Thursday, May 05, 2011

Reflections On The Nature Of Evil

Is this the face of evil?

Osama Bin Laden was supposedly killed on May 02, 2011, in a small town in Northern Pakistan. We are told he was unarmed, but killed anyway instead of being brought to trial. No body was produced, but buried at sea for specious reasons. The US administration was caught lying so many times about the details and sequence of events, it wasn't even funny, except to prove what people already know: they're congenital liars. Even the picture of the President and cabinet watching the raid was faked, because, as CIA director Leon Panetta admitted, there was a 25 minute blackout of the video feed just as the Navy SEALS went in. But, it seems people around the world are permitted to know what Americans, sadly, aren't.

Now, I'm not ever going to defend OBL personally. He made certain choices in life, and, he paid for them. He dealt in violence, and in the end was dealt with by violence. But, he also is innocent of the things said about him. As I've already said, he could not have planned or executed 9/11. He didn't have the resources or capabilities to carry out this very complex sequence of events, and only one country had the capability to carry that out, and it was the United States. But never mind. It will be like the JFK assassination, where we never will get the proof of what we believe in our hearts.

And maybe OBL was just, our convenient scapegoat: "Scapegoating is the practice of singling out any party for unmerited negative treatment or blame. A scapegoat may be a child, employee, peer, ethnic or religious group, or country"

But I was reminded, nevertheless, that we need to ask ourselves what, exactly, is evil? To kill innocent people? Then, the most evil country in the world is the Unites States, which has destroyed more lives than any other, and what else have I been talking about in the last while but the karma of the United States?

So here's the rub: when we blame the external other, we really should be looking at our own sins, and what we allow to be done in our name. When we use the word "evil", without even understanding what evil is, we actually reduce our own natural ability to fight, and defeat it.

Evil is the removal from God. Yes, Satan is the rebellious angel, who, refusing to bow to God's creation, comes down to Earth to make this his domain. And, to look at all the recent events and what is still ahead, how easy it is to believe that.

And religion, sadly, no longer can take us back to God. But know this: there is a way back to God.

Do not do evil. Accept your karma. Find God.

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