Tuesday, April 03, 2012

An Easter Meditation

I asked a question about First Love

I've mentioned how I hold 3-4 meditations a year with my close group. We share food, wine, and friendship, and the things that occur around this time, I share with you.

This year has seen a lot of movement and change, in keeping with the themes of reflection and renewal. Many of the things we hold on to, will be left behind.

We had the meditation this Saturday, March 31. I turned off the lights for Earth Hour, and lit some candles. Someone asked a question about her first love, was he around, and I said yes, and he was happily married :) So I asked every one to tell a story about their first love. Yes, some hold on to them, and some, are transformed by them and move on, but isn't that the theme of Easter? Rebirth and Resurrection? And Bunnies?

So, speaking of bunnies, someone told a story about bunnies. Working on a farm, his dad had inadvertently killed some wild rabbits in their nest with a backhoe. His brother raised the surviving baby rabbits, whose poop all over the premises led to him getting the bunny disease tularemia which led to meningitis. He almost died, and his health has not been the same since.

So I invited him for a healing, and the pain he had in his head for some time shifted down to his back. This reminded me of something that happened a while ago. When he came for a first healing, he had some sort of visual disturbance that caused him to not come back again for a while. Yet, this is what I do. By stirring up the area that has been damaged, yes, there can be, um temporary reactions. Yet, the reaction tells me the healing is working. Tularemia causes optical neuritis, which can affect the eyesight and cause headaches. So I gave another healing, and he seemed to feel better, and now, there is hope for him, where conventional medicine had no answer.

And when we talked about it at the meditation, I talked about how one thing leads to another, and how important it is, the communication we establish with one another. And how I had once again received a reminder about the little girl Sara, the miracle child I talked about before, and this is where Ania stuck up her hand and said this was what I did several years ago. She was in my office and I held up my hand and said hold on for a moment, then I called Hawaii and it turns out the mother was hemorrhaging and about to go the hospital, and for the next while it was touch and go to send healing and help deliver her child.

But really, this meditation is about one's first love, and how we are always chasing after that. Yes, we can connect with a soul mate or an idealised being and keep looking for that person. Yet, the question then is where is love, and why don't have that loved one? Why do we spend lives in loneliness, looking for love?

Indeed, what we seek is unconditional love, but, be it pets or people, that may not always be there.

There is a time, a moment, of creation. In that moment, you see the one true love, which is that of God, for all of God's creation. God does not judge, or condemn you. It is that love we seek, beyond every other kind. God loves all beings, and every once in a while reincarnates to remind those of us who forgot, what it was like to know that.

And that was the message of this Easter meditation.

Ps: While I was writing this blog, twelve tornadoes touched down in the Dallas-Fort Worth area during a major storm http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/04/05/uk-usa-tornado-dallas-idUSLNE83303820120405 There has been extensive damage, especially in the town of Lancaster, Tx, and some fear that 2012 will be even worse than 2011, which was the worst year in a century.

I felt this disturbance in the energies, and, as I said before, such events often follow my meditations. My connection with the Dallas area is this: I was welcomed by and stayed with good friends in Dallas for several months over 1994, and many of my followers still live there. I am glad to hear that no one was killed. As the mayor of Dallas said, "it was a miracle".

This, too, is the message of Easter. Follow the spiritual path. Believe in miracles.

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