.K. is also expecting".
Speaking of, another person I know has uterine cancer and all one can do is pray for her, because some are unaware of root causes and or/treatment. 
And another person, affected by someone's suicide (my next story) fell and threw her hips out of alignment. When I treated her today, she felt her uterus shift, and her ovaries drop, then lift.  

But this blog isn't about them, or hares, or fertility, though oddly enough, I AM finishing my series on vaccinations, which do indeed cause fertility problems, by their nature but also, design. and I already wrote about Bees And The Fertility Crisis

No, it's about the imbalances within the earth, and within you. And, spirit. Spirit lives on.

In mythology, Krishna and Rama are avatars of God. And what else is mythology but a retelling of the spiritual or religious experience? And hares/rabbits are in the native tradition messages telling us to get away, to seek refuge from negative energies.
Seek refuge in God.

Hare Krishna,
Rama Rama, 
Hare Krishna,

Hare Rama.


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