Saturday, April 30, 2011


I come not to heal your bodies, but, your souls

Healers and Elders have been saying this for a long time now: we are all being swept away by a great river of change that is sweeping through the Universe. We can fight and try to hold on, or, we can follow the spiritual way of letting go.

Far too many people hold on to illness, to greed and ego, to helplessness. Far too many people think that their wealth and power can protect them forever. Some even think that the evil they do has no consequence to them, since they don't believe in the laws of the Creator. But everyone has karma, and, without doing the work necessary to heal, they will ALL pay the price.

At this point America is being swept by super tornadoes, some a MILE wide. Hundreds of people have died, and I am saddened by what humanity has to go through. And all I can say is, it's going to get worse. Until you make that leap of faith, and only, those that do. I will help anyone who asks, but first, you have to ask.

It never was my intention of being a Jeremiad prophet, warning of gloom and doom. I already know what's going to happen anyway. This is my way of communicating with the very few who are ready to hear, and to learn.

I see good people everywhere, suffering and in pain, with illnesses and karma weighing them down. I have spent my life trying to help them and as I said, will continue to help any I can.

But I am a healer, and the ultimate healing is not to heal the body, but to let the body heal itself. Sometimes that involves letting the healing crisis come, or even, speeding up the process.

I come here to bring balance to the Universe.

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