Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Heaven Lies At The Feet Of The Mother

The Body That Nourishes Us

Yes, I love my mother. And all the mothers I ever have known. I even get along wonderfully with my mother-in-law :)

I have been reflecting upon what our parents have to go through to bring us into the world. And, with five children, I know how the challenges they bring can be so er, challenging, but also, rewarding. But this is a reflection on the Mother, and, the Feminine Energy.

And yes, having children brings out every mother's karma.

My mother had to adapt to living in a strange country, away from her family, and constant travel and upheaval. She read to me from comic books banned by my father, and this is how I got my love for reading. She took on knitting and sewing for others to give us the things we couldn't otherwise afford, and also, the independence she needed.

If I saw that her culture and religion put that intelligence and independence in a straitjacket then I would reject that religion, and when she later turned back to it I would respect her decision, but also, reject the religion once again.

In my healing practice I saw how we had come to reject the feminine, and create a flow of energy with harmful effects on religion, society, spirituality, and the eventual outcome of events.

I also saw how this imbalance would be reflected in our karma, and our future.

I bring karma to everyone. If my parents and family had strange experiences then so be it. If my different nature and irreligiousity made her sad I regretted that but knew, from what I picked up from her, how important it was to be true to oneself.

But, make no mistake. The earth is not in balance. All we do is war between the male and the female energy, and we all suffer as a consequence. Religion, and these structures we construct often impede us in our quest for spiritual understanding. And this isn't about any one religion, but how we must construct new paths to get us back on to the road to God we have lost.

And Mother Earth has lost its ability to sustain us. The Child seeks to heal the Parents, and the struggle goes on. But if you do not change, then only death and destruction await you. There have been signs, but you did not see.

There is a path to healing. I have shared it with you. Let's see what happens next.

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